Achievement Game Visibility Global Unlocks
C to the OMBO!
Complete a 1.000 points combo.
Superflight 87.7%
Close Call!
Gain the "So Close!" praise.
Superflight 85.5%
Not Bad...
Gain the "Awesome!" praise.
Superflight 83.5%
The cake was a lie!
Travel through a portal.
Superflight 82.7%
Gain 5.000 points in a single run.
Superflight 76.8%
That which doesn't kill you, scars you for life
Finish the Training.
Home Run
Deflect a projectile with a strike
Keeps Coming Off
Lose your head three times in a single match
Justice from the Grave
Kill an enemy after dying
Play a full game of Forest on Classic
Golf With Your Friends 64.2%
That's How I Roll
Kill an enemy while rolling
Cobalt 61.0%
War Bonds
Earn $50,000 total cash
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 60.9%
Craft an Item
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 60.9%
Beating a Rock
Mine one block
Cobalt 60.5%
Complete a 5.000 points combo.
Superflight 60.0%
Rising Star
Gain 10.000 points in a single run.
Superflight 59.6%
Rolling has Many Uses
Kill an enemy with a deflected bullet
Cobalt 56.9%
9 Lives
Crash 50 times.
Superflight 56.9%
Blanche Advantage
Hit someone with the old lady Level Interaction
Mortal Kombat X 54.0%
Moving Up
Reach personal level 10 in XP
Mortal Kombat X 52.8%
Finish the Intermediate Tutorials
Sprint Vector 52.6%
Hip Shot
Kill an enemy with an un-zoomed sniper rifle
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 52.3%
They do Flash and Bang!
Blind one enemy with one flashbang
Cobalt 51.9%
Down to the Wire
Qualify after a round goes to overtime
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 51.9%
Brothers in Arms
Join another game through the matchmaking system.
The Plot Thickens
Complete Act 1
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 50.9%
Win a round against five enemies in less than thirty seconds
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 50.9%
Practice makes Perfect
Boost one reload
Cobalt 50.2%
Forgot My Keys
Lockpick one door
Cobalt 49.6%
Coming Through
Kill 5 enemies by trampling them with the horse
Enter a seed and create a map.
Superflight 49.0%
Vertically Unchallenged
Master the Repulsion Gel
Portal 2 48.4%
For the Record
Complete the Single Player campaign on any difficulty.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 48.4%
In Classic mode, kill four enemy players within fifteen seconds
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 48.2%
Warmed up
Finish any scene on Easy ("Classic" style only)
Pistol Whip 48.1%
A Little Gift
Kill an enemy with a thrown grenade looking away
Cobalt 48.0%
Kill two enemies with a single attack from a melee weapon
War of Attrition
Be the last player alive in a round with five players on your team
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 47.2%
Rooting' For Grubs
Find five secrets
Cobalt 46.6%
Tater Tote
Carry science forward
Portal 2 46.3%
Someone Set Up Us The Bomb
Win a round by planting a bomb
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 45.7%
The Cleaner
In Classic mode, kill five enemies in a single round
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 45.6%
Rite of First Defusal
Win a round by defusing a bomb
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 45.3%
Petty Theif
Crack one Safe
Cobalt 45.0%
Blind Fury
Kill an enemy while you are blinded from a flashbang
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 44.9%
Stranger Than Friction
Master the Propulsion Gel
Portal 2 44.6%
Tower Kompetitor
Complete a single Tower
Mortal Kombat X 44.5%
One Inch Kick
Kill an enemy with your feet
Cobalt 44.3%
Complete the Tutorial
Pistol Whip 43.9%
Kill an enemy who is dominating you
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 43.6%
White Out
Complete the first Conversion Gel test
Portal 2 43.4%
Pogo Stick
Kill two enemies without touching the ground
Cobalt 43.3%
Out of the Frying Pan…
Complete the mission in the airplane graveyard.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 42.5%
Make Do And Mend
Salvage 100 items
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 42.4%
Dead Man Stalking
Kill an enemy while at one health
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 42.3%
Dual Pit Experiment
Do the same test twice
Portal 2 41.9%
Explore 25 maps.
