Achievement Unlocked Game Global Unlocks
Red Mage
Master the red mage job with any character
2022-08-10 02:43:42
Final Fantasy V 170
Mystic Knight
Master the mystic knight job with any character
2022-08-10 02:28:35
Final Fantasy V 192
Master the hunter job with any character
2022-08-10 02:07:23
Final Fantasy V 186
Master the berserk job with any character
2022-08-10 02:05:08
Final Fantasy V 183
Master the samurai job with any character
2022-08-10 01:41:42
Final Fantasy V 182
Master the summoner job with any character
2022-08-10 01:20:09
Final Fantasy V 185
Black Mage
Master the black mage job with any character
2022-08-10 01:11:50
Final Fantasy V 193
Master the dragoon job with any character
2022-08-10 01:01:11
Final Fantasy V 181
Master the monk job with any character
2022-08-09 23:04:24
Final Fantasy V 199
Master the knight job with any character
2022-08-09 21:58:18
Final Fantasy V 204
Obtain the phoenix esper
2022-08-09 19:28:08
Final Fantasy V 171
Time Mage
Master the time mage job with any character
2022-08-09 19:10:47
Final Fantasy V 192
Master the thief job with any character
2022-08-09 18:30:46
Final Fantasy V 201
Pop Idol [m]
Obtain all Songs
2022-08-09 01:13:27
Final Fantasy V 141
One Thousand and One Nights
Obtain the MagicLamp
2022-08-09 01:07:20
Final Fantasy V 169
Around the World on a Yellow Chocobo
Obtain the Mirage Vest for your trouble for traveling around the world
2022-08-09 01:04:50
Final Fantasy V 173
The Pianist [m]
Play and master all 8 pianos around the world
2022-08-09 00:54:45
Final Fantasy V 185
Obtain the Syldra esper
2022-08-09 00:49:31
Final Fantasy V 187
White Mage
Master the white mage job with any character
2022-08-09 00:26:11
Final Fantasy V 212
Party of Four
Defeat Merugene
2022-08-09 00:19:39
Final Fantasy V 208
Chicken [m]
Obtain and equip the Chicken Blade
2022-08-08 23:37:40
Final Fantasy V 164
Braveheart [m]
Obtain and equip the Brave Blade
2022-08-08 23:36:22
Final Fantasy V 157
The Sealed Book
Obtain the sealed book
2022-08-08 23:28:59
Final Fantasy V 209
Sarisa [m]
Learn of Sarisa's fears as a kid
2022-08-08 23:17:09
Final Fantasy V 163
The End.............? [m]
Defeat Exdeath without any casualties
2022-08-08 21:04:48
Final Fantasy V 178
Treasure Hunter II [m]
Obtain every treasure from the 2nd world
2022-08-08 20:54:48
Final Fantasy V 123
Gilgamesh vs Heroes - Round 2 [m]
Steal the Genji Helmet and then defeat Gilgamesh
2022-08-08 20:53:29
Final Fantasy V 169
Carbunkle [m]
Defeat and obtain the Carbunkle esper
2022-08-08 20:46:37
Final Fantasy V 198
Gil Turtle [m]
Defeat Gil Turtle with a party of lvl 40 or less
2022-08-08 20:01:21
Final Fantasy V 140
Master the chemist job with any character
2022-08-08 19:45:10
Final Fantasy V 162
Blue Mage
Master the blue mage job with any character
2022-08-08 19:26:56
Final Fantasy V 191
John Doe
Defeat the four crystals in the great forest of Mua
2022-08-08 19:03:18
Final Fantasy V 221
Aegis Shield [m]
Obtain the Aegis shield in the great forest of Mua
2022-08-08 18:55:56
Final Fantasy V 188
Master the ninja job with any character
2022-08-08 18:54:48
Final Fantasy V 206
Flame Shield [m]
Obtain the Flame shield in the great forest of Mua
2022-08-08 18:54:12
Final Fantasy V 207
Shoat [m]
Defeat and obtain the Shoat esper
2022-08-08 18:28:16
Final Fantasy V 187
Reach level 25 with any character
2022-08-08 18:20:52
Final Fantasy V 262
The Sage
Meet Guido and obtain the elder branch
2022-08-08 18:19:40
Final Fantasy V 233
Defeat Atomos
2022-08-08 01:26:22
