Achievement Game Visibility Global Unlocks
Space Rookie
Reached level 5.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 81.2%
Welcome To The Rock
Completed the mission ''Marooned''.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Cheque Please!
Survive the hit
The Darkness II
Completed the mission ''Systems Jammed''.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Lunar Lieutenant
Reached level 10.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 62.7%
I Shot The Meriff
Completed the mission ''A New Direction''.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Free 5 caragors from cages.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 60.3%
Double Digits
Have a Level 10 Hospital
Two Point Hospital 59.8%
I'm Just Getting Started
Find and interrogate Swifty
The Darkness II
Ratbag the Great and Powerful
Get Ratbag promoted to Warchief.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™
Fly you fools!
Make 20 uruks flee by dropping Morgai Fly nests.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 57.4%
Search the room
Elisa: The Innkeeper - Prequel 55.7%
To Rule them All
Witness the creation of The Rings of Power.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™
Jaws of Death
Attract caragors with bait 5 times.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 55.1%
Uh Oh
Discover the Oops symptom combo
Plague Inc: Evolved 54.7%
The People's Hero
Complete a Heroic public event.
Destiny 2 54.2%
Atom Splitter
Merged 3 Power Rooms
Fallout Shelter 53.5%
Drakensburg, Schmakensburg
Completed the mission ''Intelligences Of The Artificial Persuasion''.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
And it Burns, Burns, Burns
Use the Detonate ability to burn 50 uruks.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 51.0%
Mmmm Essence!
Pick up 5 Relics in the single player campaign
The Darkness II 50.1%
Dine and Dash
Merged 3 Food Rooms
Fallout Shelter 50.0%
Gorthaur the Cruel
Destroy the Monument Gate and topple the statue of Sauron.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™
Project Purity
Merged 3 Water Rooms
Fallout Shelter 49.3%
Escape the Brotherhood
Survive the interrogation
The Darkness II
The Hammer Falls
Kill The Hammer.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™
Get a diamond.
Turmoil 48.6%
Good tooth care is important.
Deponia: The Complete Journey 48.5%
We Ascend?
Explore new terrain above 600 meters.
Himno 48.1%
Red Rain
Discover the Profuse Bleeding combo
Plague Inc: Evolved 48.0%
Storm the Mansion
Take back your mansion
The Darkness II
One Flew Over...
Return to reality...?
The Darkness II
Who Constructs The Constructor?
Completed the mission ''Let's Build A Robot Army''.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Grind 'n' Bear It
Used the Grinder to create an item.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 45.6%
Divide and Conquer
Eliminate the bodyguards of two Warchiefs, then draw them out and kill them.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 44.6%
Helios Rising
Completed the mission ''Home Sweet Home''.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
A Vault For My Vault
Collect 10,000 Caps
Fallout Shelter 43.8%
Brain Drain
Completed the mission ''Science And Violence''.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Sweet Revenge
Avenge your Aunt Sarah
The Darkness II
Always keep an eye on your target.
Deponia: The Complete Journey 43.1%
Ikora's Protégé
Acquire each Warlock subclass.
Destiny 2 42.9%
The White Wizard
Lift Lady Marwen's curse.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™
Better Settler
Level up a Dweller from 1 to Level 10
Fallout Shelter 42.4%
Nosalis hunter
Kill 30 nosalises.
Metro 2033 42.3%
Hard to Kill
Get five kills in a row without dying.
Team Fortress 2 42.3%
Epic Fumble
Force an enemy to drop dynamite that kills two people when exploding.
Tomb Raider 42.1%
A Survivor Is Born
Complete the game.
Tomb Raider 41.7%
Versatile Killer
Kill enemies in 5 different ways within 30 seconds
The Darkness II 41.2%
The Guts Of Helios
Completed the mission ''Watch Your Step''.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Super Secret Stash
Opened Zarpedon's Chest.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Heart of Darkness
Complete a Nightfall strike.
Destiny 2 40.1%
For My Brother
Kill the Great White Graug.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™
Zavala's Lieutenant
Acquire each Titan subclass.
Destiny 2 39.1%
A House Divided
Completed the mission ''Eye To Eye''.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Lord and Master
Brand all 5 Warchiefs.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 38.6%
Vault-Tec Architect
Build 25 rooms
Fallout Shelter 38.5%
Beyond Hope
Save Lithariel's life.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™
Confront the Merchant
Let's fight!
