Achievement Unlocked Game Global Unlocks
Normal Type Master
Defeat Whitney using only Normal type Pokemon [Set Mode, <= Lv.20]
2021-10-30 22:41:27
Pokemon Silver Version 112
Make Joey Proud
Defeat Whitney and gain the Plain Badge. [Set Mode, <= Lv.20]
2021-10-30 22:38:21
Pokemon Silver Version 116
Brawn Over Brains
Trade a Drowzee for a Machop in Goldenrod City.
2021-10-30 22:13:31
Pokemon Silver Version 106
Bug Type Master
Defeat Bugsy using only Bug type Pokemon [Set Mode, <= Lv.16]
2021-10-30 21:35:34
Pokemon Silver Version 125
Bug Kid Wonder
Defeat Bugsy and gain the Hive Badge. [Set Mode, <= Lv.16]
2021-10-30 21:35:34
Pokemon Silver Version 128
A Lucky Egg
Hatch the Mystery Egg and obtain the Pokemon within.
2021-10-30 20:30:56
Pokemon Silver Version 155
True Flying Type Master
Defeat Falkner using only Flying type Pokemon [Set Mode, <= Lv.9]
2021-10-30 03:54:09
Pokemon Silver Version 136
It is a Bird, It is a Plane!
Defeat Falkner and gain the Zephyr Badge. [Set Mode, <= Lv.9]
2021-10-30 03:54:09
Pokemon Silver Version 141
Rock Solid
Trade a Bellsprout for an Onix in Violet City.
2021-10-28 10:02:23
Pokemon Silver Version 130
Popularity Contest
Fill all 10 phone number slots in your phone
2021-10-07 16:50:05
Pokemon Silver Version 100
Like a Speed Date
Clear all parts of Level 0 in one session.
2021-10-05 01:15:05
~Homebrew~ Waifu Clicker 433
I will be with you forever!
Clear all parts of Level 10 in one session.
2021-10-05 01:04:49
~Homebrew~ Waifu Clicker 437
I never want to stop!
Clear all parts of Level 9 in one session.
2021-10-05 01:00:47
~Homebrew~ Waifu Clicker 439
I love you all!
Clear all parts of Level 8 in one session.
2021-10-05 00:57:18
~Homebrew~ Waifu Clicker 440
I can't choose one of you!
Clear all parts of Level 7 in one session.
2021-10-05 00:54:24
~Homebrew~ Waifu Clicker 440
Give my your Hearts!
Clear all parts of Level 6 in one session.
2021-10-05 00:51:45
~Homebrew~ Waifu Clicker 440
My Dreams came true
Clear all parts of Level 5 in one session.
2021-10-05 00:43:27
~Homebrew~ Waifu Clicker 440
Big Kiss
Give a girl a very long kiss.
2021-10-05 00:41:38
~Homebrew~ Waifu Clicker 446
Are there more than you?
Clear all parts of Level 4 in one session.
2021-10-05 00:41:19
~Homebrew~ Waifu Clicker 444
That makes Fun!
Clear all parts of Level 3 in one session.
2021-10-05 00:38:30
~Homebrew~ Waifu Clicker 447
I can train my Kisses
Clear all parts of Level 2 in one session.
2021-10-05 00:37:16
~Homebrew~ Waifu Clicker 450
It's just the Beginning
Clear all parts of Level 1 in one session.
2021-10-05 00:36:19
~Homebrew~ Waifu Clicker 454
Cosmetic Changes
Give a girl bigger lips.
2021-10-05 00:33:27
~Homebrew~ Waifu Clicker 449
The Big Boys
Fill out the entire Boss Family in the Monster Book
2021-10-05 00:06:38
Dragon Warrior Monsters 18
True Monster Master
Defeat the Monster Master in the Monster Arena
2021-10-03 23:23:31
Dragon Warrior Monsters 24
You're going to Hell
Fill out the entire Demon Family in the Monster Book
2021-10-03 20:50:32
Dragon Warrior Monsters 19
Go Green
Fill out the entire Plant Family in the Monster Book
2021-10-03 19:10:41
Dragon Warrior Monsters 19
Conqueror of Gates
Become pals with Watabou.
