Achievement Game Global Unlocks
Washed Away
Survive the incident
Golden Sun 735
Find the first Venus Djinni
Golden Sun 535
The Origins of Alchemy
Find the heart of the Sol Sanctum
Golden Sun 534
The Windseer
Recruit Ivan
Golden Sun 423
Find the first Mars Djinni
Golden Sun 422
Find the first Jupiter Djinni
Golden Sun 382
Find the first Mercury Djinni
Golden Sun 378
Find the second Jupiter Djinni
Golden Sun 374
Find the second Mars Djinni
Golden Sun 367
Find the second Mercury Djinni
Golden Sun 366
Find the second Venus Djinni
Golden Sun 360
The Cursed Tree
Defeat Tret
Golden Sun 335
Cleansing Light
Complete the Mercury Lighthouse
Golden Sun 334
Killer Kong
Defeat the beast of Mogall Forest
Golden Sun 315
Find the third Jupiter Djinni
Golden Sun 309
Find the third Venus Djinni
Golden Sun 304
Find the third Mercury Djinni
Golden Sun 294
Find the fourth Mercury Djinni
Golden Sun 288
Find the fourth Mars Djinni
Golden Sun 276
Find the third Mars Djinni
Golden Sun 276
Dry Season
Save Altin from the floods
Golden Sun 272
Find the fourth Venus Djinni
Golden Sun 270
Find the fifth Venus Djinni
Golden Sun 269
Find the fourth Jupiter Djinni
Golden Sun 263
Find the fifth Jupiter Djinni
Golden Sun 261
Find the fifth Mars Djinni
Golden Sun 257
Do You Even Lift? [m]
Rescue Hsu
Golden Sun 253
Find the sixth Venus Djinni
Golden Sun 250
Find the sixth Jupiter Djinni
Golden Sun 241
Find the fifth Mercury Djinni
Golden Sun 240
Poison Tail
Defeat the Manticore
Golden Sun 236
Phrasing?! [m]
Get rewarded for saving a girl from being washed downstream
Golden Sun 233
Find the sixth Mars Djinni
Golden Sun 232
Find the seventh Mercury Djinni
Golden Sun 232
Out of Order [m]
Complete the Mercury Lighthouse before fighting Tret
Golden Sun 229
Find the sixth Mercury Djinni
Golden Sun 226
Find the seventh Mars Djinni
Golden Sun 221
Slay the Kraken
Golden Sun 220
Find the seventh Jupiter Djinni
Golden Sun 218
Find the seventh Venus Djinni
Golden Sun 214
Colosso King [m]
Win the Colosso Finals
Golden Sun 206
Worried Sick
Check in on Dora
Golden Sun 202
Red Mist
Defeat the Tempest Lizard
Golden Sun 198
Tornado DDT
Defeat the Storm Lizard
Golden Sun 195
Mad Dash
Find out what happened to the Bandit Trio
Golden Sun 195
Praise the Sun!
Defeat the final boss and complete the game
Golden Sun 194
May the Force Not Be With You [m]
Clear the way to the ruins in Altin Peak before picking up the Orb of Force in Fuchin Falls
Golden Sun 192
Mortal Danger
Obtain the Assassin Blade.
Golden Sun 187
Battle Seeker
Defeat 3 hordes of enemies in Battle Mode
Golden Sun 187
Dark Blessing
Rescue Lord Hammet
Golden Sun 184
Titan Blade
Obtain the Gaia Blade
Golden Sun 178
Competently Incompetent [m]
Pick an imbalanced rowing team and explore the uncharted island
Golden Sun 175
Pirate's Treasure
Defeat Deadbeard and obtain his treasure
Golden Sun 166
Battle Master
Defeat 10 hordes of enemies in Battle Mode
Golden Sun 165
Demon Fire
Obtain the Muramasa and the Cleric's Ring
Golden Sun 163
Run, Isaac, Run! [m]
Outrun the Storm Lizard's tornado and escape Suhalla Desert
Golden Sun 159
Battle God
Defeat 15 hordes of enemies in Battle Mode
Golden Sun 148
RNG Goddess
Obtain the Blessed Mace
Golden Sun 144
Dance of Ashura
Obtain the Kikuichimonji
Golden Sun 142
Lord of Gods
Defeat 25 hordes of enemies in Battle Mode while Isaac is level 40 or higher
Golden Sun 116