Achievement Unlocked Game Visibility Global Unlocks
Rightful Heir
As the Devil's Minion, acquire the Runesword.
2020-03-31 19:43:09
Talisman: Digital Edition 1.3%
Exorcising Caution
As the Exorcist, destroy an unusable Object in order to gain a Spell.
2020-03-31 19:01:34
Talisman: Digital Edition 1.4%
Spell Master
Earn the Spell Master reward 10 times.
2020-03-31 18:49:49
Talisman: Digital Edition 1.7%
Win the Lottery.
2020-03-31 18:46:21
Talisman: Digital Edition 4.9%
Potent Potables
Drink five potions in the same turn.
2020-03-31 18:39:52
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.3%
Kitted Out
Have the Flail and Full Plate.
2020-03-31 18:12:54
Talisman: Digital Edition 2.3%
The Heist
As the Cat Burglar, Burgle the most expensive item from a shop.
2020-03-31 18:05:54
Talisman: Digital Edition 1.1%
Master Assassin
Win the game with the Assassins' Guild ending.
2020-03-30 22:08:57
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.7%
Controlling the Elements
As the Elementalist, automatically defeat an enemy Elemental.
2020-03-30 22:01:05
Talisman: Digital Edition 1.9%
This Round’s on Me
As the Tavern Maid, pour a drink to more than one character on the same space.
2020-03-30 21:01:57
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.7%
From the Shadows
As the Spy, shadow a character in order to encounter another.
2020-03-30 20:49:26
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.4%
Filthy Rich
Win the game with the Merchants' Guild ending.
2020-03-30 20:42:32
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.7%
I Know What Makes Him Tick
As the Tinkerer, defeat a Construct and take it as a trophy.
2020-03-29 20:30:28
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.6%
Master Thief
Win the game with the Thieves' Guild ending.
2020-03-29 19:35:38
Talisman: Digital Edition 1.2%
High Profile Prisoner
As the Bounty Hunter, gain 6 gold from a character bounty.
2020-03-29 19:29:38
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.3%
It's a Living
Claim 15 gold in bounties in a single game.
2020-03-29 18:47:06
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.9%
Prison Break
Escape from Jail.
2020-03-29 18:18:14
Talisman: Digital Edition 7.8%
As the Courtesan, seduce another character.
2020-03-29 17:55:24
Talisman: Digital Edition 2.6%
Show Off
Win the game with the Sacred Pool ending with 8 Quest Rewards.
2020-03-29 11:55:10
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.3%
A Dip in the Pool
Win the game with the Sacred Pool ending.
2020-03-29 11:55:10
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.6%
Divine Fervour
As the Martyr, win a battle by sacrificing a life.
2020-03-29 10:25:01
Talisman: Digital Edition 4.2%
I Have Done as You Asked
Win a game with the Warlock Quests ending.
2020-03-29 10:19:11
Talisman: Digital Edition 1.7%
The Student Becomes the Master
As the Apprentice Mage, raise your total Craft to 7 or more.
2020-03-29 09:53:36
Talisman: Digital Edition 2.0%
What's in the Box?
Eliminate all other characters with Pandora's Box and win the game.
2020-03-29 09:19:49
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.9%
A Knight's Tale
As the Knight, slay the Miser Dragon.
2020-03-29 08:37:25
Talisman: Digital Edition 1.2%
This is For You
Give another character some of your Gold.
2020-03-28 22:10:48
Talisman: Digital Edition 3.1%
Reap What You Sow
Roll a 6 when confronted by the Reaper.
2020-03-28 20:34:03
Talisman: Digital Edition 12.4%
Most Intelligent
Earn the Most Intelligent reward 20 times.
2020-03-28 19:22:06
Talisman: Digital Edition 2.9%
A Helping Sleight of Hand
Defeat the Trickster and have him steal an Object for you.
2020-03-28 18:37:41
Talisman: Digital Edition 5.0%
Demon Vanquisher
Kill the Demon Lord.
