Achievement Unlocked Game Visibility Global Unlocks
Want an autograph?
Complete a Brutal Challenge
2021-10-14 09:59:17
Rebel Inc: Escalation 2.0%
From Rags to Riches
Have 30 Mansions and 10 Tenements
2021-10-10 04:52:54
Tropico 4 2.2%
Office Space
Have a Babel Tower with 50 employees
2021-10-10 04:52:54
Tropico 4 5.9%
Better Than Tenements
Have a Ziggurat with 50 families as tenants
2021-10-10 04:52:54
Tropico 4 6.3%
Going Green
Build 4 Bio Farms and 4 Organic Ranches in a single mission
2021-10-10 04:52:54
Tropico 4 6.5%
Reach a population of 1000
2021-10-10 04:52:54
Tropico 4 10.0%
Tropican Fiesta
Finish a game with overall Happines of your citizens above 70%
2021-10-10 04:52:54
Tropico 4 11.0%
Building Blues
Unlock 20 Blueprints in a single mission
2021-10-10 04:52:54
Tropico 4 13.8%
Homes for Everyone
Have population of over 300 and no Shacks
2021-10-10 04:52:54
Tropico 4 15.2%
Construct 200 buildings on one island
2021-10-10 04:52:54
Tropico 4 18.2%
The Painvin Award
You have successfully decrypted 25 messages!
2021-10-07 10:55:31
Sword of the Stars: The Pit 9.1%
Jaynus: Robot Hunter
You have destroyed 500 mecha class creatures.
2021-10-07 10:43:58
Sword of the Stars: The Pit 4.8%
Crossed Swords
Win a Versus Quick match
2021-10-06 08:26:52
Rebel Inc: Escalation 0.7%
Quinque et Vicensimus Facilis
You've survived past Floor 25 on Easy.
2021-10-05 12:19:19
Sword of the Stars: The Pit 8.7%
Drug Enforcement
Win a game on brutal difficulty on Opium Trail
2021-10-02 19:00:49
Rebel Inc: Escalation 1.6%
Perfect Haul
Win a game on Azure Dam without losing a single Convoy truck
2021-10-02 18:22:17
Rebel Inc: Escalation 3.4%
Win a game without funding any Civilian Initiatives
2021-10-02 18:22:17
Rebel Inc: Escalation 2.1%
Don't give a Dam
Win before the dam is built in Azure Dam
2021-10-02 17:57:47
Rebel Inc: Escalation 4.2%
Born Lucky
Save an Expert at the last minute
2021-10-02 17:39:38
Rebel Inc: Escalation 2.1%
Demon's holes
Beat Black Caves on Brutal difficulty
2021-10-02 13:57:28
Rebel Inc: Escalation 3.9%
Azure like it
Beat Azure Dam on Brutal
2021-09-29 12:17:45
Rebel Inc: Escalation 3.8%
Flying Fish
Build a cannon to save the fish
2021-09-29 12:15:29
Rebel Inc: Escalation 8.0%
Take no prisoners!
Kill the crew of 20 ships by sector 6 in the Mantis Cruiser.
2021-09-26 07:50:46
FTL: Faster Than Light 8.0%
I don't need no stinkin' upgrades!
Get to sector 5 with no system/reactor upgrades.
2021-09-25 12:10:37
FTL: Faster Than Light 7.1%
Have a single boarding drone kill 4 crewmembers on one ship.
2021-09-22 05:43:53
FTL: Faster Than Light 1.8%
Battle Royale
While using the Mantis Cruiser, kill the last enemy with your last crewmember on their ship.
2021-09-21 14:54:23
FTL: Faster Than Light 5.3%
Trustworthy Auto-Pilot
Defeat an enemy ship with all of your crew aboard it.
2021-09-21 14:47:15
FTL: Faster Than Light 8.5%
Avast, ye scurvy dogs!
Kill 5 enemy crew in a fight without taking hull damage or losing a crewmember while using the Mantis Cruiser.
2021-09-21 13:00:33
FTL: Faster Than Light 8.8%
Victory through Asphyxiation
Empty the oxygen (Net level less than 5 percent) of a non-automated, hostile enemy ship.
