Achievement Game Visibility Global Unlocks
Ooo! Shiny!
Mine your first nugget of ore with a pickaxe.
Terraria 77.2%
You Can Do It!
Survive your character's first full night.
Terraria 77.0%
I Want to Get Away
Jump. Unlocks the "Funnyman" mask.
PAYDAY 2 71.8%
No Hobo
Build a house suitable enough for your first town NPC, such as the guide, to move into.
Terraria 71.0%
You Gotta Start Somewhere
Reach reputation level 5.
PAYDAY 2 70.8%
Diary: Finished ransacking
We've explored every nook and cranny of our abode and there's nothing useful left to find. We must venture outside.
This War of Mine
Matching Attire
Equip armor in all three armor slots: head, chest, and feet.
Terraria 68.7%
Stop! Hammer Time!
Obtain your first hammer via crafting or otherwise.
Terraria 67.0%
Diary: Shooting for five stars
For the first time since we wound up here all of us ate a hot meal. Let's not get accustomed yet.
This War of Mine
I Am Loot!
Discover a golden chest underground and take a peek at its contents.
Terraria 65.1%
Guilty of Crime
Reach reputation level 10.
PAYDAY 2 64.9%
Kill a Jockey within 2 seconds of it jumping on a Survivor.
Left 4 Dead 2 64.2%
R. Kelly's Protege
Pissed in someone's face until they puked from it.
POSTAL 2 63.1%
Star Power
Craft a mana crystal out of fallen stars, and consume it.
Terraria 61.4%
Diary: First blood
One of us survived our first brush with violent death. We hope against all odds there will be no more encounters like that.
This War of Mine
Heart Breaker
Discover and smash your first heart crystal underground.
Terraria 60.1%
Would You Like Your Receipt?
Buy a weapon for the first time.
PAYDAY 2 60.0%
Armed to the Teeth
Modify a weapon for the first time.
PAYDAY 2 59.6%
Friend of Dorothy
Successfully hid from the police at max wanted level.
POSTAL 2 59.2%
Helen's Pride
Score 6 Goals in a single game
Rocket League 59.0%
Diary: Traces of lives
Every building we visit has a story to tell. I'm wondering sometimes what kind of story we'll leave behind...
This War of Mine
Technician Secured
Finish a mission without the tech getting killed.
Alien Swarm 57.9%
Watch Your Step!
Become a victim to a nasty underground trap.
Terraria 56.9%
Heavy Metal
Obtain an anvil made from iron or lead.
Terraria 56.4%
Score a Goal, Save a shot, and Assist a teammate in a single game
Rocket League 56.3%
Smooth Criminal
Reach reputation level 25.
PAYDAY 2 53.9%
Well, aren't YOU a badass
Kicked open a door.
POSTAL 2 53.8%
Like a Boss
Obtain a boss-summoning item.
Terraria 53.4%
Survive a blood moon, a nocturnal event where the rivers run red and monsters swarm aplenty.
Terraria 53.4%
Eye on You
Defeat the Eye of Cthulhu, an ocular menace who only appears at night.
Terraria 52.7%
Hold on Tight!
Equip your first grappling hook.
Terraria 51.9%
Win a round against five enemies in less than thirty seconds
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 51.4%
It's Getting Hot in Here
Spelunk deep enough to reach the molten underworld.
Terraria 51.2%
Welcome to PEI
Find your way to Prince Edward Island.
Unturned 51.0%
Smashing, Poppet!
Using explosives or your trusty hammer, smash a Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart in the evil parts of your world.
Terraria 50.8%
Pretty in Pink
Kill pinky.
Terraria 50.5%
Throwing Lines
Throw a yoyo.
Terraria 50.4%
Behind the Wheel
Find yourself a vehicle.
Unturned 50.3%
Head in the Clouds
Equip a pair of wings.
Terraria 50.2%
Win the MVP award in a game that goes to overtime
Rocket League 50.1%
Fashion Statement
Equip armor or vanity clothing in all three social slots.
