Achievement Game Visibility Global Unlocks
Scout I
Unlock stealth perk 1
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Puncturing Shots
Deliver 75 one hit kills.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 83.4%
Arm Up
Upgrade a unit.
Fantasy General II 82.8%
Knife throwing
Unlock stealth perk 2
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Level Up
Unlock your first skill
How to Survive 81.0%
Yellow Beats Green
Upgrade a level 1 tower to a level 2 tower.
Defense Grid 2 80.5%
Double reload
Unlock assault perk 1
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Flawless Victory
Earn a Gold Medal.
Defense Grid 2 77.7%
Buy, Buy, Buy!
Purchase an item from the Shoppe.
Jamestown 77.0%
Field Promotion
Earn a silver (or better) medal.
Defense Grid 2 76.8%
No Sale
Win any mission without selling any towers.
Defense Grid 2 76.7%
Kill ten Diggles.
Dungeons of Dredmor 76.5%
Knowledge is Power
Spent your first skill point.
Fantasy General II 76.5%
Just a flesh wound
Sometimes to win battles you have to make hard choices and sacrifices. In this battle you lost 25 units to combat with the enemy. Sometimes an outdated unit can get a needed boost of speed or armor with the right technology. Get used to watching the alerts on your mini-map as well - a second attack is easy to miss once you are defending the first one. Use this tactic to your advantage as well.
Age of Empires II (2013) 76.5%
Hey! That's mine!
Kill an alien carrying a power core.
Defense Grid 2 75.9%
Happy Returns
Recover a loose core.
Defense Grid 2 75.9%
Combine two gems of different colors.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 75.7%
Use speed up controls for a total of 30 seconds in any one mission.
Defense Grid: The Awakening 74.5%
Not alone on this island
Unlock Isla Muerta
Jurassic World Evolution 74.3%
First Random Map
When you are ready to take on the unexpected you are ready to take on the world. The Random map challenge is for any who are ready for attack or defense by land or sea and to defend against those who would threaten your empire. Fight on!
Age of Empires II (2013) 74.3%
Unlock demolition perk 1
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Diesel, No Petrol!
Use a filling station
Euro Truck Simulator 2 73.2%
Amplify a gem.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 72.7%
Build 20 towers of any type in one mission.
Defense Grid 2 72.5%
Unlock tactical perk 1
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Bonk after missing a Gold Bar to rewind time and try again
Peekaboo, I See You
Reveal a hidden ambusher without being ambushed.
Fantasy General II 71.7%
Old Memories
Unlock a wizard tower.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 71.5%
Nobody Likes a Whiner
Knock out the talent at the talk show
Duke Nukem Forever 71.5%
Rescue a Survivor from a Smoker's tongue before he takes damage.
Left 4 Dead 71.2%
Fifth Grader
Create a grade 5 gem.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 70.6%
Call a wave early.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 70.4%
Wash Away
Kill 100 monsters while it's raining.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 70.1%
Well Defended
Gain 250 xp keeping your orb intact.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 70.0%
Defeat the Lady of the Lake.
Jamestown 69.7%
Win a mission with at least 1,000 resources remaining.
Defense Grid 2 69.6%
Nailed It!
Roll your car, landed on your wheels and carried on.
DiRT Rally 69.5%
Boom Baby
Kill 2 enemies with a single Bomb.
Super Sanctum TD 69.3%
Blow 25 enemies to pieces with critical strikes
Torchlight 69.2%
Use a rest stop
Euro Truck Simulator 2 68.8%
White Wand
Reach wizard level 10.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 68.8%
Scout II
Unlock stealth perk 7
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Sink Or Swim
Dive into the Money Bin
DuckTales Remastered
The Enchanter
Imbue your weapon with a spell.
Magicka 68.2%
Knowledge Seeker
Open a tome chamber.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 68.2%
Close Call
Save a core that is less than 10 seconds away from the map's exit point.
Defense Grid 2 68.0%
Don't Let It Through!
Select a monster.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 67.7%
Kill 1000 aliens.
Defense Grid 2 67.5%
Throw a gem bomb.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 66.6%
One per sec.
Kill 5 zombies in less than 5 seconds.
