Achievement Game Visibility Global Unlocks
The chapter's name means "First"
VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action 94.1%
Earn 50 Cubes
Cubemen 93.5%
First time you earn a 2x Multiplier
Cubemen 93.1%
Earn 150 Cubes
Cubemen 91.4%
I know what I said
Sometimes a wrong drink can be the right thing
VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action 91.2%
Kill 25 Enemy Cubemen
Cubemen 90.8%
Returned from the dead using "Resurrection" for the first time
Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice 88.9%
Jewel of the South
Reached Karnaca
Dishonored 2
Clean Sheet
Win a game without giving up a single Goal
Rocket League 76.8%
Collector 1
Collect 1.00M Gold (Total)
Time Clickers 76.4%
Tycoon 1
Earn 500K Gold
Time Clickers 76.2%
Increased Vigor
Upgrade Nephilim's Respite Healing Amount
Darksiders III
First time you win a Defense Game
Cubemen 75.6%
Flawless Service
Get a flawless service bonus
VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action 74.9%
First Random Map
When you are ready to take on the unexpected you are ready to take on the world. The Random map challenge is for any who are ready for attack or defense by land or sea and to defend against those who would threaten your empire. Fight on!
Age of Empires II (2013) 74.5%
Fight Fire with Fire
Collect the Flame Hollow
Darksiders III
Powering Up
Acquire your first ArFA-sys part.
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet 72.8%
Earn 500 Cubes
Cubemen 72.7%
Watch Me Rise
Complete the tutorial.
Stoneshard: Prologue 72.0%
I have no idea what this does
Collect your first beer.
Crush Your Enemies 71.2%
Increased Capacity
Upgrade Nephilim's Respite Capacity
Darksiders III
Prisoner of War
Capture a live alien.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Slash! Slash! Roll!
Unlock 10 weapons.
Dead Cells 70.5%
First time you earn a Platinum Medal
Cubemen 69.9%
First time you earn a 4x Multiplier
Cubemen 69.9%
Pledge Yourself
Reach level 5 in any faction
Mortal Kombat X 69.4%
A Better Person
Buy your first Upgrade from the Upgrade Store.
Saints Row: The Third 68.3%
The Enchanter
Imbue your weapon with a spell.
Magicka 68.2%
What are you rubbing at anyway?
Absorb the Teleportation rune.
Dead Cells 67.2%
The Beast Within
Dealt with Dr. Alexandria Hypatia
Dishonored 2
Defender 2
Beat Wave 25
Time Clickers 67.0%
Grease Monkey
Customize the Decal, Topper, Rocket Boost and Wheel on a car
Rocket League 66.7%
Memorial Mob
Encountered the Memorial Mob
Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice 66.4%
Family Guy
Get on track with your family
Beholder 66.3%
Exterminator 2
Destroy 50.0K Cubes
Time Clickers 66.2%
"Oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch"
Die from falling damage.
Magicka 65.1%
Lollipop or love?
Set priorities
Chaos on Deponia 64.7%
Combo Intermediate
Perform a 6x combo
Hotline Miami 64.7%
Still A Show-Off
Score a goal while reversing
Rocket League 64.3%
The Gatekeeper
Stun an Outsider.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
...and Practice.
Build a Workshop.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 63.9%
Welcoming Committee
Kill 150 aliens.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 63.7%
Opulence, You Has It
Complete 'Party Time'.
Saints Row: The Third 63.6%
Nigel Lowrie
Use a human shield
Hotline Miami 63.1%
Squad 1
Get Team DPS to 10.0M
Time Clickers 62.9%
Domino Effect
Throw a weapon at an enemy so that his weapon hits another
Hotline Miami 62.9%
Destroyer 1
Destroy 50.0K Red Cubes
Time Clickers 62.9%
Perfect Storm
Collect the Storm Hollow
Darksiders III
Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa
Defeated "Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa"
Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice
It's a happy ending.
Rapunzel's story
Her Story
Collector 2
Collect 1.00B Gold (Total)
Time Clickers 62.0%
And yet, I lived
Over one hundred of your units were lost in this battle - even with such great losses, if they were well used against the enemy you did the right thing. Get used to studying the battle stats after each match with an opponent - did you have the right complementary mix of units? Did you make your enemy pay for every one of your losses? Every unit sacrificed is an opportunity to learn about your opponent.