Terraria 50.1%
Jeepers Creepers
Stumble into a spider cavern in the underground.
Terraria 50.0%
Quick and Dead
Kill a Swarm Boomer before it inflates.
Alien Swarm 49.4%
In Classic mode, kill four enemy players within fifteen seconds
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 48.7%
Know the Drill
Complete a Practice Drill
Rocket League 48.6%
Someone's got a case of the Mondays!
Survived Monday.
POSTAL 2 48.0%
Goblin Punter
Triumph over a goblin invasion, a ragtag regiment of crude, barbaric, pointy-eared warriors and their shadowflame sorcerers.
Terraria 46.9%
The Collector
Kill 100 cops using only weapons from the AK or CAR weapon families. Unlocks the "Keymod Rail", the "Crabs Rail" and the "Modern Barrel" for the AK weapon family.
PAYDAY 2 46.6%
Marathon Medalist
Travel a total of 26.2 miles on foot.
Terraria 46.6%
Taxidermy with Chuck Testa
Used a cat to "accessorize" your gun.
POSTAL 2 46.2%
Here, Wilfred
Gained your first dog helper.
POSTAL 2 46.0%
The Cleaner
In Classic mode, kill five enemies in a single round
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 45.7%
Spend Money to Make Money
Spend $1.000.000 in total cash.
PAYDAY 2 45.7%
Welcome to Washington
Find your way to Washington.
Unturned 45.5%
Note: Doubled the watch
It's crucial to secure our place against night intruders. Two persons watching out for thieves can also watch out for each other.
This War of Mine
Defeat Skeletron, the cursed guardian of the dungeon.
Terraria 45.2%
You finally got what you were asking for!
PAYDAY 2 45.1%
Shield Down
Deliver the finishing blow to a Swarm Shieldbug.
Alien Swarm 44.9%
Slippery Shinobi
Defeat King Slime, the lord of all things slimy.
Terraria 44.6%
Royalty Killer
Defeat The First Big Boss Day 20
Blood and Bacon 44.5%
Vehicular Manslaughter
Defeat an enemy by running it over with a minecart.
Terraria 44.4%
Good Samaritan
Earn 9 Reputation from missions on a single Corporate Island
Into the Breach 44.4%
Going Places
Gain $1.000.000 in total spendable cash.
PAYDAY 2 44.4%
Lucky Break
Survive a long fall with just a sliver of health remaining.
Terraria 43.8%
Into Orbit
You can only go down from here!
Terraria 43.7%
4d Stickmen
Win on a match where a black hole appears
Stick Fight: The Game 43.7%
Brave the Elements
Complete a match on wasted land, under the sea, and in outer space
Rocket League 43.4%
Bidiots: Art of the Screw
Screw a player and have them actually end up buying that piece of art.
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 43.2%
The Cavalry
Equip a mount.
Terraria 43.1%
Dungeon Heist
Steal a key from the dungeon's undead denizens, and unlock one of their precious golden chests.
Terraria 42.4%
Aced It
Get an A+ on any chapter
Hotline Miami 42.4%
Where's My Honey?
Discover a large bee's hive deep in the jungle.
Terraria 41.8%
Destroy a total of 10,000 tiles.
Terraria 41.7%
Officer McLovin'
Asked a police officer to sign your petition.
POSTAL 2 41.5%
Note: Creature comforts
Our place is starting to resemble a proper home. Let's furnish it so we can live in a relative comfort, it keeps the spirits up.
This War of Mine
Got The Band Back Together
Completed the mission "The Once and Future Slab".
Borderlands 2
Find yourself 100 items.
Unturned 40.9%
Perfect Battle
Take no Mech or Building Damage in a single battle with the Rusting Hulks squad (Repaired damage is still damage)
Into the Breach 40.9%
Infinite Power!
Activate every power-up in Rumble mode
Rocket League 40.9%
Note: Distilled gold
We finally managed to distill some moonshine. In a city under siege food and alcohol are always in high demand.