2020-03-28 11:13:31
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.9%
Battle Master
Earn the Battle Master reward 20 times.
2020-03-27 22:46:17
Talisman: Digital Edition 3.3%
Spirit Destroyer
Earn the Spirit Destroyer reward 20 times.
2020-03-27 22:46:14
Talisman: Digital Edition 2.9%
Stay Frosty
Win a game by defeating the Ice Queen.
2020-03-27 22:46:08
Talisman: Digital Edition 3.0%
Beyond the Looking Glass
Have the Lord of Darkness teleport you straight to the Crown of Command.
2020-03-27 21:20:51
Talisman: Digital Edition 5.4%
Gift of the Silver Tongue
As the Merchant, swap an Object for a Magic Object.
2020-03-27 20:07:10
Talisman: Digital Edition 1.5%
I'm Not Fighting That!
Evade the Battle Hulk.
2020-03-27 19:49:10
Talisman: Digital Edition 8.1%
There Can be Only One
As the Highlander, kill another Highlander character.
2020-03-27 19:17:09
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.7%
What's in the Box?
Use the Treasure Chest (Frostmarch) to draw an Object.
2020-03-27 18:29:48
Talisman: Digital Edition 8.5%
Big Spender
Earn the Big Spender reward 10 times.
2020-03-27 18:22:40
Talisman: Digital Edition 3.6%
Poltergeist Exorcist
Earn the Poltergeist Exorcist reward 10 times.
2020-03-27 13:06:38
Talisman: Digital Edition 1.4%
The Exorcist
Use the Cross to kill a Demon.
2020-03-27 12:38:53
Talisman: Digital Edition 3.6%
Sharp Eyed Friend
Use the Magpie to find an Object quicker than usual.
2020-03-27 12:25:22
Talisman: Digital Edition 5.9%
These Are Not the Cards You Are Looking For...
Prevent someone from casting Divination.
2020-03-27 12:00:01
Talisman: Digital Edition 2.6%
Earn the Strongest reward 20 times.
2020-03-27 11:20:38
Talisman: Digital Edition 3.3%
Climb to the Top
Make your way to the Eyrie and defeat the Eagle King.
2020-03-26 21:20:19
Talisman: Digital Edition 12.0%
Hey, Watch Out!
'Accidentally' cause the Tumbling Boulder to land on another character.
2020-03-26 21:19:16
Talisman: Digital Edition 4.9%
Dragon Tamer
Use the Dragon's Eye to capture and use a Dragon in battle.
2020-03-26 20:58:42
Talisman: Digital Edition 4.1%
Keeping One's Intentions in the Dark
As the Valkyrie, pray at the Graveyard with Good Alignment.
2020-03-26 20:32:56
Talisman: Digital Edition 2.2%
A Tale of Good and Evil (where Evil wins for a change)
As the Dark Cultist, take a life from a character of Good Alignment.
2020-03-26 19:59:51
Talisman: Digital Edition 2.9%
Get yourself killed whilst someone is on the Crown of Command.
2020-03-26 19:54:07
Talisman: Digital Edition 11.9%
Learning the Ropes
Reach level 10.
2020-03-26 19:21:07
Talisman: Digital Edition 5.2%
Pied Piper
Earn the Pied Piper reward 10 times.
2020-03-26 19:20:53
Talisman: Digital Edition 4.3%
Breaking the Bank
As the Leprechaun, stockpile more than 30 Gold.
2020-03-26 18:58:29
Talisman: Digital Edition 1.4%
Getting Ahead
Steal another player's turn.
2020-03-26 18:58:09
Talisman: Digital Edition 10.6%
Trophy Master
Earn the Trophy Master reward 10 times.
2020-03-26 18:34:41
Talisman: Digital Edition 5.4%
Into the Unknown
As the Sage, win the game without ever consulting the decks.
2020-03-26 18:34:21
Talisman: Digital Edition 1.0%
A Perilous Journey
Move to the Plain of Peril after defeating the Lord of the Pit.
