Graveyard Keeper

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Graveyard Keeper
RPG, Indie, Adventure, Simulation
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Released August 15, 2018
USD 19.99
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Player Completion Achievements Completion Time Playtime Last Unlock
SeppoHovi™ 77.06% 84 / 109 65h 53m 2021-01-27 11:12:51
Edoc 12.84% 14 / 109 18h 9m 2021-01-26 18:43:57
Chemičić ⚡ 98.17% 107 / 109 59h 6m 2021-01-24 18:02:09
Red-Bearded 12.84% 14 / 109 13h 51m 2021-01-24 12:20:18
Plasmablast05 61.47% 67 / 109 78h 57m 2021-01-23 19:03:09
teapot 100% 109 52h 37m 52h 37m 2021-01-22 21:04:52
𝑫𝑰𝒁𝟐𝟏𝟎𝟖 11.93% 13 / 109 16h 10m 2021-01-21 15:30:27
ClumsyJuice 96.33% 105 / 109 79h 29m 2021-01-21 10:59:02
Wolf 22.94% 25 / 109 42h 4m 2021-01-20 20:51:53
nixery2 100% 109 124h 21m 124h 46m 2021-01-20 20:35:31
Achievement Unlocked Visibility Global Unlocks
Blood supplier
Brought corpse blood to the vampire. Not very tasty, but better than many popular diets!
2021-01-13 22:19:25 3.7%
Cook of Revolution
You've helped the revolutionaries. Let's spread donkey communism across the world!
2021-01-13 22:18:23 4.6%
To stop an Ancient Curse
Alaric convinced you to help. Refusal would have been dangerous to your health.
2021-01-13 22:16:37 3.7%
The face of the enemy
Exposed the vampire. Time to play Van Helsing!
2021-01-13 22:13:03 3.7%
Revolution begins
It's your last chance to join the workers and peasants. To be more specific, the donkeys and rats.
2021-01-13 21:51:17 6.4%
Employee of the month
Yorick became your bartender. For no salary. Slavery? No, he's made of wood!
2020-12-19 13:00:47 11.2%
Talking Skull
Built the tavern. Horadric wishes you were dead now.
2020-12-19 12:49:12 11.4%
Vampires in the Village
A vampire is terrorizing the villagers? Solution: an army of carnivorous bees.
2020-12-19 12:40:32 7.0%
An unexpected guest
Met marquis Teodoro Jr. An aristocrat in danger - what could be more profitable!
2020-12-19 12:24:32 7.4%
Bought your first land in the Village. By cheating a sick and helpless old man.
2020-12-10 21:13:09 12.4%
Back home
Switched on the portal. Are you sure you want leave?
2018-09-25 19:42:40
Shovel master
Buried 50 bodies.
2018-09-25 19:30:08 10.7%
Prodigal father
Helped Astrologer reunite with his family.
2018-09-23 12:06:00
Master alchemist
Discovered 20 alchemy recipes. Now it's time to buy a white van and drive into the desert.
2018-09-22 19:52:24 7.6%
Best seller
Gave a gold-star book to Astrologer. You should consider writing six more...
2018-09-22 13:03:47 13.9%
Health care
50 health potions. -- And all of them red!
2018-09-22 13:01:22 3.7%
Brutal fisherman
Caught 200 fish. Your name is used to terrify misbehaving fish larvae.
2018-09-22 12:53:40 2.0%
More blue points!
Collected 3000 blue points. Ok. Now that's impressive.
2018-09-22 12:40:11 10.0%
Caught 15 types of fish! You know everything about fish. They feel uncomfortable about it...
2018-09-22 11:57:47 2.8%
Ideal song
Got an Ideal Song from Vagner. Now you know how you'll make a million bucks, once you get back home.
2018-09-20 20:25:36 16.3%
Two brothers
Helped Merchant forgive his brother.
2018-09-20 20:25:36
His mansion
Upgraded the church for the second time.
2018-09-19 20:14:13 22.0%
Gold fish
Got a gold fish. Want to make a wish?
2018-09-19 19:43:32 3.9%
Fish collector
Caught 10 different types of fish.
2018-09-18 19:28:38 9.0%
Cooked 30 different dishes or drinks. You can call yourself a Chef now.
2018-09-17 18:16:59 4.1%
Cooked 20 different dishes or drinks.