Age of Empires II (2013) 62.0%
All That Glitters
Defeat Avarice
Darksiders III
X Marks the Spot
Uncover the alien base's location.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Second Helping
Acquire your second ArFA-sys part.
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet 61.7%
Corporal 2
Upgrade a Team Member 25 Times
Time Clickers 61.4%
Traversed World 3
Travel all the way across World 3.
Braid 61.3%
Upgrade an Enhancement
Darksiders III
Bridge Over Troubling Water
Complete the first Hard Light Bridge test
Portal 2 61.0%
A Traditional Ballad
The Wind and the Rain
Her Story
Solid Snake
Defeat Jormungandr.
Magicka 60.9%
Mysterious Foes
You have faced the unknown! Playing against random opponents will expose you to a world’s worth of variety of units, tactics, and technologies. Study their strengths and weaknesses to become a great leader.
Age of Empires II (2013) 60.9%
Weeding out the weak...
Dismiss your first hero
Darkest Dungeon® 60.8%
Tic… Toc…
Reach the Clock Tower for the first time!
Dead Cells 60.3%
Successfully cross two beams into a more powerful one.
Magicka 59.9%
Eliminate 20 unaware enemies
Dishonored 2 59.3%
Have you ever eaten fennel?
Her Story
Pimp My Bride
Find a woman for Shpak
Beholder 58.3%
Labyrinthine Mind
Found Anton Sokolov in the Clockwork Mansion
Dishonored 2
The Hardest Road
Advance one of your soldiers to Colonel rank.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 57.6%
Sharp Shooter 4
Shoot Click Pistol 10.0K Times
Time Clickers 57.6%
High drama
Reach the Clock Room for the first time!
Dead Cells 57.6%
It's over nine thousand!!!!
Deal over 9000 damage to one enemy.
Magicka 57.4%
The basics of barbarism
Impale 20 of your enemies' heads.
Crush Your Enemies 57.3%
Buy 50 Cubemen
Cubemen 57.2%
Helen's Pride
Score 6 Goals in a single game
Rocket League 57.1%
Prison Food
Get eaten alive.
BattleBlock Theater
Join the College of Winterhold
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 56.9%
One Of the Chosen
Collect an Essence of a Chosen
Darksiders III
Morbid Theft
Steal a corpse for Mindy Blanchard
Dishonored 2 56.5%
Annihilator 1
Destroy 100K White Cubes
Time Clickers 56.5%
Eagle eyes
Point out a special enemy using the "shout out" command.
PAYDAY: The Heist 56.3%
Smells like burned flesh
Reach the Ossuary for the first time.
Dead Cells 56.2%
Throne Potato
Defeat Sloth
Darksiders III
Squad 2
Get Team DPS to 10.0B
Time Clickers 56.0%
Five's a Crowd
Save 5 Humans
Darksiders III
25 to Life
Spend 25 Attribute Points
Darksiders III
Devil's in the Details
Kill 666 Enemies
Darksiders III
It's dangerous to go alone.
Form a party with other heroes
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition 55.3%
The Price of Freedom
Keep a rescued Thief alive long enough for him to drop a Red Gem.
Vertical Drop Heroes HD 55.2%
Be cursed... Survive.
Dead Cells 55.2%
Hit the Dojo
Enter Practice mode
Mortal Kombat X 55.1%
Oooh, Shiny!
Acquire a Legendary weapon.
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet 54.9%
Blanche Advantage
Hit someone with the old lady Level Interaction
Mortal Kombat X 54.8%
Ace 1
Get 100 Critical Strikes
Time Clickers 54.8%
Why so Jumpy?
Acquire double jump.
Rampage Knights 54.6%
Defender 3
Beat Wave 50
Time Clickers 54.5%
Community Service
Install and play one mod.
Mount & Blade: Warband 54.4%
Solved World 2
Fit together all the world 2 puzzle pieces and align the puzzle in its frame.
Braid 54.3%
Mass production 1
Produce 10k electronic circuits.