2020-03-26 17:55:24
Talisman: Digital Edition 2.9%
Bound for Glory
In one game be Lightbound, Darkbound, Unbound and Fateless.
2020-03-26 12:47:45
Talisman: Digital Edition 6.9%
St. George
Kill a Dragon using the Holy Lance.
2020-03-26 11:55:41
Talisman: Digital Edition 15.2%
Win a game without using fate.
2020-03-26 00:10:11
Talisman: Digital Edition 7.3%
The Midas Touch
Alchemise 8 objects in one game.
2020-03-25 23:09:38
Talisman: Digital Edition 5.2%
Spirit Slayer
As the Priest, destroy a Ghost.
2020-03-25 23:09:08
Talisman: Digital Edition 2.0%
Fate Weaver
Earn the Fate Weaver reward 5 times.
2020-03-25 19:47:50
Talisman: Digital Edition 2.9%
As the Sorceress, beguile another character.
2020-03-25 19:11:35
Talisman: Digital Edition 4.9%
As the Ghoul, raise an Enemy as a Follower.
2020-03-25 16:56:56
Talisman: Digital Edition 7.7%
Battle Toad
Win a Battle as a Toad.
2020-03-25 16:54:41
Talisman: Digital Edition 7.4%
PvP Master
Earn the PvP Master reward 5 times.
2020-03-25 15:19:21
Talisman: Digital Edition 7.5%
As the Minstrel, charm any Animal.
2020-03-25 14:27:18
Talisman: Digital Edition 8.4%
Earn the Winner! reward 5 times.
2020-03-25 14:14:21
Talisman: Digital Edition 8.9%
Win a game without losing a life.
2020-03-25 14:13:51
Talisman: Digital Edition 8.2%
I Go Where I Please!
Prevent someone from immobilising you.
2020-03-25 13:55:19
Talisman: Digital Edition 4.5%
Dual Wielder
As the Warrior, kill an enemy with two weapons.
2020-03-25 13:54:51
Talisman: Digital Edition 14.4%
Best of Two out of Three
Win a Dice With Death encounter.
2020-03-25 13:15:20
Talisman: Digital Edition 28.0%
Escape Artist
Escape from the Temple on the first try.
2020-03-25 13:00:08
Talisman: Digital Edition 11.5%
Row Your Boat
Use a Raft to cross the river.
2020-03-25 12:29:03
Talisman: Digital Edition 24.0%
As the Thief, steal an Object from the Village.
2020-03-24 22:09:04
Talisman: Digital Edition 10.6%
As the Wizard, raise your total Craft to 10.
2020-03-24 21:22:01
Talisman: Digital Edition 9.2%
As the Monk, increase your Pray score.
2020-03-24 20:48:49
Talisman: Digital Edition 7.5%
As the Elf, move between two Woods spaces.
2020-03-24 20:27:33
Talisman: Digital Edition 8.5%
As the Druid, change your alignment.
2020-03-24 20:15:27
Talisman: Digital Edition 13.1%
As the Troll, heal yourself after rolling a 6 to move.
2020-03-24 20:05:09
Talisman: Digital Edition 9.9%
A Challenger Has Appeared
Kill a player already on the Crown of Command.
2020-03-24 19:22:52
Talisman: Digital Edition 9.5%
Beasts of Burden
Collect 8 Objects in one game.
2020-03-24 18:53:33
Talisman: Digital Edition 29.0%
Royal Entourage
Have the Prince and Princess as followers at the same time.
2020-03-24 18:39:43
Talisman: Digital Edition 11.4%
As the Prophetess, replace any Adventure Card.
2020-03-24 18:32:06
Talisman: Digital Edition 17.6%
As the Dwarf, travel to the Mines.
2020-03-24 17:43:01
Talisman: Digital Edition 5.5%
As the Assassin, assassinate any creature or character.
