Achievement Game Visibility Global Unlocks
Basic Training
Systems checks complete!
Space Pirates and Zombies 2 87.8%
Quick prize
Enter Quick Stage mode
Just a Scratch
Complete 'Enter, Pursued by a Memory'.
Red Dead Redemption 2
Tornado Decimates Trailer Park
Crush 11 times in one turn
Mirror 81.0%
What's that?
Open 5 information cards.
Kingdom Rush 80.8%
Close Call
Save a core less than 10 seconds away from the map exit.
Defense Grid: The Awakening 80.8%
Power Up!
Unlock 2 slots
Mirror 80.3%
Build 20 towers in one mission.
Defense Grid: The Awakening 79.1%
Champion of Linirea
Train a hero up to level 5.
Kingdom Rush 78.5%
Legendary Collection
Collect at least one legendary card!
Cards and Castles 78.4%
Call all waves early in a single mission.
Kingdom Rush 78.1%
An eye for an eye
Defeat Behold, the watcher
Magicka 78.1%
I Tournament to Do That
Win a tournament.
Poker Night 2 77.9%
Call a wave within 3 seconds of the icon showing up.
Kingdom Rush 77.7%
Build 100 towers.
Kingdom Rush 76.5%
Gotta crush 'em all!
Get 4 diamonds in one single battle
Mirror 76.2%
Destroy 1000 aliens.
Defense Grid: The Awakening 76.2%
Kill 2.500 enemies
Kingdom Rush 76.1%
Earn 15 stars.
Kingdom Rush 75.8%
No more trolling
Defeat Ygg.
Magicka 75.4%
Caiyun's Panties
Tastes like air-dried melon
Mirror 74.6%
The Graduation
Graduate from the Heroes Guild to become a real Hero.
Fable Anniversary 74.3%
Iron Resolve
Your infantry unit recovers from wavering 3 times during a single campaign battle.
Total War: ATTILA 73.8%
Nuts and Bolts
Defeat The Juggernaut
Kingdom Rush 73.7%
Break free from entanglement without using spells or magicks.
Magicka 73.6%
Go There, Do That!
Learn how to command strike craft
Space Pirates and Zombies 2 73.4%
Winging it
Repair an engine mid-flight
Bomber Crew 73.1%
The Architect
Build 150 towers.
Kingdom Rush 73.0%
Not So Fast
Build 5 Temporal towers.
Defense Grid: The Awakening 72.4%
Wicked Sick!
Deal 2400 damage in one turn
Mirror 71.7%
Home Improvement
Upgrade all basic tower types to level3.
Kingdom Rush 71.6%
Future Proof
Windows 10? Check. DirectX 12? Check. Time Spy? Check. Congratulations. You're ready!
3DMark 71.4%
Back in the Mud
Complete Chapter 1.
Red Dead Redemption 2
Death from above
Kill 100 enemies with meteor showers.
Kingdom Rush 71.2%
Team up with a friend in multiplayer.
Raft 70.9%
It's a Gusher
Spill 1,000 pints of blood
Mortal Kombat X 70.7%
Great Ball of Fire
Build 5 Meteor towers.
Defense Grid: The Awakening 70.7%
Forgotten Romance
Complete Ending 1
Mirror 70.7%
Youko, the Protector
Completion reaches 200%
Mirror 70.6%
Shoot down a flying alien.
Defense Grid: The Awakening 70.5%
Vanilla Ice
Create a spell containing only Ice.
Magicka 70.2%
The Hero Thomas Needs
Begin 'Origin'.
Thomas Was Alone
Come Back To Me
Kill a Sectoid who is currently mind controlling a squadmate
XCOM 2 70.2%
Flying start
Win a Special Stage in Single Player mode
WRC Powerslide 70.1%
Painful Punctuation
Complete 'Papa's Palace of Pain' in Typing of the Dead
The Typing of The Dead: Overkill 69.9%
No Hobo
Build a house suitable enough for your first town NPC, such as the guide, to move into.
Terraria 69.9%
Pledge Yourself
Reach level 5 in any faction
Mortal Kombat X 69.4%
Raid Buster
Blow up some defenseless strike craft.
Space Pirates and Zombies 2 69.1%
Build 5 Cannon towers.