2021-09-15 10:13:30
FTL: Faster Than Light 14.4%
Givin' her all she's got, Captain!
With the Zoltan Cruiser, have 29 power in systems at the same time.
2021-09-14 10:52:45
FTL: Faster Than Light 6.7%
Honey, I'm Home
Use quick travel to return to your headquarters
2021-09-13 03:32:36
Euro Truck Simulator 2 35.9%
Size Matters
Deliver first oversize cargo (requires Special Transport DLC)
2021-09-13 02:54:21
Euro Truck Simulator 2 12.6%
Garage Space
Own a vehicle in four different classes.
2021-09-12 08:11:10
DiRT Rally 12.8%
Use a rest stop
2021-09-11 13:10:40
Euro Truck Simulator 2 68.8%
The Sound of the Anti-Lag
Beat the Delta Time at a Single Event at Geufron Forest.
2021-09-11 12:09:05
DiRT Rally 2.4%
...Party at the Back
Fully upgrade a RWD vehicle.
2021-09-11 09:50:39
DiRT Rally 20.3%
There's No Pulse...
Get beaten by the Delta on any stage.
2021-09-10 17:51:47
DiRT Rally 29.5%
A Mystery, Solved
Solve the mystery of Leonora Johnson.
2021-09-03 05:36:53
Grand Theft Auto V 5.8%
Waste Management
Purchase the old dock and collect all nuclear waste.
2021-09-01 13:53:02
Grand Theft Auto V 6.0%
From Beyond the Stars
Collect and return all spaceship parts.
2021-08-31 09:50:06
Grand Theft Auto V 6.1%
Method Actor
Enter Director Mode using any of your own GTA Online characters.
2021-08-20 08:36:35
Grand Theft Auto V 6.4%
TP Industries Arms Race
Purchase McKenzie Field Hangar and win the arms race.
2021-08-20 08:34:17
Grand Theft Auto V 6.4%
Close Shave
Complete all Under the Bridge and Knife Flight challenges.
2021-08-20 07:36:17
Grand Theft Auto V 6.7%
Backseat Driver
GTA Online: Direct a driver to 1st place as co-driver in Rally Mode.
2021-08-19 20:53:40
Grand Theft Auto V 6.2%
Out of Your Depth
You're gonna need a bigger boat...
2021-08-19 06:41:20
Grand Theft Auto V 7.5%
Altruist Acolyte
Deliver an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist Cult.
2021-08-19 06:27:59
Grand Theft Auto V 11.3%
Wanted: Alive Or Alive
Deliver a bail bond target alive.
2021-08-19 06:20:03
Grand Theft Auto V 10.6%
Full Refund
GTA Online: Kill the thief that mugged you.
2021-08-18 17:52:47
Grand Theft Auto V 11.4%
Attain a gold medal in all applicable hobbies and pastimes.
2021-08-17 05:10:29
Grand Theft Auto V 11.4%
5 Star Hotel
Sleep on yacht
2021-08-15 14:03:54
The Forest 29.4%
Drink water from cooler that has the lawyer head in it
2021-08-15 13:39:50
The Forest
Make It Rain
Set off sprinklers in end game
2021-08-15 13:27:28
The Forest
Be Extremely Nice
Share a weapon in MP
2021-08-15 13:22:54
The Forest 16.6%
Survive The Forest
Finish Game
2021-08-15 13:13:37
The Forest 17.4%
Daily Grind
Drink from coffee machine
2021-08-15 12:43:12
The Forest
Big Spender
Buy a soda and candy from vending machine
2021-08-15 12:42:36
The Forest
Good Father
Collect all robot pieces
2021-08-15 12:22:57
The Forest 5.2%
Boy Scout
Use the compass
2021-08-15 11:12:27
The Forest 33.4%
Commercial Fisherman
Kill 6 or more fish with a stick of dynamite. Alone in Single Player or together in Multiplayer.