2020-03-24 17:10:03
Talisman: Digital Edition 18.8%
The Warlock Would Be Proud
Unlock all Runestones.
2020-03-24 16:45:55
Talisman: Digital Edition 10.6%
They Come in Gold?!
Unlock your first Gold Runestone.
2020-03-24 16:45:55
Talisman: Digital Edition 13.5%
My First Runestone!
Unlock your first Runestone.
2020-03-24 16:45:54
Talisman: Digital Edition 36.0%
We still don't know
Thanks for playing the 2020 version!
2020-03-21 18:42:40
Carpe Diem
Start up Fesnia
2020-03-21 18:32:54
Fesnia 36.2%
No Escape
While using the Crystal Cruiser, trap 4 enemy crew in a single room using the Crystal Being power or a Lockdown Bomb.
2020-03-13 16:36:41
FTL: Faster Than Light
Sweet Revenge
Destroy an enemy ship with a shard from the Crystal Vengeance augment (unique to the Crystal Cruiser).
2020-03-12 20:55:59
FTL: Faster Than Light
Loss of Cabin Pressure
Get to sector 8 without your ship's net oxygen levels exceeding 20 percent (starts after the first jump).
2020-03-10 21:51:49
FTL: Faster Than Light 2.1%
Some people just like to watch ships burn
Have every square of an enemy ship on fire simultaneously.
2020-03-10 18:31:01
FTL: Faster Than Light 3.3%
Coming in for my Pacifism run!
Get to sector 5 without firing a shot, using an offensive drone, or teleporting.
2020-03-10 18:02:22
FTL: Faster Than Light 1.3%
Your Own Fleet
Unlock the Type A layout for every playable ship.
2020-03-08 23:08:55
FTL: Faster Than Light 2.5%
Have a single boarding drone kill 4 crewmembers on one ship.
2020-03-08 14:04:18
FTL: Faster Than Light 0.9%
Living off the Land
Get to sector 8 without buying at a store (Repairs are ok).
2020-03-07 20:31:21
FTL: Faster Than Light 0.9%
Defeat 1000 ships across all playthroughs.
2020-03-07 20:27:41
FTL: Faster Than Light 4.8%
I don't need no stinkin' upgrades!
Get to sector 5 with no system/reactor upgrades.
2020-03-07 19:46:24
FTL: Faster Than Light 3.9%
Astronomically Low Odds
Fail to evade 5 shots in a row with a fully powered and upgraded engine.
2020-03-07 15:53:56
FTL: Faster Than Light 5.5%
Tactical Approach
With the Stealth Cruiser, get to sector 8 without jumping to a beacon with an environmental danger.
2020-03-07 15:26:04
FTL: Faster Than Light 3.7%
Phase Shift
With the Stealth Cruiser, avoid 9 points of damage during a single cloak.
2020-03-07 10:43:58
FTL: Faster Than Light 3.1%
Bird of Prey
Destroy a ship at full health during a single cloak in the Stealth Cruiser.
2020-03-07 10:30:56
FTL: Faster Than Light 3.7%
Is it warm in here?
Have your crew kill a burning enemy on their ship while using the Rock Cruiser.
2020-03-07 01:05:09
FTL: Faster Than Light 3.1%
Defense Drones Don't Do D'anything!
While using the Rock Cruiser, destroy an enemy ship which has a defense drone deployed using only missiles.
2020-03-06 22:56:59
FTL: Faster Than Light 3.8%
Diplomatic Immunity
While using the Federation Cruiser, use your crew in 4 special blue event choices by sector 5.
2020-03-06 22:25:16
FTL: Faster Than Light 3.7%
We're in Position!
While using the Slug Cruiser, have vision of every room of the enemy ship without functioning sensors.
2020-03-05 22:01:42
FTL: Faster Than Light 2.8%
Disintegration Ray
While using the Slug Cruiser, kill 3 enemy crewmembers with one shot from the Anti-Bio Beam.