Final Fantasy V 234
Master the bard job with any character
2022-08-08 00:40:47
Final Fantasy V 176
Gilgamesh vs Heroes - Round 1 [m]
Steal the Genji gloves and then defeat Gilgamesh
2022-08-08 00:29:09
Final Fantasy V 194
Hiryuu Rider
Obtain the Hiryuu dragon in drakenvale
2022-08-08 00:08:51
Final Fantasy V 245
The Night of the Triffids
Defeat and obtain the Hiryuu Plant
2022-08-08 00:03:43
Final Fantasy V 240
Obtain the Golem esper
2022-08-07 23:52:25
Final Fantasy V 234
Kelb Village Hospitality
Be greedy and enjoy the hospitality until they are out of stuff
2022-08-07 23:34:49
Final Fantasy V 189
Strange Noises
Fulfill the request of the man from the well
2022-08-07 23:32:13
Final Fantasy V 163
The Son of Dorgan
Learn of the events 30 years ago
2022-08-07 23:31:03
Final Fantasy V 247
So You Wanna Be A Trader
Try to be a salesman in castle Bal
2022-08-07 23:20:05
Final Fantasy V 182
Do it Like a Moogle [m]
Dress like a moogle
2022-08-07 22:20:47
Final Fantasy V 246
It Came from the Desert [m]
Defeat Sand Crawl with a party of lvl 35 or less
2022-08-07 20:24:40
Final Fantasy V 196
Kupo Kupo!!
Meet the Moogle
2022-08-07 20:22:42
Final Fantasy V 251
Broken Shield [m]
Defeat Shield Dragon with a party of lvl 35 or less
2022-08-07 20:13:11
Final Fantasy V 183
The Legendary Wine of Rugor [m]
Have a drink with Galuf, you deserve it!!
2022-08-07 20:00:48
Final Fantasy V 244
The Great Escape
Defeat Gilgamesh while escaping through the bridge
2022-08-07 19:49:31
Final Fantasy V 254
Defeat Gilgamesh and rejoin with your party
2022-08-07 19:38:38
Final Fantasy V 252
Space Travelers
Reach the 2nd world
2022-08-07 19:28:21
Final Fantasy V 260
Defeat and obtain the Titan esper
2022-08-07 19:10:53
Final Fantasy V 257
The Mistake
Defeat Archeoavis
2022-08-07 18:39:05
Final Fantasy V 259
Treasure Hunter I [m]
Obtain every treasure from the 1st world
2022-08-07 17:20:35
Final Fantasy V 116
Full Frontal Assault
Defeat Soul Canon
2022-08-07 02:00:48
Final Fantasy V 268
Memories from the Past [m]
Witness Faris and Lenna's memories when they were little girls
2022-08-07 01:31:04
Final Fantasy V 210
Prototype no More [m]
Defeat Prototype with a party of lvl 25 or less
2022-08-07 01:27:13
Final Fantasy V 166
Turtle from Outer Space
Defeat Adamantimi
2022-08-07 01:22:25
Final Fantasy V 261
In Search for a Bait
Defeat sandworm
2022-08-07 00:56:29
Final Fantasy V 283
Ramuah [m]
Defeat and obtain Ramuah esper
2022-08-07 00:43:21
Final Fantasy V 279
Home Sweet Home [m]
Visit Butz hometown and have some fond memories
2022-08-07 00:21:48
Final Fantasy V 265
Titanic 2
Witness the sinking of your new ship
2022-08-06 22:20:47
Final Fantasy V 297
The Librarian
Defeat Biblos in the ancient library
2022-08-06 21:57:52
Final Fantasy V 310
Defeat and obtain the Ifrit esper
2022-08-06 20:43:21
Final Fantasy V 313
My Grandma Can Do Better Than You [m]
Defeat Garkimasra with a party of lvl 18 or lower
2022-08-06 19:48:07
Final Fantasy V 187
The Fall of an Empire
Witness the Karnal Castle destruction and obtain the fire crystals
2022-08-06 19:31:35
Final Fantasy V 342
Road Runner [m]
Escape Karnak castle in time and with every treasure
2022-08-06 19:31:34
Final Fantasy V 211
The Arsonist
Defeat LiquiFlame
2022-08-06 19:02:58
Final Fantasy V 326
Shiva [m]
Defeat and obtain the Shiva esper
2022-08-06 18:32:08
Final Fantasy V 294
Melting Ice [m]
Defeat Shiva before you acquire lvl2 fire without fire rods and less than lvl20
2022-08-06 18:32:08
Final Fantasy V 208
Can I also buy a Yukata here?
