Achievement Game Visibility Global Unlocks
Sky Summoner
Defeat Talrand in the campaign
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 91.4%
Inlaid Library
Reach Level 20 in Mad Forest.
Vampire Survivors 89.8%
SEES the Day
Persona 3 Reload
Get King Bible To Level 4.
Vampire Survivors 88.8%
Welcome to the New World
Earn the right to take on two-star assignments.
Monster Hunter: World
Avatar of Slaughter
Win a duel when an opponent controls no creatures
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 87.3%
Get Santa Water To Level 4.
Vampire Survivors 87.0%
Get Magic Wand To Level 7.
Vampire Survivors 85.7%
Survive 20 minutes with any character.
Vampire Survivors 85.2%
Survive 5 minutes with Pasqualina.
Vampire Survivors 85.0%
Nice Moves
Obtain a Runic Attack Gem
God of War 84.6%
Rising Power
Have a level 10 Lord.
Total War: WARHAMMER III 83.8%
Win a campaign duel with 20 or more life
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 83.8%
Time of Heroes
Defeat an encounter
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 83.6%
Poe Ratcho
Get Garlic to level 7.
Vampire Survivors 83.4%
There's No "I" in "Team"
Performed a Shift.
Persona 3 Reload 83.1%
Get Lightning Ring To Level 4.
Vampire Survivors 83.1%
Defeat a total of 3000 Skeletons.
Vampire Survivors 83.1%
Talented Amateur
Win 10 battles during a single campaign.
Total War: WARHAMMER III 82.9%
Uncage the Menagerie
Free the Wolf Statue from its cage.
The Thrill of the Hunt
Defeated a rare, golden enemy.
Persona 3 Reload 81.1%
The First of Many
Performed a Dyad Fusion.
Persona 3 Reload 81.1%
Storm Abolisher
Eradicate the cause of the maelstrom.
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
A Keen Sense of Spell
Invoke Ancient Magic for the first time
Hogwarts Legacy
White Hat
Have 1 level 10 Hero.
Total War: WARHAMMER III 80.1%
Good Score
Score at least 2,500 motes in a single battle
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 80.0%
Practically a job
Embark on your tenth expedition
Loop Hero 79.8%
Holy Wand
Evolve the Magic Wand.
Vampire Survivors 79.4%
Survive 5 minutes with Gennaro.
Vampire Survivors 79.3%
Hyper Inlaid Library
Defeat the Hag in the Inlaid Library.
Vampire Survivors 79.3%
Part of the world
Find 100 resources
Loop Hero 78.5%
Dairy Plant
Reach Level 40 in Inlaid Library.
Vampire Survivors 78.5%
Get Runetracer To Level 7.
Vampire Survivors 78.4%
Lost count
Kill 1000 enemies
Loop Hero 78.3%
Level 4 Drizzle
Love a level 4 or higher monster in Story Mode
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 78.2%
Sensational Steed
Have a special mount.
Total War: WARHAMMER III 78.1%
Golden Rule
Equipped an Install Skill for the first ime.
Fate/EXTELLA 78.0%
Full Combo!
Get a 100% full combo in any battle
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 78.0%
Ten Thousand Shots in the Air
Monsters rain 10,000 bullets upon you
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 77.8%
Shadows in the Snowscape
Granblue Fantasy: Relink
Die from a fall
SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption 77.6%
Nothing Stops This Commission
Earn the right to take on three-star assignments.
Monster Hunter: World
Gathering Hearts
Love 10 unique monsters
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 77.5%
Reach Level 5
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 77.3%
Three Chapters Clear
Complete 3 Chapters in a single Story run
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 76.9%
RNG Persuader
Have at least 50 karma at once in Story Mode
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 76.9%
Beast Within
Win a duel controlling a creature with at least 10 power
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 76.3%
Are You Ok?
Meet the Root Mother
Remnant: From the Ashes
The Champion
Defeated the Champ.
Slay the Spire
Collection of Triangles
Collect a total of 7 tetrids of any colors
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 76.1%
A New Friend
Survive the Witch’s Woods
God of War
Quest for Success
Fight a quest battle.