2021-10-03 19:10:41
Dragon Warrior Monsters 23
Pizzaro Genocide
Defeat Pizzaro at the Gate of Extinction.
2021-10-03 19:08:31
Dragon Warrior Monsters 24
Lord of Dreams
Defeat Mudou at the second Arena Gate
2021-10-03 18:09:41
Dragon Warrior Monsters 26
More Animal than Monster
Fill out the entire Beast Family in the Monster Book
2021-10-03 18:06:36
Dragon Warrior Monsters 19
sleeping spot nnn
Defeat Esterk at the Gate of Sleep.
2021-10-03 16:20:03
Dragon Warrior Monsters 24
2 Spooky 4 me
Fill out the entire Zombie Family in the Monster Book
2021-10-03 16:13:19
Dragon Warrior Monsters 19
Demolished the Darkness
Return to the Gate of Demolition and defeat Sidoh.
2021-10-03 15:38:44
Dragon Warrior Monsters 26
But Darkness still lingers...
Defeat Hargon at the Gate of Demolition.
2021-10-03 15:04:21
Dragon Warrior Monsters 27
Outsmarting the Mastermind
Defeat Baramos at the Gate of Mastermind.
2021-10-03 14:21:47
Dragon Warrior Monsters 26
Something about Birds
Fill out the entire Bird Family in the Monster Book
2021-10-03 14:17:31
Dragon Warrior Monsters 22
A Quest for Dragons
Fill out the entire Dragon Family in the Monster Book
2021-10-03 12:34:00
Dragon Warrior Monsters 20
More Gold, More Death
Show a GoldSlime to the old man, and defeat DeathMore at his Gate
2021-10-02 21:02:02
Dragon Warrior Monsters 22
Calling for a Miracle
Unlock the Gate by showing the man a monster with call, and defeat Mirudraas within.
2021-10-02 19:59:16
Dragon Warrior Monsters 23
Bricks and Bolts
Fill out the entire Material Family in the Monster Book
2021-10-02 19:55:31
Dragon Warrior Monsters 19
Fill out the entire Insect Family in the Monster Book
2021-10-02 17:53:03
Dragon Warrior Monsters 19
A Squire's Duty
Show the Queen all 16 monsters she asks for.
2021-10-02 17:41:49
Dragon Warrior Monsters 20
Relating Rivals
Breed with the Milayou and her Skeletor.
2021-10-02 17:25:18
Dragon Warrior Monsters 24
Liquid, but Medal
Receive a Metabble Egg from the Medal King for giving him 30 medals.
2021-10-02 13:59:11
Dragon Warrior Monsters 21
Eggs of Anger [m]
Crack open all the eggs in the Gate of Anger
2021-10-02 07:55:20
Dragon Warrior Monsters 65
Dead but can still Breed [m]
Breed with Mick and his Deadnite
2021-10-02 07:47:23
Dragon Warrior Monsters 43
Not a Bad Guy [m]
Breed with Mick and his LizardMan
2021-10-02 07:33:23
Dragon Warrior Monsters 43
No Animals Allowed in the Bar [m]
Breed with Warrior in the Cafe and his CatFly
2021-10-02 07:26:37
Dragon Warrior Monsters 60
Nice Megaman Reference [m]
Breed with the Warrior Teto's IceMan
2021-10-02 07:23:07
Dragon Warrior Monsters 62
The Squishies
Fill out the entire Slime Family in the Monster Book
2021-10-02 06:23:22
Dragon Warrior Monsters 20
Control the World
Defeat Zoma at the Gate of Control.
2021-10-02 04:22:39
Dragon Warrior Monsters 25
Ambitious Overlord
Defeat DracoLord at the Gate of Ambition.