How to Survive 66.5%
In for a Trait
Activate a battle trait.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 66.5%
Helicopter Love
Land 3 helicopters in a row
Flight Control HD 66.4%
Discoverer I
Enter La Vendida Island
How to Survive 66.3%
Reach mana pool level 5.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 65.8%
You Want To Touch Me?
Engage Witch Time successfully 10 times.
Bayonetta 65.2%
Over the Brink
Defeat Brink
Torchlight 65.2%
Clear the "Ground Zeroes" mission
Quick draw
Unlock tactical perk 2
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Kill a Tank without it dealing any damage to a Survivor.
Left 4 Dead 64.6%
I have to get that gun!
Pick up a shotgun
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 64.5%
The 12 Days of Christmas
Win 12 or more hands.
Poker Night at the Inventory 64.2%
Clear the Training Area.
Super Sanctum TD 63.9%
Dark Ages Rush or Early Adopter
By pre-ordering Age of Empires II: HD Edition or being an early adopter, you have demonstrated your superior strategic planning and advance preparation as hallmark qualities of a great leader. Now that your reputation is secure, give swift word to friends and allies to come and join you in the fight!
Age of Empires II (2013)
Win 1 match
Quake Champions 63.3%
Make 100 headshot kills.
Left 4 Dead 63.3%
Kill 100 aliens
Duke Nukem Forever 63.2%
Acid Rain
Kill 85 poisoned monsters while it's raining.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 62.8%
Impaling Charges
Deliver 250 one hit kills.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 62.5%
Rescue 100 people in a mission.
Atom Zombie Smasher 62.5%
Yellow Wand
Reach wizard level 20.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 62.2%
Special Item: Max
Knock out Max after he's bought in with his special item.
Poker Night at the Inventory 62.1%
Special Item: The Heavy
Knock out The Heavy after he's bought in with his special item.
Poker Night at the Inventory 62.0%
And yet, I lived
Over one hundred of your units were lost in this battle - even with such great losses, if they were well used against the enemy you did the right thing. Get used to studying the battle stats after each match with an opponent - did you have the right complementary mix of units? Did you make your enemy pay for every one of your losses? Every unit sacrificed is an opportunity to learn about your opponent.
Age of Empires II (2013) 61.8%
Quick regeneration
Unlock tactical perk 3
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Warming Up
Have a grade 1 gem with 100 hits.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 61.3%
Gearing Up
Have 5 fragments socketed in your talisman.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 61.2%
Well Laid
Have 11 gems on the battlefield.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 61.1%
Mysterious Foes
You have faced the unknown! Playing against random opponents will expose you to a world’s worth of variety of units, tactics, and technologies. Study their strengths and weaknesses to become a great leader.
Age of Empires II (2013) 60.8%
Don't let any monster touch your orb for 20 beaten waves.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 60.7%
Special Item: Strong Bad
Knock out Strong Bad after he's bought in with his special item.
Poker Night at the Inventory 60.5%
Trial By Fire
Complete any level on Difficult difficulty.
Jamestown 60.1%
I think we're back in business
Manually repair a building with the Ranger Team
Jurassic World Evolution 60.1%
Create a gem of 3 components.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 60.0%
Pull Down
Destroy a monster nest.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 59.9%
Getting started
Receive 5 stamps.
Train Valley 59.8%
Blow up 20 Infected in a single explosion.
Left 4 Dead 59.6%
Destroy an enemy unit when it is attacking you
Panzer Corps 59.5%
Deliver 200 passengers in Berlin.
Mini Metro 59.5%
Defeat the Dread Sentry.
Jamestown 59.5%
Death From Above
Use the Orbital Laser Special Weapon (General Cai).
Defense Grid 2 59.5%
Fill in the holes and complete the code
Complete a genome to 100%
Jurassic World Evolution 59.4%
Spring Cleaning
Destroy all Zed in a mission.
Atom Zombie Smasher 59.3%
Need a hand?
Join another player's game.
Dead Island 59.3%
Utilize a boat
Euro Truck Simulator 2 58.9%
Special Item: Tycho
Knock out Tycho after he's bought in with his special item.
Poker Night at the Inventory 58.8%
Perfect Timing
Land 3 aircraft at the same time
Flight Control HD 58.8%
Minor Detour
Build 15 walls.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 58.7%
Pull It!
