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About is a "Tracker Site" that fetches information on games and profiles from different platforms through their public APIs. Additional features built around and on top of said raw data are designed to help analyze, visualize, plan and keep track of personal gaming progress.

You have constructive input, ideas for improvement, features you'd like to see in the future?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who built it?

The site and its services are actively developed and maintained by luchaos.

Server costs are covered by its generous Patreon and Donation Supporters as well as various referral programmes.

Initially built as a tech playground for web development experiments and out of a personal need to organize gaming habits it evolved into a full site that serves multiple purposes for different gaming communities.

What is it built with?

Across all services there are quite a few different technologies and tools involved.
Feel free to have a look at the stack and list of sources (not guaranteed to be up to date at all times).

Will there be a (points-based) leaderboard and rankings?
Will you take care of cheaters?
Where do I report cheaters?

We are well aware that there are users on that obviously, or even less obviously, used tools to unlock achievements in an unintended way. While we do not encourage the use of such tools at all it, is very important to know, that is primarily a personal tracker, as the full domain name implies.

The reason we don’t handle cheaters is that at this point there is (almost) no need to deal with them at all. BUT, if/when there will be leaderboards, blocking cheaters will be as important as on any other leaderboard centric tracker.

At this point you may sort users by different metrics, but row numbers were left out intentionally, to not imply that there is a designed ranking system.

The decision of how leaderboards and ranks will be designed and calculated depends heavily on how satisfied we are with the results after doing in-depth analysis of the data available, and the resulting statistical models. As you may know, leaderboards need a lot of manpower to moderate properly to create a fair ecosystem. If we do not feel 100% sure that we can implement this properly, we won't do it at all.

Nonetheless, there are features planned to be implemented that allow to block profiles from listings on the user level. This may even be used for sourcing cheater detection algorithms later on.