2021-08-14 22:18:42
The Forest 6.7%
Make and wear stealth armour
2021-08-14 21:53:53
The Forest 38.6%
In Single Player, don't kill any cannibals for more than 10 days in a row
2021-08-14 21:43:40
The Forest 25.2%
You should be looking for Timmy
Build a gazebo
2021-08-14 20:57:30
The Forest
Climate Change
Cut down 100 trees
2021-08-14 20:21:45
The Forest 48.1%
Minor Cannibalism
Eat an enemy
2021-08-14 20:12:18
The Forest 35.2%
Survive 5 nights
2021-08-14 19:30:44
The Forest 58.2%
First Responder
Revive one co-op player
2021-08-14 18:15:24
The Forest 54.3%
Kill bird with arrow
2021-08-14 17:42:12
The Forest 39.2%
Be Nice
Share a food or drink item in MP
2021-08-14 17:26:36
The Forest 37.9%
Camp Out
Sleep with another player (group sleep)
2021-08-14 17:00:53
The Forest 67.1%
First Night
Survive 1 night
2021-08-14 16:58:32
The Forest 80.0%
Live a Little
GTA Online: Spend a total of $8,000,000 purchasing vehicles included as part of The Heists Update.
2021-08-09 18:45:12
Grand Theft Auto V 11.4%
Team Player
Complete one level with 5 Feats of Strength enabled in Co-op.
2021-08-07 20:21:13
Sanctum 2 7.8%
Complete a map with 5 Feats of Strength enabled.
2021-08-07 20:21:13
Sanctum 2 10.5%
Honey Badger don't care
Recover from 1 HP three times without dying.
2021-08-07 19:58:20
Sanctum 2 14.6%
A New Perspective
Play GTA V for 15 hours in first person mode.
2021-07-30 21:03:59
Grand Theft Auto V 10.4%
I'm a big deal
Complete a Standard Challenge
2021-07-28 10:56:57
Rebel Inc: Escalation 4.9%
I Like This One
Set a favourite trophy
2021-07-25 19:04:46
F1 2019 6.9%
Strong and Stable
Win a game in campaign with less than 20 reputation
2021-07-22 15:52:41
Rebel Inc: Escalation 7.1%
Best Friends
Win a Co-Op multiplayer match on Brutal difficulty
2021-07-22 12:59:42
Rebel Inc: Escalation 0.4%
Casual Acquaintance
Win a Quick Match Co-Op multiplayer match
2021-07-20 22:23:43
Rebel Inc: Escalation 2.0%
Drug Control
Win a game on any difficulty on Opium Trail
2021-07-20 09:34:31
Rebel Inc: Escalation 8.2%
Roll Initiative
Use a governor's expertise to improve an outcome
2021-07-20 09:25:39
Rebel Inc: Escalation 1.5%
Smooth Supply
Open at least 1 container a day for 5 days in a row.
2021-06-28 11:59:50
World of Warships 10.1%
Naval Warfare. Arson
Destroy an enemy ship by setting her on fire.
2021-06-27 10:07:08
World of Warships 27.0%
Battle Hero
Receive any 10 heroic achievements.
2021-06-26 17:21:29
World of Warships 12.5%
Naval Warfare. Tactics
Capture a Key Area or the enemy base.
2021-06-26 16:06:35
World of Warships 24.4%
Naval Warfare. Lucky Shot
Destroy an enemy ship by causing damage to her magazine, resulting in its detonation.
2021-06-26 16:01:42
World of Warships 16.6%
Naval Warfare. Weaponry Basics
Cause 1 000 000 HP of damage to enemy ships.
2021-06-26 15:18:28
World of Warships 17.4%
Naval Constructor
Research 10 ships.
2021-06-25 11:40:37
World of Warships 18.2%
Junior Supply Officer
Open 10 containers.
2021-06-25 08:27:07
World of Warships 24.5%
Win 10 Random Battles.
2021-06-24 22:29:54
World of Warships 23.5%
Earn 1 000 000 credits in battles.
2021-06-24 21:40:01
World of Warships 29.3%
Naval Warfare. Flooding
Destroy an enemy ship by flooding.