Superflight 41.7%
Kill One, Get One Spree
Kill an enemy player who has just killed four of your teammates within 15 seconds
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 41.5%
Kill a bunny. Alone in Single Player or together in Multiplayer.
The Forest 41.4%
Two for One
Kill two enemies with one bullet
Cobalt 41.3%
Lived to Tell the Tale
Regenerate to full health after getting down to 1 health
The Pawn
Assault Makarov's safe house.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 40.9%
Kill two enemies at once
Cobalt 40.7%
Dodge This
Kill an enemy with a scoped bullet
Cobalt 40.4%
Rationing Rationale
Spend only one bullet per target in a range
Gun Club VR 40.1%
Avenging Angel
Kill an enemy who has killed a player on your friends list in the same round
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 40.1%
Mr. Clutch
Destroy the last target of the range with the last bullet in your clip
Gun Club VR 40.0%
Bunny Hunt
Kill an airborne enemy
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 40.0%
Terrifying Encounter
Confront a beast within the Krypt
Mortal Kombat X 39.9%
Tunnel of Funnel
Master the Excursion Funnel
Portal 2 39.8%
Resident Champion
Finish the Advanced Tutorials
Sprint Vector 39.5%
Boom! Headshot!
Get a headshot on every target in a range
Gun Club VR 39.1%
The Part Where He Kills You
This is that part
Portal 2 38.9%
You've Made Your Points
Inflict 50,000 total points of damage to enemies
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 38.8%
That just happened
Portal 2 38.6%
Gettin' Greedy...
Lose 10.000 points in a crash.
Superflight 38.6%
Burning Man
Kill an enemy while you are on fire
Gain 20.000 points in a single run.
Superflight 38.1%
Piece Initiative
Win 5 Pistol Rounds in Competitive Mode
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 37.7%
Doing it Yourself
Buy one Upgrade
Cobalt 36.7%
40 Leaps Without Touching the Ground
TO THE TOP 36.4%
Make the Cut
Win a knife fight
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 36.3%
The Frozen North
Complete Skittergate on Recruit
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 35.9%
Stay On Target
Go out of bounds 50 times
Golf With Your Friends 35.2%
Air Show
Perform 2 aerial gestures before touching the ground in co-op
Portal 2 34.8%
Clean Sweep
Kill the entire opposing team without any members of your team taking damage
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 34.3%
A New Beginning
Complete 50% of Story Mode
Mortal Kombat X 34.3%
Shanghai Tower x 10
Climb for 6,320 Meters
TO THE TOP 34.2%
Kill 500 enemies
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 34.2%
Use a bile bomb on a Tank.
Left 4 Dead 2 33.9%
Somebody Set Us Up The Bomb
Blow up more than one target at once using an explosive
Gun Club VR 33.8%
Get Any Medal in "Winter Rush"
Sprint Vector 33.7%
Ship 300 of one crop.
Stardew Valley 33.6%
Low Baller
Qualify from a team game with a score of 1
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 33.6%
The Queen of Weapons
Kill 20 enemies with the longsword
Lost and F0wnd
Kill an enemy with a gun they dropped during the current round
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 33.3%
Complete a 10.000 points combo.
Superflight 33.1%
Just one more time...
Crash 150 times.
Superflight 33.0%
Win 200 rounds
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 32.8%
One giant leap
Qualify from 100 rounds
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 32.7%
A Third of the Way
Finish Course 10
TO THE TOP 32.4%
Ammo Conscious
Destroy 2 targets with one round (requires AP rounds)
Gun Club VR 32.1%
Battle Sight Zero
Kill 250 enemies with headshots
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 32.0%
Good Listener
Take GLaDOS' escape advice
Portal 2 31.8%
Still Alive
Survive more than 30 seconds with less than ten health in Arms Race or Demolition mode
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 31.7%
If you are reading this achievement, Gabe Newell has successfully launched Gnome Chompski into space.