This War of Mine
Hang Time
Create a coaster with 5 moments of airtime.
Planet Coaster 40.8%
Fibbage 2: True Lies
Write a Lie that's actually the Truth
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 40.8%
Always Improving
Reached level 25.
Borderlands 2 40.7%
Still Hungry
Defeat the Wall of Flesh, the master and core of the world who arises after a great, burning sacrifice.
Terraria 40.6%
Bunny Hunt
Kill an airborne enemy
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 40.6%
Defeat the Mantis Lords
Hollow Knight 40.5%
It's Hard!
Unleash the ancient spirits of light and darkness across your world, enabling much stronger foes and showering the world with dazzling treasures (and rainbows!).
Terraria 40.4%
Sting Operation
Defeat the Queen Bee, the matriarch of the jungle hives.
Terraria 40.1%
Land a 50 hit combo on any boss
Wizard of Legend 40.0%
Seal of Quality
Seal a door with the welder.
Alien Swarm 39.6%
Kill one of each Uncommon Infected.
Left 4 Dead 2 39.6%
Survive the Dead Center campaign.
Left 4 Dead 2 39.2%
Raleigh's Road to Riches
Discover El Dorado
Sid Meier's Civilization V 39.1%
Craft your first work bench.
Terraria 39.1%
Participation Award
Kill an enemy within three seconds after they recover a dropped bomb
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 39.0%
Identity Theft
Completed the mission "The Man Who Would Be Jack".
Borderlands 2
Acquire 3 Vessel Fragments
Hollow Knight 38.9%
Sticky Situation
Survive the slime rain, where gelatinous organisms fall from the sky in droves.
Terraria 38.6%
Pink Slip
Enter a drivable vehicle.
PAYDAY 2 38.2%
Begone, Evil!
Smash a demon or crimson altar with a powerful, holy hammer.
Terraria 38.1%
Zero Mortality
Complete a mission on Normal difficulty or harder without any marines dying.
Alien Swarm 38.0%
Defeat the Dung Defender
Hollow Knight 37.6%
Money Doesn't Grow on Trees
Fully Explore the Commerce Policy Track.
Sid Meier's Civilization V 37.4%
Til Death...
Kill the groom.
Terraria 37.3%
Ammo Conservation
Kill two enemy players with a single bullet
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 37.3%
An Angel's Wish
Completed the mission "Where Angels Fear To Tread".
Borderlands 2
Accident Prone
Die 10 times.
Unturned 37.0%
I don't know whether to kiss you or kill you
Put out someone that's on fire.
POSTAL 2 36.8%
Antegria Token
Collect the hidden Antegria Token
Papers, Please 36.7%
Defeat the Broken Vessel
Hollow Knight 36.6%
Get Over Here
Kill an enemy by pulling it into yourself with the Zenith Guard squad
Into the Breach 36.6%
Armed and Dangerous
Reach reputation level 50.
PAYDAY 2 36.6%
Diary: Effing Snow
Fucking snow. It buried half of the city so deep that we can't get there. No point waiting for the snow plows...
This War of Mine
Worm Fodder
Defeat the Eater of Worlds, a massive worm whom dwells in the corruption.
Terraria 36.2%
Under the Gun
Roll under a Swarm Ranger projectile.
Alien Swarm 36.2%
Eighty-Eight Miles per Hour
Fully Explore the Rationalism Policy Track.
Sid Meier's Civilization V 36.2%
Heavy Traffic
Construct at least 1000 meters of roads and 4 Garages
Tropico 4 36.1%
Extra Shiny!
Mine a powerful ore that has been newly blessed upon your world.
Terraria 36.1%
Defeat the Brain of Cthulhu, an enourmous demon brain which haunts the creeping crimson.
Terraria 35.9%
Unturned 35.9%
Acquire half of Hallownest's Charms
Hollow Knight 35.5%
Clear Firing
Kill 25 drones without friendly fire. Four marines must be present in the mission.