Elisa: The Innkeeper - Prequel 37.8%
A New Master
Brand a Captain while in combat.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 37.5%
Memories of Eregion
Activate all Forge Towers.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 37.2%
Karma's a Bitch
Kill a shielded enemy with his own shield
The Darkness II 37.1%
Date Night
Protect Jenny
The Darkness II
Allies in Strange Places
Escape the asylum with help from the inside
The Darkness II
Moon Master
Reached level 25.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 36.5%
The Tower Crumbles
Kill The Tower.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™
Blow up the tunnel and airlock at 'Cursed' station.
Metro 2033 36.4%
Back in the Saddle
Rescue Jackie from the Iron Maiden
The Darkness II
The Hand is Severed
Kill The Black Hand.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™
Great EscApe
Break apes out of the primate shelter
Plague Inc: Evolved 35.7%
Crossing the courtyard
Conquer Stage 5.
Catherine Classic
Step into Hell...
Defeat Victor
The Darkness II
Big Spender
Pay $10,000 or more for a piece of land.
Turmoil 35.2%
Serious Money
Earn a profit of more than $50,000 in a single level.
Turmoil 34.9%
Power Vacuum
Kill all 5 Warchiefs before any uruk take their place.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 34.9%
The Bird is the Word
Avoid being run over in the parking garage
The Darkness II 34.8%
Camp Fire
Kill 3 enemies in a row, all within the same area.
Team Fortress 2 34.8%
Vault Hunter Superior
Defeated the Opha Superior.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Bells & Whistles
Conduct 25 Machine Upgrades
Two Point Hospital 34.5%
Teach a Man to Hospital...
Cure 1000 Patients
Two Point Hospital 34.4%
Free the Mind
Finish the game on any difficulty
The Darkness II 34.4%
Kill 50 enemies with Executions while playing as Jackie
The Darkness II 34.3%
Twilight Lied
Let Humanity discover your vampire
Plague Inc: Evolved 34.2%
Multi Face-eted
Defeated the Empyrean Sentinel.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Transform vampire into a bat and fly somewhere
Plague Inc: Evolved 33.6%
Home Sweet Home
Set up a vampire lair
Plague Inc: Evolved 33.5%
The Spirit of Mordor
Start a Riot by commanding a Warchief to attack another Warchief.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 33.3%
Height of Despair
Use Strike From Above while at least 60 feet above your target.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 32.5%
Get five revenge kills.
Team Fortress 2 32.4%
Tank Buster
Destroy fascists' Panzer.
Metro 2033 32.2%
Set five enemies on fire in 30 seconds.
Team Fortress 2 32.0%
Decisions, Decisions
Refuse to cooperate with Victor in the Interrogation
The Darkness II
Stand-In Waiter
Did someone order an Espresso?
Deponia: The Complete Journey 31.6%
Next of Kindling
Ignite an enemy, and the Medic healing him.
Team Fortress 2 31.5%
You win!
Help Aria return to space.
So, uh... a spaceship crashed in my yard. 30.8%
Kill 75 enemies with the rifle.
Tomb Raider 30.8%
Low Brow
Shoot 1 Monobeast
Two Point Hospital
Dropped Dead
Kill a Scout in midair with your Sniper Rifle or the Huntsman.
Team Fortress 2 30.4%
Crowned with Living Light
Collect 50% of the Ithildin.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 30.4%
Kill 10 enemies in mid-air with the minigun.
Team Fortress 2 29.8%
Caber Toss
Bounce an enemy into the air and kill them before they land.
Team Fortress 2 29.8%
Heart of Darkness
Send your vampire into a Blood Rage
Plague Inc: Evolved 29.7%
Second Degree Burn
Kill a burning enemy who was ignited by another Pyro.
Team Fortress 2 29.6%
Diamond Casket
Bank 20,000 gold.
Risk of Rain 29.6%
Dead Heat
Kill an enemy in the same second that he kills you.
Team Fortress 2 29.4%
Doc Holiday
Have a dispenser heal 3 teammates at the same time.
Team Fortress 2 29.3%
Show Me What You Got
Complete Introduction: Crucible.
Destiny 2 29.0%
In a single life, get shot, burned, bludgeoned, and receive explosive damage.
Team Fortress 2 29.0%
Good Deal
Boost the oil price above $2.00.
Turmoil 29.0%
Endless Voyager
Collect 4 Keycards.
Risk of Rain 28.8%
Side Quest Student
Completed 30 side missions.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 28.6%
A Graug's Heel
Capitalize on a Warchief's Fear.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 28.6%
What Time is It?