2021-10-02 02:50:04
Dragon Warrior Monsters 29
Medal Armor
Receive a Spikerous from the Medal King for giving him 25 medals.
2021-10-02 02:09:54
Dragon Warrior Monsters 24
Super Fire
Grab the item that allows you to destroy all soft blocks inside the blast radius
2021-10-01 12:06:01
Bomberman Max: Blue Champion 79
Block Walk
Grab the item that allows you to walk through soft blocks
2021-10-01 12:04:57
Bomberman Max: Blue Champion 105
Bomb Up
Increase the number of bombs you can set at once to max
2021-10-01 11:57:38
Bomberman Max: Blue Champion 196
Fire Up
Increase the flamepower of your bombs to max
2021-10-01 11:57:14
Bomberman Max: Blue Champion 191
Speed Up
Increase your movement speed to max
2021-10-01 11:56:22
Bomberman Max: Blue Champion 181
Obtain the Charabom Pommy from Level 1-01
2021-10-01 11:54:45
Bomberman Max: Blue Champion 171
Much Cleaner
Beat Lake Island
2021-10-01 11:24:20
Adventure Island | Adventure Island II 282
King Hermit Crab
Defeat 2nd boss,hammers only!
2021-10-01 11:24:14
Adventure Island | Adventure Island II 246
Defeat 1st boss,hammers only!
2021-10-01 10:45:26
Adventure Island | Adventure Island II 272
It's Time for a Big Bang!
Defeat Bomb Man in New Style
2021-10-01 03:41:59
Mega Man Powered Up 128
You're Okay?
Rescue one of your friends
2021-10-01 03:41:57
Mega Man Powered Up 142
One Extra Chance to Succeed
Get a 1-Up on New Style or Old Style
2021-10-01 03:16:39
Mega Man Powered Up 184
Ach! You Followed Me?!
Defeat Proto Eye
2021-10-01 03:14:58
Mega Man Powered Up 228
Recommendation: Install Roll + Her Costumes and the DLC Stages before starting the set (Unlocks at Title Screen with Roll and 3 or more of her costumes installed)
2021-10-01 03:08:35
Mega Man Powered Up 136
Get 1UP in Egg Roulette
2021-09-30 19:11:08
Adventure Island | Adventure Island II 460
Beat Fern Island
2021-09-30 19:02:32
Adventure Island | Adventure Island II 437
Spring Fun
Find your first bonus level
2021-09-30 18:57:08
Adventure Island | Adventure Island II 555
Journey has Ended!
Become the Champion of the Starry Night Tournament and watch the credits.
2021-09-29 05:34:50
Dragon Warrior Monsters 34
Reflecting on the Future
Defeat Duran at the Gate of Reflection.
2021-09-29 04:07:44
Dragon Warrior Monsters 36
How does Metal reproduce? [m]
Breed with the Medal King and his Metaly
2021-09-29 03:23:13
Dragon Warrior Monsters 31
The Elephant in the Medal
Receive a Trumpeter Egg from the Medal King for giving him 18 medals.
2021-09-29 02:33:28
Dragon Warrior Monsters 35
My Little Collection of Monsters
Defeat Orochi at the Library Gate.
2021-09-28 12:24:29
Dragon Warrior Monsters 31
No Armor Here
Defeat MadKnight at the Bazaar Gate
2021-09-28 06:03:48
Dragon Warrior Monsters 73
Starry Tounament Qualifier
Clear Rank S in the Monster Arena
2021-09-28 05:41:18
Dragon Warrior Monsters 41
Labyrinth of Chaos
Defeat DarkHorn at the Gate of the Labyrinth.
2021-09-28 05:32:00
Dragon Warrior Monsters 44
Choose your own Adventure
Defeat Kingslime Lipsy or Toadstool at the Medal Kings Secret Gate
2021-09-28 04:16:00
Dragon Warrior Monsters 38
A Small Donation
Receive a ZapBird Egg from the Medal King for giving him 13 medals.
