Achievement Game Visibility Global Unlocks
You got this medal from Admiral Smith for outstanding services to the Terran Space Fleet.
Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD 98.5%
Raving Rookie
Earned your Rookie License
Project CARS 2 96.9%
Specially Selected
Get killed by pirates
Void Bastards 96.8%
Life finds a way
Release a dinosaur
Jurassic World Evolution 96.5%
Kill a Zombie
Kill a Zombie
All Zombies Must Die! 95.6%
Is It Really Necessary?
Kill your first Infected
Dying Light 95.5%
Space firefighter
Extinguish the fire
Human-powered spacecraft 95.4%
Guns, Fire, and Fake Plants. Welcome to the Life of a Spy
Finish Spy Training
I Expect You To Die 95.4%
Make 1000 turns of the pedal
Human-powered spacecraft 95.2%
Ready for Battle
Purchase an upgrade for one of your commanders
Bad North 95.1%
Completed Story Mission 1
Particle Fleet: Emergence 95.1%
No escape
Fall and respawn once
Human: Fall Flat 95.0%
First slice
Got your first slice of meat. Smells a little strange, but looks like ordinary meat...
Graveyard Keeper 95.0%
Sweetheart Bishop
Met Bishop. His motto - Pray, preach, and look like you won the lottery.
Graveyard Keeper 94.6%
Novice gravedigger
Buried your first body.
Graveyard Keeper 94.6%
Little Craftsman
Craft your first item
Dying Light 94.5%
Light 1
Range of view 1
Infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood 94.0%
Be There or Be...
Begin 'Array'.
Thomas Was Alone
Make it to the road
Battle Chasers: Nightwar
Level 13
The bane of Carl's existence.
Space Pirates and Zombies 2 93.5%
Bodge Job
Build an upgrade
Void Bastards 93.5%
Baby Steps
Make your first Splice.
Splice 93.5%
A Record of Disaster
Collect an archive log
Alien: Isolation 93.5%
Sticky Fingers
Pick up 4 items.
The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed 93.3%
Logic check... OK
Pass the initial checks.
The Talos Principle
Find Inventions
Recover lost Tesla Backpack
Tesla vs Lovecraft 93.2%
Written in the Clouds
Completed Lighthouse.
BioShock Infinite
Viva la Resistenza!
Complete Chapter 1.
Mafia II 93.0%
Rare Item
Find a rare item
Rogue Wizards 93.0%
Bomber Crew
Complete the first mission
Bomber Crew 93.0%
Taste of Evil
Trigger an Evil Power
Reverse Crawl 92.8%
Defeat an enemy with a Warhawk.
The Banner Saga 92.7%
Life in Ruins
Enter the ruins
Eternity Warriors™ VR 92.7%
Goodbye, asteroids!
Leave the field of asteroids
Human-powered spacecraft 92.7%
Acid Reflex
Kill an acid antlion worker.
Half-Life 2: Episode Two 92.7%
Wave-1 Passed
Beat Wave-1
Type Defense 92.4%
Live and Let Fly
Complete Operation Friendly Skies
I Expect You To Die 92.4%
Nostalgic for the 80s
Visit Kamurocho in December 1988.
Yakuza 0
Flight of the Crane
Jump from the Crane
Dying Light
A Long Path Ahead
Beat the Warden of the Silent Sorrow.
The Guardian
Defeated the Guardian.
Slay the Spire
Amateur AntKiller
Kill 100 Ants
Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon 92.1%
Path of the Stars
Decipher the Path of the Stars
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
It Begins
Completed the prologue.
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen 91.9%
Joined the Alliance
Welcome to the Alliance, Commander.
NIGHTSTAR: Alliance 91.7%
Baby Steps
Complete Tutorial
Tesla vs Lovecraft 91.7%
Complete "PROLOGUE: AWAKENING" mission.
Linda Carter
Linda Carter joins your team.
Halfway 91.5%
Keep At It
Unlock a skill.