Conquer Stage 6.
Catherine Classic
Ghastly Gibus Grab
Dominate a player wearing the Ghastly Gibus to earn your own.
Team Fortress 2 28.4%
Amateur Hunter
Killed 100 Enemies
Aegis Defenders 28.4%
The Duelist
Won a duel.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 28.2%
Iron of Death
Issue a Death Threat, and then successfully kill the target.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 28.2%
Complete levels 'Ghosts' and 'Anomaly' without dying.
Metro 2033 28.2%
Collected 5 Relics
Aegis Defenders 28.1%
Beat the campaign.
Turmoil 28.0%
Be Efficient
Get 3 kills with the Sniper Rifle without missing a shot.
Team Fortress 2 27.9%
Socket to Him
Headshot an enemy Demoman.
Team Fortress 2 27.8%
Lest Ye Be Judged
Encounter an Agent of the Nine somewhere in the system.
Destiny 2 27.7%
Hussa - Who's gonna care?
Finally made it out of Kuvaq.
Deponia: The Complete Journey 27.6%
Crab Cakes
Kill FeeFee the crab.
Tomb Raider
A coin for a hungry kid? Get a job.
Metro 2033 27.2%
Silken Gauntlets
Reach Level 4 of the Dungeon
Never Split the Party 26.8%
Fire in the hole
Kill 20 lurkers.
Metro 2033 26.8%
Thrill of the Hunt
Successfully complete 4 Hunting Challenges.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 26.5%
In A Flash
Complete a Flashpoint on Earth, Titan, Nessus, or Io.
Destiny 2 26.5%
You're Fired!
Kill 10 Quest Bosses
Fallout Shelter 26.4%
Uncivil Engineer
Provide an enemy player with a freeze cam of you and the sentry that just killed them.
Team Fortress 2 26.3%
Family. Future.
Create an ape colony to bring intelligent apes together
Plague Inc: Evolved 26.3%
Kill an enemy within 5 seconds of you traveling through an Engineer's teleporter.
Team Fortress 2 26.2%
You Don't Have To Go Home...
Stay in the bar until all the other customers leave.
Catherine Classic 26.1%
Kill 30 enemies using revolvers.
Metro 2033 25.9%
Sniper Milestone 1
Achieve 5 of the achievements in the Sniper pack.
Team Fortress 2 25.8%
Triple Prey
In a single round, get a kill with 3 different weapons.
Team Fortress 2 25.7%
Impish Delight
Kill 15 enemies while playing as the Darkling
The Darkness II 25.7%
Evade a drone attack
Plague Inc: Evolved 25.7%
The Traveller
Move intelligent apes to a new country
Plague Inc: Evolved 25.5%
Master of Disguise
Trick an opposing Medic into healing you.
Team Fortress 2 25.4%
Path to the Altar
Conquer Stage 7.
Catherine Classic
Huzzah with booze and so forth
Rube Goldberg can pack it in
Deponia: The Complete Journey 25.3%
Hussa - Get On With The Plot!
And so the journey continues...
Deponia: The Complete Journey 25.3%
Cut and Run
Kill 50 enemies with the Demon Arm Slash attack
The Darkness II 25.3%
Great Deal
Boost the oil price above $2.50.
Turmoil 25.2%
Ready for the Big Leagues
Kill 50 enemies with thrown objects
The Darkness II 25.1%
Keep Sleeping
I'm sooo tired!
Elisa: The Innkeeper - Prequel 25.1%
Complete level 'Armory' without getting caught.
Metro 2033 25.0%
Master Of Switches
Help? Just to adjust a few switches? Well, you can count me out!
Deponia: The Complete Journey 24.9%
Heavy Reader
Kill a librarian.
Metro 2033 24.7%
Kill 5 amoebas.
Metro 2033 24.6%
Weenie Roast
Have 2 enemy Scouts on fire at the same time.
Team Fortress 2 24.5%
Making Legends
Conquer Stage 8.
Catherine Classic
Block over 50 DMG from one hit.
Regions Of Ruin 24.5%
The Glorious Dead
Win a game with the Necroa Virus
Plague Inc: Evolved 24.4%
Higher and Higher
Level up a Dweller to level 25
Fallout Shelter 24.4%
Land Grab
Help a teammate construct a building.
Team Fortress 2 24.3%
Assuming Direct Control
Win a game by enslaving humanity with the Neurax Worm
Plague Inc: Evolved 24.2%
Kill 5 enemies with a flamethrower.
