Achievement Unlocked Game Global Unlocks
Tally Me Bananas
Collect 99 bananas
2022-09-23 08:51:24
Donkey Kong Country 10,447
You Can Spell!
Collect all four KONG letters in one level
2022-09-23 08:50:10
Donkey Kong Country 11,123
Now We're in the Forest
Starting from Round 1, finish Round 8
2022-09-23 08:36:50
Bust-A-Move 1,259
Bubble Challenge 1
Destroy 150 Bubbles in 1P Play or Challenge Record
2022-09-23 08:25:37
Bust-A-Move 1,418
Practice Madness
Finish the Practice Race
2022-09-23 07:48:01
Marble Madness 981
I'm Calling PETA
Kill 25 enemies
2022-09-23 07:31:15
M.C. Kids 129
The Hamburger-Happy Clown
Beat Ronald's Playplace
2022-09-23 07:28:38
M.C. Kids 121
What's Race Got to Do With It?
Change character (Mick or Mack)
2022-09-23 07:26:20
M.C. Kids 217
What Are These For, Anyways?
Collect 100 arches
2022-09-23 07:24:56
M.C. Kids 168
The Long Road Ahead
Collect 50 arches
2022-09-23 07:16:50
M.C. Kids 195
Still a Rookie
Kill 5 enemies
2022-09-23 07:14:29
M.C. Kids 247
Level Up!
Clear 30 lines [1 player mode]
2022-09-23 07:00:10
Tetris (Tengen) 882
Clear three lines at once
2022-09-23 06:57:43
Tetris (Tengen) 914
Clear two or more lines at once
2022-09-23 06:55:27
Tetris (Tengen) 1,012
Bigger Bullets, Please
Power up your gun to wide level 2.
2022-09-23 06:48:24
Darius Twin 819
Arkangelsk Dam [A]
Complete the Dam mission on Agent
2021-11-06 23:02:32
GoldenEye 007 1,331
An Offer He Can't Refuse
Defeat the enemy in the No. 7 Factory, firing no more than 20 shots
2021-11-05 23:56:54
Policenauts 9
Above and Beyond
Close the case and burn their dirty business down
2021-11-05 23:13:34
Policenauts 25
Duel Loyalties
Win every gunfight in the Reception Area and against your nemesis in Act 7 without dying
2021-11-05 20:54:46
Policenauts 20
First Time for Everything
Chase down and eliminate the assassin once and for all
2021-11-05 20:54:46
Policenauts 25
I Was Always Really Good At It, You Know
Survive the gun battle in the Tokugawa Bulding's reception area
2021-11-05 20:17:48
Policenauts 23
To a Great Mind, Nothing is Little
Who is the person in the spacesuit? Get it right on your first try!
2021-11-05 17:00:47
Policenauts 24
A Marrow Chance
Is there anyone who can save Karen?
2021-11-05 16:54:05
Policenauts 25
Ohai, Marc!
Find Marc in the Astronauts Memorial Museum
2021-11-05 16:45:00
Policenauts 25
Face Your Fear and It Will Disappear
Refuse to get in the pod and survive until the game forces you
2021-11-04 23:20:42
Policenauts 13
One Giant Leap
Escape the moon in one piece
2021-11-04 23:20:42
Policenauts 21
One Small Step
Investigate the No. 7 Factory
2021-11-04 21:24:36
Policenauts 24
A Grave Affair
Investigate the morgue
2021-11-04 06:59:42
Policenauts 26
You're Really Pushing My Buttons
Press every button on the panel before you find the right one
2021-11-04 06:45:23
Policenauts 17
She Loves Me Naut
Accidentally grope Karen in the dark... repeatedly.
2021-11-04 06:41:14
Policenauts 19
Booby Trap
Succhestfully provide discomfort to every woman possible
2021-11-04 06:39:45
Policenauts 11
I've Seen That Look in Your Eyes Before
Form a plan with Ed and head to BCCH
2021-11-04 06:36:18
Policenauts 26
Lovin' and Karen
Open up to Karen
2021-11-04 06:25:04
Policenauts 26
I'm Not a Cop Tonight, Ed. It's Personal
Raid Tokugawa Pharmaceuticals
2021-11-04 06:07:20
Policenauts 25
Break on Through to the Other Side!
Find out what's on the other side of the security doors
2021-11-04 05:48:01
Policenauts 25
You Should've Cut the Red Wire!