Call of Juarez Gunslinger 91.5%
Enter the Game
Exit the entry pod.
Downward Spiral: Prologue 91.5%
Cannibal Family Picnic
Get to the Mt. Tanner Ranger Station.
State of Decay 91.3%
What the... ?
Kill Johannsen, or what's left of him.
Halfway 91.2%
Complete the first level of a play session, without taking any damage.
Hand of Fate 91.2%
Imperial Seal
Recovered your signet ring
Dishonored 2
Family Road Trip
Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 1
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 91.1%
A Rite Of Passage
Purchase your 1st car!
Table Top Racing: World Tour 91.1%
To fill anti-matter tanks
Human-powered spacecraft 91.1%
You're the top minds
Research an item
Jurassic World Evolution 90.9%
To gain 100000000 energy
Human-powered spacecraft 90.9%
Trying New Things
Find an alien weapon
Alien Rage - Unlimited 90.8%
Customize one slot on a single Battle-Car
Rocket League 90.7%
Point & Shoot
Find a new weapon
Alien Rage - Unlimited 90.7%
Score your first Goal
Rocket League 90.7%
Timid octopuses!
To banish three octopuses anti-matter
Human-powered spacecraft 90.6%
Take a photo of an intel site
Bomber Crew 90.6%
420 Actions Per Minute!
To make I seven turns of pedals a second
Human-powered spacecraft 90.5%
Play the tutorial.
Skyscrapers Puzzle: Airi's tale 90.4%
Real turbulent juice
Cleanly land a jump longer than 65m
DiRT 4 90.4%
Action Hero
Defuse "The First Bomb"
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 90.4%
Above 1000 points
Gain more than 1000 points
Type Defense 90.4%
Big Brother
Protect Francesca.
Mafia II 90.3%
Complete the first mission
Alien: Isolation 90.3%
Following in Father's Footsteps
Enter the Syrian tomb of the Lost Prophet
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Deep One, Two, Three
123 Deep Ones must die.
Tesla vs Lovecraft 90.2%
Forward to the Past
Complete the Tutorial
Wizard of Legend 90.1%
Zero Saints Thirty
Complete 'Zero Saints Thirty'.
Saints Row IV
The Ghost
Defeated Hexaghost.
Slay the Spire
First Entry
Set foot on the planet
The Solus Project 90.0%
Tutorial Completed
Complete the Tutorial level.
The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed 89.9%
Thanks for Coming
Complete the Welcome Event
DiRT 4 89.9%
I'm Batman
Become the Bat
Batman: Arkham City™ 89.9%
Full upgrade
Upgrade the ship to a maximum
Human-powered spacecraft 89.8%
Best Friends
Acquire a pet
Rogue Wizards
Welcome to the Far West.
Fenimore Fillmore: The Westerner 89.7%
Completed Story Mission 2
Particle Fleet: Emergence 89.6%
The Staff Meeting
Collect a wizarding staff
Nine Parchments 89.5%
Meet Jeff
What does the fuzzy thing do?
Life Goes On 89.5%
The counting has started
Get 1 medal in the campaign.
Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon 89.4%
Hungry Hunter
Clu Joined the Party
Aegis Defenders
New in Town
Complete level 1
Antihero 89.3%
Bag Blisterz Booty
Bounty Blizterz Booty
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD 89.3%
Unexpected Guests
Complete Chapter 2 of Episode 1
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 89.2%
Tech Wiz
For completing Introductory Jumper in less than 5 minutes
Magrunner: Dark Pulse 89.1%
View the TIS-100 manual.
TIS-100 89.1%
Combo weak strike
Combo attack enemies' weak point 10 times
Eternity Warriors™ VR 88.9%
Long way begin
Craft 1st item
Craft The World 88.8%
In Her Charge
Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 1
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 88.8%
This is Madness
Kill a unit by pushing it off to a pithole
Dungeon Warfare 88.7%
Basic Training
Systems checks complete!