Buy something from Redd while watching the Firework at Saturday Evening in August.
2022-08-06 15:13:01
Doubutsu no Mori | Animal Forest 6
Farewell Syldra
Obtain the second set of crystals
2022-08-06 02:02:03
Final Fantasy V 376
So You Want to Be a Hero
Reach level 10 with any character
2022-08-06 01:54:20
Final Fantasy V 388
Hiryuu Hunters
Defeat Magissa
2022-08-06 01:06:28
Final Fantasy V 390
Femme Fatale
Defeat siren
2022-08-06 00:31:28
Final Fantasy V 430
Boko's Fate [m]
Find out what happened to Boko after the events in the Wind Shrine
2022-08-05 23:58:18
Final Fantasy V 347
The Chosen Warriors
Obtain the crystals from wind temple
2022-08-05 23:42:46
Final Fantasy V 521
Love at First Sight [m]
Learn something about Faris that even her crew didn't know
2022-08-05 23:32:37
Final Fantasy V 444
Special Services
Every hero needs a break to entertain himself and his party members
2022-08-05 23:31:01
Final Fantasy V 416
The Adventurer's Guide for Dummies
Gain access to the beginners school at Tule
2022-08-05 23:23:57
Final Fantasy V 417
The Smartass Student
Get expelled from the beginners school at Tule
2022-08-05 23:23:42
Final Fantasy V 290
Life's Triumph
"Our crystals and hopes shine once again!"
2022-08-05 00:34:23
Final Fantasy IV 97
Cosmic Duel
Win the final fight with only Cecil alive for the duration of the battle (challenge starts when the Crystal is used)
2022-08-05 00:34:22
Final Fantasy IV 82
Shadow Hands
Steal a shard of Dark Matter with the Ninja's "Steal" command
2022-08-05 00:29:49
Final Fantasy IV 83
Treasure Hunter: Lunar Subterrane
Find all the treasure chests in the Lunar Subterrane
2022-08-05 00:21:51
Final Fantasy IV 98
Sealed Legends
Find all the legendary weapons sealed inside the moon
2022-08-05 00:20:15
Final Fantasy IV 98
One of a Kind
[m] Obtain the elusive Adamant Armor (congratulations, you deserve it!)
2022-08-05 00:13:33
Final Fantasy IV 81
Black Mastery
Learn every black magic with Rydia
2022-08-04 19:30:44
Final Fantasy IV 89
Avatar of Patience
This is the correct room to use your "Alerts"! May the Avatar guide your way, friend!
2022-08-04 19:28:38
Final Fantasy IV 100
Summoning Mastery
Learn every summoning magic with Rydia
2022-08-04 18:32:11
Final Fantasy IV 79
White Mastery
Learn every white magic with Rosa
2022-08-04 04:32:48
Final Fantasy IV 99
Evil Jewelry
Find the elusive Cursed Ring
2022-08-04 02:20:35
Final Fantasy IV 85
Chicobo Quest XIV: Wrong Cave
"This place is full of monsters! Look here with [Y], you can see a big throne on the other side!"
2022-08-04 02:16:47
Final Fantasy IV 90
Chicobo Quest XV: Humming Heaven
"My friends here will send me back to Baron! Thank you for your company on my quest, kweh!"