Locate and defuse the bomb
2021-11-04 04:39:41
Policenauts 24
Gun It!
Get through every gunfight and defuse the bomb in Act 2 without dying
2021-11-04 04:39:40
Policenauts 9
I Never Forget an Asshole
Chase down the assassin and learn his identity
2021-11-03 19:19:00
Policenauts 27
This is a Raid!
Deal with the mosquitos
2021-11-03 18:11:28
Policenauts 27
The Head of the Space Division
Return to the Astronauts Memorial Museum and meet Nine-Stars face-to-face
2021-11-03 17:59:29
Policenauts 28
Glory Is Fleeting but Obscurity Is Forever
Meet an old non-acquaintance at the BCCH in Act 1
2021-11-03 15:03:10
Policenauts 16
Now Touch It With a Wish In Your Heart
Gain access to the T-Gear and find out what's on the CD
2021-11-02 20:30:04
Policenauts 28
Seeds of Doubt
Check out the poster in the pharmacy
2021-11-02 19:59:07
Policenauts 22
One of Your Fans
Contact Nine Stars and find out what he knows
2021-11-02 18:57:31
Policenauts 29
The Path of Yeast Resistance
Try everything at the dinner table and fill yourself up on the exquisite cuisine
2021-10-31 17:54:42
Policenauts 23
Find out about Marc's story and his condition and examine his drawing closely
2021-10-31 17:48:42
Policenauts 26
A Friendly Reunion
Confront Tokugawa about Hojo
2021-10-31 11:48:37
Policenauts 31
Where Do I Buy THESE Seeds??
Gain entry into the Tokugawa Garden
2021-10-31 11:27:04
Policenauts 31
A Warm Reception
Touch the not-so-modest hole in the receptionist's shirt
2021-10-31 11:17:24
Policenauts 30
Struck Gold
Meet Chris Goldwin and have some fun bug-catching
2021-10-31 10:50:41
Policenauts 32
Assertive Analysis
Examine the nurse's ass. You never know when these things will come in handy.
2021-10-31 10:05:57
Policenauts 32
Mother's Day
Give the photo of Lorraine to Karen
2021-10-31 08:52:19
Policenauts 34
For a Security Guard, He Had an Awful Lot of Information
Investigate Hojo's lab and find out everything you can at Tokugawa Pharmaceuticals
2021-10-31 08:29:23
Policenauts 35
The World Was to Me a Secret Which I Desired to Divine
Give your evidence to Victor and return for the results
2021-10-31 08:03:53
Policenauts 39
They're Rookie Boobs if I Ever Saw Them
Collect the ultimate prize from Meryl and milk it for all it's worth
2021-10-31 06:03:55
Policenauts 17
No Way You Live, No Way
Earn a Silver Cross medal in Combat Mode in the Shooting Range
2021-10-31 05:41:51
Policenauts 14
Guess We Have to Register You as a Lethal Weapon
Earn 550 points or more in Training Mode Level 2 or greater in the Shooting Range
2021-10-31 04:57:53
Policenauts 18
I'm Too Old For This Shit
Meet up with your old pal, Ed and meet his two other friends, Dave and... What the?!
2021-10-31 04:20:40
Policenauts 64
What a Cool Guy!
Meet Tony Redwood and talk to him about all you can
2021-10-31 01:44:54
Policenauts 33
You Got the Touch!
Flirt and touch the flight attendants legs and boobs until she threatens to throw you off the plane... in space
2021-10-31 01:31:16
Policenauts 47
She Came Back To Me
Swap lead with an assassin in the alley and return to Lorraine
2021-10-31 01:06:31
Policenauts 91
I'm Gonna Marry You Someday, Lorraine!