Defense Grid: The Awakening 69.1%
Rocket Bender
Kill an enemy with stray rocket
Iron Snout 68.9%
Legend of Linirea.
Train a hero up to max level.
Kingdom Rush 68.9%
No Sale
No towers sold in a single mission.
Defense Grid: The Awakening 68.8%
Magic Up I
Upgrade magic attack to lvl 2
Mirror 68.8%
The Enchanter
Imbue your weapon with a spell.
Magicka 68.2%
RPG much?
Complete all side quests in the game.
Magicka 67.6%
Perform 1 Fatality in a match
Mortal Kombat X 67.4%
Kick 'Em When They're Down
Made a melee attack on an enemy 'Mech that was knocked prone
First satisfactions
Win a special stage in any offline mode
Health Boost I
Upgrade health to lvl 2
Mirror 66.6%
Marco... Polo!
GhostControl Inc. 66.4%
To formation!
Be in a formation while engaging an enemy
Total War: ATTILA 66.2%
I'm Invincible!
Removed both arms and one leg from an enemy 'Mech
Estus Flask
Acquire Estus Flask.
DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition 65.9%
All Mod Cons
Use a customised character in-game.
The Escapists 2 65.8%
Deck the Halls
Purchase a deck.
Poker Night 2 65.7%
A Good Start
Collect your first puzzle piece
Draw a Stickman: EPIC 65.4%
Lin's pain reaches 1000
Tastes like peach
Mirror 65.1%
"Oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch"
Die from falling damage.
Magicka 65.0%
Stop! Hammer Time!
Obtain your first hammer via crafting or otherwise.
Terraria 64.8%
On the Hop
Jump 800 times.
Thomas Was Alone 64.6%
Admiration in the wind
Complete Ending 1
Mirror 64.4%
Play time
Play more
Dots 64.1%
So This Is Why People Don't Like Me
Get knocked down by an opening door.
Gunpoint 64.0%
I Am Loot!
Discover a golden chest underground and take a peek at its contents.
Terraria 63.8%
Efficiency Awareness
Good work, you have achieved the Efficiency Awareness Award and your business is gearing up for greatness. Don’t let poor efficiency stall further progress.
Production Line 63.6%
Amateur Dispeller
Dispell 7 abnormal gems in one turn
Mirror 63.5%
Scout of the Morannon
Successfully complete a Survivalist Challenge.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 63.3%
I Live
Survive 1 wave in a Special Ops Survival game.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 63.2%
Defender Initiate
Reach level 5 on a hero.
Dungeon Defenders II 63.2%
Cannon Fodder
Send 1.000 soldiers to their deaths.
Kingdom Rush 63.1%
Felt Up
Purchase a felt.
Poker Night 2 62.9%
Level 9 in the first world
Complete level 9 in the first world
Dots 62.8%
Semper Fi
Rout a land unit with a marine unit during a campaign battle.
Total War: ATTILA 62.3%
Filthy Rich
Win with 10,000 resources remaining.
Defense Grid: The Awakening 62.3%
Exothermic Reaction
You collapsed into a pile of ash.
Shattered Planet 62.2%
Caiyun, the Undead
Completion reaches 200%
Mirror 62.1%
Bridging the gap
Build a long bridge
Railway Empire 62.1%
Kill 100 soldiers
METAL SLUG 3 62.1%
Reach Lordran
Arrive in Lordran.
DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition 61.9%
Play time
Play more
Dots 61.8%
Die Hard
Have your soldiers regenerate a total of 50.000 life.
Kingdom Rush 61.8%
Becoming A Man
Pay a visit to Orchard Farm to see if you can be of help or hindrance.
Fable Anniversary 61.8%
Is he dead yeti?
Defeat J.T.
Kingdom Rush 61.6%
Killer Combo
Deal 10 or more damage in a single attack.
Cards and Castles 61.5%
Healing Up I
Upgrade healing to lvl 2
Mirror 61.5%
Reap What You Sow
Harvest 1 hectare
Farming Simulator 19 61.4%
Hard Hat Area
Kill an enemy troop by collapsing his own castle on him in any game mode.
CastleStorm 61.4%
Combat Medic
Fixed your ship while in a combat level.
Space Pirates and Zombies 2 61.2%
Jewel Heist
Unlock 'Donkey Island' in the Campaign mode.
