Achievement Unlocked Game Visibility Global Unlocks
Fully Upgrade Cult.
2022-08-27 19:13:16
Cult of the Lamb 55.4%
Teach a Lamb to Fish
Catch 1 of every fish.
2022-08-27 18:46:40
Cult of the Lamb 48.7%
Speak No Evil
Defeat Heket.
2022-08-27 16:28:39
Cult of the Lamb 61.6%
The Unbread
Complete the main story campaign
2022-08-26 20:35:53
Overcooked! 2 18.0%
Unlock a new fleece.
2022-08-15 13:32:29
Cult of the Lamb 68.9%
The First Death
Salvation awaits the fallen soul.
2022-08-15 11:32:01
Cult of the Lamb 84.6%
Bringer of Light
Reignite the lighthouse.
2022-08-14 14:14:46
Cult of the Lamb 75.4%
Flock of Many
Gain 10 Followers.
2022-08-14 14:05:38
Cult of the Lamb 80.7%
Cook a Follower meat meal.
2022-08-14 14:00:42
Cult of the Lamb 43.1%
See No Evil
Defeat Leshy.
2022-08-14 13:56:22
Cult of the Lamb 85.7%
Game of Chance
Win a game of Knucklebones.
2022-08-13 22:57:43
Cult of the Lamb 86.6%
Crosser of Thresholds
A new world awaits.
2022-08-13 22:52:37
Cult of the Lamb 91.9%
The Flock Grows
Gain 5 Followers.
2022-08-13 22:47:29
Cult of the Lamb 92.6%
Preacher of Truth
Let the Word be known.
2022-08-13 22:15:24
Cult of the Lamb 95.6%
Death to Non-Believers
Defeat the first mini-boss.
2022-08-13 22:11:33
Cult of the Lamb 96.0%
First Follower
The first devotee to the Cult of the Lamb.
2022-08-13 21:57:39
Cult of the Lamb 97.6%
Deal with the Devil
A deal that cannot be undone.
2022-08-13 21:52:52
Cult of the Lamb 94.4%
Wrong Way
That's not right
2022-08-07 12:35:42
LIMBO 35.0%
Back home
Switched on the portal. Are you sure you want leave?
2022-07-24 22:01:09
Graveyard Keeper
He trusted you...
Betrayed Gerry. That's not something you should be super-proud of.
2022-07-24 21:58:52
Graveyard Keeper
Prodigal father
Helped Astrologer reunite with his family.
2022-07-24 21:28:06
Graveyard Keeper
Rat race
Organized your first rat race. The winning rat got a giant piece of cheese, choked on it, and died.
2022-07-24 21:01:26
Graveyard Keeper 7.6%
A father and a son
Helped Snake with his dark ceremony.
2022-07-24 20:56:08
Graveyard Keeper
Strengthened camp
You've provided the camp with some fortifications. They look dubious, but the settlers like them.
2022-07-24 15:41:03
Graveyard Keeper 4.5%
Your camp is flawless. You should write a guide to camp management!
2022-07-24 15:40:40
Graveyard Keeper 4.3%
Nothing underneath
Dungeon level 15 cleared!
2022-07-24 15:37:53
Graveyard Keeper 13.3%
Best seller
Gave a gold-star book to Astrologer. You should consider writing six more...
2022-07-24 15:03:20
Graveyard Keeper 14.8%
Health care
50 health potions. -- And all of them red!
2022-07-24 14:51:38
Graveyard Keeper 3.9%
All the ambushes have been cleared out. The Terminator and Rambo would have been proud.
2022-07-24 13:55:25
Graveyard Keeper
Spirit summoner
Brought some smelly and useless filth into Dungeon, giving all the local ghosts a laugh.
2022-07-24 13:31:45
Graveyard Keeper
Side quest
You killed a Vampire Hunter. In life, there are no side quests.
2022-07-22 23:18:04
Graveyard Keeper 20.9%
A nation divided
Watched the scene at the Coliseum. Unemployment benefits is everything.
2022-07-22 22:57:42
Graveyard Keeper
Well-known skull
Your tavern's quality is 40! Double Wow!
2022-07-22 22:54:47
Graveyard Keeper 8.9%
Ideal song
Got an Ideal Song from Vagner. Now you know how you'll make a million bucks, once you get back home.