Total War: WARHAMMER III 76.0%
Get YOUR Very Own Paypig Today!
Defeat a total of 100000 enemies.
Vampire Survivors 75.9%
Dragon Soul
Absorb a dragon soul
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 75.9%
20,000 Specks
Score at least 20,000 motes in a single Story run
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 75.9%
Il Molise
Unlock Hyper mode for any normal stage.
Vampire Survivors 75.6%
Unlock the "Rogue" class
Loop Hero 75.4%
Just starting out
Defeat the Lich
Loop Hero
Defeat 4000 Oozes
Death Must Die 75.2%
Bleak Falls Barrow
Complete "Bleak Falls Barrow"
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 75.2%
Back on Track
Persona 3 Reload
Leave It to Me
Achieve an S++ quest evaluation for the first time
Granblue Fantasy: Relink 75.0%
Face to Face
Defeat The Trapper and The Trader.
Dominating Force
Have a level 20 Lord.
Total War: WARHAMMER III 75.0%
Page 3
"Die, die, die, die... How careless of me. How could I be so weak? At this rate, I'll lose everything."
Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk
Evolve the Fire Wand.
Vampire Survivors 74.6%
Ancestral Vision
Fill your empty socket with something magical.
A Fateful Encounter
Complete a fate episode prologue for the first time
Granblue Fantasy: Relink 74.3%
I am Thou...
Obtained a Persona through negotiation.
Persona 5 Royal 73.7%
Four Chapters Clear
Complete 4 Chapters in a single Story run
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 73.6%
In Search of Hope
Granblue Fantasy: Relink
Briefcase Burglar
Opened 50 treasure chests.
Persona 3 Reload 73.5%
Reborn Hope
Find a spare film roll.
A Steady Stream
Have a gross income of 5,000 per turn.
Total War: WARHAMMER III 73.4%
Collect $30,480 total gold.
Risk of Rain 2 73.3%
Death Spiral
Evolve the Axe.
Vampire Survivors 73.3%
Trait Dabbler
Upgrade any trait to 10
Remnant: From the Ashes 73.2%
Forward Position
Construct an allied outpost in a military ally's settlement.
Total War: WARHAMMER III 73.2%
Beast of Transcaucasia
The Thaumaturge
Die and immediately start a new run.
Tainted Grail
Dwarven Ingenuity
Upgrade a piece of armor
God of War 72.8%
Claim a Base or Buy a Freighter
No Man's Sky 72.6%
Green Acres
Unlock Hyper mode for 2 normal stages.
Vampire Survivors 72.5%
Endless Tricks
Play at least 10 dice in a single turn.
Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles 72.5%
Enduring Victory
Defeat Leshy.
Warning Signs
Granblue Fantasy: Relink
Place 1000 cards
Loop Hero 72.0%
Yatta Cavallo
Defeat a total of 3000 Lion Heads.
Vampire Survivors 71.8%
Found a city
Warlock 2: the Exiled 71.8%
The Automaton
Defeated the Bronze Automaton.
Slay the Spire
Reflect two projectiles at once
Ship of Fools 71.7%
Ebony WIngs
Get Peachone To Level 7.
Vampire Survivors 71.7%
Blood and Dust
Defeat the Great Preceptor Radamés.
Blasphemous 2
The Sign of The Hero
Kill 500 Skeletons with Avoron
Death Must Die 71.6%
A Talent for Spending
Spend 5 Talent Points
Hogwarts Legacy 71.6%
Page 4
"Left eye, fingernails, leg... So wise, so clever, so defiant!"
Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk
Milky Way Map
Find the Milky Way Map.
Vampire Survivors 71.5%
Ascend 0
Unlock Ascension mode.
Slay the Spire 71.5%
You'd Better Hang On!
Used the grappling hook.
Persona 5 Royal 71.4%
Witness a Laser
Activate a Laser Beam
Manifold Garden 71.4%
Cast a mythic rare card
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 71.4%
Thunder Loop
Evolve the Lightning Ring.
Vampire Survivors 71.3%
The Power of Choice
Obtained 10 Personas during Shuffle Time.
