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Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the Past

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Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the Past
Nintendo R&D4 | Nintendo EAD
November 21, 1991
suspect15, TheMysticalOne, JAM, dude1286, HenrySwanson, AntTanGames
4.89 / 5
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4.64 / 5
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2023-06-27 23:35:14
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2023-01-12 05:17:24
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2019-06-15 10:05:04
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YouShouldFeel 61.47% 67 / 109 2024-03-01 11:35:58
haworideaaa 5.05% 11 / 109 2024-02-29 04:34:10
Aphantasik 46.79% 51 / 109 2024-02-21 00:34:19
BryanLoeher 100% 109 2024-01-31 21:52:25
Sobou 100% 109 2024-01-28 13:33:50
TotalPermafrost 100% 109 2024-01-07 18:27:24
FBernkastelKues 100% 109 2024-01-04 23:18:46
redComicsar 19.27% 21 / 109 2023-12-31 09:14:40
FabianNb 1.83% 2 / 109 2023-12-23 16:22:54
merry 10.09% 11 / 109 2023-12-09 12:34:35
Achievement Unlocked Global Unlocks
Lightning Link
Catch the running man in Kakariko village.
2023-06-27 23:35:14 780
Worm Kebabs
Kill the Lanmolas of the Desert Palace dealing all damage with arrows, then collect the Pendant of Power
2023-06-27 19:36:21 516
Masonry Maneuver
Survive the onslaught of all flying tiles without taking damage or hiding in a doorway. (No Cape or Cane of Byrna allowed.)
2023-06-27 19:31:08 814
Despoiled the Desert
Open all treasure chests in the Desert Palace.
2023-06-27 19:14:14 1,045
Toppo the Line Thief
Make Toppo drop an item.
2023-06-27 19:08:01 698
Toying with the Red Knight
Kill the Red Armos Knight of the Eastern Palace using only the boomerang and collect the Pendant of Courage.
2023-06-27 19:01:46 546
All Quiet on the Eastern Front
Open all treasure chests in the Eastern Palace.
2023-06-27 18:50:14 1,028
Start a cucco frenzy.
2023-06-27 18:27:20 804
Bested Ganon
Defeat Ganon without being harmed without using the Magic Cape or Cane of Byrna.
2023-01-12 05:17:24 1,249
Bested Trinexx
Defeat Trinexx without being harmed without using the Magic Cape or Cane of Byrna.
2023-01-12 04:16:10 1,237
Bested Kholdstare
Defeat Kholdstare without being harmed without using the Magic Cape or Cane of Byrna.
2023-01-12 01:46:37 1,387
Bested Blind
Defeat Blind without being harmed without using the Magic Cape or Cane of Byrna.
2023-01-12 01:01:23 1,319
Bested Vitreous
Defeat Vitreous without being harmed without using the Magic Cape or Cane of Byrna.
2023-01-12 00:18:46 1,369
Bested Mothula
Defeat Mothula without being harmed without using the Magic Cape or Cane of Byrna.
2023-01-11 21:24:04 1,315
Bested Arrghus
Defeat Arrghus without being harmed without using the Magic Cape or Cane of Byrna.
2023-01-11 20:29:05 1,589
Bested Helmasaur King
Defeat Helmasaur King without being harmed without using the Magic Cape or Cane of Byrna.
2023-01-11 20:11:04 1,420
Love the Past
Have all 20 Heart Containers.
2023-01-10 05:40:40 2,045
The Golden Age
Return the Golden Land to its former glory.
2023-01-10 04:54:07 2,469
Golden Wish
Obtain the Golden Sword.
2023-01-10 04:50:59 2,623
Sorcerer's Protection
Obtain the Cane of Byrna.
2023-01-10 04:49:17 2,755
True Culprit
Discover the true entity behind the maidens' capture.
2023-01-10 04:30:21 2,403
Crystal in the Rock
Free the maiden from Turtle Rock.
2023-01-10 03:58:07 2,594
Ring of Fire
Obtain the Bombos Medallion.
2023-01-10 03:00:17 3,113
Crystal in the Mire
Free the maiden from Misery Mire.
