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February 27, 1996
Blazekickn, dude1286
4.68 / 5
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4.29 / 5
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2024-07-04 09:51:29
Last Played
2024-07-04 09:26:25
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2024-06-30 10:01:24
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Player Completion Achievements Last Unlock
Anass7 3.19% 3 / 94 2024-07-21 20:29:36
Pimporetro 41.49% 39 / 94 2024-07-04 09:26:25
Dooober 100% 94 2024-06-24 21:49:26
AdamRA 46.81% 44 / 94 2024-06-05 20:11:42
Ibore15 100% 94 2024-05-27 13:18:28
BobShick 3.19% 3 / 94 2024-05-20 05:37:10
TreZDog 74.47% 70 / 94 2024-05-11 19:08:55
Kkove 100% 94 2024-04-10 20:34:28
JessaKayCee 3.19% 3 / 94 2024-03-26 16:20:26
Figyll 13.83% 13 / 94 2024-03-21 01:34:17
Achievement Unlocked Global Unlocks
Too Much Water
Obtain HM03 Surf from the Safari Zone.
2024-07-04 09:26:25 2,307
Unidentified Flying Object
Glance at a mysterious bird in the distance using the binoculars.
2024-07-04 08:22:06 1,870
Metal Detector
Obtain the Itemfinder from the Aide on Route 11.
2024-07-03 09:42:11 2,162
The Sleeper Awakens
Use the Pokeflute to awaken and catch Snorlax.
2024-07-03 09:29:32 2,930
Save Mr. Fuji and obtain the Poke Flute.
2024-07-03 09:07:50 3,143
Grave Robbing
Find every Item and defeat every Trainer in the Pokemon Tower.
2024-07-03 09:07:14 1,943
Dearly Beloved
Gift the forced Ghost encounter at the top of Lavender Tower a Poke Doll to calm it without using the Silph Scope.
2024-07-03 09:01:50 2,063
Raiding the Vault
Find every Item and defeat every Trainer in the Rocket Hideout.
2024-07-03 08:34:51 1,950
Ghost Buster
Obtain the Silph Scope from the Rocket Hideout.
2024-07-03 08:13:18 2,503
Prepare For Liftoff
Obtain HM02 Fly from the secret house on Route 16.
2024-07-02 21:06:23 2,499
Gambling Addict
Win 3000 Credits from Slots without leaving the Game Corner.
2024-07-02 10:50:17 1,785
7 Grand
Win a Jackpot at the Celadon City Game Corner.
2024-07-02 10:32:27 1,927
Second Place Isn't Bad
Win a Bar at the Celadon City Game Corner.
2024-07-02 10:03:47 1,993
Pleading Face
Find all the free coins in the Celadon City Game Corner.
2024-07-02 09:46:19 2,113
Kicking Some Grass
Defeat Erika on Set Mode without using items in battle. (Level 29 Cap)
2024-07-02 09:40:04 2,094
Defeat Erika
Earn the Rainbow Badge in Celadon City.
2024-07-02 09:01:01 3,293
Gone Critical!
Land a Critical Hit 5 turns in a row in a single battle.
2024-07-01 20:17:29 2,016
I Like To Ride It
Obtain the Bicycle from the Bike Shop in Cerulean City.
2024-07-01 16:30:39 2,915
Flashing Lights Warning
Obtain HM05 Flash from the Aide on Route 2.
2024-07-01 16:13:59 2,834
Lawn Mower
Cut the grass.
2024-07-01 16:02:13 2,136
Defeat Lt. Surge
Earn the Thunder Badge in Vermillion City.
2024-07-01 16:00:54 3,761
One Man Army
Defeat Lt. Surge on Set Mode without using items in battle. (Level 24 Cap)
2024-07-01 16:00:34 2,360
A Boatload of Fun
Rub the Captain's Back on the S.S. Anne and obtain HM01 Cut.
2024-07-01 15:43:45 3,138
My Heart Will Go On
Collect all optional Items and defeat all optional Trainers on the S.S. Anne.
2024-07-01 15:36:42 2,441
Sleeping Giant
Be told about a legendary Pokemon that sleeps a lot.
2024-07-01 14:59:40 3,009
Defeat Misty
Earn the Cascade Badge in Cerulean City.
2024-07-01 08:17:40 4,257
Pool's Closed
Defeat Misty on Set Mode without using items in battle. (Level 21 Cap)
2024-07-01 08:17:22 2,642
Shoot for the Moon
Find every Item and defeat every Trainer in Mt. Moon.
2024-06-30 15:23:04 2,671
Only Take One
Choose a Fossil at the end of Mt. Moon.
2024-06-30 15:17:08 4,398
Prevent your Pokemon from evolving.
2024-06-30 13:37:36 2,296
Defeat Brock
Earn the Boulder Badge in Pewter City.
2024-06-30 13:32:55 5,209
Rock Smash
Defeat Brock on Set Mode without using items in battle. (Level 14 Cap)
2024-06-30 13:32:23 3,067
Preparing To Be The Very Best
Assemble a full team of Pokemon.
2024-06-30 11:06:46 4,946
Anybody Home?
Go from one entrance of Viridian Forest to the other without initiating any wild encounters. (One session, no Repel or Cut)
2024-06-30 10:57:08 3,305
Setting the Forest Ablaze
Find every Item and defeat every Trainer in Viridian Forest.
2024-06-30 10:54:09 3,151
Parting Gift
Obtain 5 Poke Balls from Prof. Oak.