CastleStorm 61.1%
Bridge Over Troubling Water
Complete the first Hard Light Bridge test
Portal 2 61.1%
You need to plug it in...
Try to use the monitor without plugging in the PC.
PC Building Simulator
The Scandinavian Mile
Travel a distance of 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) on foot
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ 61.0%
Star Power
Craft a mana crystal out of fallen stars, and consume it.
Terraria 60.9%
Solid Snake
Defeat Jormungandr.
Magicka 60.9%
Explorer's newlywed
Complete Ending 1
Mirror 60.9%
Unita's Panties
Tastes like wild rasberry
Mirror 60.4%
Rage Up I
Upgrade rage to lvl 2
Mirror 60.3%
Level 10 in the first world
Complete level 10 in the first world
Dots 60.3%
High Voltage
Build 5 Tesla towers.
Defense Grid: The Awakening 60.3%
Use slip shift to dodge an enemy attack
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds
Escape from battle
Epic Clicker Journey 60.2%
Play time
Play more
Dots 60.0%
Slay 500 enemies.
Soda Dungeon 60.0%
Saxon Kings
Your expedition uncovered the legacy of the Saxon Grave!
Renowned Explorers: International Society 59.9%
Successfully cross two beams into a more powerful one.
Magicka 59.9%
Golden pot
For earning 500 coins using the combo multiplier while playing one level
Farm Frenzy 4 59.8%
Kill 10,000 men in battle.
Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition 59.8%
The Breach
Complete level 3
War for the Overworld 59.7%
Red Tag Sale!
Bought an item for hero.
Braveland Wizard 59.7%
Complete a quest
Age of Wonders III 59.7%
Sinking Feeling
Sink 5 Submarines
Bomber Crew 59.6%
I'm Rubber, You're Glue
Begin 'Associations'.
Thomas Was Alone
Viking Landing
Your expedition uncovered the history behind the Viking Landing!
Renowned Explorers: International Society 59.4%
Starting Skyward
Built five floors above ground
Project Highrise 59.3%
A Scourge is Born
Ensure your faction survives until Attila the Hun is born.
Total War: ATTILA 59.1%
The Fallen
Defeat Adrian The Fallen
Victor Vran
Heart Breaker
Discover and smash your first heart crystal underground.
Terraria 59.0%
Imperial Saviour
Have at least 3 Imperial Guards survive in the Citadel.
Kingdom Rush 58.9%
Reach Level 10
Victor Vran 58.9%
Perfect Timing
Land 3 aircraft at the same time
Flight Control HD 58.8%
Live Fire Exercise
Don't worry, it was just a bandit.
Space Pirates and Zombies 2 58.8%
Level 11 in the first world
Complete level 11 in the first world
Dots 58.8%
A New Threat
Finish the third Era.
Reus 58.6%
Play time
Play more
Dots 58.5%
Open Door Policy
Knock a guard out by opening a door into him.
Gunpoint 58.5%
Level 12 in the first world
Complete level 12 in the first world
Dots 58.2%
Tommy Gunn'd
Defeated Tommy Gunn during your opening expedition.
Renowned Explorers: International Society 58.1%
Romance Forgotten
Complete Ending 2
Mirror 58.1%
Starting Small
Sow 1 hectare
Farming Simulator 19 57.9%
Halfway There
Complete campaign, Act 1
Orcs Must Die! 2 57.9%
Jumping Bean
Jump 30 times in 1 match
Mortal Kombat X 57.8%
In my army now
Turn 10 soldier into zombies
I, Zombie 57.8%
Make the correct party escort submission position decision.
Portal 57.6%
Part of the Problem
Bounce on Laura 100 times.
Thomas Was Alone 57.6%
Planned Economy
Reassign population tasks.
Pandora: First Contact 57.5%
High Five
Celebrate your cooperative calibration success
Portal 2 57.5%
Super Mario
Earn 30 stars.
Kingdom Rush 57.4%
It's over nine thousand!!!!
Deal over 9000 damage to one enemy.
Magicka 57.4%
Ana's Panties
Tastes like Fuji apple
Mirror 57.4%
Riding my robotic steed
Get first blood.