Select a building.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 58.4%
Natural Disaster 3x
Kill 3 aliens at once
Duke Nukem Forever 58.4%
Night Owl
Survive the night.
Atom Zombie Smasher 58.0%
Efficient Magic
Attack a unit with magic that has reached 0 morale.
Fantasy General II 57.9%
Dry Puddle
Harvest all mana from a mana shard.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 57.9%
Path of Blood
Kill 1.000 monsters.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 57.8%
Spend 870 mana on banishment.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 57.5%
Knee Deep
Beat 30 waves.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 57.5%
High Five
Celebrate your cooperative calibration success
Portal 2 57.5%
A taste of everything
Kill a zombie with 10 different melee weapons.
Dead Island 57.5%
Enemy of the Swarm
Kill 333 swarmlings.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 57.3%
Clever girl
Release a Velociraptor
Jurassic World Evolution 57.2%
Rough Path
Kill 60 monsters with gems in traps.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 57.0%
Now With Sprinkles
Enable a Tower Augmentation item on any tower.
Defense Grid 2 56.5%
Exterminator Bronze
Destroy 100 enemy units
Panzer Corps 56.5%
Short Tempered
Call 5 waves early.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 56.2%
Fetch a Fair Price
Send your pet to town
Torchlight 56.1%
Warranty Void if Used
Create a customized weapon.
Dead Island 55.9%
High Stakes
Set a battle trait to level 7 or higher.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 55.9%
Going Underground
Fight an Underway battle during a campaign.
Total War: WARHAMMER 55.9%
Launch the Enchanted Edition of the game
Trine 55.9%
Are they slow-moving, Chief?
Kill 500 enemy grunts
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 55.9%
Iron-Hard & Angry
Win a campaign battle, having completely wiped out all enemy units.
Total War: WARHAMMER 55.5%
It was Abandoned Anyway
Destroy a dwelling.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 55.4%
Salvage Rights
Kill an alien boss creature. (Juggernaut, Rumbler, Turtle, or Crasher)
Defense Grid 2 55.3%
Deliver 200 passengers in Paris.
Mini Metro 55.2%
Spared no expense
Unlock Isla Nublar
Jurassic World Evolution 54.9%
Superheavy Smackdown
Defeat the Baneblade on Ladon Temple Ruins.
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution
The Right to Bear Arms
Unlock the Bear Mount.
Fantasy General II
Mana Mogul
Reach 10.000 mana in your mana pool.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 54.6%
A beautiful, but deadly addition
Release a Dilophosaurus
Jurassic World Evolution 54.4%
Light a Tank with a Molotov.
Left 4 Dead 54.1%
Loot an artefact from a killed enemy.
Fantasy General II 54.1%
How many days exactly?
Play Dead Island at least 28 days after starting it for the first time.
Dead Island 54.0%
Leadership Test
Have a single Lord make 100 kills during a battle.
Total War: WARHAMMER 53.9%
I Saw Something
Kill an apparition.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 53.7%
Deploy an ammo upgrade and have your team use it.
Left 4 Dead 2 53.4%
Silent shot
Unlock stealth perk 5
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Core Pack
Find 13 shadow cores.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 53.3%
Destroy a beacon.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 53.3%
All in a day's work
Kill 500 enemies.
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution 53.2%
Orange Wand
Reach wizard level 40.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 53.1%
Boot Camp
Finish all the missions in Chapter 1 in Story Mode.
Defense Grid 2 52.9%
Have 1.000 initial mana.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 52.8%
Deliver 300 passengers in Melbourne.
Mini Metro 52.7%
Manually medicate a diseased dinosaur with the Ranger Team
Jurassic World Evolution 52.5%
First Blood
Kill one enemy using the M60.
Magicka 52.5%
Safety Card
Read the game tutorial
Flight Control HD 52.4%
Normal Combo
Sustain a vaunt combo for 25 seconds on Normal.
Jamestown 52.4%
Use the speed up control at 3x for a total of 60 seconds in any mission.
Defense Grid 2 52.3%
Wicked Weaver
Execute a Wicked Weave attack while using Dodge Offset.
Bayonetta 52.2%
Protect any Survivor from an attacking Infected 50 times.