2021-06-24 16:15:23
World of Warships 16.0%
Initial Capital
Earn 100 000 credits in battles.
2021-06-24 15:09:03
World of Warships 46.6%
Junior Naval Designer
Research a new ship.
2021-06-24 14:43:52
World of Warships 52.6%
Moscow Approach - Conscript
Complete the battle: Moscow Approach on Conscript difficulty
2021-06-24 10:39:32
Company of Heroes 2 4.6%
Moscow Approach - Captain
Complete the battle: Moscow Approach on Captain difficulty
2021-06-24 10:39:31
Company of Heroes 2 3.6%
Faceoff at Rostov - Captain
Complete the Faceoff at Rostov on Captain difficulty
2021-06-24 10:05:13
Company of Heroes 2 3.8%
Faceoff at Rostov - Conscript
Complete the Faceoff at Rostov on Conscript difficulty
2021-06-24 10:05:13
Company of Heroes 2 5.8%
Junior Sergeant
Reach the rank of Junior Sergeant
2021-06-12 18:54:01
Company of Heroes 2 18.4%
Stalingrad Encirclement - Captain
Complete the Theater of War Battle: Stalingrad Encirclement on Captain difficulty
2021-06-12 16:37:16
Company of Heroes 2 2.8%
General Mud - Captain
Complete the Theater of War Battle: General Mud on Captain difficulty
2021-06-12 16:05:33
Company of Heroes 2 2.7%
General Mud - Conscript
Complete the Theater of War Battle: General Mud on Conscript difficulty
2021-06-12 16:05:33
Company of Heroes 2 3.0%
Theater of War Battle Officer
Play 3 Theater of War Battles
2021-06-12 16:05:33
Company of Heroes 2 6.2%
No Retreat No Surrender - Captain
Complete the Theater of War Battle: No Retreat No Surrender on Captain difficulty
2021-06-12 15:20:11
Company of Heroes 2 2.7%
No Retreat No Surrender - Conscript
Complete the Theater of War Battle: No Retreat No Surrender on Conscript difficulty
2021-06-12 15:20:11
Company of Heroes 2 3.1%
Breaking Lines - Captain
Complete the Theater of War Battle: Breaking Lines on Captain difficulty
2021-06-12 14:47:16
Company of Heroes 2 2.8%
Breaking Lines - Conscript
Complete the Theater of War Battle: Breaking Lines on Conscript difficulty
2021-06-12 14:47:16
Company of Heroes 2 3.3%
Nice shot!
Get an albatross
2021-06-12 13:22:25
Golf With Your Friends 52.8%
Stay On Target
Go out of bounds 50 times
2021-06-12 13:04:59
Golf With Your Friends 35.9%
Sweet tooth!
Play a full game of CandyLand on Classic
2021-06-12 12:59:22
Golf With Your Friends 31.8%
Collect 10 items dropped by a Fallen Survivor.
2021-06-12 10:11:56
Left 4 Dead 2 13.6%
Senior Corporal
Reach the rank of Senior Corporal
2021-06-11 22:49:02
Company of Heroes 2 23.1%
Dead Pirates DO Tell Tales
All on the Ferry are sister and brother. Send forth a message to someone or other!
2021-05-31 21:40:35
Sea of Thieves 12.4%
Tome of Curses V
Sell the Tome of Curses V.
2021-05-31 20:04:37
Sea of Thieves 15.9%
Mercenary of the Ancient Order
Receive the Commendation for earning 150,000 gold from Order of Souls Voyages.
2021-05-31 19:59:21
Sea of Thieves 18.2%
Tanks very much!
Win a game with the Tank Commander on Brutal difficulty
2021-05-31 11:29:30
Rebel Inc: Escalation 4.7%
Ignoring The Rules Of Engagement
To strike from behind is a sneaky attack that leads to a blunderbuss shot in the back!
2021-05-08 16:52:35
Sea of Thieves 26.2%
A Titanic Ensemble
A pirate may choose to go down with their ship. A musical send-off concludes their sad trip!
2021-05-06 17:06:30
Sea of Thieves 18.2%
Tome of Resurrection III
Sell the Tome of Resurrection III.