Awesomenauts 57.3%
Play time
Play more
Dots 57.3%
Loud and Mean
Defeated Amir Akhtar during your opening expedition.
Renowned Explorers: International Society 57.3%
Level 13 in the first world
Complete level 13 in the first world
Dots 57.3%
Argo Rising
Recovered an ancient ship
Yoooo JOE! 1
Win an online game session.
Awesomenauts 57.1%
Croaked by a toad
Get killed by a creep.
Awesomenauts 57.0%
Lin, the Frostbite
Completion reaches 200%
Mirror 56.8%
Level 14 in the first world
Complete level 14 in the first world
Dots 56.8%
Similar to Similar
Similar elements reacted
Doodle God Blitz 56.7%
Kharak System Completed
Completed Homeworld Remastered Mission 1
Homeworld Remastered Collection 56.7%
Hungarian Fortress
Your expedition to infiltrate the Hungarian Fortress was a success!
Renowned Explorers: International Society 56.7%
Ride the Dragon's Breath
Fight and win a battle in foggy conditions.
Total War: ATTILA 56.6%
Nice to meet you
Meet the enemy in the first mission.
Meridian: New World 56.6%
Complete 50% of the bestiary.
Soda Dungeon 56.6%
Patriarch, not father
Complete Ending 2
Mirror 56.5%
Level 15 in the first world
Complete level 15 in the first world
Dots 56.5%
Laser Show
Refitted a 'Mech with only Energy weapons
Grime is Not Good
Renovate a unit in need repair
Project Highrise 56.5%
The Five Trials
Complete 5 normal challenges on a single map in Zagoravia
Victor Vran 56.3%
Play time
Play more
Dots 56.3%
Kill 10.000 enemies.
Kingdom Rush 56.0%
First Million
Have one million gold in your bank.
Guild Quest 55.9%
Level 16 in the first world
Complete level 16 in the first world
Dots 55.8%
Heavy Metal
Obtain an anvil made from iron or lead.
Terraria 55.8%
Christopher Columbus
Travel 10 Kilometers
7 Days to Die 55.8%
Seven Axes Luck
Throw seven successful parties in a row
Party Hard Tycoon 55.7%
Level 1 in the second world
Complete level 1 in the second world
Dots 55.7%
Troll Hunter
Kill a troll with any hero in any game mode.
CastleStorm 55.6%
Sock 'Em
Destroyed 5 enemy 'Mechs in melee
Look Alive
Walk 10 meters, Jump 3 times
Guns of Icarus Online 55.6%
Earn 20 stars in a chapter.
Regency Solitaire 55.5%
Use no violence at all on a mission that has guards.
Gunpoint 55.5%
Complete the tutorial
Hardware Engineers 55.4%
I am the boss !
Destroy a boarding ship
Space Run 55.4%
Watch Your Step!
Become a victim to a nasty underground trap.
Terraria 55.3%
Salvage Rights
Kill an alien boss creature. (Juggernaut, Rumbler, Turtle, or Crasher)
Defense Grid 2 55.3%
Play time
Play more
Dots 55.3%
Mudproof Hero
Complete Mudwater Dale
Trine 2 55.3%
C'est La vie!
Complete Ending 1
Mirror 55.3%
To Rule them All
Witness the creation of The Rings of Power.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™
G.I. Joe
Train 1.00 soldiers.
Kingdom Rush 55.1%
We'll Drink to That
Purchase a drink.
Poker Night 2 54.9%
What Are Ya Sellin'?
Make a profit from selling to a trader, or steal an item using the "Steal" expression from a trader.
Fable Anniversary 54.6%
Have One on Us
Finish the tutorial.
Leviathan: Warships 54.6%
Double Act
Find the first achievement pickup in 'Array'.
Thomas Was Alone 54.6%
The treasure of the Ancient
Complete Ending 1
Mirror 54.5%
Hard choices
For demolishing one building and constructing another one in its place
Farm Frenzy 4 54.5%
Play time
Play more
Dots 54.4%
Death From Above
Fire the orbital laser.
Defense Grid: The Awakening 54.4%
Ooh, You Mean There's More..?
Unlock Chapter 2 in the Career
Carmageddon: Reincarnation 54.3%
Driving instructor
Finish one race in the singleplayer or mulitplayer mode
Gas Guzzlers Extreme 54.3%
New Record
Beat personal best record.
