Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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Game for PlayStation
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Adventure-Platform/Action Role-Playing
Shmelyoff, MrGauss, televandalist
4.81 / 5
Game Rating
2021-09-22 02:05:43
Last Played
2021-09-22 02:14:46
Last Unlock
2019-09-14 02:47:29
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2 years 2 weeks 4 days 23 hours 27 minutes
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Player Completion Achievements Last Unlock
milliways 11.32% 12 / 106 2021-10-06 00:09:28
HardestPig 1.89% 2 / 106 2021-09-29 05:57:48
MortyMcFlurry 0.47% 1 / 106 2021-09-26 05:45:53
Nadonate 56.6% 60 / 106 2021-09-22 02:14:46
Kairos 66.04% 70 / 106 2021-09-19 22:06:06
frankysan 1.42% 2 / 106 2021-09-15 10:34:48
Friendlyjoe3 0.47% 1 / 106 2021-09-14 18:04:12
KickMeElmo 1.89% 2 / 106 2021-09-13 14:07:43
drstupid 1.89% 2 / 106 2021-09-13 08:32:14
Zelaxi 52.83% 56 / 106 2021-09-05 23:07:45
Achievement Unlocked Global Unlocks
Blazing Blood
Activate the Belmont secret technique
2021-09-22 02:14:46 1,218
Silent, Yet Deadly
Kill 25 enemies in a row without leaving Poison Gas form
2021-09-21 03:14:34 381
50% of the Time, It Works Every Time
Get all the possibilities out of a Karma Coin toss in a single session
2021-09-21 02:52:08 441
The End: Rendemption
The dark prince no longer has to carry his burden. The blessing that once brought purpose to his father is now in his path
2020-10-23 02:28:13 589
Shake, Old One!
Acquire all the secret items held by the master librarian
2020-10-23 01:47:52 424
Transylvanian Hitman
Reveal all entries in the bestiary
2020-10-23 01:37:55 365
Winged Beast
Reveal the hidden form of Alucard
2020-10-23 01:16:54 649
Extract the power of the cow from the most common shield
2020-10-23 01:09:23 571
Holy Heart
Find all the Heart Max upgrades with Alucard
2020-10-22 20:25:00 522
Sacred Body
Find all the Life Max upgrades unrelated to bosses with Alucard
2020-10-22 20:23:01 495
Echoes of the Past
Defeat the fake heroes of long past in the Reverce Colosseum with Alucard
2020-10-22 20:14:49 792
Cycle of Life
Presentiate the life cycle of a bird
2020-10-22 19:39:12 518
15 cm of Self Esteem
Discretly upgrade your height
2020-10-22 19:30:32 856
Perform all spells in one session
2020-10-22 19:23:41 387
Show off your exceptional fashion sense with both custom cloaks
2020-10-22 18:54:14 364
How do I Eat This?
Successfully eat a peanut
2020-10-22 18:52:11 470
Prince of the Night
Reach level 60 with Alucard
2020-10-22 01:47:46 475
The End: Heroes Reunited
With the Belmont clan saved, the dark prince now runs toward an unknown future
2020-10-21 01:47:39 780
Family Heirloom
Restore all the equipment stolen by Death
2020-10-19 01:14:38 707
Nice Money Bag
Find the black money bag hidden in the caves
2020-10-19 01:12:26 869
All Powerful Being
Acquire all of the forms' upgrades
2020-10-19 01:04:31 688
Lord of Space and Time
Defeat Galamoth in the icy domains of the Reverse Castle
2020-10-19 01:03:33 772
Cat Therapy
Let the cat heal your wounds
2020-10-19 00:46:25 341
Warp Wide Web
Activate every warp room with Alucard
2020-10-19 00:36:13 736
Eye of Vlad
Defeat Death and acquire the Eye of Vlad relic
2020-10-19 00:31:10 790
Bloodlust Blade
With Muramasa in hands, absorb your enemies' blood 25 times in one session
2020-10-05 01:33:44 353
Beyond the Mirror