2022-08-04 02:12:52
Final Fantasy IV 92
To the Dark Depths
"Here, all suspicion must be abandoned. All cowardice must be extinct."
2022-08-04 02:09:32
Final Fantasy IV 101
Fatal Error
[m] Defeat the Babil CPU without any deaths in the party
2022-08-04 02:06:11
Final Fantasy IV 95
Fiendish Rematch
[m] Defeat the four malebranches without any deaths in the party
2022-08-04 01:58:04
Final Fantasy IV 96
Maximum Damage!
Inflict 9999 points of damage to an enemy (scripted fights or fixed damage damage doesn't count)
2022-08-04 01:50:35
Final Fantasy IV 104
Treasure Hunter: Giant of Babil
[m] Find every treasure chest inside the Giant of Babil
2022-08-04 01:45:12
Final Fantasy IV 100
Trial of Omega
An ancient god awaits to judge the heroes at his throne high in the sky
2022-08-04 01:18:08
Final Fantasy IV 102
Blessings of the Moon
[m] Request the magic aid of the Lunarian with his "Bless" command
2022-08-04 01:08:26
Final Fantasy IV 101
Treasure Hunter: Cave of Bahamut
Find all the treasure chests inside the Cave of Bahamut
2022-08-04 01:06:29
Final Fantasy IV 102
Chicobo Quest XIII: Extraterrestrial
"Look at this hill with [Y]! This is a great step for chocobokind!"
2022-08-04 01:02:28
Final Fantasy IV 90
Just to remember you that this is the perfect opportunity to farm "Alerts"! You're going to need them!
2022-08-04 01:00:49
Final Fantasy IV 102
Treasure Hunter: Lunar Path
Find every treasure chest in the Lunar Path
2022-08-04 00:51:28
Final Fantasy IV 102
Kokkol's Finest
Receive the legendary sword, Excalibur
2022-08-04 00:39:10
Final Fantasy IV 101
Mysidian Legend
"Soon you will be where your own eyes will see the answer to the mystery."
2022-08-04 00:37:51
Final Fantasy IV 102
Sword of Justice
A righteous murdered king awaits in a solitary throne to hold his sacred sword once again
2022-08-04 00:35:50
Final Fantasy IV 100
Ninjutsu Master
Use each ninjutsu technique at least once in one session with the Ninja's "Ninjutsu" command
2022-08-04 00:32:27
Final Fantasy IV 94
Bull's Eye
[m] Throw the most powerful object on the Earth with the Ninja's "Throw" command
2022-08-04 00:31:28
Final Fantasy IV 88
Loyal Friend
[m] An old friend sleeps in the depths of a magical cave awaiting for another harsh day of training
2022-08-04 00:29:30
Final Fantasy IV 96
Under Pressure
[m] Defeat the Demon Wall before it moves for the 9th time (Battle Mode = Active)
2022-08-04 00:07:09
Final Fantasy IV 88
Treasure Hunter: Sealed Cave
Find every treasure chest inside the Sealed Cave
2022-08-04 00:01:40
Final Fantasy IV 105
King of Eidolons
A powerful force awaits to judge the heroes in the depthts of the planet
2022-08-03 22:10:40
Final Fantasy IV 104
Underworld Frolic
Find the most lali-ho dancer of the Underworld
2022-08-03 18:54:09
Final Fantasy IV 111
Chicobo Quest XII: Green Maze
"Look here with [Y]! I want to visit my sylph friends but I'm almos giving up on the B2F! Kweh!"
2022-08-03 18:52:04
Final Fantasy IV 92
Treasure Hunter: Eidolon's Cave
Find every treasure chest inside the Eidolon's Cave
2022-08-03 18:45:18
Final Fantasy IV 101
Chicobo Quest XI: Ancient Library
"Look at those books with [Y]! Here is a book with good details on our great hero: Bokomesh IV!"
2022-08-03 18:36:46
Final Fantasy IV 92
Elemental Cure
Absorb the damage of an enemy attack
2022-08-03 18:32:44
Final Fantasy IV 93
Chicobo Quest X: Underworld Corner
"Look at this strange corner with [Y]! I think I have to go up north to reach the Sylph Cave."