Persona 3 Reload 71.3%
Bring An Umbrella
Complete The Void's story path as Her Heart
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart
In Good Health
Reach 650 health.
Risk of Rain Returns 71.2%
Secret Power of the Regalia
Performed a Moon Crux/Drive for the first time.
Fate/EXTELLA 71.1%
By His Design
Unlock something with a Blueprint
Crown Trick
Bloody Tear
Evolve the Whip.
Vampire Survivors 71.0%
The Bigger They Are...
Mount your first monster.
Monster Hunter: World 70.9%
Tactical Teamwork
Performed a Baton Pass.
Persona 5 Royal 70.9%
Chapter I. What Am I Doing Here?
Finish your business in the village and go to Warsaw.
The Thaumaturge 70.6%
I Like It When Numbers Go Up
Acquire a total of 100,000 rupies
Granblue Fantasy: Relink 70.5%
Triggered a Technical.
Persona 5 Royal 70.4%
Granblue Fantasy: Relink
Making the Dream Work
Performed 50 All-Out Attacks.
Persona 3 Reload 70.0%
Hunters United
Complete a quest via multiplayer.
Monster Hunter: World 70.0%
Heart Trick
Do not take damage or use panic attacks for 3 battles in a row in Story Mode
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 70.0%
Back in Business
Witnessed the Phantom Thieves' reunion.
Persona 5 Strikers 70.0%
Rescue Stein of the Vault of Souls
Stein Rescued
Crown Trick
Unholy Vespers
Evolve the King Bible.
Vampire Survivors 69.7%
La Borra
Evolve the Santa Water.
Vampire Survivors 69.7%
Hyper Mad Forest
Defeat the giant Blue Venus in the Mad Forest.
Vampire Survivors 69.6%
Ring the Bell (Undead Church)
Ring Bell of Awakening at Undead Church.
First Friends
Befriend your first Tailraider.
Monster Hunter: World 69.5%
Commercial Comforts
Have a trade agreement with 5 other factions at the same time.
Total War: WARHAMMER III 69.5%
Make more than forty one sets of cheese platforms crumble in Ancient Cheese.
Pizza Tower 69.3%
Defender of Astera
Earn the right to take on four-star assignments.
Monster Hunter: World
Stone Mask
Find a Stone Mask.
Vampire Survivors 69.2%
Warrior of the Dreams
Enemies Killed:100
Crown Trick
Bartender! Refill!
Drink 50 potions
Loop Hero 69.1%
Walls Cannot Stop Us
Breach a city's walls.
Age of Wonders 4 69.0%
Off With Their Heads
You have ordered an execution.
Long Live The Queen 69.0%
Heaven Sword
Evolve the Cross.
Vampire Survivors 69.0%
Reach Level 10
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 69.0%
Tear Down the Walls
Raze 1 settlement.
Total War: WARHAMMER III 68.8%
Thousand Edge
Evolve the Knife.
Vampire Survivors 68.7%
Buff Buffet
Use buffing skills to grant status effects to allies 20 times in battles
Granblue Fantasy: Relink 68.7%
Bedrolls and Breakfast
Take four full Long Rests in a single playthrough - adventuring's tiring work.
Baldur's Gate 3 68.7%
Shrouded Assassin
Initiated 50 Chance Encounters.
Persona 3 Reload 68.5%
Good Start
Acquire 10 traits
Remnant: From the Ashes 68.5%
Make the world cucumber-free
ScourgeBringer 68.5%
Soul Eater
Evolve the Garlic.
Vampire Survivors 68.3%
Earn 5000 coins in a single run.
Vampire Survivors 68.3%
Role of a Master
Equipped a new Mystic Code.
Fate/EXTELLA 68.1%
Poison Expert
Inflict 5 or more stacks of Poison on enemies in 1 battle
Crown Trick
Opposing Wills
Granblue Fantasy: Relink
What is the Labyrinth?
Meet the Labyrinth Keeper
Remnant: From the Ashes
Exploring Possibilities
Try to assemble a weapon.
Lies of P 67.8%
The Enchanter
Imbue your weapon with a spell.