Factorio 54.3%
Blade Master
You have beaten the "Time Keeper"!
Dead Cells 54.2%
Score a Goal, Save a shot, and Assist a teammate in a single game
Rocket League 54.1%
Collect Salvation
Darksiders III
Tycoon 2
Earn 5.00T Gold
Time Clickers 54.0%
The Phantom Lady Butterfly
Defeated "Lady Butterfly"
Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice
Super Victorious
Win a total of 30 games across any game mode
Rocket League 54.0%
Corporal 3
Upgrade a Team Member 50 Times
Time Clickers 54.0%
Start a Revolution
Complete "Exploited in the Bowels of Hell"
Brütal Legend 53.9%
Moving Up
Reach personal level 10 in XP
Mortal Kombat X 53.9%
Make a break for it
Portal 2 53.7%
Vacuum Vandal
Ride the vacuum!
A Hat in Time 53.6%
Please leave your shoes at the entrance.
Reach the Castle for the first time.
Dead Cells 53.5%
Good Times
Head to Champions Field and complete an Online game
Rocket League 53.5%
Kill 250 Enemy Cubemen
Cubemen 53.3%
Chat with Dr. Hypatia aboard the Dreadful Wale
Dishonored 2 53.3%
Playing Doctor
Stop a critical bleed-out with a bandage, first aid bandage or first aid kit
7 Days to Die 53.2%
Saving Private Player
Resurrect a friend via combat in a multiplayer game.
Rampage Knights 53.1%
Kill your first boss.
Rampage Knights 53.0%
Territory Rookie
Win a Territory Round
Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer 52.9%
We're Takin' Over
Complete 'We've Only Just Begun'.
Saints Row: The Third 52.7%
Stalemate Associate
Press the button!
Portal 2 52.7%
Soul Harvester
Collect 100,000 Souls
Darksiders III
A Chance Meeting
Complete Level 2: The Solitary Killer
Shadwen 52.7%
Unlimited Possibilities
Play a mod from the Steam Workshop!
A Hat in Time 52.5%
Singles Club
Win a 1v1 game
Rocket League 52.5%
Off My Planet
Recover the Hyperwave Beacon.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
First Blood
Kill one enemy using the M60.
Magicka 52.5%
Open Sesame
Open 20 chests.
Rampage Knights 52.4%
Unshakable Fortitude
Collect 30 Slivers of Adamantine
Darksiders III
Squad 3
Get Team DPS to 10.0T
Time Clickers 52.1%
Get up Stand up
Cleanse the town of bandits in the opening mission.
Mount & Blade: Warband 52.1%
Break Shot
Score a goal by hitting your opponent into the ball
Rocket League 52.0%
As A Scalpel
Earn the "Excellent" rating in every performance category on a terror mission.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 51.8%
Exterminator 3
Destroy 500K Cubes
Time Clickers 51.6%
Collector 3
Collect 1.00Q Gold (Total)
Time Clickers 51.4%
I Wanna Rock
Collect the Force Hollow
Darksiders III
Delusions of Grandeur
Defeat Lust
Darksiders III
All Together Now
Get satellite coverage over every country on one continent.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 51.2%
Slip 'n Slide
Slide down a really long slope!
A Hat in Time 50.8%
Afraid of the dark?
Reach the Forgotten Sepulcher for the first time!
Dead Cells 50.8%
Use 3 scrolls.
Rampage Knights 50.7%
No Backing Down
You razed 50 buildings in this campaign, your enemies will think twice before challenging you again.
Age of Empires II (2013) 50.7%
Hit enemies 25 times with a throwing weapon.
Rampage Knights 50.6%
I've seen every corner of this ruined land...
Complete a quest in all four regions
Darkest Dungeon® 50.5%
Earn 1,500 Cubes
Cubemen 50.5%
A killer of striking force and wit...
Kill 50 enemies with one hero
Darkest Dungeon® 50.5%
Love Tap
Defeat the Kraken
Darksiders III
Shake and Bake
Complete your first Challenge.