2023-01-10 02:49:53 2,714
You Can't See Me
Obtain the Magic Cape.
2023-01-10 02:29:57 2,945
Crystal in the Ice
Free the maiden from the Ice Palace.
2023-01-10 00:51:54 2,759
Fault Line
Obtain the Quake Medallion.
2023-01-10 00:27:10 3,378
Obtain the Ether Medallion.
2023-01-10 00:16:52 3,404
All Your Bottles Belong to Us
Obtain all four Magic Bottles.
2023-01-10 00:13:24 2,753
The Swordsmith's Brother
Obtain the Tempered Sword.
2023-01-10 00:10:05 2,908
Crystal in the Statue
Free the maiden from Thieves' Town.
2023-01-09 23:58:16 2,930
Crystal in the Woods
Free the maiden from the Skull Woods.
2023-01-09 23:22:34 2,912
Cursed Magic
Obtain the magic enhancement.
2023-01-09 23:15:55 3,104
Full Quiver
Increase your maximum arrow capacity to 70.
2023-01-09 22:20:33 2,606
Bird is the Word
Free the bird from the center of Kakariko village.
2023-01-09 22:11:41 3,298
Ready to Blow!
Increase your maximum bomb capacity to 50.
2023-01-09 22:02:14 2,703
Bested Lanmolas
Defeat all three Lanmolas in the Desert Palace without being harmed.
2023-01-09 20:32:27 1,737
Bested Armos Knights
Defeat all the Armos Knights in the Eastern Palace without being harmed.
2023-01-09 19:02:59 2,821
Bested Moldorm
Defeat Moldorm in the Tower of Hera without being harmed.
2023-01-06 00:46:30 2,234
Bested Agahnim
Defeat Agahnim in Hyrule Castle without being harmed.
2022-09-03 20:54:06 1,971
Crystal in the Swamp
Free the maiden from the Swamp Palace.
2019-06-15 13:25:54 3,197
Rupee Hoarder
Have 999 rupees.
2019-06-15 13:05:49 4,144
Crystal in the Dark
Free the maiden from the Palace of Darkness.
2019-06-15 13:01:39 3,496
Have Agahnim transport you to the Dark World.
2019-06-15 12:18:31 4,035
The Sword of Masters
Obtain the Master Sword.
2019-06-15 11:26:55 4,213
Pendant of Wisdom
Acquire the Pendant of Wisdom.
2019-06-15 11:24:20 4,272
Mirror World
Obtain the Magic Mirror.
2019-06-15 11:14:36 4,586
Magic Powder
Obtain the Magic Powder from the witch's apprentice.
2019-06-15 11:12:32 4,136
Magical Shield
Upgrade the Fighter's Shield to the Red Shield without buying it.
2019-06-15 11:04:14 3,769
The Magic of the Boom
Obtain the Magical Boomerang.
2019-06-15 11:03:44 3,887
Overpriced Merchandise
Obtain Zora's Flippers.
2019-06-15 11:00:27 4,331
Obtain the Ice Rod.
2019-06-15 10:55:17 4,434
Pendant of Power
Acquire the Pendant of Power.
2019-06-15 10:49:16 4,785
Book of Prayer
Obtain the Book of Mudora.
2019-06-15 10:38:53 5,277
Pendant of Courage
Acquire the Pendant of Courage.
2019-06-15 10:34:53 5,748
Bug Catcher
Obtain the Bug Catching Net.
2019-06-15 10:21:15 5,773
Acquire a Magic Bottle.
2019-06-15 10:20:17 6,391
Acquire some Bombs.
2019-06-15 10:19:24 6,810
Take the Princess to the safety of Sanctuary.
2019-06-15 10:16:40 7,612
Obtain the Fighter's Sword and Shield.
2019-06-15 10:05:52 9,577
Obtain the Lamp.
2019-06-15 10:05:04 10,251
He's a Golddigger
Earn 100 rupees or more in the digging minigame. (Must have room for all of them in your purse!)
Link's Not Old Enough To Drink
Defeat Ganon with a silver arrow and reach the Triforce without having collected any bottles during the game.
The Joy of Entomology
Sell a rare bug to a merchant.