2022-07-22 22:46:06
Graveyard Keeper 17.6%
Simple but stylish
Decorated a Dark Shrine. Looks better than your first apartment!
2022-07-22 22:02:53
Graveyard Keeper 23.8%
Caught 15 types of fish! You know everything about fish. They feel uncomfortable about it...
2022-07-21 18:19:43
Graveyard Keeper 3.1%
Gold fish
Got a gold fish. Want to make a wish?
2022-07-21 18:16:42
Graveyard Keeper 4.2%
Fish collector
Caught 10 different types of fish.
2022-07-21 17:46:16
Graveyard Keeper 9.5%
Match 3
Collected three dark organs. Three in a row! The Inquisition is going to get a prize!
2022-07-21 17:27:20
Graveyard Keeper 16.5%
More forest thugs
You provided the tanner's son with the bright and happy future of a forest thug. Nice work!
2022-07-21 17:03:29
Graveyard Keeper 5.1%
Good skull
Your tavern's quality is 20! Wow!
2022-07-20 16:39:32
Graveyard Keeper 9.8%
Witnessed him
Watched the Master being summon. Is that Grace you feel?
2022-07-20 16:33:53
Graveyard Keeper
Open mic
Put on your first Comedy Show. The guests laughed on command, so everything went good.
2022-07-20 15:50:38
Graveyard Keeper 9.9%
Developed camp
You've improved your camp. The chances that the refugees will die of starvation got lower.
2022-07-20 09:03:24
Graveyard Keeper 6.1%
Beheaded horse
You helped the undertaker deal with her dead husband's relatives. The funeral mass is soon.
2022-07-20 09:02:24
Graveyard Keeper 5.6%
Two brothers
Helped Merchant forgive his brother.
2022-07-20 08:59:34
Graveyard Keeper
A book with funny pictures
Gave the Necronomicon to Snake. Hope nobody uses it as cookbook!
2022-07-18 21:31:45
Graveyard Keeper 29.2%
Mysterious woman
Watched a scene from the past. Nothing is clear but it's quite intriguing...
2022-07-18 21:26:34
Graveyard Keeper 6.4%
The Mill
Fixed the mill. No further need to grind everything by hand.
2022-07-16 17:04:06
Graveyard Keeper 23.0%
Forward to the past
Used the archaeological time machine for the first time. And didn't go mad.
2022-07-16 15:43:34
Graveyard Keeper 13.4%
Vampires are over
Told Horadric the vampire was no more. Oh, if only everyone were so trusting!
2022-07-16 15:37:55
Graveyard Keeper
Long live the Revolution
The Revolution has come to pass. It's time to look back on why you started it.
2022-07-16 15:29:13
Graveyard Keeper
Tastes like home
Ate a fish stick. It reminded you of home...
2022-07-16 15:08:33
Graveyard Keeper 13.7%
Cooked 30 different dishes or drinks. You can call yourself a Chef now.
2022-07-15 13:25:49
Graveyard Keeper 4.8%
Not a hot dog
Sold burgers at the burning ceremony. It's a mystery why you didn't make hotdogs.
2022-07-15 13:20:56
Graveyard Keeper 22.3%
Night watch
Got rid of the guardsmen's ambush. Now you are the Witch Hill Keeper too!
2022-07-15 13:20:25
Graveyard Keeper 26.2%
Raccoon thyroid stew
The cook has recovered her peace of mind. Now her friends won't avoid obesity and gastritis.
2022-07-14 23:24:54
Graveyard Keeper 7.2%
Gave some perfume to Ms Charm. It smells nice, and wasn't tested on animals.
2022-07-14 23:08:11
Graveyard Keeper 26.3%
First party
Threw your first alco-party. The guests remember nothing, but they enjoyed it.
2022-07-14 22:57:35
Graveyard Keeper 9.6%
One more inquisitor
Met lady Beatrice. Technically, you resisted her charms. But in your imagination...
2022-07-14 22:49:44
Graveyard Keeper 7.7%
Ideologist of Revolution
You've helped revolutionaries a third time. Who is next in line for General Secretary?
2022-07-14 22:33:31
Graveyard Keeper 8.1%
Blood supplier
Brought corpse blood to the vampire. Not very tasty, but better than many popular diets!