2021-09-28 04:01:52
Dragon Warrior Monsters 46
Allahu Akubar
Defeat Akubar at the Gate of Judgement.
2021-09-28 03:53:57
Dragon Warrior Monsters 43
Gift Pokemon [m]
Accept May's Stoneman
2021-09-27 15:10:37
Dragon Warrior Monsters 46
Abominable Breeding [m]
Breed with the Warrior Teto's Yeti
2021-09-27 15:09:03
Dragon Warrior Monsters 42
Crazy Experiment
Defeat Gigantes at the Gate at the Bottom of the Well
2021-09-27 13:22:28
Dragon Warrior Monsters 52
One of Pure Heart
Defeat Digster at the Gate in the Arena.
2021-09-27 13:04:10
Dragon Warrior Monsters 53
Unassuming Imposter
Defeat the Copycat at the Gate on top of the Great Tree.
2021-09-27 12:34:18
Dragon Warrior Monsters 59
Tempting to Destroy
Defeat Servant and his....Servants at the Gate of Temptation.
2021-09-27 04:41:26
Dragon Warrior Monsters 47
Meaty Bliss
Defeat Jamirus at the Gate of Happiness
2021-09-27 03:33:07
Dragon Warrior Monsters 51
Dance of Joy
Defeat the FunkyBird at the Gate of Joy
2021-09-26 14:39:54
Dragon Warrior Monsters 61
A Puzzle for the Wise
Defeat the SkyDragon at the Gate of Wisdom
2021-09-26 14:17:07
Dragon Warrior Monsters 59
A Strong Monster Master [m]
Breed with the Warrior Teto's Eyeder
2021-09-26 08:02:06
Dragon Warrior Monsters 45
No Medals Required [m]
Breed with the Medal King and his FangSlime
2021-09-26 07:42:47
Dragon Warrior Monsters 52
Powerful Stagnation
Defeat the StoneMan at the Gate of Strength
2021-09-26 07:37:30
Dragon Warrior Monsters 68
We just met and we're already Breeding [m]
Breed with May and her Rayburn
2021-09-26 04:16:44
Dragon Warrior Monsters 57
Despite all my Rage
Defeat the BattleRex at the Gate of Anger
2021-09-26 04:06:23
Dragon Warrior Monsters 72
Amateur Monster Master
Clear Rank D in the Monster Arena
2021-09-25 18:40:35
Dragon Warrior Monsters 77
Braved the unknown
Defeat the BigEye at the Gate of Bravery
2021-09-25 17:44:29
Dragon Warrior Monsters 81
Peaceful Gambling
Defeat the FangSlime at the Gate of Peace
2021-09-25 14:57:50
Dragon Warrior Monsters 81
Memories of Saber
Defeat the MadCat at the Gate of Memories
2021-09-25 11:56:57
Dragon Warrior Monsters 103
Bewildering Gaze
Defeat the FaceTree at the Gate of Bewilder.
2021-09-25 05:56:39
Dragon Warrior Monsters 102
Not the Villager Gate
Defeat the Golem at the Talisman Gate
2021-09-25 05:00:33
Dragon Warrior Monsters 120
Slay the Dragon
Defeat the Dragon at the Villager Gate
2021-09-25 04:44:54
Dragon Warrior Monsters 123
Journey has Started!
Defeat Hale at the Gate of Beginning
2021-09-25 03:41:51
Dragon Warrior Monsters 156
A Trio of Humps
Submit of photo of the Mt. Dugtrio sign.
2021-05-11 05:48:29
Pokemon Snap 431
Getting My Groove On
Submit a photo of Dancing Graveler.
2021-05-11 05:47:17
Pokemon Snap 318
Pincered in a Shadow
Submit a photo of the Pinsir Shadow sign.
