Achievement Unlocked Game Global Unlocks
Quick Catch
Catch a Pokemon with at least 1m30s remaining
2018-06-20 21:26:55
Pokemon Pinball 123
Super Ball
Upgrade to a Great Ball
2018-06-20 21:20:38
Pokemon Pinball 199
Smug Little Pixel
Complete Wario 1-A in one second.
2017-02-21 09:34:56
Mario no Super Picross 422
Simplicity Itself
Complete Puzzles I, J, K and L in Level 1.
2017-02-21 09:33:16
Mario no Super Picross 535
Pi Ku Ro Su
Complete Puzzles E, F, G and H in Level 1.
2017-02-21 09:24:52
Mario no Super Picross 549
Ma Ri O No
Complete Puzzles A, B, C and D in Level 1.
2017-02-21 09:10:16
Mario no Super Picross 567
Defeat Hawkeye Hank Hatfield As Steve
2016-09-12 22:43:38
Sunset Riders 364
You Got Me! (Normal)
Defeat Hawkeye Hank Hatfield On Normal Difficulty
2016-09-12 22:32:34
Sunset Riders 509
Draw Pilgrim
Defeat Hawkeye Hank Hatfield As Cormano
2016-09-12 22:32:34
Sunset Riders 400
Bury Me With My Money (Normal)
Defeat Simon Greedwell On Normal Difficulty
2016-09-12 22:27:02
Sunset Riders 808