2022-07-14 22:19:53
Graveyard Keeper 8.5%
To stop an Ancient Curse
Alaric convinced you to help. Refusal would have been dangerous to your health.
2022-07-14 22:11:20
Graveyard Keeper 8.6%
The face of the enemy
Exposed the vampire. Time to play Van Helsing!
2022-07-14 22:08:10
Graveyard Keeper 8.7%
Cooked 20 different dishes or drinks.
2022-07-14 21:17:29
Graveyard Keeper 9.9%
His mansion
Upgraded the church for the second time.
2022-07-11 14:20:17
Graveyard Keeper 23.1%
Shovel master
Buried 50 bodies.
2022-07-10 19:49:04
Graveyard Keeper 11.2%
Now you have your own camp! And hundreds of potential enemies -- in the form of Inquisitors.
2022-07-10 19:01:19
Graveyard Keeper 8.9%
Made a gold-star wine.
2022-07-10 19:01:19
Graveyard Keeper 23.0%
Employee of the month
Yorick became your bartender. For no salary. Slavery? No, he's made of wood!
2022-07-10 12:44:38
Graveyard Keeper 14.4%
Golden pumpkin
Harvested a gold-star pumpkin.
2022-07-10 12:44:38
Graveyard Keeper 21.6%
On every shelf
Your company achieved 5 Fame. When you want quality vegetables -- you go to the graveyard!
2022-07-10 10:29:04
Graveyard Keeper 24.9%
Just blue points
Collected 1000 blue points. They do not decay at midnight. So that was easy.
2022-07-10 09:43:25
Graveyard Keeper 28.5%
Graveyard Veggies
Started a company with Merchant. A great name for a successful company!
2022-07-10 08:54:28
Graveyard Keeper 30.8%
Talking Skull
Built the tavern. Horadric wishes you were dead now.
2022-07-09 23:24:00
Graveyard Keeper 14.7%
Dream dinner
Made a gold-star dinner.
2022-07-09 23:03:06
Graveyard Keeper 24.2%
Writer of Revolution
You've helped the revolutionaries again. They'll be hard pressed to hang you as a "dirty exploiter".
2022-07-09 22:07:05
Graveyard Keeper 10.1%
A fish a day!
Caught 6 different types of fish. One fish for every day!
2022-07-09 21:04:56
Graveyard Keeper 20.4%
More green points!
Collected 3000 green points. Ok. Now that's impressive.
2022-07-09 20:54:51
Graveyard Keeper 22.4%
More red points!
Collected 3000 red points. Ok. Now that's impressive.
2022-07-09 20:37:43
Graveyard Keeper 29.0%
Stone fence
Built a stone fence around the graveyard. Your graveyard is well protected now.
2022-07-09 20:14:28
Graveyard Keeper 28.1%
Bought your first land in the Village. By cheating a sick and helpless old man.
2022-07-09 19:38:41
Graveyard Keeper 15.9%
His house
Upgraded the church.
2022-07-09 16:19:06
Graveyard Keeper 37.6%
Scary dungeon depths
Dungeon level 10 cleared!
2022-07-09 14:46:22
Graveyard Keeper 20.4%
Cook of Revolution
You've helped the revolutionaries. Let's spread donkey communism across the world!
2022-07-09 14:10:54
Graveyard Keeper 10.7%
Master alchemist
Discovered 20 alchemy recipes. Now it's time to buy a white van and drive into the desert.
2022-07-09 00:16:09
Graveyard Keeper 9.8%
Sashimi master
Made 30 slices. You've got the perfect size slice pretty much down.
2022-07-09 00:06:05
Graveyard Keeper 26.9%
Discovered 10 alchemy recipes. Just remember, the Philosopher's Stone is a lie.
2022-07-08 23:27:19
Graveyard Keeper 19.0%
Discovered 5 alchemy recipes. You're getting to know how things work in the lab.
2022-07-08 23:26:01
Graveyard Keeper 26.9%
Got the marble quarry ready. Marble is better than stone.
2022-07-08 22:45:00
Graveyard Keeper 35.8%
Click on door 430 five times
Click on door 430 five times.
2022-05-02 18:51:04
The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe 48.8%
Beat the game
Complete The Stanley Parable.