Left 4 Dead 2 31.3%
Drop Box
Place a cube on a button without touching the cube
Portal 2 31.3%
Statistical Advantage
View Kombat Kard
Mortal Kombat X 31.2%
Short Fuse
Plant a bomb within 25 seconds (excluding Demolition mode)
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 31.1%
No man left behind
Extract from a difficulty 8 or higher mission with 4 players where all 4 get on the shuttle.
Inner Strength
Win 1 complete online match
Mortal Kombat X 30.6%
When the wrong tools do the job, are they still wrong?
Destroy a Bug Nest, Cyborg AA, or Illuminate Beacon with anything but the NUX-223 Hellbomb.
Just a Scratch
Take 400 damage without dying
Tough Nut to Crack
Block 1000 melee attacks
Headshot King
Get 10 headshots in a row
Gun Club VR 29.5%
Skeleton Hands
Earn 16 Medals
TO THE TOP 29.4%
Kill one enemy using physics
Cobalt 29.4%
5 Star Hotel
Sleep on yacht
The Forest 29.3%
The Sworn Enemy of Targets
Complete 50 ranges
Gun Club VR 29.2%
Survive The Passing Campaign.
Left 4 Dead 2 28.9%
Meat Grinder
Get 30 kills in a single match
Shoot a fire alarm to set it off
Gun Club VR 28.7%
I'm the Juggernaut…
Kill a Juggernaut in Special Ops.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 28.5%
Kill a Counter-Terrorist while he is defusing the bomb
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 28.5%
A Sacred Oath
Light the torches of the Knights of the Sun.
Moss 28.5%
Play a full game of Haunted on Classic
Golf With Your Friends 28.0%
Explore 50 maps.
Superflight 27.9%
Snipe Hunter
Kill 100 zoomed-in enemy snipers
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 27.3%
Survive the Dark Carnival campaign.
Left 4 Dead 2 27.3%
Decapitate 5 enemies in a single game
Kill 4 enemies with 4 shots during a slow-mo breach in Single Player or Special Ops.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 27.2%
There is a Ruler
Complete 100% of Story Mode
Mortal Kombat X 27.1%
Something to Prove
Get a Gold Medal in Any Race Map
Sprint Vector 27.1%
Blast Will and Testament
Win a round by picking up the bomb from a fallen comrade and successfully planting it
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 27.1%
Play a full game of Ancient on Classic
Golf With Your Friends 27.0%
Base Scamper
Kill an enemy just as their respawn protection ends in Arms Race mode
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 26.2%
Born Ready
Kill an enemy with the first bullet after your respawn protection ends in Arms Race mode
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 26.1%
Street Fighter
Kill an enemy with a knife during the Pistol Round in a Classic match
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 25.8%
Complete Skittergate on Veteran
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 25.5%
Serial Killer
In Single Player, kill 100 cannibals
The Forest 25.3%
Kill 10 enemies in a row without dying
Start of a Collection
Collect 70 Geoms
TO THE TOP 25.2%
Decapitate 200 Infected with a melee weapon.
Left 4 Dead 2 25.2%
Dust2 Map Veteran
Win 100 rounds on Dust2
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 25.2%
Time Out
Win a match by time out
Mortal Kombat X 24.7%
Give Piece a Chance
Win 25 Pistol Rounds in Competitive Mode
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 24.6%
Spoils of War
Earn $2,500,000 total cash
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 24.2%
Win your first Episode
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 24.1%
Getting Hairy
Perfectly deflect a scoped bullet
Cobalt 23.3%
Rabbit Mask
Earn 20 Medals
TO THE TOP 23.1%
Welcome to the Olymp!
Gain the "Godlike!" praise.
Superflight 22.9%
Kill a zoomed-in enemy sniper with a knife
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 22.8%
Win one match in Arms Race or Demolition mode
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 22.7%
Dancing Queen
Do 25 capespins in a row, without moving, while on the ship bridge.
Survive the Hard Rain campaign.
