Achievement Game Visibility Global Unlocks
Basic Training
Perform 100 basic attacks
Lost Ark 87.5%
Astral Introduction
Complete Astral Academy
Trine 84.5%
State Alchemist
Create a spell that contains at least 3 different elements.
Magicka 84.3%
Basic Element
Use all basic elements at least once.
Magicka 83.6%
Adventurer of Yudia
Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: Yudia
Lost Ark 83.6%
Activate 10 Triports
Lost Ark 83.2%
Triple Threat
Win a 3v3 game
Rocket League 82.7%
Cooking by the book
Cast a Magick successfully.
Magicka 82.7%
Short Holiday
Conquer 5 territories in a single turn
RISK: Global Domination 81.0%
What Truly Shines
Complete Crown of Lakebar quest in West Luterra
Lost Ark 80.2%
Space Rookie
Reached level 5.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 79.8%
Adventurer of West Luterra
Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: West Luterra
Lost Ark 79.8%
Card Collector
Put 5 cards in your catalog
Lost Ark 78.9%
An eye for an eye
Defeat Behold, the watcher
Magicka 77.9%
First Light
Defeat God of Darknet.
Neon Abyss 77.7%
Reclaim the Throne
West Luterra: Stop Scherrit's plan
Lost Ark 77.6%
Beginner Gatherer!
Hook 100 items.
Raft 77.6%
Skill Research
Apply 10 skill level changes
Lost Ark 76.1%
Survival Instincts
Defeat the Empress Jaguar
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Gnome Alone
If you are reading this achievement, Gabe Newell has successfully launched Gnome Chompski into space. If you did not also receive the achievement 'Manufacturing Ascent', Newell has abandoned his plans to shoot Noam Chomsky into space.
Half-Life: Alyx 76.0%
No more trolling
Defeat Ygg.
Magicka 75.1%
Scoring Sheet Music
Learn 3 pieces of sheet music
Lost Ark 75.0%
Summer of '69
Win a hand with a 6 card and a 9 card of any suit.
Poker Night at the Inventory 74.8%
Let off some steam
Create a spell containing Steam.
Magicka 74.4%
You think that kind of automation is easy?
Add an upgrade to a building
Jurassic World Evolution 74.0%
Welcome To The Rock
Completed the mission ''Marooned''.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Break free from entanglement without using spells or magicks.
Magicka 73.1%
Nobody Likes a Whiner
Knock out the talent at the talk show
Duke Nukem Forever 71.3%
Get your first Super Powers.
Saints Row IV 70.9%
Mind Blown!
Use Mind Wave for the first time.
Room 1: Mastermind
Finish the room without using extra clues
Mad Experiments: Escape Room 70.1%
Vanilla Ice
Create a spell containing only Ice.
Magicka 69.8%
We're Not Going Viral Today
Complete Operation Squeaky Clean
I Expect You To Die 69.7%
What is the Labyrinth?
Meet the Labyrinth Keeper
Remnant: From the Ashes
Camp Out
Sleep with another player (group sleep)
The Forest 69.4%
Use My Nickname
Collect 10 or more titles
Lost Ark 69.2%
Born Survivor
Reach Level 5
Fallout 4
Completed the mission ''Systems Jammed''.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
When Freedom Calls
Complete "When Freedom Calls"
Fallout 4
Fire of Life
Enter the Temple of Life's inner chamber
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Shock Tactics
Retrieved Shock Jockey.
BioShock Infinite
Take a trip with a Balloonist
Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy 68.2%
The Enchanter
Imbue your weapon with a spell.
Magicka 67.9%
Rat Chaser
Grab all rats in the room
Escape First 3 67.8%
High Fashion
Unlocked 10 Customization Items.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 67.8%
Speed Demon
Completely fill and then empty your Rocket Boost 10 times in a single match
Rocket League 67.7%
More than enough is too much
Pour to much oil
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 67.5%
You made it through an entire hostile area without making so much as a squeak.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
RPG much?
Complete all side quests in the game.
Magicka 67.3%
Glue four blocks together
Ultimate Chicken Horse 67.3%
Guilty of Crime
Reach reputation level 10.