2022-05-02 17:35:26
The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe 73.4%
Get your first achievement
Awarded for getting any of the other achievements as your first.
2022-05-02 17:06:43
The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe 94.8%
You can't jump
No seriously, we disabled it.
2022-05-02 17:06:42
The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe 87.2%
It's a small world!
Unlock all your farm expansions
2022-03-10 22:39:18
Farm Together 7.4%
Every dog ​​has its day
Finish all tasks of a Seasonal event
2022-03-09 12:14:05
Farm Together 12.8%
Jack of all trades, master of none
Raise 20 items to level 30
2022-03-08 19:05:12
Farm Together 10.8%
Birds of a feather flock together
Build the Farmhands Union
2022-03-08 14:49:37
Farm Together 9.8%
It ain't over till the fat lady sings
Upgrade an improvement building to level 10 or more
2022-03-07 12:45:27
Farm Together 14.7%
30 lives
2022-03-06 18:33:35
Wallpaper Engine 5.7%
Wallpaper Connoisseur
Favorite 50 different Workshop wallpapers.
2022-03-06 18:32:22
Wallpaper Engine 4.1%
Fair collection
Favorite 30 different Workshop wallpapers.
2022-03-06 18:29:39
Wallpaper Engine 5.4%
Found some good ones
Favorite 20 different Workshop wallpapers.
2022-03-06 18:29:39
Wallpaper Engine 6.7%
Keeping an eye on this one
Favorite 10 different wallpapers from the Workshop.
2022-03-06 18:29:39
Wallpaper Engine 9.8%
As you sow, so shall you reap
Plow a total of 50,000 tiles
2022-03-06 13:30:56
Farm Together 8.3%
Don’t count your chickens before they hatch
Build a field with 100 tiles of chickens or ducks
2022-03-06 11:57:00
Farm Together 10.8%
No man is an island
When visiting a farm, sign a guestbook
2022-03-06 11:42:15
Farm Together 22.7%
Fortune favors the bold
Find 100 Gold Nuggets
2022-03-06 11:34:02
Farm Together 15.8%
Man's Best Friend
Whistle at your pet
2022-03-06 11:29:20
Farm Together 13.3%
Monster Exodus
You led the Monsters away when the Humans came. The Humans will never find you. You can start over and live in peace.
2022-03-05 16:43:24
Monster Loves You! 3.9%
War, Endless Fighting
You saw the peace of ages burn to a pile of ash. From the ashes rose two armies, Human and Monster, who will fight forever. This is your legacy.
2022-03-05 15:48:05
Monster Loves You! 7.2%
Monsters are Pets
You tried to stop it but the other Monsters were too foolish to listen. Now they wear collars and serve Humans as pets and beasts of burden.
2022-03-05 15:23:32
Monster Loves You! 6.5%
War, All Humans Dead
You took the lead and the other Monsters followed. By your command, they slaughtered every Human. Now Monsters rule the world entire.
2022-03-04 17:36:03
Monster Loves You! 10.5%
Undercover Neurosurgeon
Your strange road ended in a Human town, where you pretended to be one of them. You are a brilliant and respect doctor but you can never remove your mask.
2022-03-04 09:50:09
Monster Loves You! 2.5%
War, All Monsters Dead
Your fellow Monsters might whine and howl at the injustice of their loss, but they are all dead. That must be the wind... or ghosts.
2022-03-04 09:27:27
Monster Loves You! 8.8%
Dissolve into Mediocrity
You lived an average life for a Monster, dissolving into the Spawning Vat with quiet dignity, doing your part for future generations.
2022-03-04 09:01:06
Monster Loves You! 5.2%
Dissolve into Honesty
Your spirit was strong and you spoke the honest truth. Your memory will lives on in the minds of other Monsters and in future issue of the Spawning Vat.
2022-03-04 08:44:44
Monster Loves You! 6.8%
Dissolve into Cleverness
Your wit and wisdom dissolved into the Spawning Vat along with your body. Future Monsters will be just a little more clever.
2022-03-04 08:40:21
Monster Loves You! 7.7%
Dissolve into Ferocity
Your life was filled with blood and struggle. You have left a legacy of ferocity to future Monsters.