Magicka 67.6%
Monster Admirer
Love 25 monsters
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 67.5%
Five Rats, One Stone
Kill 5 Skaven with one grenade.
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
Ready For Action
Craft a weapon using material from a defeated world boss
Remnant: From the Ashes 67.4%
Elevated Excellence
Have 3 special mounts.
Total War: WARHAMMER III 67.4%
Start a new game.
Keyed Up
Defeat the Teleporter boss under 15 seconds.
Risk of Rain 2 67.3%
Let's Blow It Up
Defeated enemies via Disaster Shadow explosion.
Persona 5 Royal 67.2%
You have embraced the power of Lumen magic.
Long Live The Queen 67.2%
Punishment Itself
Defeat 100 Specialist-tier enemies.
Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem 67.1%
Granblue Fantasy: Relink
Made one monster drop four materials at once.
I am Setsuna 67.0%
Blood and Iron
Defeat Lesmes of the Confraternity of Incorruptible Flesh.
Blasphemous 2
Shard Connoisseur
Soul Shards gained:200
Crown Trick
By Frag Or By Krak
Kill an enemy unit with a grenade
Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector 66.9%
Fill 50 entries in the Collection.
Vampire Survivors 66.8%
Capture a city
Warlock 2: the Exiled 66.7%
I Will Survive
Use 50 potions
Granblue Fantasy: Relink 66.5%
Head-butt another creature with the Blockhead
SILT 66.5%
Birthday Present
Obtained an item from a Persona Conception.
Persona 3 Reload 66.5%
Kracked Flower
Break all of Vitrea's breakable petals in a single battle (Story Mode)
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 66.3%
I survived 10 days in challenge mode.
Marfusha 66.2%
Great Score
Score at least 5,000 motes in a single battle
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 66.2%
Empowered Protector
Persona 3 Reload
Closer to the Truth
Find 30 archive entries
Granblue Fantasy: Relink 66.0%
Save up to 2000 gold in 1 run
Few Nights More 65.9%
Samurai Showdown
Drive back the samurai.
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Unlock a new fleece.
Cult of the Lamb 65.8%
Those Who Take Up the Sword
Met Freyja.
I am Setsuna
That's a Keeper
Meet Charles Rookwood in the Map Chamber
Hogwarts Legacy
Tempting Fate
Triggered a skill change during fusion.
Persona 3 Reload 65.7%
A Stake For A Vampire
Defeat the Baron
Death Must Die 65.7%
Have 9 Energy during a single turn of combat.
Slay the Spire 65.7%
Around the world
Complete 100 loops
Loop Hero 65.6%
Defeat Wideload in Wideload's Lair.
Torchlight III 65.5%
Deal 5000 damage in one shot.
Risk of Rain 2 65.5%
The Way of the Voice
Complete "The Way of the Voice"
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 65.3%
No Longer Young
Defeat Tria in the Tower of Sinners
Crown Trick
File R-01: Status - Closed
Complete File R-01: Coup d'État.
The Fool's Journey
Obtained 10 Major Arcana during Shuffle Time.
Persona 3 Reload 65.1%
Layh dropped over 30 times during the game
LUNA The Shadow Dust 65.1%
The Summoner
Defeat 50 Summoners
Death Must Die 64.9%
I played Challenge Mode for the first time.
Marfusha 64.9%
Combo Fanatic
You pulled off a 50-hit combo.
NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... 64.9%
Looking Out for the Little Guys
Destroy a total of 30 Dwarf Gekkos during story mode.
Let There Be Darkness
Enter the Dark World
Manifold Garden
Don't judge a manhole by its cover
Discover Hapi's lair
Shrug It Off
Win a battle with 1 HP remaining.
Slay the Spire 64.6%
Lose something of no value.
Page 8
"The ruler of this world... He claims to have been born naturally? I do not understand... There is so much I do not understand."
Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk
Master of the Wild Hunt
Win a duel controlling at least ten creatures
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 64.5%
Make Connections
Use the connectors to win a prize!
The Talos Principle
True Name Revelation
Revealed the true name of your Noble Phantasm for the first time.