2021-05-06 16:48:00
Sea of Thieves 18.9%
Laden With Treasure
You've overcome a score of tests and now you're hoarding twenty chests!
2021-05-06 16:18:35
Sea of Thieves 20.3%
Tome of Resurrection IV
Sell the Tome of Resurrection IV
2021-05-06 15:18:07
Sea of Thieves 18.9%
Tome of Curses IV
Sell the Tome of Curses IV.
2021-05-06 15:15:39
Sea of Thieves 16.0%
How Appropriate! You Fight Like A Chicken
Your trusty blade was just too slow. Now it's your turn to feel their blow!
2021-05-05 16:03:24
Sea of Thieves 27.4%
Kraken Good Job
From under the waves a great creature arrived but you drove it away. Better still, you survived!
2021-05-05 14:51:10
Sea of Thieves 24.1%
Keeper of a Glittering Hoard
Receive the Commendation for earning 150,000 gold from Gold Hoarder voyages.
2021-05-04 19:45:39
Sea of Thieves 30.0%
Tome of Curses III
Sell the Tome of Curses III.
2021-05-04 19:38:42
Sea of Thieves 16.3%
The Shroudbreaker
A sunken ship and ancient key will set you on a great journey!
2021-05-02 18:46:03
Sea of Thieves 26.0%
We Don't Need Maps
Find a Vault Key using only 1 piece of Torn Map Parchment.
2021-05-01 18:13:00
Sea of Thieves 11.7%
But You Have Heard Of Me?
Your reputation is starting to thrive. Grab your Promotion, you've reached twenty-five!
2021-04-30 21:56:34
Sea of Thieves 30.1%
The Reaping Begins
Be part of a crew that votes to raise an Emissary Flag for the Reaper's Bones.
2021-04-28 19:01:07
Sea of Thieves 30.1%
The Weaponsmith's open, you'll see it's no fuss to purchase a glorious new blunderbuss!
2021-04-27 14:05:04
Sea of Thieves 31.9%
Ship of Souls
Be part of a crew that votes to raise an Emissary Flag for the Order of Souls.
2021-04-27 14:04:13
Sea of Thieves 32.0%
Self Entitled
Titles are gathered from deeds near and far. Earn ten to show what type of pirate you are!
2021-04-27 14:03:43
Sea of Thieves 29.7%
Aye of Reach
Visit the Weaponsmith, you'll find they teach the value of buying a new Eye of Reach!
2021-04-27 14:02:13
Sea of Thieves 40.6%
Colourful Sails
Make your first buy from the Shipwright, who deals in figureheads, cannons, new sails and wheels!
2021-04-27 14:00:32
Sea of Thieves 43.2%
Unto the Horizon
Complete the Maiden Voyage
2021-04-27 13:54:23
Sea of Thieves 55.9%
It's A Pirates Life For Me
The Voyage is done; a chest of old now safe with those who hoard their gold!
2021-04-25 18:29:43
Sea of Thieves 65.8%
Golden Ticket
Be part of a crew that votes to raise an Emissary Flag for the Gold Hoarders.
2021-04-25 17:09:03
Sea of Thieves 42.4%
I Don’t See Your Ship
You fought a crew, stood strong and brave and sent their ship to a watery grave!
2021-04-25 14:14:45
Sea of Thieves 69.0%
The Earth is flat!
Explore an entire map in either Skirmish or Multiplayer game
2021-04-24 20:25:46
Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition 20.4%
Legends - "This is Unacceptable!"
A chest of yours has gone astray and been cashed in as some thief's pay!
2021-04-24 17:22:35
Sea of Thieves 49.6%
Trade Ambassador
Be part of a crew that votes to raise an Emissary Flag for the Merchant Alliance.
2021-04-24 16:30:56
Sea of Thieves 20.8%
Shopping for a Promotion
Your Voyages have earned you enough recognition so buy a Promotion and prove your position!
2021-04-24 16:26:54
Sea of Thieves 57.5%
Full Billow
All sails with the wind, what time it saves when speeding across the ocean's waves!