Alien Swarm 35.4%
It's sterile and I like the taste
Sucked down your own piss.
POSTAL 2 35.0%
Deceiver of Fools
Kill a nymph.
Terraria 35.0%
Well, That Was Easy
Completed the mission "Shoot This Guy in the Face".
Borderlands 2
There are Some Who Call Him...
Kill Tim.
Terraria 34.8%
Clean Sweep
Kill the entire opposing team without any members of your team taking damage
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 34.8%
Pick up a Light-sabre
Stick Fight: The Game 34.8%
Overpower your Power Grid twice by earning or buying Power when it is full with the Rusting Hulks squad
Into the Breach 34.5%
Bombs Away
Completed the mission "Toil And Trouble".
Borderlands 2
A Head for Heights
Create a coaster with an 80m drop.
Planet Coaster 34.3%
You are Fired!
Fire a Minister because of his gaffe
Tropico 4 34.1%
Use a bile bomb on a Tank.
Left 4 Dead 2 34.1%
Get a Life
Consume a life fruit, which grows in the thick of subterranean jungle grass.
Terraria 34.0%
Rescue half of the imprisoned grubs
Hollow Knight 33.8%
Academy Master
Collect all experience in Astral Academy
Trine 33.8%
Diamonds Are Forever
In the Jewelry store job, steal and secure 4 bags without the escape car leaving the first time.
PAYDAY 2 33.7%
Soldier Killer
Killed 10 enemy soldier worms in online matches
Worms Revolution 33.6%
Destroy Herrah the Beast
Hollow Knight 33.6%
The Turn
Unlock 50 arcana
Wizard of Legend 33.3%
Complete a mission with better than 90% accuracy.
Alien Swarm 33.3%
Walk the Plank
Triumph over a pirate invasion, a group of pillagers from the sea out for your booty... and your life!
Terraria 33.2%
Collect 600 Essence
Hollow Knight 33.2%
Robbing the Grave
Obtain a rare treasure from a difficult monster in the dungeon.
Terraria 33.1%
Proof of Resolve
Defeat Hornet in Kingdom's Edge
Hollow Knight
Knowing Is Half The Battle
Completed the mission "Data Mining".
Borderlands 2
One Day
24 hours of your life wasted
Garry's Mod 33.0%
Completely Awesome
Obtain a minishark.
Terraria 32.9%
Close Encounters
Kill 20 Swarm with melee attacks in a single mission.
Alien Swarm 32.9%
I Never Asked for This
Don't jump a single time during an entire heist. Unlocks the "Rageface" mask.
PAYDAY 2 32.8%
Cool Story, Bro
Defeated Jack.
Borderlands 2
Royal Ace
kill 3 other players in one round without taking damage
Stick Fight: The Game 32.7%
On the Ready Line
Kill 1,000 Swarm.
Alien Swarm 32.7%
Fibbage 2: Lord of the Lies
Fool every other player with a Lie in a 3+ player game
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 32.7%
Play a heist together with a player who has this achievement on your crew.
PAYDAY 2 32.6%
Not Bad!
Complete 25 Mission Objectives
ORION: Prelude 32.6%
Battle Sight Zero
Kill 250 enemies with headshots
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 32.6%
Complete the Trial of the Warrior
Hollow Knight 32.5%
It's not cheating, because it's YOUR dog
Played "fetch" with your dog... using a severed human head.
POSTAL 2 32.5%
F in Chemistry
On day 1 of the Rats job or the Cook Off job, blow up the lab.
PAYDAY 2 32.5%
Destroy Monomon the Teacher
Hollow Knight 32.3%
Fully Loaded
Own 9 weapons.
PAYDAY 2 32.0%
Scream if You Want to Go Faster!
Get a coaster up to 100mph.
Planet Coaster 31.9%
Finkle IS Einhorn!
Gave a kickoff to a severed head.