Space Pirates and Zombies 2 88.7%
Shady Snake
Met Snake. He seems dangerous. You get why everybody calls him Snake.
Graveyard Keeper 88.6%
On the Road to Nowhere
Travel 1300 car lengths in a vehicle
Mad Max 88.5%
Hint Guy
Recruit Terry Hints.
LISA 88.5%
It's alive!
Collect the first zombie
Master of Mutations 88.4%
You Will Obey
Make an uruk yours.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 88.3%
The Fight Begins
Reaching the Gate for the first time
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
River Runs Cold
Arrived at the shore.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 88.3%
Complete training sequence.
Metro: Last Light 88.3%
Kill 1000 aliens.
Kill 1000 aliens.
Alien Hallway 2 88.3%
The Boss
Defeated the Slime Boss.
Slay the Spire
Traversed World 2
Travel all the way across World 2.
Braid 88.1%
Divine Wind
Complete a game less than in 60 seconds.
Mahjong Classic 88.0%
Wave-5 Passed
Beat Wave-5
Type Defense 87.9%
Fast Food
Bite 10 humans to death in 15 seconds
Zombie Night Terror 87.9%
Acid Bath
Save the damsel, but is she in distress?
Batman: Arkham City™ 87.9%
My favorite when I was a kid
Release a Triceratops
Jurassic World Evolution 87.8%
Quick Understanding Of Block Extrusion
Complete the tutorial
Q.U.B.E. 87.7%
Practical lessons
Get your first level up
Ziggurat 87.7%
Kill an enemy with a weapon fired on Overdrive
Ironcast 87.7%
Learn the cooking skill.
Hero of the Kingdom III 87.7%
Perform a 5x combo
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number 87.7%
Deal Gone Bad
Complete Chapter 4 of Episode 1
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 87.6%
Capture an outpost or guard post.
Complete Chapter 1
ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition 87.5%
Welcome to Pandora, Kiddos
Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 1
Tales from the Borderlands 87.4%
Travel 1km
Human: Fall Flat 87.4%
Found a campsite.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 87.4%
Remember Me
Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 1
The Walking Dead: Michonne 87.3%
Turn Back the Tide
Kill all the vikings in a ship, before it reaches the shore
Bad North 87.1%
This Time for Real
Give it to them straight about your meeting with Pat Garrett.
Call of Juarez Gunslinger
A Hard Goodbye
Complete Chapter 5 of Episode 1
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 87.1%
A Fracture in Time
You were there when time broke.
Quantum Break
Completed Story Prologue
Particle Fleet: Emergence 87.0%
Dr. Love
Get whisked away by a hunky medic.
The Escapists 2 87.0%
It's not a hangover, it's the zombie flu!
Use 5 contaminations on humans
Zombie Night Terror 86.9%
Completed "Minotaur Town" on Normal difficulty or harder.
Complete Chapter 1 Mission 1, "Minotaur Town" on Normal difficulty or harder.
Highborn 86.9%
To the Rescue
Complete Chapter 6 of Episode 1
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 86.7%
Defeat an enemy with a Raidmaster.
The Banner Saga 86.7%
Complete 'The Saints Wing'.
Saints Row IV 86.7%
Above 2500 points
Gain more than 2500 points
Type Defense 86.7%
Out of sight
Destroy any object on the playing field 1 time
Master of Mutations 86.5%
Heavy Burden
You infiltrated the mansion and assassinated Diana Burnwood
Hitman: Absolution
Learn the fishing skill.
Hero of the Kingdom III 86.4%
Target Destroyed
Destroy an enemy target
Bomber Crew 86.3%
Blue Danube
Board a space station
Out There: Ω Edition 86.3%
Pick-Me Up
Collect 5 Items
Rocket League 86.2%
On the Path
Met new people.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 86.2%
Just getting started
Take out 20 enemies
Shank 86.2%
Día de Muertos
Remove the dagger from the Temple of the Moon
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Now What?