2021-05-11 05:40:42
Pokemon Snap 419
Surfs up!
Submit a photo of Pikachu Surfing.
2021-05-11 05:19:18
Pokemon Snap 499
Best Friends!
Submit a photo of Charmander worth over 1,000 Same Pokemon score.
2021-05-11 05:12:36
Pokemon Snap 371
Charred Barbecue
Submit a photo of Charmander worth 4,000 points.
2021-05-11 05:12:36
Pokemon Snap 351
Caught in the Breeze
Submit of photo of Gust Using Pidgey.
2021-05-11 04:48:26
Pokemon Snap 492
The Musician's Lullaby
Unlock the Pokeflute.
2021-05-11 04:43:08
Pokemon Snap 463
Dashing Through!
Unlock the Dash Engine.
2021-05-11 04:36:13
Pokemon Snap 470
Singing in a Trio
Submit of photo of a Trio of Jigglypuff on stage.
2021-05-11 04:07:31
Pokemon Snap 294
Full of Hot Air
Submit a photo of a Balloon Pikachu.
2021-05-11 04:07:31
Pokemon Snap 326
Down Through the Valley
Unlock the Valley Course
2021-05-11 03:22:09
Pokemon Snap 505
Making My Name Known
Get a picture of 40 different Pokemon.
2021-05-11 03:21:53
Pokemon Snap 504
Cave Exploration
Unlock the Cave Course
2021-05-11 03:15:23
Pokemon Snap 533
Quit Pestering Me!
Unlock the Pesterball
2021-05-11 02:58:20
Pokemon Snap 561
A Highly Rated Salad
Submit a photo of a REAL Bulbasaur worth 4,000 points.
2021-05-06 05:54:44
Pokemon Snap 393
River Rafting
Unlock the River Course
2021-05-06 05:38:52
Pokemon Snap 602
Amateur Photographer
Get a picture of 20 different Pokemon.
2021-05-06 05:32:31
Pokemon Snap 627
Molten Hot
Submit a photo of Moltres worth 4,500 points.
2021-05-06 05:31:36
Pokemon Snap 342
Over the Volcano
Unlock the Volcano Course
2021-05-06 05:26:20
Pokemon Snap 639
Strike A Pose
Get a pose score of 1,250 points.
2021-05-06 05:19:10
Pokemon Snap 646
Dinner Time!
Unlock the Pokemon Food.
2021-05-06 05:14:24
Pokemon Snap 688
Through Rock Tunnel
Unlock the Tunnel Course
2021-05-06 05:00:11
Pokemon Snap 793
Exile - Left Arm
Get the Card of #020 'Left Arm of the Forbidden One' as Duel Reward.
2021-04-13 05:51:34
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories 77
Exile - Right Arm
Get the Card of #019 'Right Arm of the Forbidden One' as Duel Reward.
2021-04-13 05:51:34
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories 79
Exile - Left Leg
Get the Card of #018 'Left Leg of the Forbidden One' as Duel Reward.
2021-04-13 05:51:34
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories 77
Exile - Right Leg
Get the Card of #017 'Right Leg of the Forbidden One' as Duel Reward.
2021-04-13 05:51:33
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories 74
Trainer Tower Mixed
Complete the Mixed battle challenge.
2019-07-06 16:13:54
Pokemon FireRed Version 431
Trainer Tower Knockout
Complete the Knockout battle challenge.
2019-07-06 16:07:58
Pokemon FireRed Version 442
Trainer Tower Doubles
Complete the Double battle challenge.
2019-07-06 16:01:07
Pokemon FireRed Version 443
Gotta Catch 'Em All! - FireRed
Catch all 170 obtainable Pokemon
2019-07-01 08:08:24
Pokemon FireRed Version 378
The Real Champ II
Return stronger and become the League Champion.
2019-06-30 18:51:15
Pokemon FireRed Version 531
Resort Gorgeous
Rescue Selphy on Island 5.
