Achievement Game Visibility Global Unlocks
Fast clicks
Click 10 times
Insanity Clicker 95.2%
One-Eyed Freak
Defeat the Cycloid
Duke Nukem Forever 89.6%
No Surrender
Crashed the game.
Pony Island 89.5%
Filthy Thief
Defeat chapter 1 boss
Swords & Souls: Neverseen 88.2%
Purification of Evil
Kill 100 enemies.
Lost Castle 88.1%
Thief's Gratitude
Rescue thief.
Lost Castle 88.0%
Level selection?
Zup! 87.1%
Pharmacist's Gratitude
Rescue pharmacist.
Lost Castle 86.4%
Bronze Disciple
Get three Combo medals of rank Bronze
Swords & Souls: Neverseen 86.2%
I'll Come Back
Die 5 times.
Lost Castle 85.6%
Home Sweet Home
Click on Home
Zup! 84.0%
Back in Business
Do your first job for Mike Bruski.
Mafia II 83.9%
Cooking By The Book
Get your first recipe
Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands 83.6%
Earn a profit of more than $10,000 in a single level.
Turmoil 83.2%
Embrace the Flame
Become a Host of Embers for the first time.
Home Sweet Home
Complete Chapter 2.
Mafia II 82.7%
Wake Up Call
Survive the manual override
Portal 2 82.6%
Iudex Gundyr
Defeat Iudex Gundyr.
Pest Control
Be part of killing a whole Stormvermin Patrol.
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide 82.3%
There Are Better Options Than These
Unlocked Pony Lasers.
Pony Island 82.0%
Time To Fly
Perform Your First Environmental Execution.
Ryse: Son of Rome 81.7%
The Journey Begins
Complete the Prologue
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition 81.7%
Look Ma! Shiny!
Craft your first weapon.
Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands 81.4%
Smell of Treasure
Open 30 chests.
Lost Castle 80.6%
Flagon of Chuckles
Drink a beer in SP
Duke Nukem Forever 80.6%
A rumination, a prayer, and a confession...
Treat a hero in the Abbey
Darkest Dungeon® 80.2%
He Who Pays the Barber
Improve the dockworkers' hair cuts.
Mafia II 80.0%
Under Wraps
You hid a body
Hitman: Absolution 79.6%
Play Singleplayer
Play singleplayer at least once
Garry's Mod 79.6%
Ticked Off
Found 3 tickets.
Pony Island 79.5%
Use your Rocket Boost for a total of 5 minutes
Rocket League 79.4%
One of the Guys
You blended in and fooled someone
Hitman: Absolution 79.1%
True Potential
You unlocked a technique
Hitman: Absolution 78.9%
A drink, a hand, and a companion...
Treat a hero in the Tavern
Darkest Dungeon® 78.7%
Put a Badge On It
Put on your first badge!
A Hat in Time 78.6%
Crisis of Dinosaur
Defeat The Puppy.
Lost Castle 78.4%
Past Midnight
Settled things with a new friend.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 77.9%
Online shop
Transport 1200 packages in one game
Railway Empire 77.8%
Too Big to Fail
Destroy the Jamming Tower. Complete "Black Tuesday" on any difficulty.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 77.6%
You remained undetected throughout a checkpoint
Hitman: Absolution 77.3%
First Blood
Defeat a hero
Reverse Crawl 77.3%
Demon Befriender
Defeat chapter 2 boss
Swords & Souls: Neverseen 77.2%
King Slayer
Defeat King of Goblins.
Lost Castle 77.1%
I'm sorry
But you died
VODKA 77.1%
Kill 50 aliens
Duke Nukem Forever 77.1%
Mystery steam ride
Transport 1000 passengers in one game
Railway Empire 77.0%
Completed Episode 2: "A House Divided"
The Walking Dead: Season Two 76.8%
The first of many has fallen...
Lose your first hero
Darkest Dungeon® 76.7%
A Real Pistol
Killed 25 enemies with the Broadsider Pistol.
