Achievement Game Global Unlocks
Never Koop a Kooper
Have Kooper join your party
Paper Mario 2,236
A Blast With My Gal
Have Bombette join the party
Paper Mario 2,044
Defeat the Goomba King without the use of the Goomnut
Paper Mario 1,996
Old Age Wisdom
Free Eldstar from the captivity of the Koopa Bros. and gain his power
Paper Mario 1,994
Pop Quiz
Answer your first Chuck Quizmo question
Paper Mario 1,947
Turtle Mail
Have Parakarry join the party
Paper Mario 1,709
Ring Around the Rosie
Play Ring Around the Rosie with a Candycane to get some life
Paper Mario 1,590
Buzz Off!
Defeat Buzzer
Paper Mario 1,587
Super Hammer Bro
Get the Super Hammer
Paper Mario 1,484
Motherly Instinct
Free Mamar from the captivity of Tutankoopa and gain her power
Paper Mario 1,436
Super Jumpman Mario!
Get the Super Boots
Paper Mario 1,381
First Class Scout
Obtain 20 Badges
Paper Mario 1,355
Frightful Woman
Have Bow join the party
Paper Mario 1,345
The Life of a Scholar
Free Skolar from the captivity of Tubba Blubba and his Boos and gain his power
Paper Mario 1,278
Coin Collector
Collect more than 1,000 coins throughout your adventure
Paper Mario 1,239
My Little Sweet Night Light
Have Watt join the party
Paper Mario 1,148
Time to Chill
Free Muskular from the captivity of General Guy and gain his power
Paper Mario 1,117
Preemptive Striker
Get a total of 100 first strikes in a game
Paper Mario 1,108
Not The Kind That's Food
Have Sushie join the party
Paper Mario 1,081
Battle Hardened
Fight your way through 250 battles throughout your adventure
Paper Mario 1,068
Defeat Antiguy
Paper Mario 1,058
Ultra Hammer Bro
Get the Ultra Hammer
Paper Mario 1,031
Little Miss Star
Free Misstar from the captivity of the Lava Piranha and gain her power
Paper Mario 1,021
Star Scout
Obtain 40 Badges
Paper Mario 996
Riding The Cool Breeze
Have Lakilester join the party
Paper Mario 978
Badge Points
Max out your Badge Points
Paper Mario 977
Sushie Powered Up
Fully upgrade Sushie
Paper Mario 968
Bow Powered Up
Fully upgrade Bow
Paper Mario 964
Ultra Jumpman Mario!
Get the Ultra Boots
Paper Mario 963
The Book Worm
Free Klevar from the captivity of Huff N. Puff and gain his power
Paper Mario 961
Kooper Powered Up
Fully upgrade Kooper
Paper Mario 958
Goombario Powered Up
Fully upgrade Goombario
Paper Mario 936
Watt Powered Up
Fully upgrade Watt
Paper Mario 935
Bombette Powered Up
Fully upgrade Bombette
Paper Mario 932
Stay Calm
Free Kalmar from the captivity of the Crystal King and gain his power
Paper Mario 930
Parakarry Powered Up
Fully upgrade Parrakarry
Paper Mario 897
Hard Shelled Bully
Defeat Kent C. Koopa
Paper Mario 896
Lakilester Powered Up
Fully upgrade Lakilester
Paper Mario 859
Power Bouncer
Bounce 25 times consecutively
Paper Mario 852
End of Story
Rescue the Princess and sit back and watch the fireworks.
Paper Mario 838
Loading Screen Aficionado
Wait on any Chapter introduction and hear the classic Mario Bros. theme
Paper Mario 833
Prove yourself worthy to have your Diploma
Paper Mario 797
To The Max!
Power up all your party members
Paper Mario 757
Star Piece Collector
Collect 80 star pieces
Paper Mario 743
Life Scout
Obtain 60 Badges
Paper Mario 733
Full Energy Bowser
Defeat Bowser without using your Star Energy (Final part of the battle)
Paper Mario 683
Why Spike?