2022-08-03 18:29:17
Final Fantasy IV 95
Chicobo Quest IX: Underworld Crater
"Look at this huge crater with [Y]! Something must have exploded around here!"
2022-08-03 18:28:40
Final Fantasy IV 97
Treasure Hunter: Sylph Cave
Find every treasure chest in the Sylph's Cave
2022-08-03 18:16:13
Final Fantasy IV 99
Treasure Hunter: Tomra Village
Find every treasure chest and hidden item in Tomra
2022-08-03 16:33:05
Final Fantasy IV 105
Treasure Hunter: Kokkol's Forge
Find every hidden item in Kokkol's house
2022-08-03 16:29:51
Final Fantasy IV 94
Forever Loved
"You were not made to live like brute beasts, but to pursue virtue and knowledge."
2022-08-03 16:05:39
Final Fantasy IV 109
Treasure Hunter: Tower of Babil II
[m] Find every treasure chest on your second visit to the Tower of Babil
2022-08-03 16:04:12
Final Fantasy IV 105
Malebranche of Fire
[m] Defeat Rubicante without directing any actions at him
2022-08-03 01:42:33
Final Fantasy IV 90
Treasure Hunter: Cave Eblan
Find every treasure chest and hidden item in Cave Eblan
2022-08-03 00:53:11
Final Fantasy IV 106
Treasure Hunter: Eblan Castle
Find every treasure chest and hidden item in Eblan Castle
2022-08-03 00:35:35
Final Fantasy IV 108
Pride of Fabul
"He did what any hero must: set sail..."
2022-08-03 00:16:16
Final Fantasy IV 113
Clockwork Destruction
[m] Defeat Barnab-Z without allowing it to self descruct
2022-08-03 00:07:09
Final Fantasy IV 101
Treasure Hunter: Tower of Babil I
[m] Find every treasure chest on your first visit to the Tower of Babil
2022-08-03 00:03:49
Final Fantasy IV 106
Treasure Hunter: Dwarven Castle
Find every treasure chest and hidden item in the Dwarven Castle
2022-08-02 23:46:25
Final Fantasy IV 111
Monolithic Fight
Reduce mr. Takahashi HP to 0 and legitimately defeat him (now let him go create us Xenoblade)
2022-08-02 23:37:58
Final Fantasy IV 97
Chicobo Quest VIII: Visiting the Creator
"Look at this dirty floor with [Y]! Mr. Taka promised to improve my design on the next game if I clean it right!"
2022-08-02 23:32:12
Final Fantasy IV 100
It's a Secret to Everybody
Find the secret magazine in the Developer's Office
2022-08-02 23:30:49
Final Fantasy IV 106
The Dreamer
Find mr. Sakaguchi in his office
2022-08-02 23:29:17
Final Fantasy IV 109
Savior of Mist
"Wisdom is earned, not given."
2022-08-02 21:48:03
Final Fantasy IV 116
Danse Macabre
[m] Finish off the dwarven dolls before they fuse together
2022-08-02 21:42:59
Final Fantasy IV 102
Prince of the Pound
Find the cursed frog of Troia kingdom
2022-08-02 21:29:31
Final Fantasy IV 95
Supreme Aim
Kill 10 miniaturized enemies in one session using the White Mage's "Aim" command
2022-08-02 21:26:09
Final Fantasy IV 96
Partings and Reunions
"Do not be afraid, our fate cannot be taken from us! It is a gift!"
