Achievement Game Global Unlocks
Sleeping Prince
Receive the Mystic Key after awakening the Elfland's prince
Final Fantasy 1,140
Blood Ruby
Defeat the vampire of Melmond and acquire the ruby
Final Fantasy 980
Puzzle Fantasy
Complete the secret slider puzzle
Final Fantasy 972
Rotten Earth
Defeat Lich and purify the Earth Crystal
Final Fantasy 971
Acquire a canoe from the circle of sages
Final Fantasy 954
Molten Fire
Defeat Kary and purify the Fire Crystal
Final Fantasy 886
Raise the airship from the desert
Final Fantasy 867
Class Upgrade
Receive King Bahamut's praise...and his reward!
Final Fantasy 867
Acquire Oxyhale from a freed friend
Final Fantasy 845
The Lost City
Defeat Kraken and purify the Water Crystal
Final Fantasy 831
Learn the language of the Lefeinians
Final Fantasy 814
Floating Fortress
Defeat Tiamat and purify the Wind Crystal
Final Fantasy 809
Mjolnir Cometh
Obtain Thor's Hammer
Final Fantasy 796
The True King
Obtain Excalibur
Final Fantasy 774
Heroes That Never Were
Defeat Chaos and end the cycle of destruction
Final Fantasy 771
Blade of Purity
Obtain Masamune
Final Fantasy 753
Of Mighty Magic
Have a character learn 24 spells
Final Fantasy 747
Rage Against the Machine
Defeat a WarMECH in the Floating Castle
Final Fantasy 709
May Thou Rest in Peace
Pay respects to a rival hero
Final Fantasy 102
Punching Above Your Weight
Win a battle on the Peninsula of Power before confronting the pirates in Pravoka
Final Fantasy 84
Plundered the Keeps
Open all treasure chests in Coneria, Elfland and the Northwest castles
Final Fantasy 78
Oh, Death, Where is Thy Sting?
Defeat Lich in the Earth Cave without anyone dying
Final Fantasy 75
Gaia's Greed
Open all treasure chests in the Earth Cave and Titan's Tunnel
Final Fantasy 72
Cave Dweller
Open all treasure chests in the Marsh, Dwarf and Matoya's caves
Final Fantasy 72
Slice and Dice
Obtain a Katana
Final Fantasy 66
Hot Take
Open all treasure chests in the Gurgu Volcano
Final Fantasy 66
God's Eye View
Get a glimpse of where the four forces are flowing together
Final Fantasy 66
Sunken Treasures
Open all treasure chests in the Sea Shrine and waterfall
Final Fantasy 65
Cold Hard Cash, Mostly
Open all treasure chests in the Ice Cave
Final Fantasy 65
Fight Fire With Fire
Defeat Kary in the Gurgu Volcano with a Fire spell or the Flame Sword
Final Fantasy 64
Balmless Battler of Cruel Chaos
Defeat Chaos without healing yourself
Final Fantasy 64
Regal Recon
Open all treasure chests in the Castle of Ordeals and Cardia caves
Final Fantasy 62
One for Each Arm
Defeat Kraken in the Sea Shrine in 8 or fewer actions. Running does not count as an action.
Final Fantasy 61
Sky Raider
Open all treasure chests in the Mirage Tower and Floating Castle
Final Fantasy 60
Choking Hazard
Defeat Tiamat in the Floating Castle with poison gas
Final Fantasy 60
What's Old Is New Again
Open all treasure chests in the Temple of Fiends
Final Fantasy 59
Don't Change For Anyone
Defeat Chaos without changing classes
Final Fantasy 53
Merchandise Madness
Defeat Chaos without opening any optional treasure chests, except the Tail if desired
Final Fantasy 51