2021-04-24 15:22:30
Sea of Thieves 70.6%
I'm On A Whole New Adventure
So many voyages, but which one to do? Stow yours and vote for one placed by your crew.
2021-04-19 18:39:04
Sea of Thieves 72.5%
Five a Day
Sampling every type of fruit will keep you fit to fight and loot!
2021-04-19 18:17:56
Sea of Thieves 47.0%
The Industrial Re-Revolution
Earn a total Mineral income each month above 1000
2021-04-19 09:23:46
Stellaris 10.0%
Tourist Trap
Own a planet with at least 10 different species on it
2021-04-19 09:23:32
Stellaris 8.7%
A skeleton cronches through thick yellow peel. Attack it and kill it before it can heal!
2021-04-18 21:09:45
Sea of Thieves 72.3%
Taking Orders
Your Voyage complete, a skull returned, praise from the Order thusly earned!
2021-04-18 21:09:44
Sea of Thieves 48.5%
Not So Well Done
Well-cooked meals are never easy, dine too soon and you'll get queasy!
2021-04-18 20:54:54
Sea of Thieves 72.9%
What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor?
Too many tankards of sweet, golden grog will first make you queasy, then sick as a dog…
2021-04-18 20:53:11
Sea of Thieves 77.0%
When You're A Professional Pirate
Commendations are given by Companies when you've reached certain targets. Try to earn ten!
2021-04-18 20:41:03
Sea of Thieves 69.2%
The Seabound Soul
Complete The Seabound Soul
2021-04-18 20:35:56
Sea of Thieves 13.9%
Well Done!
Your hearty meal's turned out wrong. You left it on the stove too long!
2021-04-18 19:34:40
Sea of Thieves 55.0%
Handbrake Turn
To swiftly avoid a great danger you're dreading, steer hard and drop anchor to alter your heading!
2021-04-18 19:23:56
Sea of Thieves 83.1%
Now Bring Me That Horizon
Each new pirate greets the world with anchor raised and sails unfurled!
2021-04-18 19:20:39
Sea of Thieves 90.4%
I Wanna Be A Pirate!
A Company's pleased and you've reason to revel if your Reputation increased by one level!
2021-04-18 19:07:33
Sea of Thieves 84.0%
Legends - "Cronch"
Just like Griffin, your pirate kin, 'cronch' a banana and eat its skin!
2021-04-18 19:04:49
Sea of Thieves 94.3%
Faster, Stronger, Better
Genetically alter a species (not uplift)
2021-04-11 17:26:16
Stellaris 14.5%
Building Better Worlds
Terraform a planet
2021-04-11 17:14:51
Stellaris 15.4%
The Good Stuff
Purchase a rare resource from the Traders
2021-04-11 17:11:28
Stellaris 8.6%
Locked Up
Play a full game of Escapists on Classic
2021-04-03 14:16:40
Golf With Your Friends 8.1%
Under the Sea
Play a full game of Deep on Classic
2021-04-03 14:00:20
Golf With Your Friends 7.2%
Golf With Your Friends
Play a hotseat or online game
2021-04-03 14:00:20
Golf With Your Friends 40.9%
The Course Is That Way
Go out of bounds
2021-04-03 13:47:03
Golf With Your Friends 46.4%
Kalach - Captain
Complete the Theater of War Scenario: Kalach Pincer on Captain difficulty
2021-04-01 16:12:24
Company of Heroes 2 2.8%
Kalach - Conscript
Complete the Theater of War Scenario: Kalach Pincer on Conscript difficulty
2021-04-01 16:12:24
Company of Heroes 2 3.3%
Theater of War Scenario Conscript
Play 1 Theater of War Scenario
2021-04-01 16:12:24
Company of Heroes 2 13.0%
Get to sector 5 without upgrading your reactor in the Zoltan Cruiser.
2021-04-01 04:00:48
FTL: Faster Than Light 8.3%
The United Federation
Have six unique aliens on the Kestrel Cruiser simultaneously.