POSTAL 2 31.8%
Destroy Lurien the Watcher
Hollow Knight 31.7%
Short Fuse
Plant a bomb within 25 seconds (excluding Demolition mode)
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 31.6%
Masked Villain
Modify a mask for the first time.
PAYDAY 2 31.4%
Acquire a map of each area
Hollow Knight 31.4%
Buckets of Bolts
Defeat the three nocturnal mechanical menaces: the Twins, the Destroyer, and Skeletron Prime.
Terraria 31.4%
Kill the Sun
Survive a solar eclipse, a day darker than night filled with creatures of horror.
Terraria 31.3%
Fibbage 2: Fire the Writers
All players find the truth on a question
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 31.3%
Ramming Speed
Kill an enemy 5 or more tiles away with a Dash Punch with the Rift Walkers squad
Into the Breach 31.1%
We Have the Technology
Fully explore the Tech Tree.
Sid Meier's Civilization V 31.0%
Alpha Male!
Kill the first and last dino in a wave
ORION: Prelude 31.0%
Rocket Repleter
Make 535 Shots on Goal
Rocket League 30.8%
Do as the Director says!
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number 30.3%
Easy Campaign
Complete the Jacob's Rest campaign on Easy difficulty or harder.
Alien Swarm 30.1%
Family, Not Friends
Play a complete game with Dominus or Takumi
Rocket League 30.0%
Infestation Savior
Cure an Infested marine.
Alien Swarm 29.9%
Triple Kill
Kill 3 other players within a short amount of time
Stick Fight: The Game 29.7%
C U Next Tuesday
Survived Tuesday.
POSTAL 2 29.7%
Complete the entire game
Trine 29.6%
The Great Southern Plantkill
Defeat Plantera, the overgrown monstrosity of the jungle's depths.
Terraria 29.5%
Topped Off
Attain maximum health and mana possible without accessories or buffs.
Terraria 29.2%
Kill a Counter-Terrorist while he is defusing the bomb
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 29.2%
Complete the Trial of the Conqueror
Hollow Knight 29.1%
Mine chlorophyte, an organic ore found deep among the thickest of flora.
Terraria 29.0%
Open all of Hallownest's Stag Stations and discover the Stag Nest
Hollow Knight 28.8%
Lihzahrdian Idol
Defeat Golem, the stone-faced ritualistic idol of the lihzahrd tribe.
Terraria 28.7%
Humanity's Savior
Rescue 100,000 civilians across all games
Into the Breach 28.4%
Die in a Fire
Lose a unit to a rocket.
Frozen Synapse 28.3%
Upgrade Complete
Reach Level 5
ORION: Prelude 28.2%
Build or encounter a glowing mushroom field above the surface.
Terraria 28.2%
Earwax: Aural Surgeon
Win the game and win the most likes
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 28.2%
I Got It, I Got It!
Catch a bag mid-air.
PAYDAY 2 28.1%
Complete your education.
Unturned 28.1%
Kill 100 normal zombies.
Unturned 28.0%
Parasite Puncher
Kill a Swarm Parasite with a melee attack.
Alien Swarm 28.0%
IMPORTant business
Import 10 000 resources
Tropico 4 28.0%
Defeat the Traitor Lord
Hollow Knight 28.0%
Top Exporter
Earn $1 000 000 from industry in a single game
Tropico 4 27.9%
Snipe Hunter
Kill 100 zoomed-in enemy snipers
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 27.9%
Hit 100 headshots.
Unturned 27.9%
Exterminate! Exterminate!
Win a Domination Victory.
Sid Meier's Civilization V 27.9%
Earwax: Yada Yada
Win a round with two voice Sound Effects
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 27.8%
Excessive Brutality
Kill an enemy whom you are dominating four additional times
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 27.7%
Scrambled Eggs
Destroy all Swarm Eggs in a mission without allowing any to hatch.
Alien Swarm 27.6%
Blast Will and Testament
Win a round by picking up the bomb from a fallen comrade and successfully planting it
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 27.6%
Smoking Barrels
Kill 5 Swarm with explosive barrels in a single mission.