BioShock Infinite 76.7%
First Castle Constructed
The Castle was the premiere fortification of the Medieval period. Your legacy in the future is assured.
Age of Empires II (2013) 76.6%
Collector's Item
Find at least one collectible in the game.
Mafia II 76.4%
Open level @
Zup! 76.3%
Sharded Yourself
Claim a Shard
Sorcerer King: Rivals 76.2%
Green cube
Come across the cube
Zup! 76.2%
Complete 40 levels!
Zup! 76.2%
Open level $
Zup! 76.2%
Battle-Car Collector
Unlock all Battle-Cars
Rocket League 76.1%
Destroyed the first Core File.
Pony Island 76.0%
Rookie Treasure Hunter
Reach level 10.
Lost Castle 75.9%
Pass the level @!
Zup! 75.9%
Pass the level !!
Zup! 75.9%
Open level *
Zup! 75.8%
Open level ~
Zup! 75.8%
Persistent gamer
Beat the game to the last level
Zup! 75.7%
Just a flesh wound
Sometimes to win battles you have to make hard choices and sacrifices. In this battle you lost 25 units to combat with the enemy. Sometimes an outdated unit can get a needed boost of speed or armor with the right technology. Get used to watching the alerts on your mini-map as well - a second attack is easy to miss once you are defending the first one. Use this tactic to your advantage as well.
Age of Empires II (2013) 75.7%
Blinded By The Light
Shine Your Flashlight in The Farmers Face
Blood and Bacon 75.7%
The Enforcer
Kill 50 street gangsters.
Mafia II 75.6%
Pass the level $!
Zup! 75.5%
Discretion, my old friend...
Abandon a quest
Darkest Dungeon® 75.4%
Pass the level ~!
Zup! 75.4%
Skull Servants
Summon skull servants.
Lost Castle 75.3%
Pass the level *!
Zup! 75.3%
Zup! 75.2%
Somethin' I've Gotta Do
You collected your things from Sammy's
Mafia III
Fresh Fish
Arrived at your new home.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 74.9%
The Price of Oil
Complete Chapter 3.
Mafia II 74.6%
Wet Work
Take back New York Harbor. Complete "Hunter Killer" on any difficulty.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 74.5%
That Was Easy
Win a tactical battle
Sorcerer King: Rivals 74.5%
1.000 clicks
Epic Clicker Journey 74.4%
Boosting the Resale Value
Build your first city improvement
Sorcerer King: Rivals 74.3%
Take steroids in SP
Duke Nukem Forever 74.2%
Fork in the Road
Discover and explore an alternate path in the dungeon.
Soda Dungeon 74.2%
Long Way Down
Witnessed a murder.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 74.0%
You Monster
Reunite with GLaDOS
Portal 2 73.9%
For Old Time's Sake
Cassandra agreed to help you kill Marcano
Mafia III
One Long Day
Made it through your first day.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 73.6%
Hello World
Fix the communicator console after landing.
60 Parsecs! 73.5%
Always the Quiet Ones
Committed larceny.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 73.3%
Minute to Win it
With only 60 seconds left, Win a game in which you were tied or trailing
Rocket League 73.2%
First Blood
Kill an enemy.
Lead and Gold - Gangs of the Wild West 73.2%
Not in Nottingham
Got beaten down.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 73.1%
Gave what you got.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 73.0%
Come Hither
Invited some friends into the compound.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 73.0%
You have killed over fifty units in a single session.
Age of Empires II (2013) 72.7%
Ooo! Shiny!
Mine your first nugget of ore with a pickaxe.
Terraria 72.7%
I'll scratch your back if...
5 farms connected
Railway Empire 72.4%
Eye of the Storm
Completed Episode 3: "In Harm's Way"
The Walking Dead: Season Two 72.4%
Defeat Boss Slime.
Lost Castle 72.3%
Night Shift
Complete Chapter 4.
Mafia II 72.2%
What's up bro?
Zup! 72.1%
You Can Do It!