2022-08-02 20:04:14
Final Fantasy IV 117
Malebranche of Wind
[m] Defeat Barbariccia without dying, geting petrified or using the "Jump" command
2022-08-02 20:03:44
Final Fantasy IV 101
Caring is Loving
Protect the Paladin's loved one with his "Cover" command
2022-08-02 19:58:43
Final Fantasy IV 108
Magical Miscalculation
[m] Get Cindy knocked out by friendly fire during the Magus Sisters' Delta Attack
2022-08-02 19:38:16
Final Fantasy IV 102
Treasure Hunter: Tower of Zot
[m] Find every treasure chest in the Tower of Zot
2022-08-02 19:29:42
Final Fantasy IV 114
Treasure Hunter: Troia Castle
Find every treasure chest and hidden item in Troia Castle
2022-08-02 19:13:35
Final Fantasy IV 117
Fist of the Dragon
[m] Hit an enemy causing 5000 points of damage or more with a single Monk's "Focus" attack
2022-08-02 19:05:16
Final Fantasy IV 99
Winds of Victory
[m] Defeat the true form of the Dark Elf by only directing two actions at it (maybe Tellah knows the answer)
2022-08-02 18:53:47
Final Fantasy IV 106
Treasure Hunter: Magnetic Cave
Find every treasure chest in the Magnetic Cave
2022-08-02 18:45:09
Final Fantasy IV 121
Treasure Hunter: Chocobo Forests
Find every hidden item in the Chocobo Forests
2022-08-02 18:35:55
Final Fantasy IV 100
Paladin's Bounty
Gain access to the most exclusive VIP show in the world (let's hope Rosa doesn't find it out)
2022-08-02 18:28:56
Final Fantasy IV 112
Treasure Hunter: Troia
Find every hidden item in the city of Troia
2022-08-02 18:13:49
Final Fantasy IV 122
Chicobo Quest VI: Beak Peninsula
"Look at this strange peninsula with [Y]! It looks like a beak of a giant bird!"
2022-08-02 02:27:30
Final Fantasy IV 106
Chicobo Quest VII: Empty Throne
"Look at this huge throne with [Y]! Boko said I could see the ninjas here but the place is empty!"
2022-08-02 02:17:18
Final Fantasy IV 104
Chicobo Quest V: Chocobo Kingdom
"Look at the eye of our home with [Y]! I will finally learn how to fly with my cousin today!"
2022-08-02 02:14:48
Final Fantasy IV 105
Bestiary Analytics
[m] Analyse a target with a maximum HP of 2.000 or more with the Engineer's "Study" command
2022-08-02 02:11:01
Final Fantasy IV 109
Mythril Trio
See the show of the fantastic Mythril Bros
2022-08-02 02:06:37
Final Fantasy IV 118
Treasure Hunter: Mythril Village
Find every hidden item in Mythril Village
2022-08-02 02:05:22
Final Fantasy IV 118
Unusual Dance
Find the woman who dance to a dwarven tune in Agart
2022-08-02 02:02:42
Final Fantasy IV 119
Red Moon
Use a telescope to take a glimpse of the ominous giant moon
2022-08-02 02:00:51
Final Fantasy IV 118
Treasure Hunter: Agart
Find the hidden item in the town of Agart
2022-08-02 01:59:51
Final Fantasy IV 117
Treasure Hunter: Baron Castle
Find every treasure chest and hidden item in Baron castle
2022-08-02 01:57:43
Final Fantasy IV 124
Chicobo Quest III: Fabul Peninsula
"This is so close to Fabul! The monks prefer to train on the mountains though. Look at the sea with [Y]!"
2022-08-02 01:54:08
Final Fantasy IV 111
Wings of the Enterprise
"As little flowers, which the chill of night has bent and huddled."
2022-08-02 01:50:29
Final Fantasy IV 129
Malebranche of Water
[m] Defeat Cagnazzo without letting him cast Haste on himself and without any party member dying
2022-08-02 01:43:48
Final Fantasy IV 114
Minimalist Struggle
[m] Battle against the traitor while everyone in the party is under the Mini status and win with every member alive
2022-08-02 01:31:30
Final Fantasy IV 105
Treasure Hunter: Ancient Waterway
Find every treasure chest in the Ancient Waterway
2022-08-02 01:26:53
Final Fantasy IV 119
Treasure Hunter: Mist Village
Find every treasure chest and hidden item in Mist Village
2022-08-01 23:29:03
Final Fantasy IV 120
Treasure Hunter: Town of Baron
Find every treasure chest and hidden item in the town of Baron
2022-08-01 23:23:55
Final Fantasy IV 115
Embrace the Light
"Let him that would move the world first move himself."