2019-06-30 18:19:23
Pokemon FireRed Version 600
The Legendary Beasts [m]
Catch Raikou, Entei or Suicune.
2019-06-26 17:31:47
Pokemon FireRed Version 462
Catch Mewtwo.
2019-06-26 15:55:51
Pokemon FireRed Version 577
Blasting Off Again
Stop Team Rocket in their warehouse on Island 5.
2019-06-26 12:12:36
Pokemon FireRed Version 627
Trainer Tower Singles
Complete the Single battle challenge.
2019-06-26 09:58:46
Pokemon FireRed Version 468
Helping Hand
Help Lorelei in stopping Team Rocket on Island 4.
2019-06-26 09:08:38
Pokemon FireRed Version 653
The Real Champ I
Become the League Champion.
2019-06-26 08:26:24
Pokemon FireRed Version 754
A Warm-Up!
Defeat your Rival on your way to the Pokemon League.
2019-06-26 07:33:47
Pokemon FireRed Version 836
Lucky Egg
Catch Chansey.
2019-06-26 07:27:19
Pokemon FireRed Version 607
Catch Zapdos.
2019-06-22 04:56:50
Pokemon FireRed Version 742
Catch Moltres.
2019-06-22 03:05:13
Pokemon FireRed Version 743
The Self-Proclaimed Strongest Trainer!
Defeat Giovanni and earn the Earth Badge.
2019-06-21 06:54:17
Pokemon FireRed Version 837
No Tears Only Dreams
Rescue Lostelle on Three Island.
2019-06-21 06:40:22
Pokemon FireRed Version 847
The Hotheaded Quiz Master!
Defeat Blaine and earn the Volcano Badge.
2019-06-21 06:17:51
Pokemon FireRed Version 877
Frozen Solid
Catch Articuno.
2019-06-21 05:58:00
Pokemon FireRed Version 742
The Poisonous Ninja Master!
Defeat Koga and earn the Soul Badge.
2019-06-21 05:36:58
Pokemon FireRed Version 947
The Mistress of Psychic Pokemon!
Defeat Sabrina and earn the Marsh Badge.
2019-06-21 03:47:03
Pokemon FireRed Version 906
The One Ball To Catch 'Em All
Stop Team Rocket in Saffron City.
2019-06-21 03:32:32
Pokemon FireRed Version 920
Don't Sweat It!
Defeat your Rival in Saffron City.
2019-06-21 02:24:05
Pokemon FireRed Version 923
Rigged Slots
Stop Team Rocket in Celadon City.
2019-06-21 01:07:51
Pokemon FireRed Version 1,043
The Nature-Loving Princess!
Defeat Erika and earn the Rainbow Badge.
2019-06-21 00:47:45
Pokemon FireRed Version 1,058
Make Them Faint!
Defeat your Rival in the Pokemon Tower.
2019-06-21 00:25:42
Pokemon FireRed Version 1,083
The Lightning American!
Defeat Lt. Surge and earn the Thunder Badge.
2019-06-20 23:22:03
Pokemon FireRed Version 1,210
Smell Ya Later!
Defeat your Rival on the S.S. Anne.
2019-06-20 23:14:45
Pokemon FireRed Version 1,255
The Tomboyish Mermaid!
Defeat Misty and earn the Cascade Badge.
2019-06-20 22:34:36
Pokemon FireRed Version 1,379
Always Plodding Behind!
Defeat your Rival in Cerulean City.
2019-06-20 22:13:09
Pokemon FireRed Version 1,443
The Rock-Solid Trainer!
Defeat Brock and earn the Boulder Badge.
2019-06-20 21:41:49
Pokemon FireRed Version 1,731
Champ In The Making! [m]
Win the optional Battle against your Rival on Route 22.
2019-06-20 21:23:27
Pokemon FireRed Version 1,574
I Choose You! [m]
Defeat your Rival in Oak's Lab.