Survive your character's first full night.
Terraria 72.0%
Rescue a Survivor from a Smoker's tongue before he takes damage.
Left 4 Dead 72.0%
Complete the first Thermal Discouragement Beam test
Portal 2 71.9%
Chamber of Secrets
You located the hotel room number 899
Hitman: Absolution
Carpe Diem
Escape the mountain safe house. Complete "Persona Non Grata" on any difficulty.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 71.8%
Learned a secret of your past.
Pony Island 71.7%
All beginnings are difficult
Own an industry
Railway Empire 71.7%
Nobody Likes a Whiner
Knock out the talent at the talk show
Duke Nukem Forever 71.5%
Range Streak 10
Get a range streak of 10.
One Finger Death Punch 71.4%
Make a friend.
60 Parsecs! 71.4%
Gain entrance to the village of Markovna with the help of Lady Katarina.
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut
Earn a profit of more than $25,000 in a single level.
Turmoil 71.3%
Best Laid Plans
Got separated from the group.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 71.3%
Silver Disciple
Get three Combo medals of rank Silver
Swords & Souls: Neverseen 71.2%
Animal trainer
Buy pet
Epic Clicker Journey 71.2%
Project Closed
Complete a //BLACKNET operation.
Path Less Traveled
Learned new survival skills.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 71.0%
Myself again
Retrieved lost experience by collecting your ghost
Lords Of The Fallen 70.9%
A Heavy Burden
Returned to the meeting place.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 70.9%
Finished Chapter One
Thief 70.6%
Making an Observation
Found the Observation Deck.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 70.4%
Apprentice Crafter
Craft an item for the first time
Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation 70.4%
Give Me the Money Back
Drink Potion of Impoverishment.
Lost Castle 70.3%
Multi Kill
5 Kill combo
Wasteland Angel 70.2%
History Lesson
Reached the museum.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 70.2%
Boss Slain
Defeat a Boss.
Monster Slayers 70.2%
All star
Obtain 3 stars in a level
Lightfish 70.2%
So that's a Lord!
Defeated First Warden
Lords Of The Fallen 70.1%
Getting started
Tutorials passed
Wasteland Angel 70.1%
Frequent Flyer
Defend the Russian President. Complete "Turbulence" on any difficulty.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 69.9%
All Fall Down
Survived the attack.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 69.9%
A Lesson in Manners
Show you know how to talk to a hooker.
Mafia II 69.9%
On Foot
Got back on the road.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 69.8%
Good Spirits
Complete Chapter 5.
Mafia II 69.8%
Beyond the Trees
Completed Episode 4: "Amid the Ruins"
The Walking Dead: Season Two 69.7%
Join Sir Radzig's garrison.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Reach Level 10
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 69.6%
Enjoy The Wings
Unlocked Pony Wings.
Pony Island 69.5%
Tuned Huh?
Upgrade a car
Table Top Racing: World Tour 69.3%
Time Well Spent
Complete Chapter 6.
Mafia II 69.2%
Sideways Shenanigans
You performed a 100m drift.
GRID 2 69.2%
Pitch Veteran
Play a total of 20 games across any game mode
Rocket League 69.2%
You made a kill look like an accident
Hitman: Absolution 69.1%
Standard Communication Grid
Wiretapped the Delray Hollow Smack Racket
Mafia III 69.1%
This game rules
It is always important to read the rules
Zup! 69.0%
Zup! 69.0%
Mr. Perfect
Complete all waves on a map without losing any core life.
Sanctum 2 68.8%
You're Very Pretty
Get a graphics rating of 90% or more.
Mad Games Tycoon 68.7%
Rocket Bender
Kill an enemy with stray rocket
Iron Snout 68.7%
The price we pay for sanity...
Remove a Quirk in the Sanitarium
Darkest Dungeon® 68.6%
Fishing Amateur
Catch 3 different types of fish
Swords & Souls: Neverseen 68.3%
Killed a civilian
Wasteland Angel 68.3%
BOOM! Hatshot!