Don't forgive Lakilester
Paper Mario 679
Rolling in the Deep
Destroy all spinning flames at Mt. Lavalava
Paper Mario 636
Afraid of Ghosts
Get to the chest without using Bow or Lakilester at Tubba Blubba's Castle spikes room
Paper Mario 631
Win an Item from an Lil Oink
Paper Mario 628
Unwanted Mail
Read all of Mario's letters
Paper Mario 622
All Beefed Up
Max out your HP (Including Badges)
Paper Mario 617
Max Power!
Level Mario to his max level
Paper Mario 614
Flower Power!
Max out your FP (Including Badges)
Paper Mario 599
Defeat the Koopa Bros. without using any items
Paper Mario 598
Quiz Master
Answer all 64 of Chuck Quizmo questions
Paper Mario 596
Eagle Scout
Obtain all 80 badges in the game
Paper Mario 573
I Feel Like I've Been Scammed
Get an 'Upgrade' from Chet Rippo in Toad Town
Paper Mario 570
Dennis the Menace
Read all of Luigi's Diary
Paper Mario 567
Star Man
Collect all 160 Star Pieces
Paper Mario 562
Here's the Mail that Never Fails
Read every letter dedicated to your partners
Paper Mario 545
Old School House Party
Become 8-Bit Mario in Boo's Mansion
Paper Mario 538
99.7 FM
Get the last reward from the Trading Event Toad
Paper Mario 538
Won a total of 250 coins or more in the Smash Attack Minigame
Paper Mario 512
She Does Spells, but Not for Free
Purchase a 'Special Course' Spell from Merlee in Dry Dry Outpost
Paper Mario 505
Kitchen Nightmare
Make all recipes
Paper Mario 458
Do a tattle to all enemies
Paper Mario 458
General Guy's Bright Idea
Defeat General Guy without damaging his Light Bulb
Paper Mario 452
Bury the Dead
Defeat Tutankoopa by harming him only with items (Tattle is ok to use) [Please see comments]
Paper Mario 404
Sheer Heart Attack
Defeat Tubba Blubba's Heart in 4 turns or less
Paper Mario 386
Sorry, Bro!
After getting the Super Boots, go and find Luigi's secret diary BEFORE meeting Lady Bow
Paper Mario 361
Shroomy Slots
Earn a Mushroom from the Slot Machine in Shy Guy's Toybox
Paper Mario 348
You're A Monster
Deal enough damage to Whacka and cause him to disappear
Paper Mario 326
Off Cloud Nine
Defeat Huff N. Puff without the use of Bow or Lakilester
Paper Mario 325
No Sleep For Ol' Four Eyes
Defeat Kent C. Koopa without putting him to sleep or any other status effect
Paper Mario 325
Quite the New Look
As Peach, disguise yourself as an enemy and look at the mirror in her room
Paper Mario 321
Hot Footed Hero
Defeat Lava Piranha without using Sushie, the Snowman Doll, or the Fire Shield Badge
Paper Mario 320
Dayzee'd and Confused
Defeat an Amazy Dayzee
Paper Mario 319
Mild Shock
Use a Thunder Rage from a 'Mystery?' item (Cannot use Double or Triple dip)
Paper Mario 302
Survey Says...!
Answer all of the questions correctly in the 64th Trivia Quiz-Off
Paper Mario 300
That Guy Got Hit in the Head With a Coconut!
Defeat Jr. Troopa (chapter 5) after returning to Toad Town from Yoshi's Village with only coconuts (Tattle is okay)
Paper Mario 298
Let's Kick Some Ice
Stop time on Crystal King, then deal 7 or more damage in a single attack while he is frozen (Indicator must say 7 or more specifically, cannot be total)
Paper Mario 291
Hidden Goodies
Find every hidden block (Must grab item from each box at least once)
Paper Mario 227