Catch up with Lorraine and then accept or decline her job
2021-10-31 00:40:03
Policenauts 44
Lead the Way
Get through both gunfights in the prologue without reloading your gun
2021-10-31 00:27:44
Policenauts 30
Beep Beep, I'm a Sheep
Listen to all the messages on your answering machine
2021-10-30 23:01:40
Policenauts 89
Major Malfunction
Complete Act III with the Major rank or higher
2021-10-30 04:50:28
Snatcher 19
Colonel of Truth
Complete Act III with the Colonel rank or higher
2021-10-30 04:50:28
Snatcher 14
Captain Obvious
Complete Act III with the Captain rank or higher
2021-10-30 04:50:28
Snatcher 49
Survive the insector swarm in Act II without taking damage
2021-10-30 02:37:07
Snatcher 51
The Neo Kobe Kid
Get a perfect score without missing any shots at the shooting range on the highest difficulty
2021-10-29 23:06:23
Snatcher 16
Damaged Goods
Take out your first Snatcher without missing or taking damage
2021-10-29 20:52:55
Snatcher 56
I Gotta Hand it to You
Shoot a gun out of someone's hand before they have a chance to shoot you
2021-10-29 20:39:58
Snatcher 58
Father's Day
Reunite a father with his son
2021-10-29 20:36:16
Snatcher 65
A Seed Without Soil
Try to pick up women in Alton Plaza until options are exhausted
2021-10-29 20:26:06
Snatcher 80
Neo Kobe Decadence
Get Isabella's phone number then celebrate with all the food and drinks you can handle
2021-10-29 20:21:00
Snatcher 47
This Town Ain't Big Enough
Call the LoveLine until they go out of business.
2021-10-29 19:59:56
Snatcher 84
She's as Green as They Come
Have Mika eavesdrop on your phone call with Jamie
2021-10-29 19:48:02
Snatcher 65
Deeply Seeded Convictions
Complete Act III
2021-10-29 12:19:25
Snatcher 87
Saving the Day
Complete the game with less than 3 saves
2021-10-29 12:19:25
Snatcher 21
This is a Raid
Act III - Survive the Super Insector battle
2021-10-29 11:40:33
Snatcher 91
A Trivial Pursuit
Do not get any of Metal's questions wrong at the beginning of Act III
2021-10-29 10:00:51
Snatcher 79
Seeds of Doubt
Complete Act II
2021-10-29 09:49:50
Snatcher 100
Junkers' Honor
Kill the snatcher at the end of Act II without missing, wasting ammo, or harming the hostage
2021-10-29 09:46:22
Snatcher 80
A Taxing Ride
Kill the Snatcher on your way back to HQ without taking damage
2021-10-29 09:23:36
Snatcher 90
Random Act of Kindness
Escape the hospital
2021-10-29 07:59:40
Snatcher 100
Under Reconstruction
Finish investigating the hospital basement
2021-10-29 07:51:14
Snatcher 101
I Can't Drive 55
Experience some car trouble
2021-10-29 07:24:27
Snatcher 101
Privates Investigator
Attempt to investigate Mika until she cracks
2021-10-29 07:03:47
Snatcher 43
Table This Discussion
Solve the patient record riddle
2021-10-29 06:59:04
Snatcher 99
God Save the Queen
Finish the investigation at Queens Hospital
2021-10-29 06:39:11
Snatcher 104
I've Seen Things You People Wouldn't Believe...
See what should not be seen
2021-10-29 06:21:37
Snatcher 103
Missing You Already
Receive a distress call from Katrina and search the house
2021-10-29 06:12:05
Snatcher 106
Two Hungry Four This
Try the Ramen at Alton Plaza
2021-10-29 05:53:09
Snatcher 54
Her Snatch
View a Startling Voice Message
2021-10-29 05:48:38
Snatcher 111
Get a perfect score without missing any shots at the shooting range on the intermediate difficulty
2021-10-29 05:32:59
Snatcher 62
Some Random Guy
Complete Act I
2021-10-29 05:25:05
Snatcher 123
Snatcher Don't Surf
Finish investigating Ivan's Apartment
2021-10-29 05:04:32
Snatcher 124
A Sketchy Suspect
Complete the composite sketch and find two suspects
2021-10-29 04:46:37
Snatcher 131
Gillian? What happened!? Gillian! GILLIAAAANN!!
Get kicked out of Outer Heaven
2021-10-29 04:28:35
Snatcher 99
The Good Ol' Days
Get more information on the group of Konami characters
2021-10-29 04:22:56
Snatcher 78
Operation Intrude N313
Obtain a mask and successfully infiltrate Outer Heaven
2021-10-29 04:19:54
Snatcher 137
A Sinking Feeling
Try the Neo Kobe Pizza outside of Plato's Cavern
2021-10-29 04:18:13
Snatcher 105
What a Hack...