2018-09-14 18:48:15 8.7%
A father and a son
Helped Snake with his dark ceremony.
2018-09-13 20:58:12
He trusted you...
Betrayed Gerry. That's not something you should be super-proud of.
2018-09-13 20:11:14
Match 3
Collected three dark organs. Three in a row! The Inquisition is going to get a prize!
2018-09-12 20:08:22 15.4%
Nothing underneath
Dungeon level 15 cleared!
2018-09-10 19:09:01 12.6%
Scary dungeon depths
Dungeon level 10 cleared!
2018-09-09 19:59:25 19.3%
Tastes like home
Ate a fish stick. It reminded you of home...
2018-09-09 15:22:03 12.9%
Discovered 10 alchemy recipes. Just remember, the Philosopher's Stone is a lie.
2018-09-09 11:38:36 16.7%
More green points!
Collected 3000 green points. Ok. Now that's impressive.
2018-09-09 11:21:50 21.1%
Discovered 5 alchemy recipes. You're getting to know how things work in the lab.
2018-09-07 20:18:56 25.3%
Just blue points
Collected 1000 blue points. They do not decay at midnight. So that was easy.
2018-09-07 19:54:04 27.3%
Kitchen boy
Cooked 10 different dishes or drinks.
2018-09-07 06:20:22 24.6%
Sashimi master
Made 30 slices. You've got the perfect size slice pretty much down.
2018-09-07 06:03:14 25.7%
Side quest
You killed a Vampire Hunter. In life, there are no side quests.
2018-09-07 06:01:56 19.7%
There can be only one.
2018-09-06 20:40:09 14.7%
Made a gold-star wine.
2018-09-05 20:23:59 21.8%
Simple but stylish
Decorated a Dark Shrine. Looks better than your first apartment!
2018-09-05 19:56:44 22.6%
On every shelf
Your company achieved 5 Fame. When you want quality vegetables -- you go to the graveyard!
2018-09-04 20:37:49 23.6%
Dream dinner
Made a gold-star dinner.
2018-09-04 20:30:40 23.1%
Not a hot dog
Sold burgers at the burning ceremony. It's a mystery why you didn't make hotdogs.
2018-09-03 20:42:59 21.2%
Golden pumpkin
Harvested a gold-star pumpkin.
2018-09-03 19:43:37 20.0%
More red points!
Collected 3000 red points. Ok. Now that's impressive.
2018-09-02 19:19:09 28.1%
Stone fence
Built a stone fence around the graveyard. Your graveyard is well protected now.
2018-09-01 20:35:14 27.5%
The Mill
Fixed the mill. No further need to grind everything by hand.
2018-09-01 20:02:34 21.6%
Gave some perfume to Ms Charm. It smells nice, and wasn't tested on animals.
2018-09-01 18:47:42 25.0%
Graveyard Veggies
Started a company with Merchant. A great name for a successful company!
2018-09-01 18:06:56 29.5%
Night watch
Got rid of the guardsmen's ambush. Now you are the Witch Hill Keeper too!
2018-09-01 11:55:23 25.0%
A book with funny pictures
Gave the Necronomicon to Snake. Hope nobody uses it as cookbook!
2018-08-31 20:39:40 28.2%
Summon a chicken
Snake summoned a chicken. Well... it's a start. Better than nothing.
2018-08-31 19:51:14 36.6%
Not far from the ground
Dungeon level 5 cleared!
2018-08-31 19:28:17 30.2%
Just green points
Collected 1000 green points. They do not decay at midnight. So that was easy.
2018-08-31 19:24:47 37.8%
His house
Upgraded the church.
2018-08-30 17:47:31 37.1%
Got the marble quarry ready. Marble is better than stone.
2018-08-28 19:23:11 34.6%
Just red points
Collected 1000 red points. They do not decay at midnight. So that was easy.
2018-08-28 19:15:47 45.9%
A fish a day!
Caught 6 different types of fish. One fish for every day!
2018-08-26 20:08:50 19.5%
Advanced gravedigger
Buried 10 bodies.
2018-08-23 19:15:39 52.6%
Bridge builder
Fixed the bridge. Whatever else happens, you'll always be remembered as a great bridge builder!
2018-08-23 18:31:18 61.7%
A perfect gift
Gave a skull to Astrologer. A skull makes a nice present indeed!
2018-08-20 19:39:21 58.7%
Holy Inquisition
Met the Lord Inquisitor. An unwavering kind of guy. You definitely wouldn't want to be his enemy.
