Achievement Game Global Unlocks
Beep Beep, I'm a Sheep
Listen to all the messages on your answering machine
Policenauts 66
I'm Too Old For This Shit
Meet up with your old pal, Ed and meet his two other friends, Dave and... What the?!
Policenauts 48
You Got the Touch!
Flirt and touch the flight attendants legs and boobs until she threatens to throw you off the plane... in space
Policenauts 39
I'm Gonna Marry You Someday, Lorraine!
Catch up with Lorraine and then accept or decline her job
Policenauts 35
The World Was to Me a Secret Which I Desired to Divine
Give your evidence to Victor and return for the results
Policenauts 28
What a Cool Guy!
Meet Tony Redwood and talk to him about all you can
Policenauts 27
Lead the Way
Get through both gunfights in the prologue without reloading your gun
Policenauts 27
Mother's Day
Give the photo of Lorraine to Karen
Policenauts 26
For a Security Guard, He Had an Awful Lot of Information
Investigate Hojo's lab and find out everything you can at Tokugawa Pharmaceuticals
Policenauts 26
Struck Gold
Meet Chris Goldwin and have some fun bug-catching
Policenauts 24
Assertive Analysis
Examine the nurse's ass. You never know when these things will come in handy.
Policenauts 24
Where Do I Buy THESE Seeds??
Gain entry into the Tokugawa Garden
Policenauts 23
A Warm Reception
Touch the not-so-modest hole in the receptionist's shirt
Policenauts 23
A Friendly Reunion
Confront Tokugawa about Hojo
Policenauts 23
One of Your Fans
Contact Nine Stars and find out what he knows
Policenauts 21
I'd Like to Speak to Your Manager
Meet Karen and find out everything you can at the Hojo Residence on Act 1
Policenauts 21
This is a Raid!
Deal with the mosquitos
Policenauts 20
The Head of the Space Division
Return to the Astronauts Memorial Museum and meet Nine-Stars face-to-face
Policenauts 20
Now Touch It With a Wish In Your Heart
Gain access to the T-Gear and find out what's on the CD
Policenauts 20
I Never Forget an Asshole
Chase down the assassin and learn his identity
Policenauts 20
Find out about Marc's story and his condition and examine his drawing closely
Policenauts 19
Lovin' and Karen
Open up to Karen
Policenauts 18
I've Seen That Look in Your Eyes Before
Form a plan with Ed and head to BCCH
Policenauts 18
A Grave Affair
Investigate the morgue
Policenauts 18
You Should've Cut the Red Wire!
Locate and defuse the bomb
Policenauts 17
To a Great Mind, Nothing is Little
Who is the person in the spacesuit? Get it right on your first try!
Policenauts 17
The Path of Yeast Resistance
Try everything at the dinner table and fill yourself up on the exquisite cuisine
Policenauts 17
Seeds of Doubt
Check out the poster in the pharmacy
Policenauts 17
Ohai, Marc!
Find Marc in the Astronauts Memorial Museum
Policenauts 17
I'm Not a Cop Tonight, Ed. It's Personal
Raid Tokugawa Pharmaceuticals
Policenauts 17
Break on Through to the Other Side!
Find out what's on the other side of the security doors
Policenauts 17
A Marrow Chance
Is there anyone who can save Karen?
Policenauts 17
One Small Step
Investigate the No. 7 Factory
Policenauts 16
First Time for Everything
Chase down and eliminate the assassin once and for all
Policenauts 16
Above and Beyond
Close the case and burn their dirty business down
Policenauts 16
I Was Always Really Good At It, You Know
Survive the gun battle in the Tokugawa Bulding's reception area
Policenauts 15
They're Rookie Boobs if I Ever Saw Them
Collect the ultimate prize from Meryl and milk it for all it's worth
Policenauts 13
She Loves Me Naut
Accidentally grope Karen in the dark... repeatedly.
Policenauts 13
One Giant Leap
Escape the moon in one piece
Policenauts 13
Guess We Have to Register You as a Lethal Weapon
Earn 550 points or more in Training Mode Level 2 or greater in the Shooting Range
Policenauts 13
You're Really Pushing My Buttons
Press every button on the panel before you find the right one
Policenauts 12
No Way You Live, No Way
Earn a Silver Cross medal in Combat Mode in the Shooting Range
Policenauts 12
Glory Is Fleeting but Obscurity Is Forever
Meet an old non-acquaintance at the BCCH in Act 1
Policenauts 12
Duel Loyalties
Win every gunfight in the Reception Area and against your nemesis in Act 7 without dying
Policenauts 11
Guys Like You Don't Die On Toilets
Earn a perfect 100 points on the special target in Target Mode in the shooting range
Policenauts 8
Face Your Fear and It Will Disappear
Refuse to get in the pod and survive until the game forces you
Policenauts 8
Booby Trap
Succhestfully provide discomfort to every woman possible
Policenauts 8
Gun It!
Get through every gunfight and defuse the bomb in Act 2 without dying
Policenauts 7
Grab the Cat!
Defuse the bomb with 5 seconds or less remaining
Policenauts 6
An Offer He Can't Refuse
Defeat the enemy in the No. 7 Factory, firing no more than 20 shots
Policenauts 6