PAYDAY 2 66.5%
Up the Ante!
Upgrade your first weapon of choice.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 65.8%
You managed to complete all the tasks!
Train Station Renovation 65.4%
First Class Ticket
Boarded The First Lady.
BioShock Infinite
This Is The Start
Created a new driver in Career and signed your first contract
Project CARS 2 65.1%
Unforeseen Consequence
You convinced Zeke Sanders to let his hostage go.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
The 12 Days of Christmas
Win 12 or more hands.
Poker Night at the Inventory 64.9%
"Oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch"
Die from falling damage.
Magicka 64.9%
Natural Products
Defeat God of Machines.
Neon Abyss 64.9%
Asking Price
Buy an item from a merchant
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 64.5%
The Hidden City
Find Paititi
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Not So Sharp
Die on barbed wire 10 times
Ultimate Chicken Horse 64.0%
Mod Collector
Acquire 5 weapon mods
Remnant: From the Ashes 63.5%
First Blood
Perform a Stealth Takedown from a mud-covered wall
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 63.5%
Don't Look Down
Be airborne during Super Jumps for a combined 10 minutes of gameplay.
Saints Row IV 62.4%
All Mod Cons
Use a customised character in-game.
The Escapists 2 62.4%
Leaf on the Wind
Glide to secret Egg Thief area in Town Square
Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy 61.8%
Animal Cruelty
Kill people with traps 100 times
Ultimate Chicken Horse 61.4%
Lunar Lieutenant
Reached level 10.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 61.3%
Where Mokokos Come From
Pick One Mokoko Seed
Lost Ark 60.8%
Tara's in a Pinkle
Complete "The Mission Before Time"
Worms Clan Wars 60.8%
Mom's Love
Successfully hatch eggs 5 times in a row.
Neon Abyss 60.6%
I Shot The Meriff
Completed the mission ''A New Direction''.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Don't Panic
Complete 'The Real World'.
Saints Row IV 60.6%
Solid Snake
Defeat Jormungandr.
Magicka 60.5%
Long Vacation
Conquer 10 territories in a single turn
RISK: Global Domination 60.4%
Successor of Fate
Obtain your first Ark
Lost Ark 60.2%
Launch the Enchanted Edition of the game
Trine 60.1%
Armed to the Teeth
Modify a weapon for the first time.
PAYDAY 2 60.1%
Successfully cross two beams into a more powerful one.
Magicka 60.0%
Guardian Angel
Revive a knocked-downed teammate.
Helen's Pride
Score 6 Goals in a single game
Rocket League 59.9%
Health Junkie
Charge your boost gauge to the max with energy drink and painkiller overdose.
David & Goliath
Killed 20 "Heavy Hitter" enemies.
BioShock Infinite 59.6%
Lesser Evil
Deal with Mr. Carella's indiscretion.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 59.5%
Fully upgrade your first augmentation of choice.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 59.4%
Virtual Reality
Booted up the VR simulation for the first time.
Arma 3 59.1%
Spin the Star Post!
Sonic Mania 59.0%
Death Warmed Over
Meet the Undying King
Remnant: From the Ashes
You or another Survivor take no damage after being vomited on by a Boomer.
Left 4 Dead 58.8%
The Bull
You defeated Lawrence Barrett, elite member of a secret mercenary hit squad.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Attain ‘Known’ status in Alien Colonist Encounters
No Man's Sky 58.7%
Armed Revolt
Assisted the gunsmith.
BioShock Infinite
The Course Is That Way
Go out of bounds
Golf With Your Friends 58.4%
Trait Focus
Upgrade any trait to 20
Remnant: From the Ashes 58.0%
Devil Inside Me
Kill 10 players by any means.
Clear any level on hard difficulty and get at least 100 combo without any modifiers.
Beat Saber 58.0%
Commonwealth Citizen
Reach Level 10
Fallout 4
Become the master of the goat tower.
Goat Simulator 57.6%
Coins in the Cushion
Looted 200 containers.
BioShock Infinite 57.6%
Reach the top 10 without killing anyone.
Working Class Hero
Completed Factory.
