Achievement Unlocked Game Global Unlocks
Jill Sandwich
Jill: Do you want a Jill sandwich? Standard mode only.
2024-04-13 14:14:46
Resident Evil: Director's Cut 1,480
I Love Secrets!
In a classic room where dogs break the glass, find a hidden item [Jill - Standard Mode]
2024-04-13 14:12:11
Resident Evil: Director's Cut 1,401
Wow, You Really Did It!
Kill the first dogs you encounter in the L-Passage before obtaining the Shotgun [Jill - Standard Mode]
2024-04-13 14:11:52
Resident Evil: Director's Cut 1,354
Let me out!!!
Jill: She wants to go outside... fast! Standard mode only.
2024-04-13 13:57:49
Resident Evil: Director's Cut 1,284
Barry, your gun is so b... strong!
Jill: Witness Barry kill a zombie. Standard mode only.
2024-04-13 13:57:04
Resident Evil: Director's Cut 1,919
It is a corpse, what is the problem?
Jill: Find the "secret" ammo clip in the room where you meet your first zombie. Standard mode only.
2024-04-13 13:56:06
Resident Evil: Director's Cut 1,607
Di... Die!
Kill the first Zombie you encounter, before returning to Barry in the Dining Room [Jill - Standard Mode]
2024-04-13 13:55:47
Resident Evil: Director's Cut 1,499
Jill: Did you lost your courage? Standard mode only.
2024-04-13 13:54:50
Resident Evil: Director's Cut 962
Boy, This is Really Expensive!
Equip the blue ring in the first quest
2024-04-13 09:56:44
Legend of Zelda, The 2,669
Rupee Hoarder
Have 255 Rupees
2024-04-13 09:54:38
Legend of Zelda, The 2,820
Magical Protection
Acquire the magical shield
2024-04-13 09:40:26
Legend of Zelda, The 3,133
Magical Upgrade
Acquire the white sword
2024-04-13 09:34:21
Legend of Zelda, The 3,255
Recommendation for the Old Woman
Find the letter in the first quest
2024-04-13 09:27:42
Legend of Zelda, The 3,267
Rupee Bounty
Have 100 Rupees
2024-04-13 09:25:35
Legend of Zelda, The 3,792
It's Dangerous to Go Alone!
Obtain the sword
2024-04-13 08:22:36
Legend of Zelda, The 8,102