Arrived at the cabin.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 86.1%
Unlock Barrows
Hero Defense 86.1%
What's on your mind
Find a page of Randall's journal
Deadlight 85.7%
I Think I Got This
Perform a heart transplant.
Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality 85.7%
Day V
Survive day 5.
Kingdom: New Lands 85.7%
Sector 1, Completed
Complete Sector 1
Q.U.B.E. 85.6%
No One Cared Who I Was...
Until I put on the mask.
PAYDAY 2 85.6%
Know Thy Self
You acquired a Human ability.
Prey 85.6%
Welcome to the Resistance
Complete your first mission
Welcome To Jurassic Park
Complete Prologue
LEGO® Jurassic World 85.4%
Press the Button!
Use any weapon’s secondary fire mode
Alien Rage - Unlimited 85.4%
Link Master
Create a match chain with 4 different types of node
Ironcast 85.4%
If You Build It, They Will Come
Have 6 Improvements at one time.
Sid Meier's Civilization VI 85.3%
Fallen Angel
Get your first Supernatural Powers
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell 85.2%
The Gazala Gallop
Complete Mission 1
Sniper Elite 3 85.0%
I'm Batman
Become the Bat
Batman: Arkham City GOTY 85.0%
First Blood
Complete the tactical tutorial
XCOM 2 85.0%
Completed Story Mission 3
Particle Fleet: Emergence 84.9%
There Is No Pancakes
Complete 'A Pleasant Day'.
Saints Row IV 84.9%
Got what you needed.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 84.9%
Recipe for Disaster
Survive the flood
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Into the Breach
Help Griggs and Sheckley hold off the antlion invasion inside the mine shaft.
Half-Life 2: Episode Two 84.9%
Plort Peddler
Sell 100 plorts at the Plort Market
Slime Rancher 84.8%
Still. Not. Bitten.
Took care of yourself.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 84.7%
I Can See My House From Here
Complete a survey activity.
State of Decay 84.7%
First Takedown
Perform your first Takedown. Civilians don't count, so be nice.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 84.7%
Freed the assassin Daud
Dishonored®: Death of the Outsider™
Like Clockwork
Complete a successful ambush
XCOM 2 84.6%
Headed Out
Headed out with the group.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 84.5%
Fits Like a Glove
Meet your new best friend
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition 84.5%
Tougher Than She Looks
Survive a night in the Siberian wilderness
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Quite A Tumble
Survive the avalanche
Rise of the Tomb Raider
All aboard...
Stop the train before it reaches the railway station (single player).
Dogfight 1942 Russia under Siege 84.4%
Save the medical volunteers
Batman: Arkham City™ 84.3%
First blood
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
Metro 2033 84.2%
Eastern Winds
Finish the Russian campaign (single player).
Dogfight 1942 Russia under Siege 84.2%
Kill 50 monsters.
Hero of the Kingdom III 84.1%
Famous Ace
Earn all medals and the highest rank in all missions (Eastern Winds).
Dogfight 1942 Russia under Siege 84.1%
Bloody Business
Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 2
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 84.0%
Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat
Win all duels with enemy ace (Eastern Winds).
Dogfight 1942 Russia under Siege 84.0%
An awakening
What's on the surface?
Seasons after Fall 84.0%
That belongs in a museum!
Uncover your first treasure.
Renowned Explorers: International Society 83.9%
Halls of His Temple
Enter Elohim's temple.
The Talos Principle
Back in Business
Do your first job for Mike Bruski.
Mafia II 83.9%
A Revolution Without Dancing
Change your government
Sid Meier's Civilization VI 83.9%
Grandpa to the Rescue
Bart Joined the Party
Aegis Defenders
Let a tabby slime headbutt you right on the nose
Slime Rancher 83.8%
Baby Steps
Reach The Verdant Path.
Seeking Dawn
Reading the Past
Translate one Monolith
Rise of the Tomb Raider 83.7%
I will not negotiate with the Undead!