BioShock Infinite
I think we're back in business
Manually repair a building with the Ranger Team
Jurassic World Evolution 57.4%
Gettin' Fancy
Unlock an outfit
Ultimate Chicken Horse 57.4%
Untold Riches
Gather 40 gold ore
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 57.2%
Buy 50 Cubemen
Cubemen 57.2%
Super Victorious
Win a total of 30 games across any game mode
Rocket League 57.1%
It's over nine thousand!!!!
Deal over 9000 damage to one enemy.
Magicka 57.1%
Switch to Skill Tree Tier 3
Lost Ark 57.0%
Master Jeweler
Successfully facet 5 times
Lost Ark 56.9%
Adventurer of East Luterra
Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: East Luterra
Lost Ark 56.8%
Motherly Ties
Put a grieving mother's doubts to rest.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 56.6%
Tear 'em a New One
Opened 30 Tears.
BioShock Infinite 56.5%
Defeat the God of Electricity.
Neon Abyss 56.5%
Fill in the holes and complete the code
Complete a genome to 100%
Jurassic World Evolution 56.2%
You Complete Me
Wear the outfit of a dead player.
What's This Stone For?
Equip an Ability Stone
Lost Ark 56.1%
Vigorous Opposition
Killed 75 enemies either with a Vigor or while the enemy is under the effects of a Vigor.
BioShock Infinite 56.1%
Point of Interest
Learn of 5 interesting locations from civilians
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 56.1%
Like a Shadow
Stealth Takedown 25 enemies
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 56.0%
No Man Left Behind
Completed the mission "A Dam Fine Rescue".
Borderlands 2
The Underworld
Get out of the Cenote alive
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
The Desk Job
You convinced Wayne Haas to let you into the morgue.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
First Birdie
Get a birdie
Cloudlands : VR Minigolf 55.7%
Angel Goat
Do no evil.
Goat Simulator 55.7%
New Heights
Complete a climb after finding the Overhang Climbing Gear
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 55.5%
Tables Turned
Kill 5 enemies while they are searching for Lara
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 55.4%
Help thy Neighbor
Complete a Side Mission
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 55.4%
Singles Club
Win a 1v1 game
Rocket League 55.1%
Future Retro
Play a Holotape Game
Fallout 4
Break Shot
Score a goal by hitting your opponent into the ball
Rocket League 55.0%
Complete an Artifact Collection
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 54.8%
Ooo A Piece of Candy!
Find 100 Data Clusters.
Saints Row IV 54.6%
Killing Spree
Kill at least 4 players in a single match.
Gettin' the Hang of It
Play 10 games
Ultimate Chicken Horse 54.4%
For Sale: One Escape Pod, Gently Used
Complete Operation Deep Dive
I Expect You To Die 54.4%
The First Step
Join the Minutemen
Fallout 4
Smooth Criminal
Reach reputation level 25.
PAYDAY 2 54.3%
Like a Moth to a Flame
Meet the Swamp Queen
Remnant: From the Ashes
Well Done!
Your hearty meal's turned out wrong. You left it on the stove too long!
Sea of Thieves 54.0%
Shields Up!
Acquire 8 shields in a single run.
Neon Abyss 53.9%
Stand by for Goatfall
Finish all wallrun quest
Goat Simulator 53.7%
How Do I Look?
Unlocked 10 customization items.
Borderlands 2 53.7%
All Fours
Win a 4v4 game
Rocket League 53.7%
Friendship Rules
Revived someone from "Fight for Your Life!" that is on your friends list.
Borderlands 2 53.5%
Clever girl
Release a Velociraptor
Jurassic World Evolution 53.5%
Rider's Block
Make 20 Saves
Rocket League 53.3%
Kill 250 Enemy Cubemen
Cubemen 53.3%
Better Than Money
Purchased 5 items from the black market.
Borderlands 2 53.3%
The Wheel of Fortune
Interrogate Anders Hellman.
Cyberpunk 2077
Maiden voyage
Make your maiden voyage on the Sea of Gienna
Lost Ark 53.0%
Enter a port
Lost Ark 52.9%
Coasting Along
Build a 750m long coaster.