2020-03-05 21:47:06
FTL: Faster Than Light 3.1%
Home Sweet Home
Jump to 30 nebula locations before sector 8.
2020-03-05 21:45:49
FTL: Faster Than Light 3.3%
Scrap Hoarder
Have at least 600 scrap in your ship storage.
2020-03-05 19:28:17
FTL: Faster Than Light 3.1%
Advanced Mastery
Have Hacking, Mind Control and the Battery active at once.
2020-03-05 19:00:10
FTL: Faster Than Light 3.7%
Battle Royale
While using the Mantis Cruiser, kill the last enemy with your last crewmember on their ship.
2020-03-04 22:15:18
FTL: Faster Than Light 3.0%
Avast, ye scurvy dogs!
Kill 5 enemy crew in a fight without taking hull damage or losing a crewmember while using the Mantis Cruiser.
2020-03-04 20:09:24
FTL: Faster Than Light 4.9%
Take no prisoners!
Kill the crew of 20 ships by sector 6 in the Mantis Cruiser.
2020-03-04 19:50:43
FTL: Faster Than Light 4.6%
Trustworthy Auto-Pilot
Defeat an enemy ship with all of your crew aboard it.
2020-03-04 18:51:33
FTL: Faster Than Light 4.9%
They never saw it coming
Use the Weapon Pre-Igniter augmentation to destroy an enemy ship in one volley before the enemy can get a single shot off.
2020-03-01 20:22:05
FTL: Faster Than Light 4.8%
Givin' her all she's got, Captain!
With the Zoltan Cruiser, have 29 power in systems at the same time.
2020-03-01 20:17:32
FTL: Faster Than Light 3.7%
Get to sector 5 without upgrading your reactor in the Zoltan Cruiser.
2020-03-01 19:25:12
FTL: Faster Than Light 4.7%
Shields Holding
Destroy a ship before it gets through the Zoltan Shield.
2020-03-01 18:43:24
FTL: Faster Than Light 8.6%
Artillery Mastery
Get to sector 5 in the Federation Cruiser without upgrading your Weapons system.
2020-03-01 14:38:52
FTL: Faster Than Light 6.6%
On a Wing and a Prayer
Get to sector 5 without repairing at a store.
2020-03-01 14:38:51
FTL: Faster Than Light 8.2%
Master of Patience
Use only the Artillery Beam to destroy an enemy ship while taking no hull damage.
2020-03-01 13:26:28
FTL: Faster Than Light 6.9%
Slice and Dice
Hit every room of a ship with at least one beam in under 5 seconds.
2020-03-01 13:25:55
FTL: Faster Than Light 7.8%
The guns... They've stopped
Have 4 enemy systems or subsystems ioned at the same time while using the Engi Cruiser.
2020-03-01 11:22:06
FTL: Faster Than Light 7.5%
Rule Ten: Greed is Eternal
Collect 10,000 scrap across all games.
2020-03-01 11:19:32
FTL: Faster Than Light 11.3%
Robotic Warfare
With the Engi Cruiser, have 3 drones functioning at the same time.
2020-03-01 10:54:45
FTL: Faster Than Light 9.0%
The United Federation
Have six unique aliens on the Kestrel Cruiser simultaneously.
2020-03-01 09:41:32
FTL: Faster Than Light 6.0%
Tough Little Ship
As the Kestrel Cruiser, repair back to full health when it only has 1 HP remaining.
2020-03-01 09:28:18
FTL: Faster Than Light 6.7%
I hardly lifted a finger
With the Engi Cruiser, destroy an enemy ship using only drones (no weapons).
2020-02-29 21:24:33
FTL: Faster Than Light 10.0%
No Redshirts Here
Get to sector 8 without losing a crewmember.
2020-02-29 20:54:38
FTL: Faster Than Light 11.7%
Get to sector 8 without using missiles/bombs.
2020-02-29 20:54:38
FTL: Faster Than Light 10.7%
Victory through Asphyxiation
Empty the oxygen (Net level less than 5 percent) of a non-automated, hostile enemy ship.