Visit the Fortune Teller in Alton Plaza
2021-10-29 04:05:46
Snatcher 75
Late Night Masquerade
Discover the locations of Outer Heaven and Plato's Cavern
2021-10-29 04:01:31
Snatcher 142
Find out the reason Gibson was killed
2021-10-29 03:44:53
Snatcher 153
Trust Me, I'm a Junker
Gain entry into Gibson's home without getting any questions wrong
2021-10-29 03:36:58
Snatcher 130
The Short Answer
Give the correct password to Napoleon, AFTER taking the steps to obtain it
2021-10-29 03:14:13
Snatcher 137
A Floppy What?
Junker HQ - Fully investigate Gibson's belongings
2021-10-29 02:59:03
Snatcher 193
Get a perfect score without missing any shots at the shooting range on the introductory difficulty
2021-10-29 02:24:03
Snatcher 176
Snatcher Heart
Get a perfect score without missing any shots at the shooting range while Mika is showing you around
2021-10-29 02:24:03
Snatcher 124
Does This Mean I'm Promoted?
Abandoned Factory - Fully investigate the crime scene
2021-10-29 01:47:59
Snatcher 212
Head of the Junkers
Meet up with Gibson in the Abandoned Factory
2021-10-29 01:34:56
Snatcher 231
From Junkie to Junker
Obtain your Junker ID and Blaster
2021-10-29 01:22:47
Snatcher 286
The Big Boss
Use Jordan to look up Snatcher's creator
2021-10-28 23:05:21
Snatcher 132
Sowing the Seeds
Watch the entire intro
2021-10-28 22:50:28
Snatcher 319
Celebrate in Style
Finish a level to lots of fireworks
2021-10-28 17:21:40
Super Mario Bros. 8,867
Find and Collect a Mushroom Power-up
2021-10-28 17:20:49
Super Mario Bros. 12,225
Peace Walker
Complete the game, killing less than 25 enemies
2021-10-27 22:50:49
Metal Gear Solid 100
Green Beret
Complete the game on Hard or higher difficulty
2021-10-27 22:50:48
Metal Gear Solid 86
Never Be Game Over
Complete the game without using any continues
2021-10-27 22:50:48
Metal Gear Solid 90
Complete the game on Easy or higher difficulty
2021-10-27 22:50:48
Metal Gear Solid 444
Complete the game on Normal or higher difficulty
2021-10-27 22:50:47
Metal Gear Solid 400
That Ninja
Complete the game with no more than 4 alerts
2021-10-27 22:50:47
Metal Gear Solid 80
Enjoy Life
Escape Shadow Moses with Meryl
2021-10-27 22:42:41
Metal Gear Solid 376
Defeat Liquid Snake one-on-one
2021-10-27 22:05:45
Metal Gear Solid 454
Third Time's the Charm
Destroy Metal Gear REX
2021-10-27 19:54:51
Metal Gear Solid 454
They Played Us Like a DAMN FIDDLE!!!
I really must express my gratitude
2021-10-27 16:56:45
Metal Gear Solid 477
What a Tangled Web We Weave
Learn the truth about what's really going on
2021-10-27 16:48:06
Metal Gear Solid 475
Covert Critter
Take the PAL key back from the rat
2021-10-27 15:17:01
Metal Gear Solid 150
My Spirit Will Be Watching You
Defeat Vulcan Raven
2021-10-27 14:15:21
Metal Gear Solid 485
Kill the ravens until you get scolded for it
2021-10-27 13:14:45
Metal Gear Solid 175
Have a Nice Trip
Defeat the enemies on the freight elevator without using any weapons or snapping any necks (No Bandana)
2021-10-27 13:03:36
Metal Gear Solid 198
There Are No Strings On Me
Discover the parachute
2021-10-27 11:50:06
Metal Gear Solid 169
You Should Come Inside the Box. Then You'll Know
Collect all three cardboard boxes
2021-10-27 11:48:28
Metal Gear Solid 413
Born On a Battlefield
Defeat Sniper Wolf in the Snowfield
2021-10-27 11:34:04
Metal Gear Solid 531
I Missile You
Defeat Sniper Wolf in the snowfield using only the Nikita Launcher using no more than 50% of your missiles fuel (No Bandana)
2021-10-27 11:25:35
Metal Gear Solid 209
Survive the tower elevator ride
2021-10-27 11:04:16
Metal Gear Solid 538
Before We Get Started, Does Anybody Wanna Get Out?