Planet Coaster 52.7%
Goat Queen
Become the Queen of Goat Ville
Goat Simulator 52.6%
Burnt Toast
Defeat Toasty without getting hit by him
Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy 52.6%
Spared no expense
Unlock Isla Nublar
Jurassic World Evolution 52.4%
Into the Unknown
Warp to Hell
Chapter 1 - Exodus
Complete the first chapter of Rig's Saga
Northgard 52.4%
The Bigger They Are...
Defeat the Ent
Remnant: From the Ashes
Adventurer of Tortoyk
Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: Tortoyk
Lost Ark 52.1%
Trick, not Treat
Kill 5 Halloween Specimens with any gun without reloading
Killing Floor 52.0%
Golf With Your Friends
Play a hotseat or online game
Golf With Your Friends 52.0%
Blood in the Streets
Completed Emporia.
BioShock Infinite
First Blood
Kill one enemy using the M60.
Magicka 51.9%
Earn $100,000 delivering cargos
American Truck Simulator 51.9%
Purchase your first item in the Appearance menu.
Insurgency: Sandstorm 51.8%
Corps Creator
Draft 250 troops
RISK: Global Domination 51.8%
Disco is Undead
Hypnotize the lead dancer zombie
Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year 51.7%
Drakensburg, Schmakensburg
Completed the mission ''Intelligences Of The Artificial Persuasion''.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Pit Champion
Defeat the Battlelord in Las Vegas
Duke Nukem Forever 51.4%
Family Ties
Free Unuratu from prison
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Protected by the Last Giant
Complete Peace of Mind quest in Tortoyk
Lost Ark 51.3%
Stanislavski's Method
Use a dialogue option related to V's life path 10 times.
Cyberpunk 2077 51.2%
Win the MVP award in a game that goes to overtime
Rocket League 51.2%
Marksman Novice
Kill 10 players with an assault rifle and/or a sniper rifle from over 100 meters away.
Chained 100 Beats
Higher Learning
Completed Comstock House.
BioShock Infinite
Butterfly Effect
Defeat Ixillis XV
Remnant: From the Ashes
Uncle Scrooge
Earn 100000 currency
SnowRunner 51.0%
Complete "Sanctuary"
Fallout 4
Budding Artist
Collect a Painted Item
Rocket League 51.0%
A beautiful, but deadly addition
Release a Dilophosaurus
Jurassic World Evolution 51.0%
That's a Lot of Traits!
Acquire 20 traits
Remnant: From the Ashes 50.9%
Social Outburst
Kill 8 Specimens with One Grenade.
Killing Floor 50.9%
The Space Merchants
Attain ‘Trader’ status in Most Units Accrued
No Man's Sky 50.8%
Adventurer of Anikka
Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: Anikka
Lost Ark 50.8%
10 stars award
You managed to collect 10 stars
Train Station Renovation 50.8%
Alexander Goatstafsson
Win the title bout!
Goat Simulator 50.7%
Earn 1,500 Cubes
Cubemen 50.6%
C1 | I Meant To Do That!
Spin away an Extra Life
Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy 50.6%
The Roguish Type
Used Elizabeth to pick 30 locks.
BioShock Infinite 50.5%
Build Buster
Killed a Constructor without it ever building another bot.
Borderlands 2 50.5%
Wilhelm Screamed
Completed the mission "A Train To Catch".
Borderlands 2
Token Gesture
Redeemed 25 tokens.
Borderlands 2 50.2%
Rugged Tenacity
Acquire 8 heart containers in a single run.
Neon Abyss 50.2%
Makeshift Arsenal
Fully upgrade a weapon
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 50.1%
Hide and Seek
Baba Yaga: Rescue Nadia from Trinity
Rise of the Tomb Raider 50.1%
What is its purpose?
Thrash the Goathenge
Goat Simulator 49.9%
Clash of Tiger and Dragon - the First Sword of Changhun
Win the Anikka Tournament
Lost Ark 49.8%
Heart of the Serpent
Find the mission of San Juan
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Expert Survivor!
Survive 30 days.
Raft 49.7%
Down to the Wire
Qualify after a round goes to overtime
Fall Guys 49.7%
The Bricks Must Flow!