2019-06-20 21:06:51
Pokemon FireRed Version 2,336
The Man Behind the Masks
Defeat either Lumis or Umbra in a duel and learn more about the leader of the Ghouls.
2019-03-18 18:04:29
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards 114
Sky High
Catch Rayquaza.
2018-08-05 06:16:19
Pokemon Ruby Version 265
The Iron Titan
Catch Registeel.
2018-08-05 05:39:54
Pokemon Ruby Version 255
The Stone Titan
Catch Regirock.
2018-08-05 04:21:40
Pokemon Ruby Version 256
The Ice Titan
Catch Regice.
2018-08-05 04:15:32
Pokemon Ruby Version 256
Roaming for Eons
Catch Latios.
2018-08-05 01:21:23
Pokemon Ruby Version 237
The Birth of a New Champion
Become the new Hoenn Champion.
2018-08-02 03:45:24
Pokemon Ruby Version 310
From Zero to Hero
Defeat Wally in the Victory Road.
2018-08-02 03:02:07
Pokemon Ruby Version 326
Artist, and Lover of Water
Earn the Rain badge.
2018-08-02 01:55:51
Pokemon Ruby Version 340
Heavy Weather
Catch Groudon.
2018-08-02 00:55:10
Pokemon Ruby Version 336
Awaken, My Master!
Defeat Maxie in the Seafloor Cavern.
2018-08-02 00:30:05
Pokemon Ruby Version 346
The Mystic Combination
Earn the Mind badge.
2018-07-25 22:50:13
Pokemon Ruby Version 356
Not So Secret Hideout
Defeat Tabitha in team Magma hideout.
2018-07-25 22:30:54
Pokemon Ruby Version 361
The Ultimate Ball [m]
Find the Master Ball in a secret hideout.
2018-07-25 22:26:22
Pokemon Ruby Version 343
You're Pretty Good
Defeat Brendan or May for the fourth time.
2018-06-15 13:24:43
Pokemon Ruby Version 373
The Bird User Taking Flight into the World
Earn the Feather badge.
2018-06-13 01:16:51
Pokemon Ruby Version 384
You Are Pretty Decent Actually
Defeat Brendan or May for the third time.
2018-06-13 01:00:41
Pokemon Ruby Version 391
Panic in the Institute
Defeat Courtney in the Weather Institute.
2018-06-13 00:55:49
Pokemon Ruby Version 390
A Man in Pursuit of Power
Earn the Balance badge.
2018-06-12 04:38:08
Pokemon Ruby Version 409
One With a Fiery Passion that Burns
Earn the Heat badge.
2018-06-12 04:20:12
Pokemon Ruby Version 425
Volcanic Showdown
Defeat Maxie in Mt. Chimney.
2018-06-12 04:01:59
Pokemon Ruby Version 428
The Cheerfully Electrifying Man
Earn the Dynamo badge.
2018-06-02 02:16:12
Pokemon Ruby Version 471
You Aren't Half Bad
Defeat Brendan or May for the second time.
2018-06-01 11:05:54
Pokemon Ruby Version 480
A Big Wave in Fighting
Earn the Knuckle badge.
2018-06-01 06:25:08
Pokemon Ruby Version 534
The Rock-Loving Honors Student
Earn the Stone badge.
2018-06-01 02:36:38
Pokemon Ruby Version 579
Just Heating Up
Defeat Brendan or May for the first time.
2018-05-31 05:58:48
Pokemon Ruby Version 771
Gotta Catch 'em All - Silver
Catch 199 Pokemon without external trading or glitch to get more starters-stones
2018-05-27 16:22:29
Pokemon Silver Version 155
Runaway Trio
Catch Entei, Suicune and Raikou.
2018-05-27 05:03:41
Pokemon Silver Version 206
Sacred Ash
Catch Ho-Oh.
2018-05-23 01:27:45
Pokemon Silver Version 249
Seeing Red
Defeat Red with only one Pokemon in your party.