2022-08-01 22:39:41
Final Fantasy IV 135
Chicobo Quest IV: Sacred Vista
"Look at this wonderful view with [Y]! This sacred mountain is full of zombies even this close to its summit!"
2022-08-01 21:24:13
Final Fantasy IV 110
Malebranche of Earth
[m] Defeat Scarmiglione with a single action directed at him
2022-08-01 21:22:56
Final Fantasy IV 108
Believing in Oneself
[m] Use the Jr. Black Mage's "Boast" command in succession until his magical power reaches the maximum power level
2022-08-01 21:15:45
Final Fantasy IV 116
Treasure Hunter: Mt. Ordeals
Find every treasure chest on Mt. Ordeals
2022-08-01 21:09:07
Final Fantasy IV 138
Mega Twins
[m] Summon the powerful magic from the stars using the Jr. Mages' "Twin" command
2022-08-01 20:37:42
Final Fantasy IV 136
Fake Tears
[m] Use the Jr. White Mage's "Cry" command 2 times in a single battle
2022-08-01 20:34:54
Final Fantasy IV 120
Dangerous Enchantress
Find the most deceitful dancer in the city of Mysidia
2022-08-01 20:29:05
Final Fantasy IV 137
Flying Falcon
[m] Kill 30 enemies in one session using the Monk's "Kick" command
2022-08-01 20:23:13
Final Fantasy IV 118
Stance of the Tiger
[m] Use the magical effects of the Monk's "Brace" comand to increase his defences 4 times during a single battle
2022-08-01 20:17:03
Final Fantasy IV 119
Treasure Hunter: Fabul
Find every treasure chest and hidden item in Fabul castle
2022-08-01 20:05:12
Final Fantasy IV 135
Hatred Crossroads
"There is no greater sorrow than to remember a happy time when you are in misery."
2022-08-01 20:03:15
Final Fantasy IV 141
Regal Rest
[m] Take a nap for free using the most confortable bed in the kingdom of Fabul
2022-08-01 19:50:31
Final Fantasy IV 114
Different Dancer
Find the strongest dancer in the kingdom of Fabul
2022-08-01 19:50:03
Final Fantasy IV 136
Salve of Salvation
[m] Cure a total of at least 375 HP from all the members of your party with a single Bard's "Salve"
2022-08-01 19:36:57
Final Fantasy IV 130
Explosive Sync
[m] Defeat all the 6 child bombs that emerge from the Mom Bomb simultaneously
2022-08-01 19:34:25
Final Fantasy IV 108
Treasure Hunter: Mt. Hobs
Find every treasure chest on Mt. Hobs
2022-08-01 19:20:56
Final Fantasy IV 146
Hoping for a Miracle
Successfully use the White Mage's "Pray" comand while at least 2 party members are in the critical state
2022-08-01 19:12:36
Final Fantasy IV 116
Music for a Moonless Sky
"From there we came outside and saw the stars."
2022-08-01 19:07:03
Final Fantasy IV 151
Reactionless Jaws
[m] Defeat the Antlion without triggering any counterattacks (no MP consumption, no deaths)
2022-08-01 18:55:13
Final Fantasy IV 128
Treasure Hunter: Antlion's Cave
Find every treasure chest in the Antlion's Cave
2022-08-01 18:51:03
Final Fantasy IV 149
Song of the Frogs
[m] Succesfully sing the elusive song that turns enemies into frogs
2022-08-01 18:41:24
Final Fantasy IV 110
Siren's Pupil
[m] In one session, successfully make enemies confused 3 times with the Bard's command "Sing"
2022-08-01 18:30:44
Final Fantasy IV 128
Spoony Bard
[m] Leave the Bard cowardly hidden in a battle site after a victory
2022-08-01 18:21:30
Final Fantasy IV 145
Treasure Hunter: Damcyan
Find every treasure chest and hidden item in Damcyan castle
2022-08-01 18:20:06
Final Fantasy IV 138
Scars in the Heart
"Through me is the way to the city of woe. Through me is the way to sorrow eternal."