Accumulate 10000 resources in a single match
Block N Load 49.6%
Sky's The Limit
Completed the mission "Rising Action".
Borderlands 2
Complete Operation Winter Break
I Expect You To Die 49.5%
Changing of the Guard
Meet the Pan Rebel Leader
Remnant: From the Ashes
Yes Boss
You had an argument with your boss, David Sarif, and won.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Quick and Dead
Kill a Swarm Boomer before it inflates.
Alien Swarm 49.4%
Know the Drill
Complete a Practice Drill
Rocket League 49.4%
Welcome to Beef City
Customize a character on the character customization screen
Gang Beasts 49.1%
Shoot her!
Manually tranquillize a dinosaur with the ACU helicopter
Jurassic World Evolution 49.1%
Nobody move a muscle
Manually tranquillize a dinosaur while it is running
Jurassic World Evolution 49.0%
The Collector
Kill 100 cops using only weapons from the AK or CAR weapon families. Unlocks the "Keymod Rail", the "Crabs Rail" and the "Modern Barrel" for the AK weapon family.
PAYDAY 2 48.7%
Successfully hack at least 50 devices within the same playthrough.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 48.7%
Like a Boss
Successfully park a trailer at a hard delivery point
American Truck Simulator 48.6%
Legends - "This is Unacceptable!"
A chest of yours has gone astray and been cashed in as some thief's pay!
Sea of Thieves 48.5%
Far, Far Away...
Drive a total of 50 km
Rocket League 48.5%
The Heart Keeps on Beating
Complete the Heart of Sceptrum quest in Arthetine
Lost Ark 48.4%
Stars across the Ocean
Find an island
Lost Ark 48.4%
Beach Completed
Complete the Beach level.
The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed 48.4%
Adventurer of Arthetine
Complete 10% of Adventurer's Tome: Arthetine
Lost Ark 48.4%
The Bird or The Cage
Completed The Hand of the Prophet.
BioShock Infinite
Form 1st alliance
RISK: Global Domination 48.3%
Get a Touchdown
Fallout 4
Tin Soldier
Completed the game on Easy difficulty or above.
BioShock Infinite
Should Auld Acquaintance...
Unlocked 1999 Mode.
BioShock Infinite
Ground Control I
Capture one control point
Insurgency 48.2%
Craft 5 pieces of Equipment
Rise of the Tomb Raider 48.2%
Wolf Hunter
Kill 20 Wolves in a single game
Northgard 48.1%
Going to make a fortune with this place
Unlock Isla Tacano
Jurassic World Evolution 48.1%
Ghost in the Machine
Download a new ally into a robotic body.
Saints Row IV 48.1%
Fantastic Four
Obtain a Chicken Dinner in Squads.
What's in the Box?
Unlock the strong chest in Doctor Shemp
Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy 47.9%
The Chosen One
Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Getting on track
Build a locomotive.
Factorio 47.8%
Clear any level on expert difficulty without any modifiers.
Beat Saber 47.8%
There is no goat level
Defeat Jotunn.
Magicka 47.6%
Gather 1000 Resources Used For Crafting
Fallout 4
Play 10 games online
Ultimate Chicken Horse 47.5%
Climate Change
Cut down 100 trees
The Forest 47.5%
Can See My House From Here
Completed the mission "Bright Lights, Flying City".
Borderlands 2
Bounty Hunter
Completed 20 side missions.
Borderlands 2 47.5%
Unlikely Valentine
Complete "Unlikely Valentine"
Fallout 4
Back to Where We Started
Return to Paititi
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Nuclear Devastation
Kill 250 aliens
Duke Nukem Forever 47.3%
Five a Day
Sampling every type of fruit will keep you fit to fight and loot!
Sea of Thieves 47.2%
Big Guns, Big Ships
Blow up 5 enemy gunships or dropships
Duke Nukem Forever 47.2%
The Mantis
You defeated Yelena Federova, elite member of a secret mercenary hit squad.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Taking Orders
Your Voyage complete, a skull returned, praise from the Order thusly earned!
Sea of Thieves 46.9%
Momentum Shift
Upgrade a Rune
DOOM 46.8%