Achievement Game Global Unlocks
Pirate Bay
Sail for first time after acquiring your ship by defeating the Pirates.
Final Fantasy 855
Sleeping Prince
Receive the Mystic Key after awaking the Prince
Final Fantasy 609
Rotten Earth
Defeat the Lich and purify the Earth Crystal.
Final Fantasy 512
Blood Ruby
Defeat the Vampire of Melmond and acquire the Star Ruby.
Final Fantasy 507
Acquire a canoe from the circle of sages.
Final Fantasy 506
Puzzle Fantasy
Complete the secret slider puzzle.
Final Fantasy 485
Molten Fire
Defeat Kary and purify the Fire Crystal.
Final Fantasy 468
Class Upgrade
Receive praise and reward from King Bahamut.
Final Fantasy 462
Resurrect the airship from the desert.
Final Fantasy 454
Acquire Oxyhale from a freed friend.
Final Fantasy 446
The Lost City
Defeat the Kraken and purify the Water Crystal.
Final Fantasy 439
Floating Fortress
Defeat Tiamat and purify the Wind Crystal.
Final Fantasy 428
Learn the language of the Lefenians.
Final Fantasy 425
Mjolnir Cometh
Obtain Thor's Hammer.
Final Fantasy 408
Holy Power Over the Dead
Defeat the Lich with an attack from a White Mage-White Wizard. [Earth Cave]
Final Fantasy 405
The True King
Obtain Excalibur.
Final Fantasy 396
Of Mighty Magic
Have a character with full magic slots. [Black or White]
Final Fantasy 393
Heroes That Never Were
Defeat Chaos and end the cycle of destruction.
Final Fantasy 393
Classic Hero
Defeat Tiamat with an attack from a Warrior-Knight. [Air Fortress]
Final Fantasy 388
Meditation Under the Extremes
Defeat Kary with an attack from a Monk-Master. [Mt. Gulg]
Final Fantasy 383
Light Within The Chaos
Obtain Masamune.
Final Fantasy 381
Epic Finale
Defeat Chaos without anyone going down.
Final Fantasy 379
Fried Kalamari
Defeat the Kraken with an attack from a Black Mage-Black Wizard. [Sunken Ruins]
Final Fantasy 368
Rage Against The Machine
Defeat a WarMECH in the Floating Castle.
Final Fantasy 367