2022-03-03 09:14:47
Monster Loves You! 9.7%
Dissolve into Kindness
You sacrificed willingly, right up to the end of your life. Now your kindness is paid forward to the next generation of Monsters born from the Spawning Vat.
2022-03-03 09:09:09
Monster Loves You! 12.3%
Dissolve Into Bravery
Your courage and determination propagated to future generations of Monsters when you Dissolved into the Spawning Vat. Your descendants will be brave.
2022-03-03 08:57:27
Monster Loves You! 14.5%
Legend of Departure
Future generations will speak of you -- a Monster who chose to break with tradition and forge a new life outside of Monster society.
2022-03-02 22:30:14
Monster Loves You! 11.0%
Gotta flush 'em all
Flushed every toilet.
2022-03-02 22:06:59
Brew some coffee
Placed all the coffee-making equipment on the counter.
2022-03-02 22:06:11
Tidy whities
Tidied up his underwear drawer.
2022-03-02 22:05:06
Game on
Turned on a game console.
2022-03-02 22:02:26
Solve a puzzle
Solved the cube.
2022-03-02 21:59:29
A sometimes food
Put the cookie jar out of reach.
2022-03-02 21:59:13
No place like home
Unpacked 2018.
2022-03-02 21:57:50
Hat on head
Found a head to wear the hat.
2022-03-02 21:57:02
Blast some tunes
Turned on a music player.
2022-03-02 21:56:29
Baby builder
Built a tower out of baby blocks.
2022-03-02 21:52:35
Set the time on the microwave.
2022-03-02 21:42:21
Govern more than 50 years
2022-03-02 10:57:12
Reigns 42.5%
Caught napping
You missed the policemen’s speech.
2022-03-01 10:11:59
Tiny Bunny 35.3%
You took care of all the ducks.
2022-03-01 10:11:15
Tiny Bunny 7.1%
Shooting star
Govern less than 3 years
2022-03-01 09:32:32
Reigns 66.4%
Voyage of the Mayflower
Found or conquer a city on a different continent
2022-02-27 14:59:19
Sid Meier's Civilization VI 65.6%
Escort Service
Put two units into a formation
2022-02-27 14:57:23
Sid Meier's Civilization VI 74.4%
Attack of the Drop Bear
Lose a unit to the perils of Australia in the Outback Tycoon scenario
2022-02-27 14:30:11
Sid Meier's Civilization VI 3.6%
Unpacked 2015.
2022-02-22 22:15:58
Green thumb
Found a place for every plant.
2022-02-22 22:12:28
Fuzzy friends
Put the tiger and pig side by side.
2022-02-22 22:02:46
Unpacked 2013.
2022-02-22 22:01:39
Brilliantly solved
Wrote an equation with fridge magnets.
2022-02-22 21:58:56
Phial of Venom
Do something really bad
2022-02-22 17:36:43
Cinders 14.1%
Grim Skull
Die a miserable death
2022-02-22 17:13:25
Cinders 13.3%
Team Voltron
Magma is coursing through your veins, you desire infinite fusion!
2022-01-02 21:34:03
Tiny Bunny 33.6%
You were able to escape the friendzone.
2022-01-02 21:21:32
Tiny Bunny 25.4%
Humble in victory
You won in rock paper scissors.
2022-01-02 20:41:39
Tiny Bunny 36.2%
Gracious in defeat
You lost in rock paper scissors.
2022-01-02 20:39:59
Tiny Bunny 18.8%
True Detective 2
You examined all the objects in EP 2.
2022-01-02 20:11:39
Tiny Bunny 15.7%
No gain
You were victorious in a fight.
2022-01-02 19:29:32
Tiny Bunny 58.0%
Secret message
You listened to a nursery rhyme fragment on the radio.
2022-01-02 19:13:23
Tiny Bunny 20.5%
Shaman King
You accepted the amulet.
2022-01-01 21:03:49
Tiny Bunny 23.9%
You refused the amulet.
2022-01-01 21:03:10
Tiny Bunny 15.2%
Tough luck
You overestimated yourself.
2022-01-01 20:39:35
Tiny Bunny 45.1%
Knightly vows
You went on a date with Polina.
2022-01-01 20:26:44
Tiny Bunny 49.6%
Big bro
You made your sister happy.