2018-08-20 19:29:58 77.6%
Old Astrologer
Met Astrologer. He's wise and tired of everything, even life.
2018-08-19 19:52:26 64.2%
Shady Snake
Met Snake. He seems dangerous. You get why everybody calls him Snake.
2018-08-19 19:43:12 87.1%
Even here
Fixed the garden. You'll spend a lot of time here...
2018-08-19 19:41:14 73.1%
Wealthy merchant
Met Merchant. He's always ready to do business. Except around dinner time.
2018-08-19 19:24:08 71.1%
Charm itself
Met Ms Charm. There's something about this woman that you can't understand.
2018-08-19 19:11:08 76.4%
Sweetheart Bishop
Met Bishop. His motto - Pray, preach, and look like you won the lottery.
2018-08-19 18:55:34 93.9%
Novice gravedigger
Buried your first body.
2018-08-19 18:55:17 94.0%
First slice
Got your first slice of meat. Smells a little strange, but looks like ordinary meat...
2018-08-19 18:54:10 94.4%
Forward to the past
Used the archaeological time machine for the first time. And didn't go mad.
Witnessed him
Watched the Master being summon. Is that Grace you feel?
Open mic
Put on your first Comedy Show. The guests laughed on command, so everything went good.
Good skull
Your tavern's quality is 20! Wow!
First party
Threw your first alco-party. The guests remember nothing, but they enjoyed it.
A nation divided
Watched the scene at the Coliseum. Unemployment benefits is everything.
Well-known skull
Your tavern's quality is 40! Double Wow!
Rat race
Organized your first rat race. The winning rat got a giant piece of cheese, choked on it, and died.
Locking up the sun
Put on your first concert. Ms. Charm's fans fell into ecstasy and a brawl broke out.
Viva la King
Watched the destruction of the Bridge. Always think before destroying bridges!
Read before signing
Witnessed the Contract signing. Who are "truly guilty men"?
King Gerry
Watched the scene in the bath house. You saw that one coming, didn't you?
Epic skull
Your tavern's quality is 80! Ultra Wow!
Writer of Revolution
You've helped the revolutionaries again. They'll be hard pressed to hang you as a "dirty exploiter".
Now you have your own camp! And hundreds of potential enemies -- in the form of Inquisitors.
Vampires are over
Told Horadric the vampire was no more. Oh, if only everyone were so trusting!
Ideologist of Revolution
You've helped revolutionaries a third time. Who is next in line for General Secretary?
One more inquisitor
Met lady Beatrice. Technically, you resisted her charms. But in your imagination...
Long live the Revolution
The Revolution has come to pass. It's time to look back on why you started it.
Raccoon thyroid stew
The cook has recovered her peace of mind. Now her friends won't avoid obesity and gastritis.
Mysterious woman
Watched a scene from the past. Nothing is clear but it's quite intriguing...
Developed camp
You've improved your camp. The chances that the refugees will die of starvation got lower.
Spirit summoner
Brought some smelly and useless filth into Dungeon, giving all the local ghosts a laugh.
Beheaded horse
You helped the undertaker deal with her dead husband's relatives. The funeral mass is soon.
More forest thugs
You provided the tanner's son with the bright and happy future of a forest thug. Nice work!
Best race
Organized an excellent rat race. Two guests lost everything and drowned themselves.
Awkward interrogation
Interrogated vampire Carl, leaving Carl greatly enlightened.
Between worlds
Worked on someone's memory. Time to add "Neurosurgeon" to your CV.
Strengthened camp
You've provided the camp with some fortifications. They look dubious, but the settlers like them.
Lesser evil
Lady Beatrice made you an offer you can't refuse. Unless you decide to refuse.
Your camp is flawless. You should write a guide to camp management!
Best party
Threw an excellent alco-party. It's time to open the local drunk tank.
Refugees are safe
You rescued the refugees. Welcome to the Inquisition's blacklist!
Best concert
Put on an excellent concert. Ms. Charm received a marriage proposal from each male spectator.
Best mic
Put on an excellent Comedy Show. It can't be -- the guests didn't have to be commanded to laugh!
The show must go on
Organized 15 events. You're a natural-born event manager!
All the ambushes have been cleared out. The Terminator and Rambo would have been proud.
Completion Playtime
Including hidden & invalid profiles