2024-06-30 10:25:31 3,081
The United Cities of Kanto
Obtain a map of the region.
2024-06-30 10:10:19 4,988
Journey Has Started
Obtain the Pokedex.
2024-06-30 10:04:24 5,616
Free Points
Obtain a free sample courtesy of the Viridian City Pokemon Mart.
2024-06-30 10:01:24 5,171
So, rich...
Have 9999 Coins at once.
Halfway (Party)
Level a Pokemon from Lvl 49 to Lvl 50 in a party of Lvl 50+ Pokemon.
Living Itemfinder
Find all not missable items (including hidden items) on the overworld.
I Found You, Faker!
As Ditto, use Transform on an Enemy Ditto.
Defeat Blaine
Earn the Volcano Badge at Cinnabar Island.
Victory Lap
Find every Item and defeat every Trainer in Victory Road.
Have Fun
Catch Chansey, Scyther or Pinsir, Tauros and Kanghaskan in the Safari Zone in one session. (Multiple Safari Hunts are fine)
Wario Would Be Proud
Generate over $2000 in a single fight using Pay Day.
Uno, Dos, Tres!
Catch the three legendary birds.
Halfway (Solo)
Get the Pokemon in Slot 1 from Level 49 to Level 50.
Brawn Over Brains
Defeat Sabrina on Set Mode without using items in battle. (Level 43 Cap)
Genocide Route
Defeat all not missable Trainers in the Kanto region.
Where's My Ribbon?
Max out a Pokemon's Stat Experience.
Elite Stomp
Beat the Pokemon League with only one Pokemon in your party. (One Session start from entering door, No Mew or Mewtwo)
Now It Is 100 Percent Safe
Find and clear all of the stationary Pokemon in Kanto.
Disk Collector II
Buy 1 of every TM you can buy from the Department Store and the Game Corner in one session.
Blasting Off Again
Defeat Giovanni on Set Mode without using items in battle. (Level 50 Cap)
Enter the Dragon
Claim your prize from the Saffron City Dojo.
Performance Enhancement Disk
Obtain HM04 Strength from the Safari Zone Warden in Fuchsia City.
Euclide's Challenge
Navigate through the Fuchsia City Gym without bonking. (Start from Gym Entrance)
Brand Loyalty
Defeat the Pokemon League in one session using a full party of version exclusive Pokemon.
Biggest Balls In Kanto
Obtain the Master Ball from the President of Silph Co.
Surprise Mechanics
Use Metronome to go out with a bang.
Fire Fighter
Defeat Blaine on Set Mode without using items in battle. (Level 47 Cap)
No ~Multi~ Set Required
Complete all 9 in-game trades.
Defeat Sabrina
Earn the Marsh Badge in Saffron City.
Monkey's Tounge
Navigate through the Saffron City Gym using the fewest amount of warps. (Start from Gym Entrance)
Prof. Perfect
Defeat the Pokemon League without having any Pokemon faint. (Level 60 Cap, One Session starting from entering door)
Pokemon Master!
Beat the Elite Four and the Champion of the Pokemon League.
Disk Collector I
Find all 50 not missable TMs and HMs on the overworld.
It's Present
Claim all 6 Gift Pokemon. (Including Revived Fossils and Magikarp)
The Strongest Pokemon Ever!
Catch the fabled Mewtwo.
Area Unknown
Catch every Normal Wild Encounter Pokemon in Cerulean Cave without leaving the area. (One Session, No Master Ball)
I Was Frozen Today
Be cured of being Frozen in battle without using an item in that battle.
Spin to Not Win
Navigate through the Viridian City Gym without using the Spin Tiles. (Start from Gym Entrance)
Ekans Dilos
Reach the Rival in Silph Co. without defeating more than 1 trainer.
This Is Illegal, You Know
Buy all of the Game Corner Pokemon in one session.
Survive 20 turns in a battle without switching out or having either Pokemon be harmed. (Must be at Max HP, status is fine)
cOmPlEtElY dIfFeReNt GaMeS
Catch all of your version's exclusive Pokemon.
Gotta Catch 'em All
Catch all 124 Pokemon possible in either game without outside trading.
Hostage Situation
Find every Item, defeat every Trainer, and open all Doors in Silph Co.
GB Bungaku Zenshuu
Read all Journals in the Cinnabar Mansion without leaving. (One Session)
Obtain all 3 Fishing Rods.
No Item Left Behind
Collect all optional Items in the Safari Zone in a single Safari Hunt. (One session)
Sharing is Caring
Obtain an Exp. All from the Aide in Fuchsia City.
Defeat the Pokemon League using Set Mode without using items in Battle. (Level 50 Cap, One Session starting from entering door)
A Fair Fight
Catch Mewtwo without using the Master Ball.
Getting Your Money's Worth
Catch 10 Pokemon in a single Safari Hunt. (One session)
Going All the Way
Get the Pokemon in Slot 1 from Level 99 to Level 100.
Target Acquired
Land 5 One-Hit KO moves in a row in a single battle.
Defeat Koga
Earn the Soul Badge in Fuchsia City.
2000 IQ Super Quiz
Complete all of the Quizzes in the Cinnabar Island Gym without leaving the building, fighting any trainers, or resetting.
Ninja Gaiden
Defeat Koga on Set Mode without using items in battle. (Level 43 Cap)
One Of A Kind
Grab the only Item Ball in the game that is inside of a Gym.
Defeat Giovanni
Earn the Earth Badge in Viridian City.