Steam Recover

Find & recover missing achievements & perfect games.

Userscript Method

Given profile level is at least 10, the most reliable way to find expired licenses is through the profile edit page on as it exposes all apps that have unlocked achievements regardless of license state. This applies to most volatile licenses like Demos, Free-2-Play, Free Weekend, Family Shared, Removed and Refunded games. Stats of closed Alphas and Betas usually cannot be fetched anymore.

1. Install Tampermokey for Chrome , Greasemonkey for Firefox or Tampermonkey for Firefox .

2. Install Steam userscript.
This userscript adds additional useful links to on and as well as the Apps Analyzer Widget to your profile edit page.
Note: This userscript will not gather personal information of your account - always review the code of userscripts before installing for good measure.

3. Edit your Steam profile and follow the instructions in the Apps Analyzer Widget

Edit or Change Showcase

You have to be logged in and have a Steam profile to crosscheck your apps.

Showcase Method (Manual)

In case you don't feel comfortable with installing userscripts. This is esentially the same as the Userscript Method above but crosschecking has to be done manually.
Obviously takes longer to crosscheck the larger your library.

1. Edit your Steam profile then select "Achievements Showcase" as a featured showcase.

Edit or Change Showcase

2. Select a slot

3. Browse dropdown list of games
Select a game from the dropdown (go for known games that you find suspicious first or the whole list game by game), see if achievements are displayed, select next game from dropdown. If no achievements are displayed you found an expired license.

4. Reactivate License
If you could find empty entries in the list of games in the showcase you may reactivate the license by installing them again.
Non-free family shared and free weekend games have to be owned or family shared again.
Family shared games additionally have to be started (or idled) once for just a second.

5. Update your profile
Visit all trackers of your choice and issue a profile update. The missing game stats should start to appear.
If the license still does not show up you may try to:

  1. Go the missing app's page
  2. Click on "My Game Profile" in the top right
  3. Click the " Search License" button

Best Practice

Update all trackers of your choice after each gaming session to make sure no stats get lost. Unfortunately Steam is prone to not reporting stats of games that are not permanently linked to your account's library.

NOTE: Do not remove all unlocked achievements to raise your AGC (Average Game Completion) as this will in fact have the opposite effect.
Games that had unlocked achievements before will be calculated into AGC with 0%.

Zero Playtime & Offline Played Games

If you play games offline on a regular basis (not recommended in general as timestamps might get lost or scrambled) check for these first. Usually trackers do not fetch data for games that have no playtime recorded to reduce unnecessary load on their API crawlers.
An easy way to find out which games have no playtime but stats recorded: install Enhanced Steam for Chrome (or Firefox if currently supported) and visit your games library on Search for games that show unlocked achievements but have no playtime on them. There might be a few with less than 0.1 hours playtime that appear as not played as well though.
NOTE: This is not recommended if your game library holds more than 4000 games as your browser might crash.

Most trackers allow to update a single game. On got to your game's detail page and hit the " Update" button at the top right (which is available as long as no other update job is queued for you).

Alphas & Betas

If you happened to have participated in closed alphas and/or betas that are not accessible anymore through Steam without a key those achievements are gone for good.

Watch paint dry

In case you're one of the few lucky owners of that ... thing:

1. Select WPD in your favorite game showcase and add it to your profile

2. Go to the Watch paint dry page and click on "My Game Profile" in the top right

3. Click on the " Update"

4. You can change the showcase after unlocked achievements are in; it does not have to stay on your profile.