Defeat Doppleganger40 in the Reverce Caverns with Alucard
2020-10-05 01:24:12 812
Seasoned Dhampir
Reach level 40 with Alucard
2020-10-05 01:09:33 852
Lord of the Flies
Defeat Beezelbub in the Necromancy Laboratory with Alucard
2020-10-05 01:09:33 809
Rib of Vlad
Defeat Akmodan II and acquire the Rib of Vlad relic
2020-10-05 00:56:10 811
Heart of Vlad
Defeat Medusa and acquire Heart of Vlad relic
2020-10-04 14:13:34 851
Tooth of Vlad
Defeat The Creature and acquire the Tooth of Vlad relic
2020-10-04 14:03:29 840
Ring of Vlad
Defeat Darkwing Bat and acquire the Ring of Vlad relic
2020-10-03 22:33:57 911
Not All Yet lost
Defeat Shaft in the Castle Keep with Alucard and free Richter from his magic
2020-10-03 02:22:20 985
Guardians of the Keep
Defeat Hippogryph and Karasuman with Alucard
2020-10-03 02:12:22 1,111
Gears go Awry
Enter the secret room in the Clock Tower
2020-10-03 02:02:01 910
Beyond Evil Illusions
Obtain the elusive Holy glasses
2020-10-03 01:50:17 947
Silver Key
Obtain the Silver Ring in the Royal Chapel`s hidden room
2020-10-03 01:43:59 962
For I am Many
Defeat Granfaloon in the Catacombs with Alucard
2020-10-03 01:33:24 1,027
Iron Maiden Destroyer
Find the Spike Breaker in the Catacombs
2020-10-03 01:21:57 1,001
Hmmm, the Switch...
Matured enough to know how to press a button
2020-10-03 01:12:59 967
Gatekeeper of Hell
Defeat Cerberos in the Abandoned Mine with Alucard
2020-10-03 01:09:30 1,041
Find the Holy Symbol in the Underground Caverns
2020-10-03 01:01:32 968
Cavern Maiden
Defeat Scylla in the Underground Caverns with Alucard
2020-10-02 02:06:29 1,151
Golden Key
Defeat Succubus and find the Gold Ring
2020-10-02 02:03:00 1,017
Fall of a Nosferatu
Defeat Olrox in his quarters with Alucard
2020-10-02 01:46:57 1,041
Sword of Riches
Find the elusive Jewel sword in the hidden room
2020-10-02 01:28:34 731
Fairy Curiosity
Did she really see any cracks there?
2020-10-02 01:16:34 670
Master Shapeshifter
Acquire the powers to shapeshift into wolf, mist and bat
2020-10-02 00:58:21 1,068
Vampiric Knight
Reach level 20 with Alucard
2020-10-02 00:48:08 1,148
A Thread and a Bullet
Defeat the Minotaurus and the Werewolf in the Colosseum with Alucard
2020-10-02 00:46:32 1,108
Get the Alucart status to get lucky
2020-10-01 22:12:50 675
Black Wings
Find the Leap Stone
2020-10-01 22:05:45 1,185
Spiked Menace
Destroy the Spiked Ball on the stairs of the Royal Chapel
2020-10-01 01:23:38 663
Shadow in the Mirror
Defeat the Doppleganger10 in the Outer Wall with Alucard
2020-10-01 01:01:04 1,491
The Secret Knuckles
Find the secret passage to the Jewel knuckles room in the Outer Wall
2020-10-01 00:56:31 869
Unexpected Encounter
Defeat Gaibon and Slogra at the Entrance
2020-09-30 01:44:20 411
Demonic Duo
Defeat Gaibon and Slogra in the Alchemy Laboratory with Alucard
2019-09-21 01:20:48 1,828
What is a Man?
Defeat Dracula in the prologue
2019-09-15 20:51:43 2,577
Magical Key
Acquire the Jewel of Open from the master librarian
2019-09-14 02:47:29 1,349
Cursed Battle
Defeat Karasuman damageless with Tyrfing and Leather shield (no MP or Heart usage, Talisman, dive kick or familiars)
Innate Talent
Use all of Richter's physical techniques in one session
Wolf Run
In the Entrance, kill 13 enemies in a row using the Power of Wolf without stopping
Moment of Reflection
And having explored all of the castle rooms, his son took a short nap... (1890 rooms required no more no less!!!)