Left 4 Dead 2 22.3%
Friendly Firearms
Kill 100 enemies with enemy weapons
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 22.3%
The Jackal
Get Any Medal in "Pharaoh's Scrapyard"
Sprint Vector 22.2%
Cold War
Win a round in which no enemy players die
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 22.2%
The Force Is Strong In This One
Let every target fall over from time-out
Gun Club VR 22.1%
Blind Ambition
Kill 25 enemies blinded by flashbangs
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 21.9%
Arrow To The Knee
Shoot off the leg of a zombie
Gun Club VR 21.9%
Long List of Names
Kill 1000 enemies
Kill 5 enemies in a row using 5 different weapons or attachments in Single Player or Special Ops.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 21.7%
Powerhouse Offense
Win 2Fort with a shutout.
Team Fortress 2 21.6%
Now You're Showing Off
Equip Exotic items in every slot
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 21.6%
Win five matches on Lake
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 21.5%
Look Ma Two Hands
Kill 10 enemies in a row using akimbo weapons in Single Player or Special Ops.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 21.4%
Surgical Prep
Have an ÜberCharge ready before the Setup phase ends.
Team Fortress 2 21.2%
Shopping Spree
Unlock 10 cosmetic items from the store
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 21.2%
Back It Up
Equip a new Background image
Mortal Kombat X 21.2%
Super Frosty
Get a Gold Medal in "Winter Rush"
Sprint Vector 21.1%
Kill enemy with klonk
Cobalt 21.1%
Master of Knobs and Pockets
Boost 100 reloads
Cobalt 21.1%
Real Icon
Equip a new Icon
Mortal Kombat X 21.0%
Kill a player who is on gold knife level in Arms Race Mode
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 21.0%
Defusus Interruptus
Stop defusing the bomb long enough to kill an enemy, then successfully finish defusing it
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 21.0%
Take a melee weapon out of a living enemy’s body
Complete "The Sacrifice".
Left 4 Dead 2 20.8%
So Bored
Equip a new Border
Mortal Kombat X 20.8%
Be the first player to get a kill in an Arms Race or Demolition match
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 20.8%
Donate 100 weapons to your teammates
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 20.7%
Equip overpressure rounds
Gun Club VR 20.7%
P2000/USP Tactical Expert
Kill 100 enemies with the P2000 or USP
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 20.4%
Get a Life...
Gain 40.000 points in a single run.
Superflight 20.1%
Enemy at the Gate
Kill an opponent within the first second of a round.
Team Fortress 2 20.1%
Survive the Parish campaign.
Left 4 Dead 2 20.1%
Use every melee weapon to kill Common Infected.
Left 4 Dead 2 19.9%
Survive the Swamp Fever campaign.
Left 4 Dead 2 19.7%
Missed Me
Dodge a homing missile
Cobalt 19.7%
Please stop it!
Crash 300 times.
Superflight 19.6%
P250 Expert
Kill 25 enemies with the P250
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 19.6%
This isn’t Sparta
Cause someone to fall to their death after kicking them
Just A Jump To The Left...
Use the "Chronoshift" Power-Up
Sprint Vector 19.2%
Sharing is Caring
Heal two players with one nano dispenser
Cobalt 19.1%
Gain all three praises in a single run.
Superflight 19.1%
Midwife Crisis
Heal an Engineer as he repairs his sentry gun while it's under enemy fire.
Team Fortress 2 18.9%
Second to None
Successfully defuse a bomb with less than one second remaining
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 18.7%
Seek, and ye shall find
Find 15 secrets
Cobalt 18.6%
Master Craftsman
Craft 50 items
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 18.6%
Someone said Gold?
Mine ten blocks
Cobalt 18.5%
Akimbo King
Use Dual Berettas to kill an enemy player that is also wielding Dual Berettas
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 18.4%
The Expandables
Equip hollow point rounds
Gun Club VR 18.1%
One Step At A Time...