Alien Swarm 27.4%
Destroy 100 electronic devices
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number 27.4%
Miner for Fire
Craft a molten pickaxe using the hottest of materials.
Terraria 27.4%
Chain Attack
Have the Chain Whip attack chain through 10 tiles with the Blitzkrieg squad
Into the Breach 27.4%
There is Always a First Time
Complete the Jewelry Store job on the Normal difficulty or above.
PAYDAY 2 27.3%
Survive the Dark Carnival campaign.
Left 4 Dead 2 27.3%
It's OK, we got Greenlit anyway
Killed someone who refused to sign your petition.
POSTAL 2 27.2%
Clear a level with each Fan
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number 27.2%
Taking off the Training Wheels
Beat the game on the Chieftain difficulty level.
Sid Meier's Civilization V 27.0%
Join the Club!
Create or Join a Rocket League Club
Rocket League 27.0%
Ice Age
Win the round after all ice is destroyed on an ice-level
Stick Fight: The Game 27.0%
Fur Sure!
Showed Vince and Mike J. what you thought of them.
POSTAL 2 26.8%
Brightest Star in the Sky
Gain a gold star in career mode.
Planet Coaster 26.8%
Trade Secret
Trade In five items of the same quality to receive an item of the next-highest quality
Rocket League 26.7%
Earwax: Bodily Malfunction
Go an entire game without using any bodily function Sound Effects
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 26.7%
Don't Stop Me Now
Build a coaster 1500m long.
Planet Coaster 26.5%
Yeah, He's a Gold Digger
In the Four Stores job, find a gold bar in a safe.
PAYDAY 2 26.4%
Defeat the Collector
Hollow Knight
Obsessive Devotion
Defeat the Ancient Cultist, fanatical leader of the dungeon coven.
Terraria 26.3%
Street Fighter
Kill an enemy with a knife during the Pistol Round in a Classic match
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 26.1%
Normal Campaign
Complete the Jacob's Rest campaign on Normal difficulty or harder.
Alien Swarm 26.1%
Win on every level
Stick Fight: The Game 26.1%
Happy Birthday
Defeat Taffy 5 times
Wizard of Legend 26.0%
Winter Secrets
Find the Academic, Bony and Crystalline holiday secret gifts.
Trine 25.9%
Rock Bottom
The only way is up!
Terraria 25.9%
Autogun Expert
Kill 250 Swarm with an Autogun.
Alien Swarm 25.8%
Kill 100 Common Infected with the chainsaw.
Left 4 Dead 2 25.7%
Have more than 20 soldiers and generals in one game
Tropico 4 25.6%
Decapitate 200 Infected with a melee weapon.
Left 4 Dead 2 25.6%
Defeat Zote in the Colosseum of Fools
Hollow Knight
Group Heal
Heal all 4 marines with a single Heal Beacon.
Alien Swarm 25.3%
Flawless Victory
Defeat a boss without taking damage
Wizard of Legend 25.3%
Defeat the Lost Kin
Hollow Knight
Give Piece a Chance
Win 25 Pistol Rounds in Competitive Mode
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 25.1%
Together is Better
Play and complete an Online match with one or more Clubmates
Rocket League 25.0%
Sword of the Hero
Obtain a Terra Blade, forged from the finest blades of light and darkness.
Terraria 24.9%
I Make This Look Good
Unlock 9 outfits
Wizard of Legend 24.9%
Assault Specialist
Kill 250 Swarm with the Assault Rifle.
Alien Swarm 24.8%
Spoils of War
Earn $2,500,000 total cash
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 24.7%
Collect 1800 Essence and awaken the Dream Nail
Hollow Knight 24.7%
Temple Raider
Breach the impenetrable walls of the jungle temple.
Terraria 24.5%
Do you even Enzyte, bro?
Unzipped your pants and got 3 women to laugh at it.
POSTAL 2 24.5%