Reach a Chain Count of 10
Zombie Army Trilogy 83.7%
Get back to the Ark!
Return to the Ark!
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden 83.7%
It's all about control with you
Add a task for an ACU or Ranger Team
Jurassic World Evolution 83.6%
First Contact
Landed on a planet for the first time
The Spatials 83.6%
Enemy at the Gates
Complete Chapter 2 of Episode 2
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 83.6%
Scale your first object
Conjuror's Eye 83.6%
Explore 10 star systems
Out There: Ω Edition 83.6%
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Tackle a door
Deadlight 83.5%
Complete your first commission.
Windward 83.5%
Opening Gambits
Finish the Opening Gambits mission.
Infested Planet 83.4%
Just Walk Away
Travel 650 car lengths on foot
Mad Max 83.4%
Be part of killing a Rat Ogre
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide 83.3%
On the Road Again
Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 2
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 83.3%
Lab Rat
Acquire the fully powered Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.
Portal 83.2%
Hunt down 20 rabbits.
Hero of the Kingdom III 83.2%
First Hack
Perform your first Hack successfully.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 83.2%
Split Decision
Completed Episode 1: "All That Remains"
The Walking Dead: Season Two 83.1%
Pop a Jellofish
Scrap Attack 83.1%
Departed from Cassardis.
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen 83.1%
Leap of Fail
Complete "Mansion"
Human: Fall Flat 83.1%
Friends Are Always Here to Help You
Use automatic parking
Euro Truck Simulator 2 83.1%
Healed for the first time
Risen 3 - Titan Lords 83.0%
Flying Hunter
Sink 5 ships in under a minute.
Dogfight 1942 Fire over Africa 83.0%
Duplicate any zombie with a reagent
Master of Mutations 83.0%
Shoot food into an airborne slime's mouth
Slime Rancher 83.0%
Achievement for One
Find the first achievement pickup in 'Spawn'.
Thomas Was Alone 83.0%
300% Accuracy
Destroy 3 enemy ground vehicles with one bomb.
Dogfight 1942 Fire over Africa 83.0%
Rumor Hunter
Complete a Rumor
XCOM 2 82.9%
Jackie's Got Talent
Purchase a Talent in the single player campaign
The Darkness II 82.9%
Close Call
Fox saved Nuna from a dangerous predator.
Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)
Lay your hands on me
Survive a close encounter
Deadlight 82.8%
"Good first day."
Completed Day 1
Ghost Buster
Complete Ghost Hideout in the Campaign
RAGE 82.8%
I Ran (So Far Away)
Escape from the warehouse
Deadlight 82.7%
Home Sweet Home
Complete Chapter 2.
Mafia II 82.7%
First Steps
Purchase a Skill
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 82.7%
Cooking up a storm
Manufacture a GTK item.
Homefront: The Revolution 82.7%
When You Don't Pay Your Debts...
Collected the money owed.
Yakuza Kiwami
The Sands of Africa
Finish the African campaign (single player).
Dogfight 1942 Fire over Africa 82.6%
Arrive at Portia.
My Time At Portia 82.6%
Jewel of the South
Reached Karnaca
Dishonored 2
I'm Not a Rookie
Earn all medals and the highest rank in all missions (The Sands of Africa).
Dogfight 1942 Fire over Africa 82.6%
Complete Chapter 2 of Episode 1
The Walking Dead: Michonne 82.5%
Breaking Through
Complete Chapter 4 of Episode 2
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 82.5%
Wonderful Mechanic
Fix the elevator without any items
Learning the ropes
Complete tutorial.
Ridge Racer™ Unbounded 82.4%
Collect 5000 crystals.
Collect 5000 crystals.
Alien Hallway 2 82.4%
Passer By
Find one collectable.
Modern Tales: Age of Invention 82.3%
Message Received
Finish the Lab
First Taste of Success
Add treasures to your permanent collection for the first time.
Renowned Explorers: International Society 82.3%
Complete the first mission of the campaign
DOOM 82.3%