My Precious
Find the elusive Ring of Varda
Get all the Meal ticket exclusive delicacies
Hunter's Stamina
Find all the Life Max upgrades with Richter
Rusty Duel
Defeat the Doppleganger10 damageless with the Red Rust (no MP or Heart usage or Talisman)
Sword of Many Slashes
Obtain the elusive Crissaegrim (and now you have finished the game)
Can You Whip a Flie?
Defeat Beezelbub with Richter without taking damage (no heart usage)
Rondo of Blood Gaiden
Finish the game as Richter in one session defeating all the bosses and without using save points to refill your health
Blindfolded Maze
Pass through the Catacomb's dark room and turn on the light without being damaged or using Bat Echo or Mist form
The End: Solitude
And the dark prince roamed the barren lands with his empty heart for all eternity
Whip! Whip 'em Good!
Defeat Granfaloon with Richter without taking damage (no heart usage)
Belmont Spirit
Use all item crashes with Richter in one session
Gift from the Other Side
Obtain the Grape juice from a friendly ghost
Runic Secret
Read the forbidden inscription of the flying sword
Breaking Thermodynamics
Buy the elusive Duplicator
Whipping Darkness
Defeat Shaft with Richter without being damaged more than 3 times (no item crash)
Shaft Floor is Lava
Defeat Shaft's orb damageless w_o touching the floor after the first hit(divekick only,no familiar,spells,bat form,Talism)
No Longer a Horse, but Still no Griffin
Use all of Richter's physical techniques to damage and defeat Hippogryph (damageless, no whip or heart usage)
Red Undead Redemption
Summon some red dawn warriors from the otherworld
Wolf vs Dog
Defeat Cerberos damageless only using the Soul of Wolf (no Talisman)
Dancing Water
Defeat Scylla damageless only equiped with a Jewel knuckles (no MP or Heart usage, Talisman or familiars)
Castle of Rage II
Defeat The Creature damageless without any equipment on both hands (no MP or Heart usage, Talisman or familiars)
Legendary Explorer
Explore every room of each castle
Break at least 11 candles without touching the ground in Clock Tower's outdoor section (no morph, spells or high jumps)
Axe Lord vs Pharaoh
Using the Axe Armor, defeat Akmodan II damageless (no Talisman or familiars)
Axe Lord vs Vampire Lord
Using the Axe Armor, defeat Olrox taking no more than 3 hits (no Talisman or familiars)
Pride of Michelangelo
Defeat the Medusa damageless with the Nunchaku (no MP or Heart usage, Talisman, dive kick or familiars)
Nightmare Beauty
Defeat Succubus damageless with Tyrfing and Leather shield (no MP or Heart usage, Talisman, dive kick or familiars)
Nice Flight
Wing smash consecutively for 8 seconds (no pausing allowed)
The Rarest of Monster Droppings
Reveal the rare drops of all enemies (use bestiary to keep track)
Death of Death
Defeat Death damageless with Tyrfing and Leather sh. (ATT<=35 and no heart, spells, morph, familiars, Talisman or potions)
In the Name of my Mother
Defeat Dracula with Alucard damageless and barehanded (ATT<=105 and no hearts, morphs, familiar or Talisman)
Family Matters
Defeat the fake heroes with Richter without taking damage (no heart usage)
Lucky 3's
On Luck Mode, reach the librarian with Kills <=33, Max HP<=33, Lvl<= 9 and without dying (no Death skip or Cube of Zoe)
Belmont Revenge
Finish the game with Richter
Demon Master
Train all familiars to reach level 50 or beyond
Vampire Killer
Defeat Dracula in the prologue without taking any damage (no heart usage)
Arena Shenanigans
Defeat Minotaurus and Werewolf with Alucard damageless with Tyrfing and Leather shield (no Hearts, spells or Talisman)
Castle of Rage
Defeat Gaibon and Slogra damageless without any equipment on both hands (no MP or Heart usage or Talisman)
Miserable Pile of Secrets
Find every hidden item inside breakable walls
Was That Really a Boss?
Defeat Galamoth with Alucard equiped with his sword and Leather sh. damageless (no morph, platforms, Talisman or Beryl circlet)
Spying on Strangers
See the ferryman from the Outer Wall on a night with a clear sky
I was Born in Castlevania
Defeat Darkwing Bat with Richter damageless and using only the whip (no heart, uppercut, dash or slide usage)