Saints Row: The Third 50.3%
Rider's Block
Make 20 Saves
Rocket League 50.1%
Genichiro Ashina
Defeated "Genichiro Ashina"
Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice
Vertically Unchallenged
Master the Repulsion Gel
Portal 2 49.8%
Budding Artist
Collect a Painted Item
Rocket League 49.7%
Man No More
Build a suit of powered armor.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 49.6%
Decapitate 25 enemies.
Rampage Knights 49.6%
Live to Rebuild
For some leaders, losing 15 buildings in a single session would be a reason to retreat and resign. Not you.
Age of Empires II (2013) 49.4%
Squad 4
Get Team DPS to 10.0Q
Time Clickers 49.2%
Worth Every Penny
Acquire 1000 credits in one month.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 49.1%
Two hundred of your units were lost in this conflict. Sadly, not every battle can be a sweeping victory where everyone returns to the feast table to boast of their skill. Sometimes, being a good general is about knowing when to throw everything against the enemy without reservation or hesitation. Today you know how that feels.
Age of Empires II (2013) 49.1%
Family drama
Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father!
Chaos on Deponia 49.1%
Diplomatic Immunity
Complete "Diplomatic Immunity"
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 49.1%
Use a dead body to lure another guard and then stealth kill them.
Mark of the Ninja 48.7%
Royal Steward
Win a game with a Prestige Victory
Armello 48.7%
Coming right up
This chapter's name means "Bitter"
VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action 48.5%
Maximum Vigor
Upgrade Nephilim's Respite Healing Amount 4 Times
Darksiders III
There is no goat level
Defeat Jotunn.
Magicka 47.9%
Ride the Lightning
Build a Firestorm.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Queen of the Orcs
Charm 100 orcs as the Sorceress
Orcs Must Die! 2 47.9%
Tater Tote
Carry science forward
Portal 2 47.6%
Win the MVP award in a game that goes to overtime
Rocket League 47.6%
And we slew the men who were wicked...
Defeat 100 Human enemies
Darkest Dungeon® 47.6%
Become a snack for Frank.
Ministry of Broadcast 47.4%
Abundant Feast
Eat 6 different types food concurrently.
Mount & Blade: Warband 47.4%
Freeze Frame
Collect the Stasis Hollow
Darksiders III
Eat Your Heart Out
Defeat Gluttony
Darksiders III
Golden Boy
Clear a case finding every clue as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.
L.A. Noire 47.2%
Badge Master
Equip 3 badges!
A Hat in Time 47.2%
Unconditioned Reflex
Restore Ida’s breath
Cradle 47.1%
Expressing My Individuality
It's a snake and an apple
Her Story
Squad 5
Get Team DPS to 10.0a
Time Clickers 47.0%
Huzzah put balls to the wall
After them!
Chaos on Deponia 47.0%
Appraise items 15 times.
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet 47.0%
Tycoon 3
Earn 250a Gold
Time Clickers 46.9%
Know the Drill
Complete a Practice Drill
Rocket League 46.6%
Folding Screen Monkeys
Caught the Folding Screen Monkeys
Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice
The Reflection
Sarah has logged off and crossed the road
Her Story
You don't even try
Die in a first level
We Are The Dwarves
Shut up, Simon!
Training is for losers!
Chaos on Deponia 46.1%
Gellin' Like Magellan
Explore every hood in Steelport.
Saints Row: The Third 46.1%
Drums in the Deep
Gain access to the lowest level in your base.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 46.1%
Bend the knee? I think not…
Reach the Throne Room for the first time.
Dead Cells 46.1%
Party starter
Collect 50 pints of beer.
Crush Your Enemies 46.0%
First Victory
Congratulations! You have achieved the first multi-player victory of many to come.
Age of Empires II (2013) 46.0%
Stranger Than Friction
Master the Propulsion Gel
Portal 2 45.9%
A Night in 1849
Visited the past
Dishonored 2
Ripping up the Suburbs
Complete all tracks in Outskirts Area
Urban Trial Freestyle 45.8%
Give Me the Booty
Collect 1000 gold.
Rampage Knights 45.8%
Destroyer 2
Destroy 500K Red Cubes
Time Clickers 45.8%
Tower Kompetitor
Complete a single Tower
Mortal Kombat X 45.7%
See All, Know All
Build the Hyperwave Relay.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Who needs an Italian plumber?