2021-03-31 07:47:53
FTL: Faster Than Light 10.9%
Some people just like to watch ships burn
Have every square of an enemy ship on fire simultaneously.
2021-03-31 05:24:52
FTL: Faster Than Light 5.9%
Tough Little Ship
As the Kestrel Cruiser, repair back to full health when it only has 1 HP remaining.
2021-03-27 03:57:31
FTL: Faster Than Light 12.1%
Bacteria Cured!
Save the world from Bacteria on any difficulty
2021-03-25 22:52:33
Plague Inc: Evolved 4.3%
We're here to help
Initiative combo: We're here to help
2021-03-25 22:48:43
Plague Inc: Evolved 2.6%
I will find you
Investigate a new disease outbreak
2021-03-25 22:46:00
Plague Inc: Evolved 8.1%
Shields Holding
Destroy a ship before it gets through the Zoltan Shield.
2021-03-23 11:18:44
FTL: Faster Than Light 15.5%
Master of Patience
Use only the Artillery Beam to destroy an enemy ship while taking no hull damage.
2021-03-23 10:44:20
FTL: Faster Than Light 12.4%
Artillery Mastery
Get to sector 5 in the Federation Cruiser without upgrading your Weapons system.
2021-03-22 15:11:43
FTL: Faster Than Light 11.8%
Reach the rank of Corporal
2021-03-21 15:04:02
Company of Heroes 2 28.3%
Stalingrad Encirclement - Conscript
Complete the Theater of War Battle: Stalingrad Encirclement on Conscript difficulty
2021-03-21 13:32:16
Company of Heroes 2 3.2%
Theater of War Battle Conscript
Play 1 Theater of War Battle
2021-03-21 12:54:57
Company of Heroes 2 10.3%
Slice and Dice
Hit every room of a ship with at least one beam in under 5 seconds.
2021-03-18 23:27:46
FTL: Faster Than Light 14.0%
Federation Victory (Normal)
Beat the boss on Normal.
2021-03-18 18:10:10
FTL: Faster Than Light 6.6%
Full Arsenal
Have 11 systems installed on the Kestrel Cruiser at one time.
2021-03-18 17:58:15
FTL: Faster Than Light 16.0%
Have a planet with at least 100 Pops
2021-03-14 14:25:25
Stellaris 11.8%
Throw Your Weight Around
Have a Diplomatic Weight of over 9000
2021-03-14 14:10:10
Stellaris 9.6%
Support the Artisan Troupe for 10 years
2021-03-14 14:02:48
Stellaris 9.4%
Revive an incapacitated teammate while a Tank is nearby.
2021-03-13 23:42:14
Left 4 Dead 2 16.2%
Play a captured highlight
2021-03-13 13:24:52
F1 2019 17.9%
... To the Other Side
Research 15 Rare technologies in a single game
2021-03-13 12:43:06
Stellaris 15.8%
Study Minor Artifacts and discover a random technology
2021-03-13 01:35:37
Stellaris 6.3%
Have 100 Minor Artifacts
2021-03-13 01:23:06
Stellaris 6.7%
The Grand Fleet
Build a fleet with a total fleet size above 120
2021-03-13 01:23:06
Stellaris 16.1%
Unlimited Power!
Use the active effect of a Relic
2021-03-12 19:07:38
Stellaris 9.6%
It belongs in a museum!
Find a Relic
2021-03-12 19:06:56
Stellaris 10.3%
Successfully investigate an archaeological site
2021-03-12 18:18:52
Stellaris 12.8%
Then Virgil, Now Beatrice
Return a long-dead species to life
2021-03-12 17:23:55
Stellaris 9.5%
Have your ruler be of a different species class than your founding species
2021-03-09 20:19:34
Stellaris 8.6%
Old Friends
Receive a gift from a Fallen Empire
2021-03-09 18:45:57
Stellaris 11.1%
Let Us Go Forward Together
Level up your Federation
2021-03-09 18:20:04
Stellaris 7.7%
Birth of a Federation
Establish a Federation
2021-03-09 17:42:07
Stellaris 12.8%
Explore a Natural Wormhole
2021-03-09 15:12:44