Metro 2033 24.1%
Frontier Justice
Have your sentry kill the enemy that just killed you within 10 seconds.
Team Fortress 2 24.1%
Modern Fart
Completed the mission ''To Arms''.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
I. See. You.
Capture 100 Ghosts
Two Point Hospital 24.0%
War Crime and Punishment
In a single life, kill 3 enemies who have damaged a Medic that is healing you.
Team Fortress 2 23.9%
I can assemble that all on my own.
Deponia: The Complete Journey 23.9%
Start a New Game on Save Slot #2
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition 23.7%
The Life Exotic
Collect 15 Red War exotic weapons or armor.
Destiny 2 23.6%
A Fresh Pair of Eyes
Dominate a player using the Pyrovision Goggles and earn your own pair!
Team Fortress 2 23.6%
Go Simian-faeces
Destroy a Gen-Sys lab
Plague Inc: Evolved 23.4%
Win 20 games.
Team Fortress 2 23.4%
Vault-Tec Engineer
Build 50 rooms
Fallout Shelter 23.3%
On the level 'Depot' silently kill the first guard and break into the Fascist station unnoticed.
Metro 2033 23.3%
Wasteland Wanderer
Complete 10 Quests
Fallout Shelter 23.2%
Now We're Getting Serious
Fully mod and completely upgrade any weapon.
Tomb Raider 23.2%
Run Away
Ok i'm out...
Elisa: The Innkeeper - Prequel 23.1%
Hussa - The Chorus-Guys Rule!
Finish Deponia.
Deponia: The Complete Journey 23.1%
Defeat Calaca
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition 23.1%
If it's hostile, you kill it.
Become a true ranger.
Metro 2033
I Have Crabs!
Unlock the Head Crab (10 bandages)
Super Meat Boy 22.9%
Find 75% of all documents.
Tomb Raider 22.9%
Lollipop or love?
Set priorities
Deponia: The Complete Journey 22.8%
Engineer Milestone 1
Achieve 5 of the achievements in the Engineer pack.
Team Fortress 2 22.8%
Shoot the Breeze
Kill a fully invisible Spy in a single hit.
Team Fortress 2 22.7%
Grey Matter
Get 25 headshots as a Sniper.
Team Fortress 2 22.6%
Where Eagles Dare
Get the highest possible rocket jump using jump and crouch.
Team Fortress 2 22.5%
Heart of the Awoken
Enter the Dreaming City.
Destiny 2
True Freedom!
Conquer Stage 9.
Catherine Classic
This Kid's Got Potential
Max out 1 of Jackie's Talent Trees
The Darkness II 22.3%
Welcome to the Colosseum
Unlock the Colosseum mode.
Catherine Classic 22.2%
Huzzah – once more from the top
I didn't do anything?!
Deponia: The Complete Journey 22.2%
Burn Notice
Survive 30 seconds after being ignited while cloaked.
Team Fortress 2 22.2%
Spy Milestone 1
Achieve 5 of the achievements in the Spy pack.
Team Fortress 2 22.1%
Powerhouse Offense
Win 2Fort with a shutout.
Team Fortress 2 22.1%
Earn 15 Gold Stars
Two Point Hospital 22.1%
You Only Shiv Thrice
Backstab 3 enemies within 10 seconds.
Team Fortress 2 21.9%
Challenge Accepted
Complete 30 challenges.
Destiny 2 21.7%
You Won't Regret It
Find the robot janitor.
Risk of Rain 21.6%
Wings of Glory
Kill an enemy soldier while both you and the target are airborne.
Team Fortress 2 21.6%
Surgical Prep
Have an ÜberCharge ready before the Setup phase ends.
Team Fortress 2 21.6%
Australian Rules
Dominate an enemy Sniper.
Team Fortress 2 21.6%
Nano-Virus Victory
Win a game with Nano-Virus on Normal Difficulty or higher
Plague Inc: Evolved 21.5%
Self-destruct Sequence
Headshot 10 enemy Snipers.
Team Fortress 2 21.4%
Gold Bar
Reach Level 5 of the Dungeon
Never Split the Party 21.4%
Hard Work is Happy Work
Successfully complete 50 Room Rushes
Fallout Shelter 21.2%
Play Doctor
In a team with no Medics, be the first person to switch to Medic after a teammate calls for 'Medic!', and then heal 500 health.
Team Fortress 2 21.0%
Deal 5000 damage in one shot.
Risk of Rain 21.0%
Let Aria pet the jellyfish.