Sadly we have no knives, so you won't be running any faster.
Westerado: Double Barreled 68.3%
Develop an arcade game.
Mad Games Tycoon 68.2%
Up to No Good
Infiltrate the village. Complete "Back on the Grid" on any difficulty.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 68.0%
Score warmup
100K score
Wasteland Angel 68.0%
Last Respects
Complete Chapter 7.
Mafia II 67.9%
Natural 20!
Get a 20 kill streak
Orcs Must Die! 67.7%
Improvised Ammo
Launch yourself with the catapult in "Castle"
Human: Fall Flat 67.7%
A Private Coffer
Collect 500 gold.
Lost Castle 67.7%
And our training begins...
Upgrade a Combat skill
Darkest Dungeon® 67.4%
The Beast Within
Dealt with Dr. Alexandria Hypatia
Dishonored 2
Wolf Skewer
Impale an enemy with tree branch
Iron Snout
Collect one Tome
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide 67.0%
Lightning flash
Set a speed record
Railway Empire 67.0%
Jokul Challenger
Defeat the Jokul.
Vikings - Wolves of Midgard 67.0%
Softened 'Em Up
Completely weakened a Racket by killing all of its Enforcers
Mafia III 66.9%
Day XV
Survive day 15.
Kingdom: New Lands 66.9%
Boss Buster
Slay 10 bosses.
Soda Dungeon 66.6%
He is tall, handsome and ready to rock & roll!
Last Hope - Tower Defense 66.5%
A strenuous adventure comes to a close...
Complete a medium quest
Darkest Dungeon® 66.4%
Kill a Smoker who has grabbed you with his tongue.
Left 4 Dead 66.3%
Naval Proficiency
Defeat 5 pirates.
Windward 66.3%
One Way Ticket
Make it to Westminster. Complete "Mind the Gap" on any difficulty.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 66.2%
No Hobo
Build a house suitable enough for your first town NPC, such as the guide, to move into.
Terraria 66.2%
Information is Key
Have a look at the overview map.
Tannenberg 66.2%
The Dark Elf
Recruit Violet the Dark Elf
Reverse Crawl 66.1%
Emit sparks for 1 second!
PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ 66.0%
The Wild Ones
Complete Chapter 8.
Mafia II 65.9%
Open 100 chests.
Lost Castle 65.8%
The Way of the Voice
Complete "The Way of the Voice"
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 65.7%
Embodiment of Justice
Kill 1000 enemies.
Lost Castle 65.7%
Survivor: Day 4
Green IS good.
Over 9000 Zombies! 65.5%
Open a Sealed Letter.
Windward 65.5%
Master Combo
Get a Master Combo.
One Finger Death Punch 65.3%
So close
Crash at over 95% on a main level in normal mode
Geometry Dash 65.2%
Blood and Iron
Made it out alive.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 65.2%
A collection of treasured antiques...
Collect at least 30 heirlooms from a single quest
Darkest Dungeon® 65.2%
Kick the same head twice
Iron Snout 65.1%
Miles To Go
Took a breather.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 64.9%
Malpractice Needs More Practice
Survive the onslaught from the deformed Joker henchman
Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition 64.9%
Right of Frost
Stopped for the night.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 64.7%
Crafty Little Fingers
Craft an item
Sorcerer King: Rivals 64.6%
Center Cannot Hold
Reached the other side.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 64.6%
0MG I killed some Zombies!
Kill 1000+ Zombies!
Over 9000 Zombies! 64.6%
Matching Attire
Equip armor in all three armor slots: head, chest, and feet.
Terraria 64.5%
Flip the Record
Roll more than 4 beats in one manoeuvre
Riff Racer 64.5%
Bridging the gap
Build a long bridge
Railway Empire 64.5%
Overbid someone at the land auction.