Left 4 Dead 52.1%
Fire Away
Cast a gem enhancement spell.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 52.1%
Activate a shrine.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 52.1%
Pit Champion
Defeat the Battlelord in Las Vegas
Duke Nukem Forever 51.7%
Fire extinguisher
Defeat a Fire Demon
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 51.5%
Mondays Be Like…
Crash your car so bad it ended your rally.
DiRT Rally 51.4%
Going to make a fortune with this place
Unlock Isla Tacano
Jurassic World Evolution 51.4%
Stones to Ashes
Demolish one of your structures.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 51.3%
Deliver 200 passengers in New York City.
Mini Metro 51.3%
Beast of Burden
Fill your pet's inventory
Torchlight 51.2%
Knock, knock
Breach a locked door with the first blow.
Dead Island 51.1%
Kill a unit that is attacking you.
Fantasy General II 51.1%
Shoot her!
Manually tranquillize a dinosaur with the ACU helicopter
Jurassic World Evolution 51.0%
Unlock assault perk 6
Wolfenstein: The New Order
How You Like Me Now?
Change your Livery.
DiRT Rally 50.7%
Regaining Knowledge
Acquire 5 skills.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 50.6%
Rescue a Survivor trapped in a closet.
Left 4 Dead 50.5%
Goodbye, She Quietly Says
Completed chapter 1 of episode 3.
The Walking Dead 50.3%
Battle Heat
Gain 200 xp with kill chains.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 50.3%
Anchor's Aweigh!
Get the airboat.
Half-Life 2 50.3%
Bad Blood
Completed chapter 2 of episode 3.
The Walking Dead 50.2%
Nobody move a muscle
Manually tranquillize a dinosaur while it is running
Jurassic World Evolution 50.0%
Gain 200 mana from drops.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 50.0%
Collect 5 Droplitz with no path
Droplitz 49.9%
Adept Grade
Create a grade 8 gem.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 49.9%
A Lich to Scratch
Defeat the Overseer
Torchlight 49.7%
Sparse Snares
Build 5 traps.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 49.6%
Fire in the Hole
Destroy 3 monster nests.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 49.5%
Earn your first triple-gold award
Cogs 49.5%
Hit the Road
Completed chapter 3 of episode 3.
The Walking Dead 49.4%
Set 101 Infected on fire.
Left 4 Dead 49.4%
八達通 / Octopus
Deliver 200 passengers in Hong Kong.
Mini Metro 49.2%
What now?
Completed chapter 4 of episode 3.
The Walking Dead 49.2%
Live to Rebuild
For some leaders, losing 15 buildings in a single session would be a reason to retreat and resign. Not you.
Age of Empires II (2013) 49.2%
Shove a Hunter off of a pinned and helpless Survivor.
Left 4 Dead 49.2%
Two hundred of your units were lost in this conflict. Sadly, not every battle can be a sweeping victory where everyone returns to the feast table to boast of their skill. Sometimes, being a good general is about knowing when to throw everything against the enemy without reservation or hesitation. Today you know how that feels.
Age of Empires II (2013) 48.9%
Fire Dragon
Cause more damage to a unit due to its weakness against fire.
Total War: WARHAMMER 48.9%
Beat a campaign with all 4 Survivors.
Left 4 Dead 48.8%
Gain 800 mana from drops.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 48.8%
Breaking Quarantine
Escape from the Research Lab
Aliens vs. Predator 48.8%
If Lost, Please Return to Wonkdonkler
Find a Set of Wizard Keys.
Dungeons of Dredmor 48.4%
Unlock an upgrade for one of your cars.
DiRT Rally 48.3%
Team Building
Complete all test chambers in the Team Building co-op course
Portal 2 48.3%
Murder As Art
Kill 10,000 enemies in battle.
Total War: WARHAMMER 48.3%
Let's Have a Look
Open a drop holder.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 48.3%
Head Trauma
Build 5 Concussion towers.
Defense Grid: The Awakening 48.3%
Bullet feeder
Unlock assault perk 4
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Handle It
Completed chapter 5 of episode 3.
