Achievement Unlocked Game Global Unlocks
The Start of Something Big
Accumulate 20,000 points
2023-06-09 21:50:39
Super Mario Land 5,678
Mamma Mia!
Get 3 extra lives from the bonus game
2023-06-09 21:49:26
Super Mario Land 4,892
Weaponized Balls
Grab a Superball Flower from an item box and obtain the Superball ability
2023-06-09 21:47:12
Super Mario Land 5,591
Mushroom Man
Grab a mushroom
2023-06-09 21:46:42
Super Mario Land 7,205
Rookie Eyes
Team up with the mysterious soldier and fight your way out of the prison
2023-06-03 21:28:45
Metal Gear Solid 1,714
Piece Be With You
Find the SOCOM
2023-06-03 21:14:29
Metal Gear Solid 2,241
Can You Shoot Me, Rookie?
Reach the prison battle without obtaining the SOCOM
2023-06-03 21:14:26
Metal Gear Solid 566
I'm Not Being Stealthy At All!
Infiltrate the 2F ventilation duct and listen in on the guards talking about the intruder
2023-06-03 20:54:20
Metal Gear Solid 1,432
Parting Gift [m]
Obtain 5 Poke Balls from Prof. Oak.
2023-05-25 19:59:10
Pokemon Red Version | Pokemon Blue Version 2,229
The United Cities of Kanto
Obtain a map of the region.
2023-05-25 19:34:50
Pokemon Red Version | Pokemon Blue Version 3,673
Journey Has Started
Obtain the Pokedex.
2023-05-25 19:34:32
Pokemon Red Version | Pokemon Blue Version 4,095
Super Mario Bronus
Find a Bonus room in SMB1
2023-05-25 16:00:29
Super Mario All-Stars 5,374