Fate/EXTELLA 64.3%
Castle of Lust: Seized
Completed the castle Palace.
Persona 5 Royal
Collect 10 Monster or Environment Logs.
Risk of Rain 2 64.2%
A Deadly Debut
Performed a Guillotine execution.
Persona 5 Royal 64.2%
Able Alchemist
Transmute items 10 times.
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night 64.2%
It's poison for you.
Lifted From the Deep
Catch 250 fish using rods.
DREDGE 64.0%
I survived 20 days in challenge mode.
Marfusha 64.0%
Defective Heart
Suffer 5 heartbreaks in Story Mode
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 64.0%
Stellar Dismantler
Defeat Corrupted Assembler.
Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles 63.9%
Making Friends
Love 20 unique monsters
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 63.9%
Hull: Refined
Upgrade to the 3rd tier hull.
DREDGE 63.9%
Grim Grimoire
Find the Grim Grimoire.
Vampire Survivors 63.9%
The Wild Companion
Kainé joined your party.
NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...
Professional Tactician
Win 50 battles during a single campaign.
Total War: WARHAMMER III 63.7%
Feels Like Home
Allow the Light Elves to return home
God of War
Diamond Basics Mastered
Collect all soulshards in small diamond collection.
Dawn of a Soul 63.7%
She Will Not Give Up
In Story Mode, start a battle with 4 health or less and win
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 63.6%
Peak Nobility
Have a level 30 Lord.
Total War: WARHAMMER III 63.6%
Deja Vu?
Loop back to the first stage.
Risk of Rain 2 63.6%
Halfway There
Upgrade any weapon to +10
Remnant: From the Ashes 63.5%
Childhood Memory
Master and I
LUNA The Shadow Dust
A Walk on the Dark Side
Collapse the Dark World
Manifold Garden
Phantom Thieves: Assemble!
Established your own squad of thieves.
Persona 5 Royal 63.3%
Not So Special
Defeat 100 special enemies
Remnant: From the Ashes 63.3%
What's not tied down
Get 5 camp items
Loop Hero 63.2%
Five Chapters Clear
Complete 5 Chapters in a single Story run
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 63.2%
The Fire and the Flames
Murder Hickory.
Brutal Orchestra 63.1%
Fallen Archbishop
Kill the Fallen Archbishop Andreus.
Lies of P
Launch the Enchanted Edition of the game
Trine 63.0%
Dorm Life
Spent an evening in the dorm with a teammate.
Persona 3 Reload 63.0%
Blue Complete
Complete the Blue Level
Manifold Garden 63.0%
Blockade Breaker
Kill 15 boss monsters in a single run.
Risk of Rain 2 62.9%
Knights of the Cresenct Table
Find and Recruit 6 Hero Companions.
King Arthur: Knight's Tale 62.8%
Shiny Monster Cards
Radiate 3 monster cards
The Void Rains Upon Her Heart 62.7%
Once you start...
Play gold coin slot machine once
Crown Trick
Treasure Hunter
Pick up supplies a total of 20 times.
Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery 62.6%
The Five Oddities
Defeat the Chapter I boss [The Five Oddities]
Devil Slayer - Raksasi / 斩妖Raksasi 62.6%
One Step at a Time
Completed a Mementos request.
Persona 5 Royal 62.6%
The Beginning of a Samurai
Reached level 10.
Nioh: Complete Edition 62.5%
Collect one Tome
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide 62.5%
Old Astrologer
Met Astrologer. He's wise and tired of everything, even life.
Graveyard Keeper 62.5%
Best Dressed
Craft an outfit for Atreus
God of War 62.5%
Grandma says hello
Unlock the "Necromancer" class
Loop Hero 62.4%
Mine your first ore
SpellForce: Conquest of Eo 62.2%
Rescue Amanda of the Item Shop
Amanda Rescued
Crown Trick
One Star Ship
Have a ship reach rank one.
Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander (CLASSIC) 62.1%
The Sharpest Tool in the Shed
Defeat the Sentinel of the Emery.
Blasphemous 2
Show of Hands
Eradicate the wrathful work of art.
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night