The Walking Dead 48.2%
Glug Glug Glug
Spent 5 consecutive turns under water
Worms Revolution 48.2%
Find 2 talisman fragments.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 48.2%
Change your pet by feeding it fish
Torchlight 48.1%
Jump 1,000 times
There is no goat level
Defeat Jotunn.
Magicka 47.9%
Let it Go
Leave an apparition alive.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 47.9%
Conqueror Silver
Capture 100 flags
Panzer Corps 47.9%
He Who Smelt It
Make an Ingot.
Dungeons of Dredmor 47.7%
Unexpected Delay
Completed chapter 6 of episode 3.
The Walking Dead 47.6%
Have a net income of 5,000 gold per turn.
Total War: WARHAMMER 47.6%
Nuclear Devastation
Kill 250 aliens
Duke Nukem Forever 47.6%
The Big Leagues
Complete a level-3 outbreak mission.
Atom Zombie Smasher 47.5%
Big Guns, Big Ships
Blow up 5 enemy gunships or dropships
Duke Nukem Forever 47.5%
Frozen Grave
Kill 110 monsters while it's snowing.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 47.4%
Kill a Witch without any Survivor taking damage from her.
Left 4 Dead 47.2%
Strike Anywhere
Cast a strike spell.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 47.0%
Have 100 monsters on the battlefield at the same time.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 47.0%
On the Limit
Be on the red line in top gear for 2 seconds.
DiRT Rally 46.9%
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?
Find a Monster Zoo.
Dungeons of Dredmor 46.9%
Confusion Junction
Build 30 walls.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 46.9%
Knife sheath +
Unlock stealth perk 3
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Full Defense
Build 50 towers of any type in one mission.
Defense Grid 2 46.8%
This is an achievement.
The Stanley Parable 46.8%
Scare Tactics
Cast 5 strike spells.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 46.7%
Kill 150 monsters with gems in traps.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 46.7%
Go through portals 20 times in one level
Orcs Must Die! 46.6%
Look Behind You
Completed chapter 7 of episode 3.
The Walking Dead 46.6%
Use the train to cross the channel
Euro Truck Simulator 2 46.6%
Complete game on any difficulty
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Lend Me Your Ears
Completed Episode 3: "Long Road Ahead"
The Walking Dead 46.5%
Through the Woods
Complete "Battle for Heartspire"
Fantasy General II
With a Little Help from my Friends
Hire a mercenary.
Fantasy General II 46.2%
The Lair
Little lost things sometimes find their way home.
Little Nightmares 46.2%
Cache Checker
Find every radar cache in chapter Under The Radar.
Half-Life 2: Episode Two 46.1%
Through All Layers
Kill a monster having at least 200 armor.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 46.0%
First Victory
Congratulations! You have achieved the first multi-player victory of many to come.
Age of Empires II (2013) 45.9%
Purple Wand
Reach wizard level 60.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 45.8%
Get a gem from a drop holder.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 45.8%
I kick arse for the Lord!
Pick up the Preacher
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 45.7%
Kill 10 Smokers as they are pulling helpless Survivors.
Left 4 Dead 45.6%
Iron Kurtain
Take 1000 points of damage in a single life.
Team Fortress 2 45.6%
Kill 25 monsters with frozen corpse explosion.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 45.5%
Daylight Saving Time
Time Stop one hour's worth of accumulated time.
Quantum Break 45.4%
Travel a distance of 20 kilometers on foot.
Dead Island 45.4%
Create a gem with a raw minimum damage of 300 or higher.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 45.3%
No Use of Vitality
Kill a monster having at least 20.000 hit points.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 45.2%
Come to Mama
Liberate the Matriarch
Aliens vs. Predator 45.2%
HMS Deagle
Kill a hundred Diggles.
Dungeons of Dredmor 45.1%
Gift From the Storm God
Receive a Strategic Resource from Hattusa
Sid Meier's Civilization VI 45.0%
Georgia's First City
Completed chapter 1 of episode 4.
The Walking Dead 45.0%
Enhance a gem in a trap.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows 44.9%
Trampoline off of 10 consecutive mushrooms
Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island 44.9%
Strategic Bombing
Neutralize an enemy city, port or airfield using a strategic bomber.
Panzer Corps 44.8%
Extravagant Housewares
Collect the Sceptre of the Incan King
DuckTales Remastered 44.8%