2020-02-29 20:39:26
FTL: Faster Than Light 8.0%
Full Arsenal
Have 11 systems installed on the Kestrel Cruiser at one time.
2020-02-29 20:17:48
FTL: Faster Than Light 8.8%
Federation Victory (Easy)
Beat the boss on Easy.
2020-02-27 22:39:17
FTL: Faster Than Light 9.7%
Get to sector 8 without using drones.
2020-02-27 21:57:15
FTL: Faster Than Light 11.9%
Federation Base in Range
Get to sector 8.
2020-02-27 21:57:15
FTL: Faster Than Light 13.9%
Just Getting Started
Get to sector 5.
2020-02-26 22:43:57
FTL: Faster Than Light 15.6%
Red Light Tycoon
Build 10 brothels in one game
2020-02-22 20:56:28
Port Royale 3 0.4%
... Vidi ...
Take control over 15 towns within one game
2020-02-22 18:29:58
Port Royale 3 0.6%
Spend 50 hours in the Caribbean
2020-02-22 18:29:58
Port Royale 3
Self Made
Get 10 warships built in the shipyard
2020-02-21 18:44:10
Port Royale 3 0.5%
Collector's desire
Possess all ship types in one game
2020-02-13 19:17:46
Port Royale 3 0.9%
Maximize all abilities of a captain
2020-02-12 21:27:04
Port Royale 3 0.3%
Win a battle with a pinnace against at least 60 guns
2020-02-10 17:43:59
Port Royale 3 0.5%
I Wore Ofieri Before It Was Cool
Collect all available Ofieri armor and horse gear, and at least one Ofieri sword.
2020-01-13 21:30:19
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 2.5%
When It's Many Against One…
Provoke all Iris von Everec's Nightmares into fighting you at the same time and defeat them.
2020-01-13 21:19:02
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Let the Good Times Roll!
Participate in all the activities at the wedding.
2020-01-13 20:32:25
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Pacta Sunt Servanda
Finish the "Hearts of Stone" expansion.
2020-01-12 18:20:34
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Wild Rose Dethorned
Defeat all the fallen knights and loot their campsites.
2020-01-12 14:10:08
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Curator of Nightmares
Recreate all of Iris' nightmares in the Painted World.
2020-01-12 13:47:45
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Reach character development level 35.
2020-01-12 10:07:23
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 28.4%
Buy all the items put on the block at the Borsodis' Auction House.
2020-01-11 23:58:28
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
David and Golyat
Kill Golyat with a crossbow bolt to his eye.
2020-01-09 22:38:41
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witcher's Gone South
Travel to the Duchy of Toussaint.
2020-01-09 22:37:03
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 22.0%
Geralt: The Professional
Complete all witcher contracts.
2020-01-09 18:24:26
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Card Collector
Acquire all gwent cards available in the base version of the game.
2020-01-09 18:06:18
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 5.0%
What Was That?
Attack, counter, cast a Sign and throw a bomb (in any order) in under 4 seconds.
2020-01-08 20:43:15
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Acquire all the Abilities in one tree.
2020-01-08 20:29:05
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 7.0%
Kill 20 cows.
2020-01-08 20:27:27
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Hasta la Vista™
Kill a frozen opponent with a crossbow bolt.
2020-01-08 20:17:59
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Fill all mutagen slots.
2020-01-08 20:12:52
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 31.3%
I'm Not Kissing That
Kill the prince cursed into a toad.
2020-01-08 18:02:31
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Can Quit Anytime I Want
Be under the influence of seven potions or decoctions at the same time.
2020-01-06 19:30:56
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 3.9%
Brawl Master
Complete all fistfighting quests in Velen, Skellige and Novigrad.
2020-01-05 18:56:05
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 16.3%
Defeat Olaf, the Skellige champion of unarmed combat.
2020-01-05 18:51:02
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 18.2%
Complete the subplot about choosing Skellige's ruler.