Space Warp 54.2%
Need a Consult
Move in a consultant's office
Project Highrise 54.2%
I'll Aim When I'm Dead
Upgrade your Bullfrog Hypertrousers to pounce instantly.
Gunpoint 54.2%
Floral Board
Unlock the STAR board.
PEG 54.2%
Clear all TRIANGLE board levels.
PEG 54.2%
Rabble Rouser
Unlock 10 different Troops
Gems of War 54.1%
Doge Carnival
Interrupt the doge line.
Montaro 54.1%
Surgical Extraction
Killed a Pilot without destroying their 'Mech
Level 2 in the second world
Complete level 2 in the second world
Dots 54.0%
Twenty Targets
Destroy 20 enemy targets
Bomber Crew 53.9%
The Not-So-Friendly Skies
Build 5 Missile towers.
Defense Grid: The Awakening 53.9%
Moving Up
Reach personal level 10 in XP
Mortal Kombat X 53.9%
Complete Portal.
Portal 53.9%
Finish the Contact mission.
Infested Planet 53.9%
Amateur of Skills
Have 10 or more Skills.
Mirror 53.9%
Defeat 1,000 Scramblers. "Sometimes you're the fly, sometimes you're the windshield."
Fieldrunners 2 53.8%
Level 3 in the second world
Complete level 3 in the second world
Dots 53.8%
All four equipment items on.
Braveland Wizard 53.8%
Make a break for it
Portal 2 53.7%
Build Emerald Island
Fill all empty spaces with quests on Emerald Island.
Guild Quest 53.7%
Play time
Play more
Dots 53.6%
Congratulations! You caught 10 Ghosts in total now.
GhostControl Inc. 53.5%
Serious business
For selling a full truckload of goods
Farm Frenzy 4 53.4%
Stomp the Yard
Destroyed 5 enemy vehicles with melee
I May Be Some Time
Upgrade your Bullfrog Hypertrousers to maximum jump strength.
Gunpoint 53.2%
A Woman of Means
Win 5000 gold in a single chapter.
Regency Solitaire 53.2%
Fish Machina
Catch a fish from every hole you drill during a competition.
Ice Lakes 53.1%
Cost-effective Killer
Fight and win a campaign land battle where you have spent half or less on units than the enemy.
Total War: ATTILA 53.1%
Boot Camp
Finish all the missions in Chapter 1 in Story Mode.
Defense Grid 2 53.0%
A Solar Shave
You jet along the red razors edge. No fuel left—but living life was your pledge.
Cosmochoria 53.0%
Play time
Play more
Dots 52.8%
Holiday Blues
Escape the Centre Perks 2.0 prison.
The Escapists 2 52.8%
Stalemate Associate
Press the button!
Portal 2 52.7%
Happy Plants
Fertilize 1 hectare
Farming Simulator 19 52.7%
Ebony's Panties
Tastes like kiwifruit
Mirror 52.7%
Business Friends
Trade with Nic Papadakis.
Anno 2205 52.7%
We are the Champions!
Defeat 25 Champions or Tyrants
Victor Vran 52.6%
Like a Boss
Obtain a boss-summoning item.
Terraria 52.6%
Survive a blood moon, a nocturnal event where the rivers run red and monsters swarm aplenty.
Terraria 52.6%
Sniper Expert
Deliver 50 headshots.
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 52.5%
Huey Copter
Defeat 250 Huey Copters. "The helicopter has only one weakness. Physics."
Fieldrunners 2 52.5%
First Blood
Kill one enemy using the M60.
Magicka 52.5%
Forester Tier 1
Cutted 25 Trees.
The Wild Age 52.4%
Broad Side of a Barn
Land 5 shots, Destroy 3 parts
Guns of Icarus Online 52.4%
Bachelor Degree
Four wizard's spells learned.
Braveland Wizard 52.4%
Use the speed up control at 3x for a total of 60 seconds in any mission.
Defense Grid 2 52.3%
Master of Chi
Beat the Zombie Girl under 25 rounds.
Mirror 52.2%
Level 4 in the second world
Complete level 4 in the second world
Dots 52.2%
Full Throttle
Unlock 4 slots
Mirror 52.2%