Get a Max Star Rank on a Montage in Career Mode or Free Play
Creed: Rise to Glory™ 18.1%
Unlock all Talent points for 1 career
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 18.1%
Kill a Medic that is ready to deploy an ÜberCharge.
Team Fortress 2 17.8%
Spray and Pray
Kill two enemies while you are blinded from a flashbang
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 17.8%
I See What You Did There
Equip Zombie Rounds
Gun Club VR 17.8%
Get all Medals in One Course
TO THE TOP 17.8%
Cliff Hanger
Fall 60 Meters Then Climb
TO THE TOP 17.7%
AWP Expert
Kill 500 enemies with the AWP
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 17.7%
You should be looking for Timmy
Build a gazebo
The Forest
Kill 10 enemies with fire
Glock-18 Expert
Kill 100 enemies with the Glock-18
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 17.6%
Gabe Fan
Collect all cassette tapes!
The Forest 17.6%
Burj Khalifia x 20
Climb for 16,560 Meters
TO THE TOP 17.6%
Boomala Boomala
Plant 100 bombs
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 17.6%
SG553 Expert
Kill 100 enemies with the SG553
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 17.5%
Drive By
Kill 20 enemies in a row while driving a vehicle in Single Player or Special Ops.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 17.5%
Cerebral Player
Finish survival round as brain
Cobalt 17.5%
Inferno Map Veteran
Win 100 rounds on Inferno
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 17.4%
As the Jockey, ride the Survivors twice in a single life.
Left 4 Dead 2 17.4%
Iced Out
Get Any Medal in "Aesir Village"
Sprint Vector 17.3%
Gorilla Hands
Earn 25 Medals
TO THE TOP 17.3%
Black Bag Operation
Win a round without making any footstep noise, killing at least one enemy
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 17.3%
Luck be a Lady
Play 7 complete Test Your Luck matches
Mortal Kombat X 17.1%
Expert Marksman
Get a kill with every weapon
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 17.1%
Double Blind Trial
Deploy an ÜberCharge within 8 seconds of a nearby enemy Medic deploying his.
Team Fortress 2 16.8%
Challenge the World
Finish a Fight in PVP
Creed: Rise to Glory™ 16.8%
Call me Dora...
Explore 100 maps.
Superflight 16.7%
Desert Eagle Expert
Kill 200 enemies with the Desert Eagle
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 16.6%
Dead Shepherd
Kill an enemy who is carrying a hostage
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 16.6%
Can't Keep a Good Man Down
Kill 20 enemies who are dominating you
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 16.6%
Equivalent Exchange
Transmuted a block. All is one.
Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs 16.5%
Can't Take You Anywhere
Destroy 50 Breakable Objects
Sprint Vector 16.5%
Five-SeveN Expert
Kill 25 enemies with the Five-SeveN
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 16.3%
Faraway Lands
Enter the Emissary's portal to the land of the Korvan people.
Grim Dawn 16.3%
Chamber 200 attacks
Jumper Stumper
Kill a rocket or grenade-jumping enemy in midair with your Sniper Rifle or the Huntsman.
Team Fortress 2 16.2%
Weld em Shut
Lockpick ten doors
Cobalt 16.0%
Survive the Cold Stream campaign on any difficulty.
Left 4 Dead 2 16.0%
Ready for Duty
Complete each class to unlock the next.
Team Fortress 2 15.8%
Mad Trendy
Equip a rare or legendary Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 15.8%
Win a Multiplayer match
DOOM 15.8%
Using a Molotov, burn a Clown leading at least 10 Common Infected.
Left 4 Dead 2 15.8%
That's How You Do It
Complete Tutorial
Mortal Kombat X 15.7%
Revive an incapacitated teammate while a Tank is nearby.
Left 4 Dead 2 15.7%
Kill 10 swampy Mudmen while they are in the water.
Left 4 Dead 2 15.7%
Costume Contest
Kill a Spy disguised as your current class.
Team Fortress 2 15.7%
Hell dive
Complete a difficulty 10 or higher mission without a single death.
SSG 08 Expert
Kill 100 enemies with the SSG 08
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 15.4%