2022-08-01 18:17:45
Final Fantasy IV 155
Ultimate Darkness
[m] Kill 8 enemies simultaneously using the Dark Knight's "Dark" command
2022-08-01 18:09:59
Final Fantasy IV 124
Chicobo Quest II: Damcyan Waterway
"Now I'm really tired of this long cave! You can see an exit on the other side with [Y]!"
2022-08-01 18:04:37
Final Fantasy IV 118
Tako Express
[m] Defeat Octomammoth with at least 2 legs still out of the water
2022-08-01 18:03:31
Final Fantasy IV 131
Treasure Hunter: Underground Waterway
Find every treasure chest in the Underground Waterway
2022-08-01 17:48:04
Final Fantasy IV 147
Not Enough Omega-3
[m] In one session, use the Sage's "Recall" command successfully 10 times
2022-08-01 17:18:34
Final Fantasy IV 126
Dazzling Mermaid
Find the most beautiful swimmer of the oasis
2022-08-01 16:59:08
Final Fantasy IV 162
Treasure Hunter: Kaipo
Find the hidden item in the Oasis Town, Kaipo
2022-08-01 16:57:44
Final Fantasy IV 160
No Messengers Left
[m] Kill all the officers of Baron who were sent to Kaipo
2022-08-01 16:56:44
Final Fantasy IV 146
A Heart's Resolve
"At grief so deep the tongue must wag in vain. The language of our sense and memory lacks the vocabulary of such pain."
2022-08-01 16:54:30
Final Fantasy IV 177
The Steel and the Mist
[m] Defeat the Mist Dragon without triggering its special attack
2022-08-01 16:49:37
Final Fantasy IV 161
Treasure Hunter: Mist Cave
Find every treasure chest in the Mist Cave
2022-08-01 16:45:19
Final Fantasy IV 175
Chicobo Quest I: Great Baron Falls
"Started my journey today! Look a this huge waterfall near Baron with [Y]!"
2022-08-01 16:43:44
Final Fantasy IV 120
Deadly Acrobatics
Kill 10 airborne enemies in one session using the Dragoon's "Jump" command
2022-08-01 16:38:42
Final Fantasy IV 115
Dancer in Red
Find the most alluring dancer in the kingdom of Baron
2022-08-01 16:30:05
Final Fantasy IV 161
The Departure
"So many times a man's thoughts will waver, that it turns him back from honored paths..."
2022-08-01 16:27:35
Final Fantasy IV 194
Alternative Costumes
Buy all the alternative costumes in the general stores.
2022-08-01 00:44:34
Goemon's Great Adventure 12
The Dish
A lost soul needs to get a special dish. Look near Creep Village.
2022-07-31 23:32:51
Goemon's Great Adventure 12
The Last Ware
A ghost is unable to quit this world. He needs to deal with someone.
2022-07-31 22:37:08
Goemon's Great Adventure 14
The second bout between similar foes.
2022-07-31 22:24:07
Goemon's Great Adventure 13
Rice Balls
Satisfy the aches of an insatiable eater in Creep Village.
2022-07-31 22:10:53
Goemon's Great Adventure 12
A Little Gift
Bad Tengus have been defeated. Break the news.
2022-07-31 22:08:09
Goemon's Great Adventure 11
Purification Ritual
Purify your body and your mind under the waterfall.
2022-07-31 22:05:54
Goemon's Great Adventure 12
The Secret Village
Discover Creep Village.
2022-07-31 22:01:24
Goemon's Great Adventure 12
Floating Castle - Sky Garden
Finish Sky Garden.
2022-07-31 21:56:50
Goemon's Great Adventure 16
Another Job
Try another job. Ease the problems of the kids.
2022-07-31 19:49:10
Goemon's Great Adventure 12
A Special Job
A weird man in a kerchief has a job, for the world for the people.
2022-07-31 19:40:21
Goemon's Great Adventure 15
The Messenger
Take the lunch box of Omatsu and deliver it to her husband.
2022-07-31 19:34:33