Survive the tower elevator ride without using any weapons (No Bandana)
2021-10-27 11:04:12
Metal Gear Solid 209
I'm Nuclear
Learn about Nastasha's past
2021-10-27 10:41:05
Metal Gear Solid 231
Open Sez Me
Open the lower walkway door at the communications tower
2021-10-27 10:38:06
Metal Gear Solid 438
Shoot down the Hind
2021-10-27 10:31:49
Metal Gear Solid 545
This May Sting a Little
Collect the stinger missile launcher and collect 20 missiles before facing the Hind
2021-10-27 10:15:07
Metal Gear Solid 533
It's a Long Shot, But...
Defeat the soldiers at the tower walkway using only the PSG-1 without taking damage
2021-10-27 10:05:52
Metal Gear Solid 278
Out of Shape
Climb the communications tower
2021-10-27 09:23:34
Metal Gear Solid 566
Not a Real Man
Collect the body armor at the first available location
2021-10-27 08:37:46
Metal Gear Solid 327
Your Biggest Fan
Receive a hidden call from Deepthroat
2021-10-27 08:03:04
Metal Gear Solid 317
Just Photographs, Do Not Engage the Enemy
Locate the camera on a new game file
2021-10-27 08:02:45
Metal Gear Solid 384
I've Been Through a Lot Worse
Resist the torture and escape the prison
2021-10-27 07:46:06
Metal Gear Solid 488
Rat Trap
Kill the rats until you get scolded for it
2021-10-27 06:36:48
Metal Gear Solid 157
Kept You Waiting, Huh?
Defeat Sniper Wolf at the communications tower
2021-10-27 06:22:23
Metal Gear Solid 605
She's Dead By Now
Collect the PSG-1 and both boxes of ammo without tripping the sensors
2021-10-27 05:39:15
Metal Gear Solid 200
Poppin Pills
Collect the Diazepam in the cave
2021-10-27 03:57:37
Metal Gear Solid 537
I Make My Own Future
Defeat Psycho Mantis and end his games once and for all
2021-10-27 03:22:08
Metal Gear Solid 663
Wise-Ass Say...
Tease Mei Ling until she's had enough of you
2021-10-27 02:40:57
Metal Gear Solid 324
So Feminine
Follow Meryl into the bathroom before she can finish... preparing
2021-10-27 02:31:49
Metal Gear Solid 442
"Fisher Wuz Here"...?
Collect the night-vision goggles at your earliest opportunity
2021-10-27 02:15:28
Metal Gear Solid 534
I Remember That Punch...
Defeat the cyborg ninja and learn his true identity
2021-10-27 01:59:11
Metal Gear Solid 744
Hey Dum-Dum. You Give Me Gum-Gum
Found a Moai
2021-10-27 01:18:05
Metal Gear Solid 385
This Stinks
Collect the gas mask
2021-10-27 00:57:00
Metal Gear Solid 753
Maggie Q
Collect the Nikita launcher
2021-10-27 00:38:48
Metal Gear Solid 792
Tank You!
Destroy the M-1 Tank and enter the Nuclear warhead storage building
2021-10-27 00:21:00
Metal Gear Solid 850
Mine Forever
Collect the mine detector
2021-10-26 23:09:03
Metal Gear Solid 798
Suppressing My Feelings
Collect the suppressor
2021-10-26 22:55:55
Metal Gear Solid 926
Uno Mas
Collect the FAMAS and ammo in the armory without tripping the sensors
2021-10-26 22:20:38
Metal Gear Solid 787
Defeat Revolver Ocelot and rescue the ArmsTech president
2021-10-26 21:39:00
Metal Gear Solid 1,015
See? Four!
Collect the C4 in the armory and blow open all hidden entrances
2021-10-26 21:22:34
Metal Gear Solid 534
Rookie Eyes
Team up with the mysterious soldier and fight your way out of the prison
2021-10-26 21:15:36
Metal Gear Solid 1,166
You Red My Mind
Collect the thermal goggles before locating the DARPA Chief
2021-10-26 19:44:34
Metal Gear Solid 864
Missing Something
Infiltrate either ventilation duct and listen in on the guards without ever having been spotted
2021-10-26 19:28:43
Metal Gear Solid 490
Piece Be With You
Find the SOCOM
2021-10-26 19:23:14
Metal Gear Solid 1,523
Wasn't There Just Something There?
Run across the heliport and collect the chaff grenades without being seen by the searchlights
2021-10-26 19:21:59
Metal Gear Solid 827