Turmoil 64.4%
Give him power
Bought your first Attribute or Spell Point
Lords Of The Fallen 64.4%
Speed Demon
Completely fill and then empty your Rocket Boost 10 times in a single match
Rocket League 64.3%
Orc Killer
Defeat chapter 3 boss
Swords & Souls: Neverseen 64.3%
Ghost Servant
Pick up the Ghost Armor.
Lost Castle 64.3%
Catch a Ride
You boarded the train and escaped the Chicago PD
Hitman: Absolution
Make 100 headshot kills.
Left 4 Dead 64.3%
All the Dark Night
Made it through to morning.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 64.3%
We Slowly Drove
Reached the terminus.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 64.2%
Kindly Stop for Me
Found your way through.
The Walking Dead: Season Two 64.2%
Drops in the Bucket
Collect 50 Items
Rocket League 64.1%
Still A Show-Off
Score a goal while reversing
Rocket League 64.0%
Welcome to WW3
Save the US Vice President. Complete "Goalpost" on any difficulty.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 63.9%
Pray on the Way Up
You hung Ritchie Doucet from a Ferris wheel
Mafia III
Hope's Light
Obtain a flashlight.
The Park 63.7%
The One Who Laughs
Complete this puzzle on any difficulty
Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions 63.6%
It is not right too!
Zup! 63.6%
Go back to hell
Execute an enemy
Deadlight 63.6%
All The Dead Lie Down
Completed Episode 5: "No Going Back"
The Walking Dead: Season Two 63.6%
Click on star
Zup! 63.5%
Man of Honor
Complete Chapter 9.
Mafia II 63.5%
Wanted Man
Trigger 50 alerts.
It is not right!
Zup! 63.4%
Lucky Angel
Drink Potion of Fortune.
Lost Castle 63.4%
Introduction - Ambush!
Ambush the Japanese reinforcements!
Men of War: Assault Squad 63.4%
Drink Ignition Potion, and set fire to everywhere.
Lost Castle 63.4%
Build a Turret!
Construct a turret from scrap metal!
Over 9000 Zombies! 63.4%
Vordt of the Boreal Valley
Defeat Vordt of the Boreal Valley.
Full Moon
Turns into a werewolf.
Lost Castle 63.3%
Forbidden Love
Get humped by a mini-wolf
Iron Snout
You or another Survivor take no damage after being vomited on by a Boomer.
Left 4 Dead 63.3%
Kill 100 aliens
Duke Nukem Forever 63.3%
It's right!
Zup! 63.2%
The Green Goblin
Recruit Bonehead the Goblin Shaman
Reverse Crawl 63.1%
Scout of the Morannon
Successfully complete a Survivalist Challenge.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 63.1%
Nigel Lowrie
Use a human shield
Hotline Miami 63.0%
Killer Instinct
Learn about Chad.
The Park 63.0%
Full steam ahead
First engineer recruited
Railway Empire 63.0%
Bucket o' Paint
Customize your ship's look.
Windward 62.9%
Wild in Wilderness
Complete Forlorn Wilderness
Trine 2 62.7%
Domino Effect
Throw a weapon at an enemy so that his weapon hits another
Hotline Miami 62.7%
And stay down!
Kick 50 enemies down
Zombie Army Trilogy 62.7%
Mousetrap Fuse
Use a trip mine to kill an enemy who is trying to assault your position
Sniper Elite V2 62.6%
Take my hand
Cut off Monk's arm
Lords Of The Fallen
Assault the shipping company. Complete "Return to Sender" on any difficulty.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 62.5%
Complete "Polargeist" in Normal mode
Geometry Dash 62.5%
Leave No Man Behind
Rescue the guards and henchman from the Joker toxin in Decontamination
Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition 62.5%
Hold On Just A Second
Lower the Doomsday Counter
Sorcerer King: Rivals 62.5%
Space Engineer
Upgrade a system.
60 Parsecs! 62.3%
Get the killing blow on a Rat Ogre.
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide 62.3%
It's a happy ending.
Rapunzel's story
Her Story
Bridge Over Troubling Water
Complete the first Hard Light Bridge test
Portal 2 62.3%