2022-01-01 20:21:28
Tiny Bunny 41.6%
Quiet as a mouse
You avoided everyone’s attention.
2022-01-01 20:17:34
Tiny Bunny 47.1%
You went on a date with Alisa.
2022-01-01 20:06:46
Tiny Bunny 64.4%
No pain
You used force.
2022-01-01 20:05:16
Tiny Bunny 77.5%
You accepted the fox's treat.
2022-01-01 20:03:06
Tiny Bunny 74.8%
Cursed Tape
You recorded the report footage.
2022-01-01 20:02:28
Tiny Bunny 51.8%
Where are you, Vova?
You obtained a mitten.
2022-01-01 19:58:04
Tiny Bunny 83.9%
True Detective 3
You examined all the objects in EP 3.
2022-01-01 19:53:03
Tiny Bunny 26.7%
You made your sister upset.
2022-01-01 19:26:42
Tiny Bunny 36.5%
Van Gogh
You’re a true painter.
2022-01-01 18:56:36
Tiny Bunny 35.9%
My precious!
You got Semyon’s signet ring.
2022-01-01 18:51:32
Tiny Bunny 28.8%
You were hoping for a miracle.
2022-01-01 18:02:46
Tiny Bunny 40.4%
Humiliated and insulted
You don't know how to stand up for yourself.
2022-01-01 17:39:06
Tiny Bunny 30.2%
You rejected the fox's treat.
2022-01-01 17:12:28
Tiny Bunny 36.9%
True Detective 1
You examined all the objects in EP 1.
2022-01-01 16:43:41
Tiny Bunny 22.4%
Run For Your Life
You escaped.
2022-01-01 16:43:41
Tiny Bunny 33.1%
You spent the evening with your sister.
2022-01-01 16:43:41
Tiny Bunny 67.6%
Useful Connections
You received the policeman's number.
2022-01-01 16:43:41
Tiny Bunny 37.2%
Dramatic Finale
Complete the finale of Inscryption.
2021-12-23 22:39:54
Witness the death of P03.
2021-12-23 22:25:00
Natural Connection
Defeat G0lly.
2021-12-23 22:12:08
Painter's Servant
Defeat The Unfinished Boss.
2021-12-23 21:49:18
Essence Capture
Defeat The Photographer.
2021-12-23 21:11:54
Rank and File
Defeat The Archivist.
2021-12-23 20:44:33
Balance of Power
Allow P03 to gain control of Inscryption.
2021-12-16 23:04:34
Avenging Druid
Complete the Temple of Beasts.
2021-12-16 22:58:28
Accomplished Automaton
Complete the Temple of Technology.
2021-12-16 22:30:46
Wizard Mentor
Complete the Temple of Magicks.
2021-12-14 21:18:44
Doomed Necromancer
Complete the Temple of the Dead.
2021-12-14 20:48:53
Start a new game.
2021-12-14 20:17:25
Enduring Victory
Defeat Leshy.
2021-12-14 20:08:02
Face to Face
Defeat The Trapper and The Trader.
2021-12-14 12:18:14
Squirrel Wrangler
Win a battle with damage from Squirrels.
2021-12-14 11:37:52
Inscryption 59.5%
Role Reversal
Steal back one of your creatures from The Angler.
2021-12-14 10:59:44
Inscryption 16.2%
Reborn Hope
Find a spare film roll.
2021-12-13 23:09:14
Ancestral Vision
Fill your empty socket with something magical.
2021-12-13 23:08:08
Uncage the Menagerie
Free the Wolf Statue from its cage.
2021-12-13 22:16:49
Innocuous Insect
Free a Stinkbug from the safe.
2021-12-13 21:58:03
Grizzled Angler
Defeat The Angler.
2021-12-13 21:57:03
Inscryption 86.4%
Miner's Bane
Defeat The Prospector.
2021-12-13 21:46:20
Inscryption 93.7%
Blood Artist
Complete your first Deathcard.
2021-12-13 21:28:59
Home cooking
Unpacked 2012.
2021-12-12 20:58:32
Electrical hazard
Put an electronic item somewhere dangerous.
2021-12-12 20:56:45
Rediscover childhood
Rescued a forgotten poster.
2021-12-12 20:52:58