Legend of Heroes II, The: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch
Nihon Falcom
Bandai Namco
Role-Playing Game, Turn-based RPG
June 20, 2006
4.22 / 5
Game Rating
2024-04-13 00:54:04
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2024-04-13 00:48:23
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Whithbrin 44.07% 26 / 59 2024-04-13 00:48:23
Nepiki 100% 59 2023-09-24 19:53:33
minibt 100% 59 2023-05-14 03:09:22
hevenik 62.71% 37 / 59 2023-01-10 18:38:26
Kinglink 1.69% 1 / 59 2022-10-22 10:17:15
memeticshift 98.31% 58 / 59 2022-10-20 03:54:40
CobaltZeroni 1.69% 1 / 59 2022-09-03 20:59:21
Gelirkas 0/ 59
Leloni 0/ 59
Turn7Boom 0/ 59
Achievement Unlocked Global Unlocks
The Panties Go Up, Down and then Run Away
Figure out a way to get out of Dotta Fortress
2024-04-13 00:48:23 15
Faster than Galga!
Get past the temperamental Ambisch soldier without being caught more than 3 times. Can retry by entering the fort again.
2024-04-13 00:48:19 13
A Town in Grey
Buy Sapphie volume 5 in Dotta Fortress
2024-04-13 00:40:31 15
A Song of the River
With some help from Jurio and Chris, Torova the kitara player is able to cheer up the people of Dartu
2024-04-13 00:18:22 15
The Source of Poison
Speak with Grandma Crowa about the Moonlight Witch's visit to Dartu before returning to Dice
2024-04-12 00:23:47 14
Bleeding Wound
Obtain a copy of Sapphie volume 4 from a boy in Dice before leaving
2024-04-11 00:53:29 15
Delicious Snacks and Lodi
Before leaving Dice, Jurio and Chris speak of snacks unique to their village
2024-04-11 00:49:53 15
Off to Save A Kingdom!
Pass the checkpoint towards Bolt, completing chapter 1
2024-04-11 00:39:36 16
Secrets Uncovered
Learn the identities of the Moonlight Witch and Alf.
2024-04-11 00:27:12 16
A Story of Magic and Dragons
Talk to Jozef the Traveler to learn about Ortega the Sorcerer before leaving to head to Bolt.
2024-04-11 00:16:17 16
The Moonlight Witch Sure Got Around
Learn of the Moonlight Witch's visit to Nelva before heading towards Ambisch
2024-04-10 01:52:22 17
Drifting Smoke
Buy a copy of Sapphie volume 3 in Nelva
2024-04-10 01:50:05 17
Beautifully Explosive
Deliver Grandpa Kebin's explosive jewels after a harrowing experience in the peat mines.
2024-04-08 01:17:22 19
Choppy Seas and a Strange Red Light
See the vision in Tegura Shrine and then speak with the old man afterwards.
2024-04-06 01:09:59 20
The Moonlight Witch's Portent
Before seeing the vision in Tegura Shrine, speak to the mayor of Tegura to learn more about the Moonlight Witch
2024-04-06 00:58:12 21
The Duel
Buy Sapphie volume 2 in Tegar
2024-04-06 00:54:25 21
Captain Thomas' Great Sea Adventures
Find out that Tobai is a fan of Captain Thomas when Jurio reads the book on the Taratta
2024-04-06 00:44:29 21
Lazy Seals and a Lazy Fisherman
Get the seals to leave so Jurio and Chris can depart for Negar Island
2024-04-06 00:36:17 21
The Two Swordsmasters
Buy Sapphie volume 1 in Arude before leaving for Tegura
2024-04-06 00:35:18 21
A Gift to the Pilgrims
After the Silver Dagger is found, obtain a gift from Kai.
2024-04-05 01:36:15 19
Theft, Pills, and Underwear
After a long and grueling journey on the Hawk Talon, Jurio and Chris arrive in Neeri.
2024-04-05 01:25:26 20
Clear Skies and Dark Portents
Jurio and Chris see their first vision in the magic mirror at Deane Shrine
2024-04-03 19:57:29 22
The Moonlight Witch's Visit
Before heading to Raguna, read a book in Deane Shrine to learn of the last visit to the shrine by a witch
2024-04-03 01:01:07 21
The Start of a Long Pilgrimage
After a close call, Jurio and Chris leave the village on their pilgrimage
2024-04-03 00:30:31 27
A First History Lesson
Get all the optional history entries from talking to people in the Ragpick Village area
2024-04-03 00:22:27 28
Records of the Past
Import your data from A Tear of Vermillion to add to your history collection.
2024-04-01 21:29:11 12
The Vision Comes True
Find the needed component for a potion
The End of a Long Journey
Defeat Isabelle and watch the ending
A Strange Old Man and a Silly Goose
With an unwanted addition, cross the Wind Valley Checkpoint, completing chapter 3
The Not So Bad Warlock
Learn about Geppeus the Warlock from a book in the library before the cooking contest ends.
Errand Boy
Obtain all possible ingredients for Chris to use in the cooking contest and then pick a dish for her to cook.
The History of Igunis Shrine
Read books to gain both optional history entries at the Ignis Shrine before arriving to Amdera.
Avenging Blade
Buy Sapphie volume 9 in Ghidonel.
A Strange Star
See the vision in the magic mirror in Igunis Shrine
Buy Sapphie volume 8 while in Horoku
The Twisting Tower and Daring Rescue
Find Durzel in the Tower of Dorufes
Messengers on a Pilgrimage
Become a messenger for King Calak
Castle Looter
Obtain all treasure in Castle Roudo. Opening empty chests is included.
Jurio Learns That Obliteration is Bad
Unsuccessfully attempt to visit Shirfool's Shrine
The Victory of Bolt
Assist with the operation to defeat Galga and complete chapter 2
Down with the Astrologer
Defeat Revas and destroy the globe
More Trouble Comes Their Way
Defeat Belart
The Final Prophecy
See the strange soldiers arrive, completing chapter 6
Buy Sapphie volume 6 in Igunis Shrine
A Lake No Longer Divided
Cross the Desert Checkpoint into the Desert of Thirst, completing chapter 5
The Dark Castle and Sorcerer
Watch the final vision at the Shrine of Oldos
Butterflies, Buffalo and a Moonlight Witch
Finally get to watch the vision in Shifool's magic mirror
A Famous Sword
Trade all nine volumes of Sapphie for a famous sword. Which one is obtained doesn't matter.
The Winds of Shifool
While passing through Shifool, get a poetic hint from the Sage
A Visit to Horuku
Learn of the Moonlight Witch's visit to Horuku from an old man before departing for Haizen.
The Filly Fanclub
Before delivering the message in Haizen, talk to various residents in the town and castle and hear how they feel about Filly.
No Longer Lost!
Successfully navigate your way through the underground of Castle Roudo and reach Isabelle's Tower
Take That Foul Merchants!
Rescue Chris from Woolghit's clutches
Meeting the Moonlight Witch
Hear Durzel's tale about what happened to the Moonlight Witch, completing chapter 7
Father's Sword
Buy Sapphie volume 7 while in Shifool
Noble Origin
Before heading to Shifool, make a small side trip to Tonerico and learn some interesting lore and meet some old acquaintances.
Precise Historian
Complete 100% of the history (must import data from A Tear of Vermillion)
A Promise is a Promise
Force the guard by the gate at Calak Mansion to make good on his promise.
Jurio the Reluctant Treasure Hunter
While passing through the ruins find all the treasure within.