Reach the Ancient Sewers for the first time.
Dead Cells 45.6%
The Star of Wraeclast
Kill Merveil, the Siren.
Path of Exile 45.5%
Nosalis hunter
Kill 100 nosalises.
Metro 2033 Redux 45.5%
Getting on track
Build a locomotive.
Factorio 45.5%
Caci… que?
It's not everyday a client gives you a gift
VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action 45.5%
Back with the Ex
Witness Rachel joining the group
All Zombies Must Die! 45.4%
Taking Care of Business
Join the Thieves Guild
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 45.3%
Foe of the Franks
Through your various skills you have defeated the Franks in battle.
Age of Empires II (2013) 45.1%
Spilt Coffee
Her Story
Major General 1
Defeat Wave 100 Boss
Time Clickers 45.0%
Defender 4
Beat Wave 100
Time Clickers 45.0%
Coming On Strong
Score or Assist a combined 30 goals or assists in Casual or Competitive Online matches
Rocket League 45.0%
Trophy Wife
Win Claptrap's bounty item.
Poker Night 2 44.9%
Snake Tongue
Successfully persuade, bribe, and intimidate
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 44.9%
Egg race
No egg on your face
Chaos on Deponia 44.9%
Shield Down
Deliver the finishing blow to a Swarm Shieldbug.
Alien Swarm 44.8%
First time you earn a 5x Multiplier
Cubemen 44.8%
Sailing the Seven Seas
Complete Give me the booty, Open sesame and Early in the morning.
Rampage Knights 44.7%
Defeat HMWV
The Vagrant
White Out
Complete the first Conversion Gel test
Portal 2 44.6%
Paid in New Haven
Completed 5 missions in the Rust Commons
Borderlands GOTY 44.6%
Wingardium Leviosa
Push someone off a cliff.
Magicka 44.5%
Guardian Ape
Defeated the "Guardian Ape"
Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice
Gone waste
Keep drinking potions
The Vagrant
Dog Lover
Kill 99 dogs
Hotline Miami 44.5%
Far, Far Away...
Drive a total of 50 km
Rocket League 44.4%
Banjo Hero
Win Sam's bounty item.
Poker Night 2 44.4%
Traversed World 4
Travel all the way across World 4.
Braid 44.3%
Book 'Em
Win Ash's bounty item.
Poker Night 2 44.2%
Adept of Magic
Deal 10000 points of damage with magic.
Rampage Knights 44.2%
Kills Bronze
Kill 10 enemies (human)
Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer 44.1%
Do or Do Not
Complete the first Combo Chicken Challenge
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition 44.1%
Collect the most beautiful flowers
Cradle 44.1%
Garden work
Is it Easter already?
Chaos on Deponia 44.0%
The builder of walls
Earned by player who has constructed 50 wall sections in the course of a single game.
Cossacks 3 43.8%
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Kill Lust Without Defeating Usiel
Darksiders III
Nobody did this
Defeat Polyphemus
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition 43.7%
War of Attrition
Win a game with a Prestige Victory on the 9th Day or later.
Armello 43.6%
And we slew the abominations that haunteth...
Defeat 100 Unholy enemies
Darkest Dungeon® 43.6%
Solved World 3
Fit together all the world 3 puzzle pieces and align the puzzle in its frame.
Braid 43.5%
Win the game.
Rampage Knights 43.5%
La Brute
Absorb the Ram's Rune.
Dead Cells 43.5%
Medieval Times
Enter and win a tournament.
Mount & Blade: Warband 43.4%
Beyond the Veil
Find a soldier with the Gift.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
All mine!
Omnomnom! Nomnomnomnomnomnom!
Chaos on Deponia 43.4%
Captain Planet
... and Fay wept quietly
Chaos on Deponia 43.2%
Skill Master
Get a skill to 100
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 43.1%
Respec your character
Orcs Must Die! 2 43.1%
Corporal 4
Upgrade a Team Member 125 Times
Time Clickers 43.1%
Can you restore the Balance?
Upgrade an Enhancement to Balanced
Darksiders III
A bond for life
Force your luck
Chaos on Deponia 43.1%