So, uh... a spaceship crashed in my yard. 21.0%
That seems about right...
I can sort my pigeons without your help.
Deponia: The Complete Journey 20.7%
Identity Theft
Backstab the enemy that you're currently disguised as.
Team Fortress 2 20.7%
In a single wave, kill 15 bomb-carrying robots in a row before they level up.
Team Fortress 2 20.6%
Enemy at the Gate
Kill an opponent within the first second of a round.
Team Fortress 2 20.6%
Vanguard Party
Be the first on your team to start capturing a control point in a round.
Team Fortress 2 20.4%
Purity of the Chosen
Create a new vampire
Plague Inc: Evolved 20.4%
Crock Block
Survive a direct hit from a critical rocket.
Team Fortress 2 20.4%
Bedside Manner
Be healing a teammate as he achieves an achievement of his own.
Team Fortress 2 20.4%
War Crime Spybunal
Kill a Spy who just backstabbed a teammate.
Team Fortress 2 20.2%
Pilot Light
Ignite a rocket-jumping Soldier while he's in midair.
Team Fortress 2 20.2%
Legends Grow
Earn 5,000 Triumph points.
Destiny 2 20.2%
Geralt and Friends
Win a round of gwent using only neutral cards.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 20.2%
Dead Reckoning
Kill an enemy with an arrow while you're dead.
Team Fortress 2 20.2%
Destroy 3 Engineer sentry guns.
Team Fortress 2 20.1%
Come in From the Cold
Get a Revenge kill with a backstab.
Team Fortress 2 20.1%
The Never Ending Combo
Achieve a 200 Hit Combo
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition 20.0%
Sniper Milestone 2
Achieve 11 of the achievements in the Sniper pack.
Team Fortress 2 20.0%
High-Stakes Play
Win a Gambit match.
Destiny 2 20.0%
I Fry
Ignite 10 disguised Spies.
Team Fortress 2 19.9%
Scare humans into becoming hostile to apes
Plague Inc: Evolved 19.9%
Discovered Aegis
Discovered Aegis
Aegis Defenders
Babel's Calling
Unlock the Altar by earning 1 Gold Prize on Normal or Hard.
Catherine Classic 19.9%
Soldier Milestone 1
Achieve 5 of the achievements in the Soldier pack.
Team Fortress 2 19.8%
I'm Bat Man
Survive 500 damage in one life.
Team Fortress 2 19.7%
If You Build It, They Will Die
Haul a level 3 sentry gun into a position where it achieves a kill shortly after being redeployed.
Team Fortress 2 19.7%
Get 10 assists with another Engineer where a sentry gun was involved in the kill.
Team Fortress 2 19.7%
Slash and Burn
Backstab an enemy, who then switches to Pyro before they respawn.
Team Fortress 2 19.6%
Van Helsing's Doom
Destroy a Templar fort
Plague Inc: Evolved 19.5%
Texas Two-Step
Use your shotgun to finish off an enemy recently damaged by your sentry gun.
Team Fortress 2 19.5%
Spontaneous Combustion
Ignite 10 cloaked Spies.
Team Fortress 2 19.5%
Launched four rockets From Elpis.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Burned His Mansion
Kill Luigi Palladino
The Darkness II 19.5%
Bearer of the Shining Lamp
Collect 100% of the Ithildin.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 19.5%
Pyro Milestone 1
Achieve 10 of the achievements in the Pyro pack.
Team Fortress 2 19.3%
Nothing Left to Say
Pursue Uldren and the Fanatic to the Watchtower, and finish what you started.
Destiny 2
Midwife Crisis
Heal an Engineer as he repairs his sentry gun while it's under enemy fire.
Team Fortress 2 19.2%
Crockets Are Such B.S.
Shoot two non-boosted crit rockets in a row.
Team Fortress 2 19.2%
All In
Play three hero cards in one round of gwent and win the match.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 19.1%
A Cut Above
Kill a gun-wielding Spy with your knife.
Team Fortress 2 19.1%
Don't Mind If I Do
Unlock a golden chest with the Explorer's Key.
Risk of Rain 19.0%
Wake up
What's going on?
Elisa: The Innkeeper - Prequel 18.8%
Wage Against the Machine
Earn a credit bonus at the end of a wave.
Team Fortress 2 18.8%
The Maker's Bow
Complete all Azkâr Legend Missions.
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ 18.7%
Side Retired
Capture the last point in a CP map.
Team Fortress 2 18.7%