2020-01-05 13:59:56
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Kaer Morhen Trained
Perform 10 effective counterattacks in a row without getting hit or parrying.
2020-01-05 09:53:11
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 4.4%
Woodland Spirit
Complete the contract on the Woodland Spirit.
2020-01-05 09:38:30
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 15.4%
Fiend or Foe?
Complete the contract on Morvudd.
2020-01-05 00:22:52
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 21.9%
Pest Control
Destroy all monster nests in the Velen / Novigrad region, or in Skellige.
2020-01-04 21:35:34
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 10.3%
The Enemy of My Enemy
Use the Axii Sign to force one opponent to kill another. Do this 20 times.
2020-01-04 19:31:26
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 2.9%
That Is the Evilest Thing…
Ignite the gas produced by a Dragon's Dream bomb using a burning opponent. Do this 10 times.
2020-01-04 15:17:45
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 3.2%
Fast and Furious
Win all the horse races in the game.
2020-01-04 13:57:35
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 11.7%
Killed It
Win a round of gwent with a total strength of at least 187.
2020-01-03 22:30:25
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 6.0%
Help Yennefer extract information from Skjall's body.
2020-01-03 20:47:09
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Return to Sender
Kill 3 opponents with their own arrows.
2020-01-03 18:21:51
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 3.7%
Rad Steez, Bro!
Slide downhill uninterrupted for at least 10 seconds.
2020-01-03 18:17:06
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Discover 100 fast travel points.
2020-01-03 12:07:10
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 30.4%
A Friend in Need
Find and free Dandelion.
2020-01-02 23:08:14
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Gwent Master
Defeat Tybalt and win the gwent tournament held at the Passiflora.
2020-01-02 17:42:34
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 12.9%
Ashes to Ashes
Complete the contract on Therazane.
2020-01-02 11:29:28
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 24.2%
Even Odds
Kill 2 monsters you have a contract on without using Signs, potions, mutagens, oils or bombs.
2020-01-02 11:25:49
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 11.2%
All In
Play three hero cards in one round of gwent and win the match.
2020-01-02 10:19:56
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 19.1%
Triple Threat
Kill 3 opponents in one fight using 3 different methods (swords, bombs, crossbow, Signs, etc.).
2020-01-02 08:42:20
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Fearless Vampire Slayer
Complete the contract on Sarasti.
2020-01-02 00:07:36
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 26.7%
Environmentally Unfriendly
Kill 50 opponents using the environment (e.g. swamp gas, insects or objects).
2020-01-01 21:54:02
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 36.6%
Geralt and Friends
Win a round of gwent using only neutral cards.
2020-01-01 19:33:14
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 20.3%
The Doppler Effect
Resolve the doppler problem in Novigrad.
2019-12-31 14:47:07
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 30.3%
Armed and Dangerous
Find and equip all the elements of one set of witcher gear.
2019-12-30 16:46:32
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 21.3%
Family Counselor
Find the baron's wife and daughter.
2019-12-30 13:06:47
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Collect the formulae for 6 different bomb types.
2019-12-30 10:57:57
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 40.7%
Fist of the South Star
Defeat an opponent in a fistfight without taking any damage.
2019-12-30 09:59:51
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 50.2%
Fire in the Hole
Destroy 10 monster nests using bombs.
2019-12-29 22:32:14
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 32.5%
Complete the contract on the shrieker.
2019-12-29 20:28:38
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 38.5%
Friends With Benefits
Complete the subplot involving Keira Metz.
2019-12-29 18:22:38
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Read 30 books, journals or other documents.
2019-12-28 22:12:45
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 49.0%
Lilac and Gooseberries
Find Yennefer of Vengerberg.
2019-12-28 16:44:03
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Power Overwhelming
Have all possible Place of Power bonuses active at the same time.
2019-12-28 16:00:54
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 5.3%
Butcher of Blaviken
Kill at least 5 opponents in under 10 seconds.
2019-12-28 14:38:21