Hera's Treasure
Open all treasure chests in the Tower of Hera.
You Really Bug Me Out
Defeat Agahnim in Hyrule Castle Tower without unsheathing your sword.
Stone Hard Cash
Unleash the rupees from from an Agahnim statue.
It's-a Me ....Hario?
Unleash the rupees from a portrait of a famous plumber's Hylian doppelganger.
Link Builds a Treasure Hoard
Obtain all key items, equipment, and their upgrades.
Link's Longbow Training Master
Achieve a Perfect Score at the Archery Minigame.
I Shoulda Saved the Others Too? Well Excuuuuse Me, Princess!
Rescue Zelda in Turtle Rock before any other maiden.
I Only Have Ice For You
Defeat Arrghus's final phase dealing damage only with the Ice Rod then rescue the maiden.
Tanked the Turtle
Open all treasure chests in Turtle Rock.
A Link Between Jobs
Get reprimanded for doing your descendant's job.
Elemental Master: Ice, Fire, and... Hammer?
Completely destroy the Trinexx's Fire Head with the Ice Rod, then completely destroy the Ice Head with the Fire Rod, then Hammer the snake to death.
Mallet and Skewer
Crack the Helmasaur's face Shield using only the hammer, then deal the rest of the damage with a silver arrow.
Oprah's Dramatic Gift Reveal
Finish off Mothula with bees and then rescue the maiden.
This One's on the House
Be rewarded for your honesty with a bottleful of Medicine of Magic.
Golden Honey Friend
Release the Good Bee from its hidden home and stick it in a bottle.
Gone in 20 Seconds
Defeat Moldorm in the Tower of Hera within 20 seconds. (Must have Fighter Sword, May Not Have Hammer)
A Fowl Date For Link
Turn a cucco into a woman and see what she has to say.
To the Hereafter
Fulfill the flute boy's final wish and grant him eternal rest.
Castle Caper
Open all treasure chests in Hyrule Castle and its sewers.
Cane You See Me Now?
Defeat Blind using only the Cane of Somaria then rescue the maiden.
Lightened the Load
Open all treasure chests in the Light World (excluding dungeons).
Now You're Playing With Power
Enter Chris Houlihan's secret room.
Shady Collection
Open all treasure chests in the Dark World (excluding dungeons).
Spider Bonus
Get a red rupee from a hoarder.
Monkey Magic
Try to draw Kiki into the Light World.
Ferdinand Magellink
Obtain all maps and compasses.
A Cape Not Just For Titans
Get the Magic Cape without having the Titan's Mitt.
Bringing a Hammer to a Magic Fight
Defeated Agahnim in Ganon's Tower without using a sword or bug net.
A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
Be rewarded for saving a helpless life.
A Cure For the Muteness
Expose the "mute" man near the desert.
Lost Woods Winner
Win the 300 rupee prize in the Lost Woods Treasure Chest Gambling Game
Mined the Mire
Open all treasure chests in Misery Mire.
Granny's Coming Along For the Ride
Take a trusting old lady with you on your journey.
Shaking Hands With Dinosaurs
Unleash the rupees from Turtle Rock.
Plundered the Palace
Open all treasure chests in the Palace of Darkness.
A Bomb for Sore Eyes, An Arrow for the Star Pupil
Defeat Vitreous's little eyes by damaging them only with bombs, kill the big eye with only arrows, then rescue the maiden.
Drained the Swamp
Open all treasure chests in the Swamp Palace.
Open all treasure chests in Ganon's Tower.
Robbed 'em Blind
Open all treasure chests in Thieves' Town.
Deiced the Palace
Open all treasure chests in the Ice Palace.
Jack of All Trades
Complete Ganon's Tower without ever entering while possessing a sword, exiting or dying. Must start and finish in one attempt, entirely swordless.
Kholdstare into the Flames
Defeat Kholdstare in the Ice Palace using only the Fire Rod to damage it then rescue the maiden.
It's a Trap!
Bring the maiden in Thieves' Town to both places where she will refuse to go further.
A Fishy Exchange
Sell a fish to a merchant.
Open all treasure chests in Skull Woods.