2018-05-22 03:05:46
Pokemon Silver Version 220
Battle On the Mountain
Defeat Red and become the new Pokemon Master.
2018-05-22 03:05:46
Pokemon Silver Version 242
One Time Champ
Defeat Blue and gain the Earth Badge.
2018-05-21 23:57:35
Pokemon Silver Version 273
Seclusive Flame
Defeat Blaine and gain the Volcano Badge.
2018-05-21 23:50:37
Pokemon Silver Version 275
Rock Hard Defense
Defeat Brock and gain the Boulder Badge.
2018-05-21 22:55:32
Pokemon Silver Version 275
Watery Love
Defeat Misty and gain the Cascade Badge.
2018-05-21 22:00:11
Pokemon Silver Version 278
Poisonous Ninja
Defeat Janine and gain the Soul Badge.
2018-05-21 19:51:48
Pokemon Silver Version 276
Shin Akuma
Beat game with Shin Akuma
2018-05-20 23:53:36
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival 155
You are Super Fighter
Beat the game on the highest difficulty in Arcade
2018-05-20 23:40:21
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival 195
Beat game with Fei-Long
2018-05-20 23:40:21
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival 199
Beat game with T.Hawk
2018-05-20 23:22:54
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival 187
Dee Jay
Beat game with Dee Jay
2018-05-20 23:11:33
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival 199
Defeat Erika and gain the Rainbow Badge.
2018-05-20 21:36:17
Pokemon Silver Version 282
Twisted Spoons
Defeat Sabrina and gain the Marsh Badge.
2018-05-20 21:10:33
Pokemon Silver Version 283
Volt Military
Defeat Lt. Surge and gain the Thunder Badge.
2018-05-20 21:02:21
Pokemon Silver Version 291
Master of Whirlwind
Catch Lugia.
2018-05-20 20:44:17
Pokemon Silver Version 284
Beat game with Cammy
2018-05-15 14:48:00
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival 208
Five Chumps
Defeat the Elite Four and the Champion with only one Pokemon in your party.
2018-05-11 22:01:33
Pokemon Silver Version 247
Elite Five
Defeat the Elite Four and the Champion Lance for the first time.
2018-05-11 22:01:32
Pokemon Silver Version 297
Training Dragon
Defeat Clair and gain the Rising Badge.
2018-05-07 17:28:51
Pokemon Silver Version 329
Legendary Points
Get 9999 Vs. points
2018-05-03 05:14:30
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival 166
Beat game with M.Bison
2018-05-03 05:12:41
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival 196
Beat game with Sagat
2018-05-03 05:05:36
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival 202
Beat game with Vega
2018-05-03 04:50:23
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival 197
Beat game with Balrog
2018-05-03 04:38:47
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival 192
Levels 21-25
Beat levels 21-25 on a row in Contest Mode
2018-04-29 01:06:09
Tetris Blast 117
Levels 16-20
Beat levels 16-20 on a row in Contest Mode
2018-04-29 00:15:41
Tetris Blast 155
Levels 11-15
Beat levels 11-15 on a row in Contest Mode
2018-04-29 00:01:44
Tetris Blast 170
Shadow (Round 2)
Beat Shadow and pass to the next stage
2018-04-28 05:51:29
Tetris Blast 97
Dug Grub (Round 2)
Beat Dug Grub and pass to the next stage
2018-04-28 05:04:16
Tetris Blast 101
Squeedy (Round 2)
Beat Squeedy and pass to the next stage
2018-04-28 05:00:49
Tetris Blast 106
Creepa (Round 2)
Beat Creepa and pass to the next stage
2018-04-28 04:52:52
Tetris Blast 105
Gloop (Round 2)
Beat Gloop and pass to the next stage
2018-04-28 04:37:09
Tetris Blast 110
Snaptor (Round 2)
Beat Snaptor and pass to the next stage