Achievement Game Global Unlocks
Extra Punch
Obtain your first set of missiles.
Metroid 990
Tanking Around
Obtain your first energy tank.
Metroid 843
The Floor is Lava
Gain access to Norfair.
Metroid 787
Cross Screen
Obtain the Long Beam.
Metroid 751
Bombing Run
Acquire the Morph Ball Bomb.
Metroid 724
Stay Right There
Obtain the Ice Beam.
Metroid 614
Slimeball City
Gain access to Hideout I.
Metroid 568
I'm Mario!
Obtain the High Jump Boots.
Metroid 492
Little Extra
Obtain the Varia Suit.
Metroid 468
Screwin' Around
Obtain the Screw Attack.
Metroid 440
Kraiding Power
Defeat Kraid in Hideout I.
Metroid 420
More Punch
Obtain a total of 125 Missiles in your stockpile.
Metroid 419
Great Scott!
Defeat Ridley in Hideout II.
Metroid 413
Gain access to Hideout II.
Metroid 408
Obtain the Wave Beam.
Metroid 400
All the Tanks in the World
Obtain all six energy tanks.
Metroid 377
Secret Facility
Gain access to Tourian.
Metroid 374
Brain Damage
Defeat Mother Brain in Tourian.
Metroid 336
Mission Complete
Complete the game.
Metroid 331
Successful Mission
Complete the game in under 10 hours.
Metroid 327
It's a Girl!
Complete the game in under 4 hours 56 minutes.
Metroid 304
All of the Punch
Obtain all 255 Missiles into your stockpile.
Metroid 270
Ready for the Beach
Complete the game in under 2 hours 28 minutes (first loop, no passwords).
Metroid 230
Ready for the Magazine
Complete the game in under 59 minutes (first loop, no passwords).
Metroid 189